Soul Purpose

Alignment Reading

A Specialty Reading for Creating

Quantum Alignment in Your Life

Discover your Life Purpose,

Align it with your Soul’s Purpose

Step confidently into your self-empowered, fully expressed, and fully integrated Quantum Life!

I'm thrilled to offer this deep and powerful way to explore your Human Design.

With this specialty reading, you will understand your Conscious (Soul Purpose) gate energies separately from your Unconscious (Life Story/Life Purpose) gate energies.

Key intentions and themes of each of these two aspects of YOU will become clear and the path to aligning these parts of your life and fulfilling your Quantum Purpose will light up.

When you bring the basic aspects of your life story into alignment with—and in support of—your soul’s higher purpose for being in your body… the magic of full alignment happens.

This is your integrated Quantum Purpose in this life.

  • It is the intersection of your soul’s intentions and your body’s journey.
  • It is FLOW, synchronicity, simplicity, and surrender.
  • It is finding yourself naturally in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, and attracting the right opportunities.
  • It is fulfillment.  Contentment.  Bliss.  Peace.
  • It is the full integration and expression of YOU at every level of your being.

Life becomes simple, clear, and meaningful when your Quantum Purpose is revealed — It's the integration of your Soul’s Purpose and your Life Story.

The reading gave me the clarity I was looking for.

Mary K. B.- Cincinnati, OH

“It was very enlightening to learn about my Soul Intention and my Life Path and how I’ve already aligned with it in many ways and many times throughout my life. There were some surprises that touched me deeply and gave me encouragement. I was able to see where events in my life steered me away from my life’s path and how I can take up where I left off thru prayerful guidance. The reading gave me the clarity I was looking for.”

Let me introduce myself!

I'm Evelyn Levenson and I LOVE helping people discover themselves! Before my first Human Design reading, I felt so lost. I appeared successful on the outside, but inside I was confused, unsure of myself, and pretty miserable. I didn't know who I really was, didn't trust myself or my instincts, and couldn't figure out how to be fulfilled and engaged with life without burning out!

Understanding the basics of my Human Design chart changed everything for me. Now, my passion is helping others discover Who They Are so they can begin to truly know, like, and trust themselves, and step into their magnificent potential. I would be honored to help you on your journey with this unique Specialty Reading. (A previous basic reading is required.)

This is a Specialty Reading, so it requires a Basic Reading first

When you come to this Reading already understanding the basic information about your chart, we’ll be able to quickly identify the themes, crystallize the issues, and come up with your unique approach for integrating your purpose and your path. This Reading builds on what you already know about your Human Design, so a prior Reading with a qualified practitioner will prepare you to get the most value and benefit from this Reading.

This new perspective deepens my awareness of myself, which translates into an easier time making choices that satisfy my Soul’s purpose and help me be healthy and happy.

Elaine Correia- Waldport, OR

“I really enjoyed this reading. You’ve inspired me! Some of the ways you interpreted what is in my chart gave me a different way to look at myself and what I do. This new perspective deepens my awareness of myself, which translates into an easier time making choices that satisfy my Soul’s purpose and help me be healthy and happy.

“I also liked how you looked for harmonics or challenges between the conscious and unconscious sides of the chart. I felt your reading was very thorough and gave me some new ways of seeing myself. Thanks so much.”

What you can expect from your Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

Your Soul Purpose Alignment Reading is a 75-minute interactive Zoom session with me that will be recorded for your repeated listening.

During your session, we will explore each of the 14 gate energies in your conscious chart—your Soul Purpose chart. Then we’ll explore each of the 14 gate energies in your unconscious chart—your Life Purpose chart.

These are the puzzle pieces of your life’s journey and your soul’s expression.

After each chart review, I’ll verbally provide you with a Purpose Statement that I’ve created from your gate energies. Your homework after the session will be to customize these statements so they truly reflect YOUR truth.

As we wrap up our session, we’ll discuss the integration of the two statements into your Quantum Purpose statement which you can complete on your own after our call and which will become a guiding light for the fulfillment of the rest of your life.

As a bonus, you’ll instantly receive my 56-page ebook Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self. This is a practical, easy to read, and down-to-earth guide to the most important aspects of a Human Design chart and how to interpret YOUR chart on these main aspects.

Here's what happens after your purchase

After your order goes through, you'll receive a Welcome email that gives you:

  • instant access to your Bonus downloadable ebook
  • a link to my online calendar so you can immediately schedule your Reading Session with me
  • instructions for making your appointments online

After making your appointments online, you’ll receive appointment confirmation emails with call details and also a link for rescheduling (if that need arises). You’ll also receive several reminder emails with call details before your appointments.

A few days before your appointment, you'll receive by email a special composite chart that shows your conscious energies chart separate from your unconscious energies chart. We’ll use this composite chart during your session so we can look at the insights available from each perspective.

It was an experience that was both inspiring and enlightening.

