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Learn about relationship dynamics and how the different Human Design Types work and connect together inside of relationships. These posts will also be found under their relevant Types categories.

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Human Design is an extraordinary tool for self-awareness and improving how we function in our lives. But that's only half . . . read more

Sneak Peak: Relationship Composite Reading

Emotions can be such a “delicious” part of being human. We have passion and pathos, romance and longings. We experience . . . read more

Master the Emotional Dynamics in Your Relationships – Part 1

(posted 2013/08/30) Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects . . . read more

Celebrity Charts: William & Kate–Some Surprises from Royal Couple!

I recently watched the movie Avatar again. It still feels groundbreaking. It’s still thought-provoking. Released in December 2009, it’s well . . . read more

I See You! Do YOU See You?

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Human Design is an extraordinary tool for self-awareness and improving how we function in our lives. But that's only half the story.Human Design is also brilliant at helping us with relationships.When we understand the energetic dynamics that underpin our relationships, . . . read more

Sneak Peak: Relationship Composite Reading


It’s easy for me to talk about the power of using Type and Strategy in our lives (I’m a bit biased, of course!), but it makes the most sense when we can hear how it really impacts other people in . . . read more

Example of how Type & Strategy can make/break marriage & business [case study]


The other day I was visiting a good friend and we both received the same email asking for a donation to help another friend who was in need. My friend’s first reaction was that her income was limited right now . . . read more

Quick Tip: Words Don’t Teach, Only _______ Teaches


Isn’t it sad how Valentine’s Day sometimes (maybe often) falls short of our hopes and expectations? There is actually a Human Design explanation for the strange energetics surrounding this particular holiday occurring at this specific time of year, but that’s . . . read more

Hot Tip for a “Happy, Romantic AND Transformational” Valentine’s Day (or any other Day!)


Reflectors – “Mirror, mirror …” Reflectors, the last Type in our series on Types in Relationship, are very rare (less than 1% of the population) but are very important pieces in the whole puzzle of humanity. They are here to . . . read more

“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Reflectors


I recently did a Full Reading (3 sessions) for a client then an Initial Reading (1 session) for her husband. She gave him his Reading as a birthday gift! Below I describe what’s cool about the way they operate as . . . read more

Quick Spotlight: Cool way for couple to use Emotional Center


Manifestors – “I’ll Do It My Way” Manifestors, approximately 8% of the world’s population, are crucial pieces of the human puzzle, but relatively rare. They are here to initiate action, get the ball rolling and make things happen. They don’t . . . read more

“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Manifestors


Manifesting Generators:  Nothing Moves Fast Enough for Them There’s a good chance you either ARE one or have a RELATIONSHIP WITH a Manifesting Generator somewhere in your life–they are approximately 33% of the world’s population. Like Generators, they have sustainable . . . read more

“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Manifesting Generators


Energetically, it is correct (and usually beneficial) for couples to sleep separately… especially if they are a mixed-Sacral couple. A mixed-Sacral couple is when one person has a Defined Sacral Center (Generator or Manifesting Generator) and the other person has . . . read more

Quick Tip: Sleep Separately… Really?


A few years ago a local client (an active and fun 60-something Manifesting Generator) had a Full Reading with me, and in the process we talked a little about her live-in Generator boyfriend. There was some friction between them and . . . read more

Quick Spotlight: “He didn’t change, I did!”


Generators: Work & Family are the Focus Pure Generators, approximately 37% of the world’s population, are the majority of our world’s work force. While they share many characteristics with Manifesting Generators and some refer to the two as one Type, . . . read more

“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Generators


A couple came to me a few years ago for personal Readings then a Relationship Reading. She is a Manifestor and he is a Projector. They were eager to learn how to improve their already loving marriage and also how . . . read more

Quick Spotlight: Manifestor & Projector Relationship Dynamics


Do You Feel Managed By Someone In Your Life? We have an instinctive resistance when it feels like someone is trying to manage or control us without our request or permission. Even if what they are saying is brilliant and . . . read more

Human Design TYPES in Relationships: Projectors


Recently, two clients asked for a Relationship Reading so they could deepen their friendship and improve how they support each other in their respective businesses. They are both lightworker entrepreneurs and have been best friends for years.They had each had . . . read more

Quick Spotlight: Two Different Decision-Making Styles


In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the rich and “delicious” emotional experience we are capable of as human beings. And while our deep emotions often enhance the bonds we feel with others, emotions also can negatively affect . . . read more

Master the Emotional Dynamics in Your Relationships – Part 2

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