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“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Reflectors 

by Evelyn Levenson

Reflectors – “Mirror, mirror …”

Reflector ImageReflectors, the last Type in our series on Types in Relationship, are very rare (less than 1% of the population) but are very important pieces in the whole puzzle of humanity.

They are here to reflect the health and well-being of the community they belong to. We gain clarity about ourselves as a group (and to some extent, personally) as we see ourselves reflected back to us through the Reflector—they are our mirror.

They are exceptionally wise beings who should be sitting on a purple cushion being consulted by leaders and elders regarding the health and correct direction of the community. But our modern day environment is often not very Reflector-friendly.

All nine of their Energy Centers are OPEN (white), so they are energetically open and very sensitive beings. Because of this, they are more influenced than any other Type by the Gate energies moving through the moon—all 64 Gates move through the Moon every lunar cycle of 29 days.

To make correct decisions, a Reflector must wait 29 days—through a full lunar cycle—to see how they feel about the decision after moving through all those energetic influences.

You can imagine how challenging that decision-making Strategy is in today’s fast-paced society!

With this basic understanding of Reflectors, we’ll look at their issues in relationships after the description of this Series below.

About This Series

Human Design gives us deeply insightful knowledge about the nature of WHO we are and HOW we behave as human beings.

Your personal Human Design chart (you can get your free Human Design chart here) helps you understand the energy dynamics and personality characteristics of YOU.

Human Design also helps you understand the other people around you and the nature of YOUR relationship with them.

This makes possible the achievement of supportive, fulfilling,
and constructive relationships in every area of your life.
And in every relationship in your life!

Wouldn’t THAT be something!

This series of articles about “Human Design TYPES in Relationships” will help you move forward along this most noble and worthy path. 😉

Today’s article explores how the REFLECTOR TYPE interacts with OTHERS.

Quick Refresher

There are five TYPES of people in Human Design. Type is determined by which Energy Centers (geometrical shapes on your Human Design Chart) are colored in and how they are connected to each other. In other words, your Type reflects your personal energy configuration. Type is usually indicated in writing on a Chart.

Each TYPE has a Role to play in life and has a particular decision-making and action-taking Strategy that is the best and most correct way for that TYPE to operate in life.

Here is a very brief description of the TYPES and their Roles and Strategies:

Manifestor approximately 8% of the population
Role: to initiate action from ideas
Strategy: inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action
Click here for my article about Manifestors in Relationships

Generator approximately 37% of the population
Role: to find the right work and the right partner in life
Strategy: wait to respond with your Sacral energy before you take action
Click here for my article about Generators in Relationships

Manifesting Generator approximately 33% of the population
Role: to find the right work and the right partner in life (and to find the fastest way to do things)
Strategy: wait to respond with your Sacral energy then inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action
Click here for my article about Manifesting Generators in Relationships

Projector approximately 21% of the population
Role: to manage, guide and direct the energies of others
Strategy: wait to be invited into life’s big decisions (love, marriage, career, where you live), and wait to be asked or recognized before sharing your wisdom
Click here for my article about Projectors in Relationships

Reflector less than 1% of the population
Role: to reflect the health of our communities back to us
Strategy: wait 29 days (full lunar cycle) for clarity before you take action

The REFLECTOR in the World and in Relationships

Sports Fan in Stadium — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Reflectors “need” people because they are “non-energy beings” and rely on the energetic connections that others provide. But they also need alone time to discharge energy they take in through their nine Open Centers.

Like the Projector and Manifestor, the Reflector does not have “sustainable energy.”  Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have that. So Reflectors are not wired to “work” a typical job sustainably, which can be an issue in relationships and in earning a living.

They must also talk about their decisions to others, as they are not designed to know themselves and only find their own clarity by seeing it reflected back to them by others. (Yes, it works both ways to some extent!)

They have a VERY different life experience than all of the other Types, so Reflectors can feel alone and misunderstood, and also suffer deep disappointment. They need more attention than most other people, and may at times feel inadequate and believe that they don’t fit in anywhere.

Some famous Reflectors are: Richard Burton, Sandra Bullock, Uri Geller, Rosalynn Carter, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, H.G. Wells, Yul Brenner

If You ARE a Reflector…..

  • You must manage your energy; it is not sustainable.
  • Your have a subtle but unmistakable personal power from your deep wisdom.
  • Recognize and embrace that you are someone who needs others.
  • Take time to make decisions (at least 29 days); don’t be rushed.
  • Talk to others and/or journal during your decision-making process to build your clarity over time.
  • You need a consistent and supportive group of friends and loved ones.
  • Don’t criticize yourself for your changeability—you are designed to be open and fluid… you are not fixed, and not designed to be certain about things.
  • Know that some people won’t like seeing what you reflect back to them.
  • Learn to manage your theme of disappointment. Follow your strategy to minimize energy drains and disappointments.
  • Figure out how to remove yourself from constant bombardment of energy from others—your sensitivity is easily overwhelmed in large crowds or with constant exposure.

If You LOVE a Reflector….

  • Love them as they are, don’t try to change them; appreciate their very important role for humanity.
  • Give them space and time to themselves.
  • Allow them to manage their energy; don’t push them.
  • Honor their long decision-making cycle.
  • Let them talk—they need to hear their issues and feelings reflected back to them through you.
  • Help them recognize when an environment isn’t healthy for them.
  • Know that they may “need” you more than you need them.
  • Know that you will see the truth about yourself through them—and be okay with that.
  • Don’t take their disappointments personally.

I invite you to share below any success stories you have had as a Reflector or as someone in relationship with a Reflector. Your generosity in sharing for the benefit of everyone is greatly appreciated!

To learn more about each Human Design Type, and each Type in relationship with other Types, see my Success by Type downloadable audio course. You can buy just one or two Types, or all 5 Types!


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  1. I am a generator…who…lives with a projector…before I knew this…life was horrendous…after knowing… this human design even existed… just the introduction information changed my life…

    my whole life up until now…now… made sense… there really are no words to describe this feeling… it is…an energy that over came me of pure unconditional self love…I could forgive myself and all other types…it changed my approach to my own life…then comes the hard part…changing old habit patterns…self love is a whole different story

    1. Ann, thank you so much for sharing your personal story. I’m sure it will resonate with many people. I’m thrilled for you at the difference it’s making in your life. Congratulations! Please share Human Design with others so more and more people benefit from its power to transform lives.

  2. Today I learnt something new. I learnt about Human Design and that I am a reflector. I find it really facinating and I may add that I am starting to get a bit of clarity. I suddenly understand myself better..or at least why I behave and have behaved the way I have my whole life. I am really sensitive to other people`s ideas, feelings, desires etc. I tend to flow with others wants and wishes and that has put a toll on me. And I am in a phase of my life where I want to find my own identity..so this information has been really helpful.

    1. I feel the exact same in my life right now
      I am also a reflector. The urge to aid others is a struggle to balance for me but the past couple years I've been on a self discovery mission.

  3. Dear all,

    i’m a generator manifestating and i’m in a long relationship with a reflector. As far as i can understand, since i started reading about human design, our long term relationship problems are related to the very different ways we react to the world. What can we do to coordinate my strong energy and his strong need to be quiet? He is overloaded and irritated when i’m around and feeling empty and depressed when i go away. I’m very often frustrated and trying to do everything at the same time. The idea of waiting causes me suffering but i’m strong and i’m learning.
    I see that i have a lot to learn and, of course, i feel the urge to do it asap.
    Thank you for these great articles.

    1. Thanks for your comments and questions Catia. Any relationship combination can work–with awareness, patience and respect. The first key is for each person to follow their own strategy. So when you can respond first (which takes only a split second) THEN act you will be pursuing things correct for you and not scattering your energy. He does need alone time and to wait at least 28 days on big decisions for him. When you are correctly using your energy and allowing him his own energy, he will probably feel less “overloaded and irritated.” Remember, he is reflecting back to you your own state of being. He brings great wisdom to the relationship, you bring great energy and action. It can be a wonderful, synergistic combination! Best of luck to you. Please let me know if I can help you further. -Evelyn

        1. This is great to hear! I'm a Reflector and my husband is a Manifesting Generator. 10+ years together and still learning as well. Finding this comment made my heart happy.