Bonnie Speer McGrath

“My Soul Alignment reading helped me learn the high level connections between my life purpose and my soul purpose. It was an experience that was both inspiring and enlightening. I gained greater insight on how I am designed to make decisions as well as a high level overview of where my life’s purpose and soul’s purpose intersect.”

What is included with your Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

  • a live, private, interactive 75-minute session using Zoom; video can be on or off---your choice
  • a video and audio recording of the session, plus an automatically generated written transcript
  • a 12-minute pre-recorded "Introduction to Your Reading" audio to listen to before your first session
  • a special bonus (see below)

Your Bonus

This gift comes with your Soul Purpose Alignment Reading to help you on your Human Design path of self-awareness and self-empowerment. 

Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self

This 56-page instantly downloadable ebook is a powerful, positive step towards YOUR self-empowerment through understanding your personal Human Design! It covers the basic Human Design concepts.

Each of the 7 Modules of this course addresses an area of Human Design that is fundamental to discovering and aligning with your Authentic Self. Written in plain language with an emphasis on practical applications, these Modules will walk you through your personal journey of self-discovery.

At the end of each Module, you’ll find several immediate things you can to do to deepen your understanding and begin integrating the material of that Module.

Purchase Your Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

**Now booking appointments for September 2024 and beyond**

$ 347 USD

One 75-minute session, recording, bonus

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Are you ready to take your personal growth, self-awareness, self-confidence, and natural success to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Basic Reading before having this Specialty Readings?

For several reasons.

  1. A basic reading builds your crucial "foundation of awareness" about your unique energy configuration, personality style, and behavior patterns. THEN, the Specialty Readings will build upon that foundation and will be more meaningful and useful to you.
  2. A basic reading gives you an understanding of how to apply your personal decision-making Strategy and Authority. All the other aspects of your chart (including Specialty Reading topics) cannot be fully experienced and expressed unless you are actively using your Strategy and Authority and living in alignment with your Type.
  3. There is a tremendous amount of information available from your Human Design chart but it is hard to synthesize it and make it useful without a trained professional to guide you. Their synthesis in your basic reading will help you to be prepared for your Specialty Readings.

I do personal readings a bit differently than many others, so I encourage you have a basic reading with me (even if you’ve already had a reading) so you are as prepared as possible for getting the most benefit and value from your Specialty Reading. However, if you are confident that you are ready for a Specialty Reading… I will absolutely trust you on that.

What if I haven't had a Basic Reading yet?

If you're interested in this Soul Purpose Alignment Reading and/or other Specialty Readings but have not had a Basic Reading yet, your best options are the Custom Reading or Deep Reading packages where you can combine your choice of a Basic with the Specialty Readings that most interest you.

What else do I need to do to be ready for a Specialty Reading?

Review whatever Basic Reading you have already had, and practice applying what you learned into your life. The more aligned with your design you are, the more value you will receive from your Specialty Readings.

What if I don't know my exact birth time? Can I still get a Reading?

Yes. Let me know as much as you know about the general time of day of your birth. Then I will create a chart for every two hours during that time (or during the whole day). If the chart changes significantly across those times, I will ask you questions at the start of your first reading session, and together we will determine which chart is the best fit for you.

There is usually minimal movement of the transits over a 24-hour period, with the exception of the moon. Even if there is a change in Type and Profile, the large majority of the gates and channels in your chart will be completely accurate. 

Will this work for ME? I’ve tried but could never discover my purpose before.

If we can run your Human Design chart, we can identify your Soul Purpose, your Life Purpose and the integration of both. All we need is your birth date, birth place, and reasonably accurate birth time. If birth time is not known, we’ll narrow it down together and use the chart that best fits you. (This is called rectifying the chart, and it works remarkably well.)

What if we can’t figure out how to integrate MY Soul Purpose with my Life Purpose?

There may not be a super-specific single action to take (like, go to veterinarian school or become a photographer) but you WILL have much greater clarity about the themes of each aspect of you and how they relate to each other. And you’ll be able to identify and feel the resonance of the intersection of the two.

As you know, Human Design doesn’t tell you what to DO. It illuminates Who You Are and gives you the decision-making process that innately aligns your choices with YOUR inner Truth. It’s like teaching someone to fish instead of just giving them a fish. Understanding your unique design will serve you for a lifetime and give you lifelong alignment with your inner guidance.

What qualifies you, Evelyn, to do this kind of reading?

I’ve been studying and working with Human Design professionally since 2009. I continually up-level my skills and explore new depths in HD and compatible arenas. I am a 1/3 Projector with depth and details in my chart—so I like to be thorough AND practical! I have Level 4 Human Design Specialist certification and Level 3 Healing by Human Design (Quantum Alignment) Specialist certification (those are highest levels currently offered).

I am passionate about helping people know and love themselves… so they can step into their full power and magnificence, and fulfill their unique purpose in this lifetime. And this is what I want for YOU. These new Soul Purpose Alignment Readings are an extraordinary vehicle for accomplishing this quickly and with great accuracy.