I See You! Do YOU See You? 

by Evelyn Levenson

I recently watched the movie Avatar again. It still feels groundbreaking. It’s still thought-provoking. Released in December 2009, it’s well over a decade old already! But one of its central messages is so compelling that I want to re-visit it and share it with you.

If you saw the movie, you probably remember the phrase  “I SEE YOU” used as a greeting and expression of personal connection by the Pandora natives—the Na’vi.

Here’s my understanding of it:  “I SEE YOU” beautifully captures the recognition of the divine in each being, similar to the Hindi salutation “Namaste.”

It directly addresses the authentic core and essential humanity (or, in their case, Na’vi-ity) of each person—while at the same time honoring each person’s higher self and everyone’s profound inter-connectedness.

It seems to pierce the veil of surface issues and distractions, and connect directly with the heart of the other person—seeing right into their magnificence.

What if…?

Here is what is so compelling about this for me.

What if WE, in our everyday lives, could truly see that about EACH OTHER?

What if WE could see and honor that magnificence in OURSELVES every day?

The simple—and exhilarating—answer is… we CAN.

How to See and Embrace Your Own Magnificence

The old adage “seeing is believing” isn’t quite right. We literally can’t see anything we don’t already believe. So, “believing is seeing” is more accurate.

To see your own magnificence, you must first believe it.

This is much easier if you’re willing to believe that we are ALL magnificent in our uniqueness, and that YOU are an integral part of this magnificent whole.

Human Design provides a beautiful framework for this belief. Your Chart—representing the specific energetic structure you were born with—shows the power, purpose, and personality that are YOU. Unique YOU. Magnificent YOU.

We are each perfect in our design and in the potential we carry to live the highest expression of each aspect of ourselves. Human Design reveals with stunning clarity those highest expressions, so we can not only aspire to them but fully step into their reality and live from them.

When you understand that your current life is just one possible expression of who you are, you realize that you have more choices than you imagined. It becomes easier to cut yourself some slack and ease up on the self-criticism. All of this gives you some space to accept who you are, start making better choices, and gradually begin embracing your inherent, in-born, un-compromise-able magnificence!

It Feels So Good to BE SEEN

As a Human Design specialist, I do SEE YOU as you truly are… as you are designed to be.

Many of my clients say that they feel truly Human Design MandalaSEEN during their Reading, in some cases for the first time in their lives! One client said she felt naked because I so clearly saw who she was.

Most of us think we know things about ourselves, but often we aren’t completely sure. It feels SO GOOD to have many of those things confirmed, some of them clarified, and a few turned on their heads! When you learn this information about yourself in a Human Design Reading, you’ll find it resonating deep within you… letting you know how true it is for you.

With this self-knowledge you can move forward with a confidence you’ve never known before. You can make decisions from your inner guidance and higher wisdom. You can stop trying to BE someone you are NOT, and start being fully who you ARE.  Your Authentic Self.

Seeing the Magnificence of Others

With this self-knowledge comes greater awareness of others. Of how they are similar to you, and how they are different. And with that comes greater tolerance and acceptance.

coupleYou’ll understand that the person driving you crazy isn’t doing it to annoy you. He or she is simply designed that way. And it’s not personal!

You’ll find that you stop expecting others to be who they are not (because in many cases you’ll know who they ARE). You’ll begin to recognize that, ah, she’s emotional and is just low on her emotional wave right now. Or, he has an Open Throat Center and is craving attention. Or, she has a Defined Ajna and is naturally being a little stubborn about her point of view.

There is SO much you’ll understand about yourself and others.

When you see other people’s design, you see and accept their uniqueness. And when you see that, you start to glimpse (and appreciate) their true magnificence.

Let’s Start An “I SEE YOU” Movement!

I don’t know about you, but I sure want to live in a world where we all see, accept and embrace our own magnificence and the magnificence of everyone around us. What an empowering place that will be!

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” What that means to me is that when we make any effort as individuals to raise our awareness and expand our consciousness—the entire collective of humanity benefits. Those who choose to remain anchored to the old paradigm will eventually drown (figuratively) while the rest of us reach new heights together with the rising tide.

You get to choose. If you choose greater awareness, I invite you to use Human Design as a primary tool in your consciousness-raising toolbox.

If you would like to learn about Relationship Readings, click here.

If you would like to learn about Human Design Readings in general, click here.

I SEE the magnificence of YOU, and want to help YOU SEE that AUTHENTIC aspect of YOU, too.

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