    2. As a reflector, we are incredibly sensitive to our partners feelings. And yes, we do need alone processing time to sort it all out.
      I ghost sometimes, hide under a metaphorical rock and work on myself. It may be your feelings are being absorbed by him and he may not understand that yet.
      Try to relieve your feelings of suffering and frustration which may be translating into overload and frustration on his end.

    3. Your post is very old so you will probably never see my response but, as a fellow reflector, let me provide some possible insight. He's depressed and empty when you're not around because he loves you but he's overloaded and irritated when you're around because he wants to tell you something about your behavior he doesn't like but knows you'll probably be mad at him. Tell him it's okay to say whatever is on his mind even if you don't like it. He might refuse at first, thinking you don't really mean what you're saying (likely based on past responses from you), but if you offer it up enough times he'll eventually tell the truth (which is what he's designed to do). Don't get mad at him even if you disagree. He told you the truth (which is what you asked from him). State WHY you disagree with him. <==That provides no real information for anyone except that you don't like it (usually the result of ego). If what you're saying rings true he might change his mind but if it doesn't make sense to him you might want to reconsider what he originally said.

  4. Hi so I’m a reflector – Got my design in March, and have been trying to live it since. Mainly what I’ve changed is the decision making process. I’m also experimenting/investigating other things than HD.
    So my experience is that I need a lot of time alone, on one hand and on the other I can’t keep my energy up – I mean I Can but need to prioritize.
    My working relationships are working very well, I’m self employed but have different partners that I team up with, depending on the tasks. In my experience I work the best in teams, then I can get a lot done. There need to be space though, like it is best when I can like zoom in and out, and shift tasks depending on my state of mind – or maybe it’s the changing gates ;-). One of the things I do is teaching METAhealth and I teach with a generator, and that’s a good combination to me.
    Disapointment – Hmmm………….. My greatest is not to be seen, so men see me and fall in love with them self 😉 I haven’t figured that one out yet. What would a good mach be? It seems like there is no good answer in HS.
    So in short some of my experiences – dont knov if it makes sense.
    With Love Lisbeth

    1. Hi Lisbeth, thank you SO much for sharing your experience with us of being a Reflector! It’s tremendously helpful to hear your real-world application and understanding of your Type. You are a precious gift to all of us in living as who you truly are. <3

      Yes, best for you to stay flexible in your tasks, and great when you can work productively in teams. I love your description of "zoom in and out, and shift tasks depending on my state of mind" and yes, the changing Gates in the Moon (approx. every 11 hours) very much affect your state of mind!

      The "good answer" in HD regarding relationships is that anyone can have a successful relationship with anyone else---with awareness, understanding and patience! Therefore you get to CHOOSE which relationships feel best and support you in the full expression of you. As a Reflector this can be more challenging than for other Types. But you are on an outstanding path of self-awareness, so hang in there and keep being the fullest expression of you that you can be...and you'll attract those who are a match for you (in business and personal life). Much love to you and please keep us posted on your progress! ~Evelyn

    2. Hello, I learned it takes about 7 years from when you find your human design you can finally feel like you are understanding and living it. You’re 7 years out. Would you agree?

    3. I had joy and laughed reading yr comment on partners falling in love with themselves when they fall in love with you. I feel like I’m in the sweetest challenge loving a projector that is also my best friend… talk about the ebb and flow… I am in love with the ride being a reflector… when the storm comes… others do see me there too. I own a deeper sense of stability like you do too. We might not be able to put anything above managing our energy, but it’s an infinite source we always hv access to tap… as long as I’m honoring my nature, I KNOW I can be as powerful as the ocean. Thanks for letting me motivate my morning in reflection of your post. You are the first reflector I’ve spoken to knowing so. Have a productive and free flowing day!

  5. Thanks to HD I fully appreciate my middle child, a Reflector, more than ever. As a child, she was always playing outside, often 8 hours at a stretch. We thought she was lazy as she refused to sit down and study. Her tutors often sent her home early in anger because all she would do was play ( but she didn’t care as she could stop at the park along the way home) I know now she was just reflecting the playful energies of the children around her. She is an adult now and I really miss those days –such a joyful child she was!!! Question:there were periods in her childhood were she got the same injury or illness over and over again ( dislocated elbows/shoulder, ear infections, a bump on her forehead that would never go away resulting from always landing on the same spot on her head when she would fall) WAS she reflecting thru her injuries/ailments SOMETHING in her environment? Are injuries a way in which Reflectors can reflect ?

    1. Yes. Thank you. Inquiring minds want to know about repeated injuries or illness.
      I am reflector that banged her head a lot as a little kid and had to sit with Gram’s silver butter knife on my forehead to pull the heat off and sometimes with a big chip of ice off thee block.

    2. Hi SK, thanks for sharing about your Reflector middle child. Reflectors often have a child-like nature of joy, wonderment, and play (as children and as adults). How fabulous that she had a joyful childhood and that you enjoyed her joy! I’ve spoken with other Human Design specialists about your question, and some of them have had experience with Reflectors seeming to have repeated injuries, or in some cases appearing to be a bit clumsy. It’s quite possible that she was reflecting something specific resulting in her various injuries and ailments. But it might also have simply been her process in figuring out how to operate in this world. She might have had her attention so focused on things other than her body that she missed the signals and clues that might have helped her avoid those incidents, and avoid repeating them. Also, if she has a 3 or a 6 in her Profile, her experimental nature might have caused her to have more “incidents” than other kids. Hope that helps a little. Please let us know if you have any new insights about this.

    3. Hi SK!

      I am a reflector — finding this out feels like what I imagine it feels like to find out you’re autistic after a life of feeling displaced and crazy. No you’re not crazy, you’re a reflector! Phew. I guess. Anyway, I am also a middle child and growing up I had some weird health things happen – for example, in third grade, I missed nearly half the year of school because I was repeatedly sick. I experienced waves of nausea and sometimes vomiting that would keep me home from school over and over again. I’ve asked my mom about what was going on in our family life and she “doesn’t remember” anything specific. :/ I think there is something to this. I am a body worker (massage therapist) and study alternative health, so naturally this is intriguing to me. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your little one. Support her as much as you can and empower her to be herself!


    4. My husband is a Reflector and he hits his head ALL the time. Thought it was an Aries thing…but now I’m thinking that it’s a Reflector thing. 😉 He also wants to spend ALL his time in nature and prefers to climb/sit in trees most of the time. I learned to love him as he is long before I knew about HD, but now I’m even more accepting of these quirks. Best of luck in parenting a Reflector!

      1. I’m a Reflector and had childhood illnesses and was sick all the time up until my adult life. I wonder if it’s the different energy overloads that made me sick so much? I hated school and remember having such a difficult time focusing – was prescribed ADHD meds and took them from 17-25yo. I’m questioning whether that was because everyone’s energy in the classroom made it difficult to stay on task? I still have difficulty focusing and cannot handle large crowds. How can I use the energy around me but not let it take over me? For example, if anyone around me is crabby or in a bad mood, i am so easily absorbed into those emotions it is exhausting and difficult to navigate. Then I blow up because I don’t have a reason to be crabby and don’t understand it (I guess now I do since finding out i’m a Reflector).

        I’m wondering, for people that hide their emotions – and say they’re fine when they’re really not…..is that where I can reflect their true emotions back onto them? This happens a lot with my husband or my mom. My mom is a projector and I believe my husband is too, but he could be a generator (I am working to find out his time of birth).

        This was all really insightful thank you!

    5. hi! i am a reflector too in the human design. when i was in 3rd grade i was sick almost the entire year, a kind of nausea, sometimes vomiting, thing. when i learned my design was i completely struck with new understand of my childhood. in third grade my parents were in an incredibly unhealthy relationship, so much unspoken resentments and expectations, needs not being met, the whole thing. as i started to piece it all together, i could see how i literally could not stomach their disfunction. as a reflector, i often describe my sensitivity to others as of being hit by a wave of someones stuff, whether its emotional, whatever. i get splashed with their energy and it always dissipates if i give myself time alone. this also made me a great massage therapist (though not very sustainable, haha), because i could literally feel peoples ailments in my own body and know exactly where to work. being a reflector is a gift when you understand it and can work with it instead of being buried by it, which i was for much of earlier life. grateful for this deeper understand into myself.

