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Quick Spotlight: Cool way for couple to use Emotional Center 

by Evelyn Levenson

I recently did a Full Reading (3 sessions) for a client then an Initial Reading (1 session) for her husband. She gave him his Reading as a birthday gift!

Below I describe what’s cool about the way they operate as a couple. PLUS, they figured this out even before they knew anything about Human Design!

But Human Design gives us (and them!) the energetic explanation of why it works.

She has an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is white) which means she takes in other people’s emotional energy… and amplifies it. She also has a total of 6 out of her 9 energy centers Open, so she takes in lots of various energies from others… and amplifies them.

She would sometimes feel overwhelmed and very frustrated (she’s a Manifesting Generator) in dealing with challenging people–especially employees–in the day-to-day running of her business, and feel very emotional about it.

Her husband has a Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is tan color) which means he has emotional waves and he does NOT take in emotional energy from others.

When he sees that she is really frustrated emotionally (and even angry sometimes), he encourages her to “dump” all that emotional energy on him. He lets her vent and helps her get it all out of her system.

He says, “It’s fine. I can take it.”  And he can. Having her vent her pent-up emotional torrent around him does not faze him in the least. And it does her a world of good to release all that stuff.

Absolutely brilliant. And so caring. What beautiful teamwork.

I welcome your comments below.


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  1. Hi Evelyn,

    Many thanks for sharing: indeed helpful, I have a defined Solar and I can totally relate to what the gentleman says :).

    Guess it will be wonderful if more of us can relate in a similar fashion in our relationships.



  2. I love your ‘Quick Spotlights’ Evelyn! They are “laser focused insights”, easily actionable, and I find them truly helpful in my day to day with myself or others. Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge (wisdom…?) and expertise in HD with all of us 🙂

  3. Wow, Great idea!
    Having this open ESP I have trained myself not to vent around my defined partners. But of course THEY CAN Take it.
    Thanks for the reminder insight.

  4. This is the wonderful joy of being an investigator type. When some mentions a fresh perspective on something it can be very relieving, comforting, ect. It seems I’ve been unaware that upon reading Human Design I’ve come to fear the defined emotional type person, perhaps even unwittingly villian-fying that type. Although I’ve had a lot of unpleasent situations as I read this article I one person in particular came to mind like the “husband”. The important think is not fear what could possibly befall you but to just simply let your strategy help you to pick out the emotional situations that can be truelly of benefit to you.

  5. I’m the one with an open ESP and my husband’s defined. We converse very little but feel very comfortable in each other’s presence. Others think it’s strange but it works quite well for us. For me, he is my quiet, cool, forgiving rock.
    Does an open ESP need a partner with a defined ESP more than a defined needs a open partner?

    1. Hi SK, very interesting question. In my experience and training, neither one “needs” the other energetically—not like certain Types that have more energetic needs than other Types. The Defined ESP “needs” no one emotionally–he is a broadcast tower of emotional energy. The Open ESP may prefer to not be around a lot of emotional ups and downs…though romantic and juicy emotional energy can be fun to take in and amplify!

  6. What happens if both members of the couple are undefined emotionally, yet one of them has a hanging gate in the solar plexus center (Let’s use gate 22) while another has a hanging gate in any corresponding center (for example, gate 12 in the throat center)?

    1. There is an attraction between 2 hanging gates in the same channel; this creates an electromagnetic connection. So the person with the Gate 22 will feel an attraction to the person with the Gate 12, and vice versa. Individually, they are not emotionally defined, but when they are together they will have emotional definition within the relationship and they may notice more pronounced emotional responses and perhaps an emotional wave in the relationship. Since that channel connects the Emotional Solar Plexus with the Throat Center, they may also find it easier to talk about emotions when they are together. The emotional pattern of the 12-22 Channel tends towards “high highs, and low lows”, so if there is emotional upset when the couple is together, they might benefit from a bit of time away from each other for emotions to cool down before they revisit the situation.

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