Quick Spotlight: “He didn’t change, I did!” 

by Evelyn Levenson

A few years ago a local client (an active and fun 60-something Manifesting Generator) had a Full Reading with me, and in the process we talked a little about her live-in Generator boyfriend. There was some friction between them and she was hoping to learn what to do about it.

(This was long before I was offering Relationship Readings, but I would look at the chart of a spouse or significant other to shed some light on the relationship dynamics during someone’s personal Reading.)

She found her Reading to be very useful and insightful for herself and also about him—she listened well and asked great questions.

A few weeks later I saw her in town and asked how things were going. She looked directly at me said (with a little amazement in her voice) that her relationship with her boyfriend had improved significantly but it wasn’t him who had changed, it was her!

I asked her to say a little more about what happened and this is what she said:

“I stopped expecting him to be something he’s not. And, I stopped expecting myself to be something that I’m not.”

So simple. Yet so powerful.

Since then I’ve started offering Relationship Readings, which focus on the combination of two people’s charts and how they flow (or don’t flow) together. Understanding your partner or loved one and learning how to navigate the predictable issues in the relationship is profoundly life-changing. Learn more about Relationship Readings here.


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  1. love when the awareness comes so quickly —
    I’ve experienced similar ‘ah-ha’ moments as a projector – changing my perception, my responses, makes a huge difference in the harmony I feel around me. Waiting — my design type’s need — is challenging, but knowing how to step back, pause, wait has made a big difference in communications and my serenity on many occasions.

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