    6. Holy moly I am a reflector and occasionally get dislocated shoulders and wrists. Also I deal with sinus and ear infections frequently in the past. I had a procedure to correct mine but my ears still hurt . That is wild you mentioned the injuries because I got really sickly at my last job and pondered that it was my environment. I am happy to hear you're understanding your child better. My daughter is a projector so we have different ways sometimes but still very close because she's young. I can seem indifferent or in my own world and she's very hot and cold but sweet.

  6. So I discovered yesterday that I also am a reflector ever since my uncle introduced me to human design… and I have really been wondering, considering that we have empty energy centers, what would be the overall feeling of two reflectors alone in the same room interacting with one another or trying to form a relationship… Would they be incapable of feeling for one another or is this a stupid question?

    1. Hi JG, thank you so much for your question (and sorry for delay in replying). It’s a great question! Everyone has feelings and anyone can have feelings (and love) for others. Two Reflectors together probably wouldn’t be “assertive” with each other, and would likely feel VERY comfortable with each other. It might be like living in a dream world together, as you both see the magnificent possibilities of the people and the world around you. You would probably “get” each other in a way that others can’t, as the Reflector’s life experience is so different from the other Types. If you develop a relationship with a Reflector, please let us know what it’s like!

      1. i just wanted to chime in (years later lol) to say i’m a reflector who dated a reflector for a while in the past, and while he wasn’t the perfect long term partner for me, the sex was incredible in a way i’ve never experienced before or since, and that we would enter a trance state together and lose track of time, where one time we thought an hour had passed but it had been literally six hours!

        we entered this amazing transcendent state together and we were both very similar in our sexual beings and it felt amazing to mirror someone who was mirroring me, and it felt like the universe making love to itself/ communing with god.

        1. I am a Projector who had an affair with a Reflector and I had this same experience. It was like being carried through the universe. Very powerful, very confusing, he basically connected me back to the source and had me feeling self love very deeply. I am so grateful for this experience.

        2. Oh wow! I’m a projector in an off and on long term relationship with a reflector. I can relate to this trance like feeling.

        3. Wow, that sounds amazing! I wonder if that's exclusively a reflector with reflector thing. I'm a reflector with a generator and thrive off of her sacral energy, but i can't imagine energetically what it's like being with another reflector…sounds deeply fulfilling

    2. I am a reflector also wondering what it would be like to have a room filled with only reflectors and actually even more what it would be to spend 3 whole days or at least a weekend with only Reflectors. How much we could offer each other feedback. I live in Hawaii and have been thinking what a better place to have that experience than here… like have a small retreat of only reflectors? I live right on the beach and my place even though it’s small because it’s a Studio could host a couple if not a few of us and be in the presence of each other’s aura for the time we share… just a thought:)

      1. Hi Sylvia, there is a growing group of Reflectors you can join. See the Update I added at the bottom of the post itself (above). I’m also forwarding this comment to the organizer of that group. I hope it results in a lovely gathering of you beautiful Reflectors!

  7. Hello, I just learned I’m a reflector. I often have the feeling that people don’t see me (like Liesbeth said). They even bump into me or don’t hear me. I just quit my job: always have been working very hard but never rewarded appropriately. Not in salary and not emotionally. I got divorced 3 years ago after marriage of 22 years. Always felt misunderstood and alone. At least now I know why!! For now I’m trying to keep my energy/vibration high. I wish someone could teach me more about the moon fases and how to implement them as a reflector. Any suggestions?? Next week I have an appointment here in The Netherlands to see Guido Wernink of Human Design Netherlands.
    With love from the Netherlands, Jolanda

    1. Hi, I have read through these posts and notice there are a lot of reflectors in need of reflecting with their own kind. Same here. It is kind of disappointing(also in our charts) to read that there has not been formed a group yet. I am in the Netherlands, and I have noticed other posts from there too, so is it possible to start something there?

      1. Hey there, I am feeling exactly the same, being also a reflector and knowing only one other person of my kind.
        Let’s meet and reflect each other! Could be like being inbetween a lot of mirrors, and a mirror myself ?!?
        — I am in Austria, Vienna. But how about meeting online? Maybe in a skype conference or at least a make a forum like this?
        I know that HD-SPecialist and Reflector Nisarg makes Reflector-Seminars, but at a price, I cant afford (since, as told here also, reflectors dont necessarily have an easy time making money 😉

  8. I was relieved When I learned I was a reflector. It explained so much about how my life continues to unfold in a magical way. People have always given me the room I need but work has not worked out for me. I have yet to find my career. As to the getting hurt as a child, I can attest to several hospital visits for broken skin and bones. It never slowed me down but it showed a reckless nature.

    The hugging saint “Amma” is a reflector. I have been in her presence many times and even though I am one of 5000 or more, I feel recognized by her. I would like to join a group of reflectors and meet regularly to share stories. Maybe, Evelyn you will put something together for us?

    1. Wow, Kate! That makes perfect sense about Amma. Thank you for sharing that. I just found out I’m a Reflector, so this brings huge joy to me.

      Reading about Reflectors had made so much sense to me. No wonder decisions have been such a struggle! My best decisions have come when I asked for a Divine sign and gotten it.

      Now I feel especially eager to see Amma again.

      1. Sara, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about being a Reflector and your decision making process. I love your comment about a “Divine Sign”. Cindy assistant to Evelyn Levenson

  9. Dear Evelin, I have a question about types. If someone is a sacral generator by overall profile, but looking the two sides separately, the design side is a projector and the personality is a reflector, how does that affect decision-making? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Warm regards,

  10. Hi Evelin,

    I have just discovered Human Design and have found myself to be a reflector.
    Somehow I must have always known this as I started reading Tarot cards at 11 years old and progressed to Astrology at 18 so I am a full time “reader” of people.
    While I have experienced the “invisibility” occasionally, for me it has been more of the total “dislike” that some people direct at me, there is no luke warm for me, people either love me and want to emmulate me and be under my wing or they cannot stand to be in my presence, as 45year old I can get this but as a child it was so painful trying to get people to like me and see that I am a nice person 🙁
    What I feel is hard for me is that people “feel” that I know everything or that I can solve everything, and maybe sometimes I have some of the answers but I can feel used and got at by the constant clinging of others.
    What I love about being a reflector is the ability to shine total clarity on to situations and help others move into their potentials, it brings such joy 🙂
    I agree, if there is a group for reflectors I would love to join!
    Thank you for the opportunity to share 🙂

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your experience as a Reflector. I love the way you describe shining clarity on situations and helping people move into their potential! Quite interesting about your strong like and strong dislike experiences. I’m looking into options for starting a group for Reflectors, and will keep you all posted about it. <3

      1. I recently saw a Gaiam special which talked about Human Design, the types, and when the gentleman described Reflector I knew immediately it is how I incarnated. The next day I looked it up and sure enough, Reflector I am. I’m so very grateful for this information and the resonance. I can very much relate to each and every one of you (literally Hahaha!), I would love to fall in love with another Reflector ( 😉 ) and YES … let’s form a group so we can all support each other!!!!!!

        1. Esther, Thanks so much for your comment. Evelyn loves working with Reflectors. You are a special group of people. Cindy (Evelyn’s Assistant)

        2. Hi Esther, My story is the same, I think we may have watched the same show on Gaia lol, I so relate to all I have read about reflectors, others tend to either love me and relish in the mirror I provide or they choose to project onto me. This is very much something I am dealing with right now, I have come to realise that if I choose to consciously mirror whats right in people then my relationships are easier and I isolate less, it’s not always easy seeing right into people and of course people feel threatened and exposed by this. Love love love thats my reflector secret of success

    2. I too just found out I am a reflector and what it means. I have been married twice now and each time there was great love between us but I did not really ‘see’ the real person I married and so in time, we split. I know now, from the info of being a reflector, I need to be very careful who I partner with next time and ask then to be aware of the tenancy for them to fall in love with themselves and not me. Interesting journey!

      1. Thank you, Cameron, for sharing your experience. A Relationship Reading might really help before committing to your next relationship so you are both very aware of yourselves and each other, and also the tendencies within the relationship itself. You most definitely have an interesting journey! I will put you in touch with other Reflectors I know.

  11. I found out I was a reflector last year this time. I had just re-entered the world after being in a cloistered spiritual community for 10 years and having been associated with that community for over 30 years (that explains that choice!). As a single mom I returned to the group to raise my generator daughter because I realized I would not be able to do a decent job on my own.

    I’ve been in the process of setting up my own business where I counsel people and have realized recently that I need to work the business with others or I will never have the consistent forward motion I desire. Lisbeth’s experience is a nice confirmation for me.

    I have been studying with a business mentor for the last year and a half and had the pleasure to meet and spend time with another reflector in the group. It is quite peaceful to spend time in each other’s presence. We felt no need to trade stories or talk with each other at all! We found out about each other when talking with others in the group at coffee and meal breaks. She has a counseling business also and we had a lot of similar life experiences like “death” just before our 20’s but choosing to return, the ability to draw information for others directly from “source”, the need to sit at the back of a room in a group so the energy doesn’t flatten us.

    I am actually extremely athletic and use my body as a means to generate energy because it loves to move – I’ve been a personal trainer, had a career in dance, played with all the boys in their sports growing up.

    If anyone has any questions I’d be happy to share.

    1. Sheila, thank you so much for sharing your experiences as a Reflector. Fascinating to hear from so many of you and to see how “right on” your instincts have been in managing your lives….long before you knew about Human Design and being a Reflector! I’ll keep you all posted about a group for Reflectors. And thank you for your offer to answer questions.

  12. Hi , Evelyn

    i just found out that I’m a reflector , thru friend of mine
    I used to look to the people and feel what they feel , i just know what someone are able to do and what behavior to expect from the person .just know and that`s it …
    I thought everyone like that !!!
    I thought all human being have the same feeling , and knowledge.
    Sometimes i know how to encourage if the person on its downs, and i feel the potential .
    after i doing it ,i m feeling good inside. ))

    now I’m understand that I’m a reflector thats why all of this happening to me !!!

    In the same time its difficult to be in negative society, if people are complaining and suffering
    i deeply associate myself with it .
    my impermanence make me upset sometimes…
    i do it sincerely, I’m lighten up with the idea, achieve it or not, and then like something else to do. i change jobs
    What to do with it ?
    i ve read we live with a lunar calendar . how it helps , us ?
    id like to be in contact with other reflectors . ))

    Kiev , Ukraine


    1. Hi Irina, thank you so much for sharing your experience as a Reflector and how knowing about being a Reflector helps you make sense of what you feel from (and about) other people. It’s quite correct for you to change jobs, but I recommend using your Reflector Strategy to do that….wait at least 28 days and during that time talk to others about your desire for a change to help you process what is really true for you and THEN if it still feels correct, go ahead and take actions to make the change. I will send you a private email with a resource for Reflectors and an invitation to participate with other Reflectors! Warmest wishes to you. 🙂

      1. dear evelyn, could you send this invitation also to me? Its been some years since you posted this, but the need seems to still be there.
        thank you for your work and for offering this forum!

  13. Hey Evelyn

    I’m studying HD for almost 3 years now but stil I have à lot of questions ❓ My mentor is à manifesting generator and up till now I never met other reflectors! So I very happy and exited right now 😀 I follow my moon strategy through jovian archive, so I can see how my design is for that day. Do you know if this is correct? I also recognize à lot of things the other reflectors told above. For years I really want to become à coach Or counselor but I am stil not sure because my mentor told me that she also can tell others what the can do different to get into their system out of her open solar plexus. I am not sure Abouth this? Can you tell me if this is the same that à reflector does? Hope to hear from you


  14. Hi Evelyn

    Great webpage you’ve created i like it very much

    Yes, i am 5/2 reflector, so i need inner motivation. I lost 5 min before so i started to solve problem. I lost motivation because i think i found MRS GREAT but i dont know if its better do have partner with opposite gates, or the same gate. MRS GREAT has the same as me (38,53,54,40,7,1,61) and she is 2/4 can we have healthy long term love?

  15. Wouw, I can not believe all these stories. I really thought I was the only one!?

    I get overwhelmed all the time and I feel emotions that I have learned to recognize as NOT MY OWN!? I always thought I had some sort of Hyper Sensitivity when it comes to other people and some sort of Claustrophobia in rooms with a lot of people in it, but this makes so much more sense!

    My job is to make theater that reflects issues in the community but I work for myself and never work on a theater project more than a couple of months. In my spare time it makes me happy to help friends, family (and sometimes strangers!?) with their problems which I easily recognize as soon as they stand before me and open up. It makes me really really happy!! But because it takes all my energy to help others I sometimes burst into tears out of nowhere and I have to stay in my bed for two or three days straight. I never understood why, because it didn’t really feel like a depression or anything like that, because I don’t have dark thoughts at all! Just. So. Tired….

    My friends laugh at me a lot (in the good and loving way) because I can talk and talk for a long period of time without stopping. It’s more like ‘thinking out loud’ they say. Not that I’m self involved, not at all! But I always LITERALLY tell them at the end of these ‘talking spasms’ that everything makes more sense to me. Even though they hardly said anything back!!? Haha!

    Maybe after this you can imagine how stunned I was when I read about HD-Reflectors… !?

    I’m still not good at controlling my energy but HD has given me a lot of insight and it makes me feel so much less alone. Thank you so much for everything!

    1. Jane,
      We am very interested in how the knowledge about being a Reflector has helped you in your understanding of yourself. Evelyn’s article and knowledge about the Different HD Types in Relationships really shows how each type is different in how they see and process energy in the world around them. Thank you for sharing your story. We’re delighted this information is helping you! Cindy (Evelyn’s assistant)

    2. @Jane – WOW I feel like I’m reading something written about me! lol But seriously, I’m a reflector and everything you mentioned above, from loving helping others and offering advice and counseling but it leaves you feeling empty and frustrated, to the very extreme exhaustion.. I have the same experiences. In the past few years, I have just been so tired. I own my own business and used to think it was from that but this tiredness is different / deeper and doesn’t go away – I just think we need a lot of sleep to function at our highest potential. Do you feel the same way? If I don’t get time alone and feel rushed and stressed life becomes very difficult for me and strains my relationships. After healing from my last long-term romantic relationship, I pretty much lost interest in a romantic partnership as I know how draining it can be and can’t really imagine what my perfect partner is like. I throw all my time into work. I never have free time but get asked out on dates a lot, I’m just not interested in anyone. What is your experience with dating and relationships?

      I also have to talk about everything, especially important decisions (which I make l lot of very frequently), I go on and on and on, the other person literally doesn’t even know what to say lol and then it always ends with me ‘figuring it out’ and saying, ‘ now this makes so much sense, you know what I mean?’ Once I start it’s like I can’t stop even when I know the other person is maybe getting sick of me talk.

      Lately I have been very busy and stressed and I find these behaviors flare up worse during those times, but at the end of the day, we can’t change who we are. When I was little I used to always tell my mom that I saw the world differently than other people and now I know why. 🙂

      Even though I love being a reflector, for the most part, I go between wanting to reprogram the extreme behaviors to completely embracing them. Being a reflector is basically being on an emotional rollercoaster with moments of extreme clarity that can be almost intoxicating in itself. You also feel like no one understands you and quite alone most of the time even though I have a lot of deep and meaningful relationships in my life.

      1. I am a refelctor, And actually searched in Google to find a method to turn stress into success. This is how i found the article and you message particularly. 🙂 I relate to everything you say, And had to laugh a bit due to your comment “Once I start it’s like I can’t stop even when I know the other person is maybe getting sick of me talk.”

        I am just like that .. Did you ever find a method to turn stress around? 🙂
        Desperate woman emotional reflector, trying to cope with life and fast-paced society!

  16. Hi Evelyn,

    I’m from indonesia and i just know it that im reflector.
    Be a reflector in my community needs huge patient 🙂 and disappointment. Most people here dont know and understand about HD, maybe who know it, they are countable.
    They thinks i am awkward, unique and has unstable emotion, idk my voice priceless, they wont listen me. Unfortunately they dont know that i am reflect them.
    Here, i need more time to be alone to recharge my energy and cooling down also realize this is not real mine energy.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and situation, Feby. Those around you don’t know how luck they are, and how precious you are! I’ll put you in touch with other Reflectors I know.

      1. Hey there, I am a reflector also living in Bali, Indonesia. I would love to connect with other reflectors here and anywhere! I only learned about HD and being a reflector recently but I am trying to educate myself at generator speed right now haha. Thanks 🙂

  17. Hi Evelyn,

    I have discovered I am a reflector recently too. As a child, other children didn’t like me much and I was very shy. I knew I was a good person, but couldn’t get it a across to others, which ended in frustration and isolation. I was annoying 😉 Also, whenever I would go on holiday with my family I would cry and behave badly all the time. My mum though it was because I couldn’t adapt well, but I’m starting to think it’s cus I was so sensitive to all the new energy from people and buildings (I also hated crowds). I lived in Asia, and found it overwhelming and stressful more or less everyday. As an adult, and since finding my spiritual path, I am able to learn very quickly from talking to others, reading and listening and can help others with my knowledge. People have told me I am very wise (I’m in my mid- twenties). In fact a lot of the friends I’ve made in the last year have been 10- 20 years older than me. I used to be very, very emotionally unstable and didn’t understand myself, others or the world. Thankfully, through practises like meditation, yoga, energy work, and spiritual/ self development books, I am understanding myself a lot more and I am very balanced now. I often spend a lot of time alone, learning and thinking 🙂 In groups, I listen to everyone talk first, then contribute. However, if I am feeling very confident, I will give my thoughts and opinions straight away. I love to help others, by making them aware of their problems and how to feel better by solving them 🙂 And get frustrated when they can’t see how to change things! I’m also an empathy and practise compassion, but I’m now able to protect myself from others negativity or emotional problems. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Would you say it is hard work being a reflector? In the sense, we are very vulnerable with no definition? My mind changes a lot and I develop and drop interests constantly. Thanks!!!

  18. Hi Evelyn,

    Nice to meet you. I would like to ask you something, and will be glad, if you answer me.

    I’m a Reflector with profile 5/1 (man), and I’m in a relationship with Projector 3/5. We have stuck for some time, and we don’t understand each other very well, in the same way as before. Also the life is passing around us, and we do nothing, as though we are in sleep. Also we had problems, and arguments before. Very often I feel exhausted, without energy, or willingness to do whatever. Also she felt the same.

    I think our both types are incompatible, maybe because we are non-energy types. This is my unprofessional opinion. I will be happy to hear your comment, whether Reflector could have healthy and useful for all relation with a Projector?


    1. Thanks Emil for the thoughtful question to Evelyn. It is interesting to see if Reflectors can have a healthy relationship with a Projector. Cindy (Evelyn’s Assistant

    2. Hi Emil! In general, I believe it’s possible for a Reflector and a Projector to have a healthy relationship, but of course it depends on the details of each chart to see what the specific challenges in the relationship might be. Awareness and understanding (and patience!) are crucial for a good relationship. If you and your mate have not had full readings plus a relationship reading, I would highly recommend that. I know that a relationship between two non-energy types can work but (as with any relationship), it can have its challenges. Thanks for your question, and best wishes to you!

  19. Thank you very much! All the best to you too!

    My concerns are, that someone has to “import” energy from outside somehow, otherwise we cannot develop ourselves in life, also we cannot develop, and maintain our relation.

    1. Hi Emil, I understand your question more clearly now. There is always energy around us and we all have access to it. Those of us with Undefined Sacrals just don’t have that access consistently. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop yourself or maintain relationships. We all function. It’s just that some things are a bit more challenging for us…like a sustainable work schedule. Though I certainly did my share of holding regular jobs when I was younger, and know lots of non-sacral people who do as well. It could be that your two charts together “create” Sacral energy if you have an electromagnetic connection that defines the Sacral within your relationship. My partner is a Projector like me and we do NOT connect the Sacral. It gives us a calm, comfortable energy together (we’ve been together 20 years). Sometimes we need outside energy to spark some action, but even without it we manage to work, get things done around the house, exercise, eat well, etc. I hope that gave you a little more clarity.

  20. Wow, and thank you all. I am learning about myself through your experiences, I guess something we are all good at. I have spent the last decade thinking I was an Empath and knew that I took on other’s energy, slowly learning how to realize and dissipate it. I don’t like being on my own too long, but am good at it and get a lot of practice.
    Am curious about the kinds of careers everyone has worked through, and what would be considered good for us, I imagine a crafting scenario or similar, where we could whittle away at wood all day and then occasionally go and sell it. . . . what do you think? I have been mostly into Marketing, until recently, where I am now an office manager, which I struggle with a little.

    1. Hi Nikki, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your question. Through my Human Design work I’ve been blessed to have met quite a few Reflectors. Several of them have done physical/craft work of some kind. One was an electrician for 30 years. The actual work was mostly on his own, but he was always part of a larger team which he always enjoyed, too. I know one who is a Feng Shui expert, has written several books, and leads workshops on esoteric topics. Another works in marketing for a medium size company. As a Reflector you’re capable of doing nearly anything you’d like to do, it’s just that some things (like managing people on a daily basis) may be a little challenging….but it also depends on the rest of your chart. Of course, you’ll always feel the most fulfilled when you are able to play out your role in life… which is to reflect back to people who they are being and also the health of their community. And you can do THAT from almost any position! I hope that helps. I’d be happy to put you in touch with some Reflectors I know who I believe are starting a support group. Best wishes to you!!!

  21. I find a relationship with a reflector exhausting! Sure they have some wisdom they’ve put together from their openness, but even in that it, it can’t be taken seriously since they change so much. To not trust the source of the information, is to not trust the information. Being in a relationship with a reflector is like being a full time mom to your partner – attention ALL the time. Having a partner that reflect your ups and downs back all the time can be confusing. Sometime you need someone to be up when you are down. Sometimes, when you need attention, you need your partner to give you attention. The last thing you need is someone who reflects you, because then you have to take yourself out if needing attention, to giving attention, in other words, your emotional needs are never met, and you are always responsible for everything. Yet when you do really occasionally you do something really impressive, personal, and admirable for yourself; they will reflect that and you will find it very attractive. I guess, in that way, reflectors are perfect partners for narcissists. Like that, once you are in a relationship with a reflector, it is hard to get out. I guess if you are born like that, you are born like that. Still I find it a meek excuse to not take self-responsibility, and develop a practice that will give you a little more inner stability.

    1. Mana,
      Thank you for your comment. I understand from reading in Human Design that it can be confusing for other people to understand the power of the Reflector. They are here to be wise in the energy of the community. In Reading, Evelyn’s article, a Reflector should wait a full 28 Days to make a big decision. That being said, it might be confusing to other Human Design types. It is best to live your Design strategy and honor others in their design.
      Cindy, assistant to Evelyn Levenson

      1. Hello,
        since here it is about Reflector and relationship, I’d love to share my experience, being a reflector and having had a strong and strange journey through my relationships. After years, and now leraning about HD and the chackras, I can see, that what happened in these relations.
        I seemed to have travelled always to the next lower chackra with the new relationship (starting from the top).
        seemingly, I must have been pretty much ‘closed’ or unclear in all my chackras in the beginning. So with the resonance of others, one after the other became open and free flowing. I was always sooooo happy, it was like gaining connection to life itself, and felt so healing!
        The only ‘problem’ was, that I couldn’t stay with one person in this journey. It was clearly heavyly hard for my partner, when I met someone who I felt resonance in a place inside, I’ve never felt before.
        I’ve developed my own theory about ‘falling in love’. My own potential is what I fall in Love with. Esepcially clear, since I am a reflector. It moves so youickly through the system that after having reached my new level, ‘being in Love’ ceases (like commonly known). So it cant be the guide for a long lasting partnership, I speculate.
        Now, I even found out some methods which are more practical in life then always changing partners – I went to seminars to work on the lowest chackras and didnt need any relationship. I only fell in love but the person doesnt even know. I have worked on old stuff in these chackras, as it came up, only thinking of this beloved person.
        that is one pracitcal thing in energy-works: you dont need to be there and with the person, not even in the time!
        But also I now start to see the danger of withdrawing myself totally from society this way. I live in a community and havent contributed anything anymore since over a year, it feels ill.

        Really happy to have found this forum!!!
        best wishes, Dorothea

    2. I think that you make some valid points. However, if you are feeling low your reflector partner is teaching you where you may have the opportunity to expand…perhaps, where both of you might have room for growth. Yourself in awareness and ego detachment and your reflective partner in recognizing that those emotions are not their own. Regardless of type it is up to all of us to take ownership of our alignment with the higher self. It’s up to all of us to either take the challenge and step out of ego or to revert to what is comfortable.

    1. Bea,
      Thank you for your comment. I am unsure which group you are referring. I salute you as a Reflector. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn Levenson

    2. Hi Bea, thank you for asking. I’ve added you to the list. I’m still looking for one or more Reflectors to coordinate the group. I’ll keep you informed as things progress. I would LOVE for you lovely Reflectors to have a place where you can share, learn from and support each other.

  22. Dear Evelyn,
    I would like to join the group of reflectors as well. I am a profile 4/6 reflector and found some insights and understanding of Human dsign for my life and myslef but still have burning questions as to how the moon cylce can help me especially with this Ephemeriden booklet that I cannot read. 🙁 I still feel difficult with others at some times and can cope best with my own issues when being alone, for example a silent retreat can be very helpful.
    Thanks a lot!

      1. My daughter is a reflector. She is 21 now and we have noticed that some people just don’t like her immediately upon meeting her. Is that because they don’t like themselves? Learning about this has been eye opening, I know knowledge is key. But to be honest she’s really devastated by it, and has been depressed for a while. I have always noticed that she becomes like whoever she is around, so how does she find herself? Also, what would be a good career path for her?
        Thank you so much… Please add me to the group

  23. I am mother whose fourth child is a reflector….he was always considered “different” and would isolate himself…I didn’t force him to go to school for very long cause he would cry and act blind and unable to walk…according to Ra, it is best to put reflector children in a group…so, out of confusion and motherly instincts and not knowing anything about Human Design, I made lots of mistakes. He was considered “autistic” and then “schizophrenic” and I never bought into those labels. How freeing it is to know what he is and for him to realize what he is! I am so grateful. I hope he can take this information in positive and forgiving manner….he has a great future ahead of him. He is a noble character in our world. Bless all our reflectors. If there is a group of Reflectors, please inform me of that. Thank you!

  24. Raising a Reflector child is so frustrating (I’m a Generator, haha) and now that we know, I feel so much freer and so does my child I wish I had know this earlier, but, at least, there is hope for the new Reflector babies being born. To not fit in, to be called by labels is so hurtful to the family. Bless our Reflectors. Please include me in the Reflector group! Thanks so much!

  25. Hi Evelyn,

    I also just found out that I’m a Reflector, will have a reading soon (Haarlem, NL). Looking forward to that. Hope that it will answer some questions 🙂
    Can you please add me to the group too?
    Thank you very much!

    Groetjes Liesbeth

  26. Right now after reading several comments from reflectors, I am crying. My life has been such a frustrating mixed with overly happy days with the help of my animals. I was always super-senistive and wise beyond my knowing. I’ve learning I am very clairvoyant and can read energies from a distant as well as up close. Things can be overwhelming quite easily, and often I also feel alone and misunderstood and unappreciated. I look to others to join me on writing projects, not because my writing is not unique but because I ‘need’ another to keep it going. All my life I had no idea what I was to do or what I was good at till now..I know what I’m good at but I cannot seem to get to any end destination, besides writing exhausts me more than most things, and I must sleep at least 10 hours a day. I get drained very easily, yet I am so open to help just anyone. I never fit in. In fact, my mother said she didn’t like my eyes when I was only three months old..something in them frightened her…did I reflect something back to her? She may have scared herself. I do go around and around with things as if to get nowhere and accomplish nothing. I feel sad alot. Relationships well, there aren’t too many of them even though that is what I need, other people. I feel my best when I can connect to stones or animals or anything in nature. And yes, many times I magnify other people and they blow up at me and I never understood why. I feel too we are great energy vampire magnets and that is the worst possible situation for a reflector. I have a million ideas a day and a library of notebooks for all sorts of subjects, but rarely get things done..hopping from one thing to another, this is what makes me sad, I cannot look to praise myself at the end of the day for accomplishments. Frustration, much of that ..and disappointment. I do have to say that there are people that love to be around me especially children.

  27. (Edited version) (I needed time to reflect) Right now, after reading several comments from reflectors, I am crying. My life has been such a frustrating mix with overly happy days with the help of my animals. I was always super-sensitive and wise beyond my knowing. I’ve learning I am very clairvoyant and can read energies from a distant as well as up close. Things can be overwhelming quite easily, and often I also feel alone and misunderstood and unappreciated. I look to others to join me on writing projects, not because my writing is not unique, but because I ‘need’ another to keep it going. All my life I had no idea what I was to do or what I was good at till now..I finally know what I’m good at, but I cannot seem to get to any end destination. Besides writing exhausts me more than most things, and I must sleep at least 10 hours a day. I get drained very easily, yet I am so open to help just anyone. I never fit in. Once my mother mentioned that she didn’t like my eyes when I was only three months old..something in them frightened her…did I reflect something back to her about herself? I do go around and around with things as if to get nowhere and accomplish nothing. I feel sad allot. Relationships well, there aren’t too many of them even though that is what I need. I feel my best when I can connect to stones or animals or anything in nature. And yes, many times I magnify other people and they blow up at me and I never understood why. I feel too we are great energy vampire magnets and that is the worst possible situation for a reflector. I have a million ideas a day and a library of notebooks for all sorts of subjects, but rarely get things done hopping from one thing to another, this is what makes me sad. I cannot look to praise myself at the end of the day for accomplishments. Frustration, much of that and disappointment. I do have to say that there are people that love to be around me, especially children.

    1. Jacqueline, Thank you for your thoughtful post on the trials and joys of being a Reflector. You seem to becoming self-aware. As Evelyn mentions in her article, your strategy is to “to make correct decisions, a Reflector must wait 29 days—through a full lunar cycle—to see how they feel about the decision after moving through all those energetic influences.” I honor you. Cindy, assistant to Evelyn

    2. Dear Jaqueline,
      oh-ho, your story sounds qiute familiar and touches me lot.
      What helped me really, was to make diary-journal, (not with much text, it was an old calendar i used for this first). Write not much of WHAT happened, but mainly HOW you experienced it. What seems to be the topic of the day?
      After a while, you can see where the circular movements and sense the center among all these extremes, and that’s you.

  28. Hi Evelyn, thank you for your clear post. I know I’m a Reflector sinds 2007, but back then I did’nt really know what to do with the information I read. It first felt like ‘coming home’. Finaly some theory that fits me. It realy was an eye-opener to read about HD and my type, but when I shared my discovery of HD with others, I met a lot of resistance and pushed it aside again. It felt like the world was not ready yet, but of course it was my own insecurity and fear that other’s would say I’m crazy and impulsive and always looking for excuses outside myself.

    From time to time HD kept coming back into my life. Also this week… That’s why I’m here…reading and posting…determined to finally learn to live out my design! HD is more known now. I’m glad it is! 😉 Soon I hope to get a Lunar Cycle Transits Reflector session from a Dutch Analist (also a Reflector), to get some more clearness about my type and how to live with it so it becomes more easy…at least I hope… I think it’s a difficult design to réálly understand. Constantly feel by yourself…what do I feel? Who or what am I reflecting? Does it feel good what I’m doing? Or not? It feels good to read that I’m not alone in this ‘crazy stuff’ 😉

    Ik think the hardest part is the lack of energy in this fast world where Generators rule and lazyness is not accepted. I think it’s hard to keep balance between work and leisure and earn the money you need without stress or even a burnout.
    And I really recognise the ‘relationstruggles’, but since I really learned how to be a consious mirror, there is no fight anymore. Such a releave! And if I still experience struggle in a conversation, it reminds me to question myself “What am I reflecting here?” And by realizing that, the resistance often reverses to real contact and usually a positive conversation in which the mirror that I am, does not go unnoticed. Just by really realize that you’re a mirror! It feels like magic when you find out how to do this 😀

    And my other (succes?) story? I was born with Artritis and when I was 15 years young I decided to make myself healthy by pure nature. Healthy food, herbs and essential oils etc. I managed to controll my body and the artritis this way for approximately 20 years now. No doctor, no medicine anymore. Just me living in harmony with nature. And the best part? I figured out my incarnation cross is a Left Angle Cross of Healing. So my subconcious clearly new what to do. First heal myself and now I’m ready to heal other people. I think that’s the cool part of my design. Now figure out the rest of me and dealing with myself 😉 Thank you for your part in my personal puzzle to learn how to be what I’m ment to be! Thank you! Esther

    1. Wow, Esther, thank you for sharing yourself and your journey so beautifully. So happy to hear the difference this knowledge is already making in your life. It does take time to embrace it (and deal with the resistance from others!). Wishing you the all the best! Evelyn

    2. Hi Esther! Thanks for sharing. I too am a reflector. Did you end up finding someone to do a lunar cycle transit reading? Did it help? Would be great if you could share contact info.

  29. Hi evelyn, i am a reflector and have known for about 4 to 5 months now and since knowing. my sensitivity to everything around me has changed the very person i grew up knowing. i still have hard time understanding the lunar cycle and the different gates that open within it, that is something i would love to understand. i am 25 i am very flighty and have an almost overwhelming imagination that i can live in it scares me sometimes. i have been by myself a lot recently and having been finding myself lazy in a sense i suppose im not the best at prioritizing. being in relationships have been the biggest challenge for me because of the community i live in holds relationships so high but for me being a male where i live there are more males then females so i rarely make the connection i seek. but when i do i usually find myself always being disappointed with my partner in public situations because i am very very observant so i see little things about people that can explain a lot about themselves but long story short I’ve always felt like it was the insecurity within myself? Ive always wondered and gazed in amazement at the moon. after knowing what i do know now its all understandable, ever since looking in the human design i have had the strongest urges to travel the country…..planets (cough,cough) 😳 and reach higher levels of consciousness I’m not sure where this fascination is taking me but Im sure I’m on the right path and would love feedback and your opinion on some aspects of my life if at all possible.
    All love,

    1. Hi Nathanael, Thank you for your comment about learning about your design and being a Reflector. It is wonderful that you are starting to connect with the lunar cycles. You will often be a barometer for the people around you and the environment. Just becoming aware of this will help you. You are a special gift to the world. Thank you again. Cindy, assistant to Evelyn Levenson

  30. Hello all! What a beautiful page! I just last week discovered I too am a Reflector. I cried tears of joy at FINALLY feeling understood. My younger years were full of depression, anxiety and abuse. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years. We have a baby who is a projector. I feel so blessed to have this information to be able to raise him in a way that speaks to his soul. I would love to be added to the group as well!

  31. It is so refreshing to read stories that parallel my life and helps me realize I do fit…Though not in a traditional way. I have felt ‘separated’ my whole life. I’ve always ‘hsd’ to talk. And it is difficult because not just anyo e will listen. I had a very controlling childhood and.little freedom. Drawing was an escape. Marital relationship was very difficult likely being insecure didn’t help AL ng w the childhood the helped me strongly feel unlovable. I actually looked up this site searching Reflector feeling insecure. I have always work was the most rewarding. I have an unconscious sense of the body’s need. Mostly I’ve worked 9-5 office/technical work. I’m good at it and working w people but I burned out working 2 jobs for years. I know where I fit in at work…I know my parameters. I’m better at parties or events now but ‘freeform’ situations are always a challenge. I’m am grateful for solitude, pets and now limiting the company I keep. I’m also grateful to have found this site and comments. if there is a mailing list I would like to be on it. Thank you to everyone’s sharing your experience s <3

  32. I came across this site because I was researching more information about reflectors. I recently discovered that my 6 year old boy/girl twins are reflectors. One of the things that confuses me is discovering that reflectors are not energy generating types. My children seem to have boundless energy, and they are very physical. As soon as they could move, they did, – crawling and walking & climbing things really early and they like nothing more than doing acrobatics on the sofa (and could go for hours!) They hardly ever sit still and hate alone time. As a Projector, I find it hard to keep up with them at times! They also talk non-stop. But I am confused, because they are not quiet and reflective at all. Could it be that being twins, the energy bounces off each other? Or maybe I am missing something?

    1. Rachel, Thank you for your comment. It can sometimes be very confusing. The term reflector doesn’t really mean they have a reflective (or what I think you meant contemplative) personality. They are taking in energy from all around them. They can also amplify this energy, so it can seem like they have endless energy. The big thing about Reflectors is that they may be mirroring their environment. If you were to take them out where there were no people (even you); you might see them become more contemplative. You are blessed with 2 little barometers of the energy around them. It sounds like they have a very loving home. As they grow older, you will have to teach them to take their time in making decisions (even a whole 28 days). They need time to be in their own energy to make decisions that are right for them. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  33. Hello! So glad to find this site. I found out last year that I am reflector (5/1), but am just beginning to find out more about it and hopefully can begin to live true to my type. Please add me to the reflector group. With gratitude ????

    1. Mary,
      Thank you for your interest. We have added your name and email to the database of Reflectors. We will keep you informed when the Reflector group is set up. Thank you for being the special person you are. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  34. Hello, I am here because I was searching more information about reflectors and all your stories are so touchy and really gives more chances for understanding you and your special type. iI’m a projector 4.1 and my best friend and my love for 5 years already is a reflector 1.4 I want to share our experiences since HD came to our lives a year ago. So as I didn’t know about my strategy back then I may say I forced my reflector to start the relationship ????Cause he was waiting for something (he has good intuition and although our first 2weeks together was like a probation period everything went perfect, but I know he had this problem with other girls -dating for a month and after that as he sad “I could see the end of relationship, I’ve got bored and quited all of them this way ” So he had sorta his own relationship circle. Talking about that I can’t touch or reach him with my aura well I cannot feel it. He is opened to me in all ways possible and I feel safe and very confident in him, and I can read his feelings very good. He is not always reflecting me I suppose if something else is still in his mind. His family is 4generators ,my family is 3generstors and if he can be like them around them-active, more effective, energetic, with me he is very comfortable, calm and don’t show much initiative. And that is what I cannot wait or stand sometimes as I am waiting for him to do some steps . That is what we are trying to understand about each other and we talk much about it so to know how it feels for each other. He is very talented and artistic -used to took parts in plays as a child, can play guitar and a little piano, writes verses, he loves nature and relaxing near rivers, he loves sport – basketball, football, swimming, crossfit, different marital arts. Thought he has tonns of people who are in good friendly relationship with him there is only one guy he is calling his best friend . But all other people they know that he knows lots of things and ask him to advice constantly. I saw how he can change around different people sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it overwhelms him so it looks strange.
    In our bond I sometimes doubt if I m a right person for him, in our relationship cart we don’t have sacral full it’s empty and there’s only five centers are full. But he is adamant about me being his best half. ???? I’ve experienced a lot of understanding about myself around him, it is really lIke looking in a mirror, but It was hard at first to understand and take it about myself, that it is not him but me whom he is showing me, it was painful and unpleasant but I be tried to be truthful to myself about this and take advantage and grow better . When it comes to decisions I’m trying to discuss everything beforehand so he has time to think it’s through but it is about some global things, as for everyday routine life stuff it is all simple and comfortable -we are adults, responsible people, no problems. As for free time I know he likes to have time for his own, and well for me it is vital too I’m more comfortable when we have couple of rooms and each of us has it own space . Well this is a mix of my experience in relationship with reflector and my observations and facts about him as a person. I would be glad if this information can help someone or be useful. And I’m very sorry about grammatical or any other errors I’ve made as english is not my native language Good luck too you all ????????

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the Reflector in your life, Viktoria. It sounds like the two of you have a deep understanding. Relationships can be very successful, even without sacral definition between the two of you. And in the Centers where you are both undefined, you have room to experience and grow together. Best wishes to you both.

  35. Hello from Spain! I am a mother of a five year old girl called Zoe. She is a reflector and I know this since she was born, but, eventhough I always sensed this could be important, I put it aside and accepted the label of Autism she was given at the age of two. I am a generator myself and I realice that Zoe is in this world to teach me/us soo much… I cannot put up with the label of autism anymore. I would appreciate so much any advice or guidance of how raising my reflector child and his little ‘proyector’ brother.

    1. What a beautiful name, Zoe. My first thought is that the label of “autism” covers a very wide range of behaviors and abilities, and since Zoe is only 5 years old, it is not possible to predict how she will develop and learn over time. (As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I have had the opportunity to follow many children who were identified as autistic when they were toddlers into their teens and early twenties). Reflector children benefit from stability around them, such as consistency in caregivers, in routines. Since Zoe is a Reflector, she may show you with her behavior when the people or environment around her are out of balance. Projector’s thrive on recognition, so be sure that the little guy gets “invited” to special time with you or other adults. Zoe and her brother are indeed fortunate to have a aware parent like you. ~Robin, Assistant to Evelyn.

  36. Hello, found out this year that Im a reflector too. Upon knowing it the first time through a friend showing me my chart, it gave me “flat” emotions. But indeed it was so much of a relief. 🙂 I love reading other reflector’s statements. It feels like there’s a kind of instant deep familiarity with whom the words were coming from. Thank you!

    1. “Relief” and that feeling of understanding, this sense of “Oh, so that explains it!”, are common benefits to knowing your Human Design. And since Reflectors are uncommon, you probably don’t meet many in your day to day life, although you’re designed to understand others. Congratulations on learning about Human Design!

  37. Thank you for putting this together! I just found out a few days ago that I am a Reflector. It makes a lot of sense, and it was so freeing to understand that my feelings, etc are not mine – that I’m reflecting back what’s around me. I read several of the comments looking for the answer to this question and didn’t find it:

    How I feel about other people…is that me reflecting back how they feel about me, how they feel about themselves, or is it my reaction to their inner truth that I can see? Thank you ♥️

    1. My sense is that any of those options may be possible. I’d like to let you know about a group, just for Reflectors, that a colleague of mine has started, where Reflectors can pool their wisdom to make sense of their experiences as Reflectors.

      Leslie has created a Facebook group that is open to Reflectors and family members of Reflectors, with more events in the planning stages. Input and co-creation from other Reflectors is welcomed!

      You can join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2023153674629187/

      You can also email Leslie:
      Leslie vanWinkle at [email protected] (the “lm” in the address stands for Life Mastery)

  38. So Im a manifesting generator with sacral authority and I am in a long term relationship with a reflector. My incarnation cross is the vessel of love and I have all doors but one in my g center activated/defined. We have had a relationship of amazing love and value and respect for each other. When I started studying human design I realized he was a reflector and that solved a lot of questions and doubts I had, mainly about his pace in life and decision making, and it was amazing knowledge for him. He had questioned himself most of his life for being so different from everyone else and now being able to decide on things on the spot or get things going. He has always been fascinated with the wild, nature and the moon. The moon, almost obsessed. Now after many books read, I secretly fear the reason we get along so well, have so many things in common and love each other so deeply is simply because he is reflecting me and my super defined g center and magnifying it all. Ever since we learned about HD, we started using our backup bedroom to sleep two or three nights a week apart so he can discharge all the extra energy. Both of us travel due to our different lines of work and we get time apart from each other which we both enjoy and reinforces everytime our feelings for each other

    1. How fortunate for your Reflector partner to be understood so deeply! It sounds like you’ve built a solid and durable relationship. While it is true that Reflectors like having a certain amount of stability in the auras of those around them (like your defined G Center), I think that the mechanics of the chart best explain the initial attraction between two people. So when you first met, your defined G was appealing. But the mechanics of the chart don’t necessarily predict long-term success in a relationship… that takes “love and value and respect for each other” over time, and having the investment in the relationship to work out the rough bits. You’ve done this by experimenting with your sleeping arrangements, figuring out how to be together, and have enough alone time to regroup. All the best to you both!

  39. This was submitted by a Reflector named Iris:

    Hi there!

    I want to contribute something to this thread which I think could be important 🙂

    I found out this week I am a reflector and it actually feels like a relief. All my life I just figured I operate the same way as everyone around me and it is normal to force/push yourself to do things and I am conditioned to think I am a very soft/emotional being. But it always comes in waves and I can be very rational too. So first off all, things start to fall into place for me and it will be so nice to give myself a break and follow my own flows instead of trying to live up to the norms in this society.

    Second of all, I actually do believe that the injuries SK was talking about could be due to the fact the child was a reflector. I have been very sick and sick often when I was a child. I spend a lot of time on the couch feeling with all sorts of illments the doctors could not explain. Even though I was able to go to school most days (I actually was allowed at one point to come later, because it would take some pressure off me) and I was a good student. I got sick, specifically at some places too. My parents used to think I was overreacting or just very weak in general. I also felt myself like I was weak and believed that my illnesses were caused because off stress, because everyone told me this I started believing it at one point.

    When I reached the age of 21 I actually read some studies and articles about health and changed my diet drastically. I slept 8 hours a night instead of 11 and my body functioned so much better. I figured out which foods I could and couldn’t eat (which are a lot, trust me haha) My severe headaches became less and less and I wasn’t on the couch every week anymore. With not being sick that often anymore, I could find the strength in myself to go and travel. I went to Sri Lanka for a long period of time. I havent felt any sort of sickness or illness for the 6 months I was there. Unfortunately, when I arrived back home in the Netherlands, the first day I was not feeling as great anymore. I could not grasp what it was, because I had eaten the exact same way (or so I thought). I went to the doctors and got myself tested for any illments or bacteria. But nothing. A little later I went to Italy with my mom. First day: perfect health. Then I understood it had to do with something in my environment. I saw a documentary a few months later and discovered that all the foods I responded to so heavily were farmed with a certain type of pesticide. And that it was in the water too! The foods I already didn’t eat, but I stopped drinking tap water. I was in perfect health.

    The moral of my story: I am very glad to not be feeling sick and weak anymore AND I do think I might be reflecting the health of our foods and environment. My body is more sensitive to this pesticide – but studies have shown it is highly carcinogenic. A friend of mine already called me the canary in the coalmine when she learned about my sensitivities in regards to food and water. So when I read about the reflector type, a lot of things clicked for me.

    I am also happy to let you all know I am moving to nature next month, which also makes so much sense now I know I am a reflector.

    Thanks for reading all the way to here!


  40. This is my reply to Iris:

    Learning one’s Design can be totally enlightening! Regarding your history of illness, people with undefined Spleen Centers may be extra sensitive to chemicals and medications. You also have an undefined G Center, which will indicate whether you are in the right location… or not. In your case, changing your drinking water was helpful. For some people, finding the right place to live makes all the difference! Enjoy your move to Nature!

  41. Hi. I am manifesting generator and I think I am in love with a reflector. He makes it so easy being with him. I feel free and at the same time I want this deep connection, but I am not sure how to achieve it. What are reflectors’ needs? Should I let him lead, should I leave him be? I think WE are both meant to be leaders, but he is so hidden, that he’s sometimes hard to be understood. And one more question- how to keep his attention?

  42. Hi there! I’m a generator and I recently fell in love with a reflector. I knew from the beginning that he is a reflector and have really tried to get to know and understand “the real” him, apart from what he might be reflecting. Altough he is a very unique and fascinating person (and extremely hansome as well) I took his general behaviour towards me so bad that I ended up throwing him out of the house in the middle of the night. I was extremely heartbroken and confused and couldn’t sleep for a couple of days afterwards. And then it hit me: he had been reflecting me all along. Most of his “offensive” actions are exactly how I’ve treated my parnters and loved ones in the past. If I wasn’t able to put up with it for a few weeks, I can’t even imagine how some people managed to be by my side for years. It was a hard lesson, but the most revealing I’ve ever had.

  43. I’m a generator with only the root and sacral defined and the other seven centers open. I haven’t found much info on that combo but it seems like its somewhat of a combo. Much of the reflector description feels fitting aside from the energy/motivation portion.

    1. With a defined Sacral Center, you are energetically very different from a Reflector.  You have access to consistent work-force energy, and an internal guidance system – your sacral response.  That being said, for a Generator, you have a lot of open centers.  Like a Reflector, you will take in and amplify other people’s energy.  That can be confusing.  You might be interested in my course, Success by Centers, that explains how each Center works and offers practical strategies for working with the energy of each Center, whether it’s defined or undefined.  You can learn more here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/success-by-centers

  44. Hi, I’m a Generator who is married to a Reflector, our very rollercoaster like journey has led me here. My husband is somewhat of an alcoholic and when he drinks he quickly appears and talks like someone with very severe mental issues. This is the major hurdle, what is the relationship between reflectors and substance abuse, and how do I create an environment that encourages him to focus on health? With love ,Fari