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Initial Human Design Reading

 your “Quick Trip” Exploration of YOU

Want to learn deeply about yourself… but you’re kind of in a hurry?

Ready to understand your ROLE and PURPOSE in life, but don’t want to be distracted by too many details?

At an important decision point and eager to get “just what you need” in one Reading Session, so you can get on with your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, an Initial Reading may be your solution!

If you are you willing to read some pages in my eBook and listen to a 1-hour recording (both provided) BEFORE you have your Reading Session with me…


… then an Initial Reading is for YOU!


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In just one session (after you’ve done your pre-session “homework”), you will:

  • Have a new—and much deeper—self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • Know how to make better decisions for YOU
  • Be able to take effective actions that maximize your ease, joy and success
  • Start to re-build your resiliency (the ability to handle whatever happens to you and bounce back quickly)
  • Resonate with the TRUTH of your energetic “wiring”
  • See exactly how YOU fit into the bigger picture of humanity and know exactly how to play your ROLE so that everyone wins
  • Experience relief from unhealthy stress, pressure and self-criticism
  • Know that you are magnificent and perfect just as you are—you are not broken!
  • Re-take your Personal Power (maybe for the first time!)
  • Understand YOUR TRUE PURPOSE AND PATH in life and how to live it
  • KNOW without hesitation that BEING YOURSELF is all you need to BE and DO… and that it’s much easier than you thought it would be!

A “Quick Trip” Initial Reading is a profoundly enlightening 75-minute exploration of YOU and the energetic configuration you were born with. (Plus, you get a 30-minute follow up session!)

It is this energetic configuration that determines: your personality, why you’re here, and how you can uniquely go about fulfilling your purpose.

This configuration is from your personalized Human Design CHART—which is the “Road Map” to the unique territory that is YOU. (Don’t have yours yet? Request your free Human Design Chart here)

But just having a Road Map alone (no matter how good the map) isn’t enough for getting the most out of your life journey. There is so much trial and error without a guide to explain everything! Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Your INITIAL READING is like having an expert personal guide to show you around, take you to the key sites, and point out the special treasures that you would miss if you didn’t know where to look.


A “Quick Trip” Around All the Highlights

As your guide, I will show you the rich details and useful tips about your unique Human Design to ensure that your journey through this life is as exhilarating, satisfying and memorable as it could possibly be.

Your “Quick Trip” Initial Reading is a live, private, detailed interpretation of your unique Human Design “map.” Together we will travel through all key aspects of your design, your personality, and your purpose.

You will get to know your inner territory, so that your outer journey is more enjoyable!

NOTE: Initial Readings can also be done with you ABOUT others, such as children, grandchildren, spouses, anyone you want to understand better—who may not be interested in a Reading of their own. Imagine learning about that person and how to interact with them in a way that supports their personal growth and success, without compromising yours!


What You Will Learn

Here are the key pieces of self-knowledge you will learn from your Initial Reading and from the bonus materials provided:

» The ROLE you are here to play in this life

» How to make decisions and take actions in alignment with your natural energy structure so you create positive FLOW in your life

» Your authentic personality style, how you learn, and how you interact with others

» Your potential vulnerabilities (energetically) and how to minimize them

» How to maximize and leverage your wisdom

» How to operate from your strengths and stay true to your course

» The life path and purpose that YOU are uniquely designed to live

» How others perceive you

» What grounds you and reconnects you with yourself

» What drives you

» The life lessons and spiritual challenges YOU are here to master

» The blessings and personal growth YOU are designed to receive as rewards for mastering your lessons and challenges


Exactly What You Get With Your “Quick Trip” Initial Reading

Pre-recorded Introduction to Your Reading

Instructions for your “homework” before your Reading

Private one-on-one Reading session with me of approximately 75 minutes

Reading is interactive–your participation is encouraged (within our time limits!)

Video and audio recording of your session, emailed within 24 hours

Three special Bonuses (see below)


Special Bonuses

Bonus #1:  ebook

Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self

This 56-page instantly downloadable Ebook is a powerful, positive step towards YOUR self-empowerment through understanding your personal Human Design!

Each of the 7 Modules of this course addresses an area of Human Design that is fundamental to discovering and aligning with your Authentic Self. Written in plain language with an emphasis on practical applications, these Modules will walk you through your personal journey of self-discovery.

At the end of each Module, you’ll find several immediate things you can to do to deepen your understanding and begin integrating the material of that Module.

Bonus #2:  1-hour pre-recorded class about YOUR Type

From the Success By TYPE Home Study Program Series for Your Type

To give you solid grounding in understanding YOUR Human Design Type, you’ll receive instant access to a 1-hour recording of a Teleclass that I taught specifically about YOUR TYPE. You’ll get MUCH more value from your Reading session if you listen to this recording first.

The most powerful place to begin (or continue) a personal transformation journey is by deeply understanding and LIVING your life according to YOUR Human Design Type.

Bonus #3:  30-minute Follow Up Call

After your Reading, you will receive a 30-minute Follow Up Session with me – FREE. The two most important things you can do after your Reading is “practice” using your new knowledge and get answers to your questions as you apply and integrate all of it. This Follow Up Session is designed to help you do exactly that!

You’ll make your 30-minute appointment for a week or two after your Reading. There you can ask me all of your post-Reading questions and we can explore what’s the best next step for you in your very personal journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Comparison: Initial Reading vs. Full Reading

If you’ve read or heard about my Life Road Map” Full Reading, you may be wondering how it compares with this “Quick Trip” Initial Reading.

My personal favorite is the Full Reading because I LOVE sharing as much as I can with clients about their Human Design charts, and I know they get tremendous value from our three detailed sessions together.

But I know not everyone wants that level of depth and detail. So I created the Initial Reading!

Here is a side-by-side comparison:

 Initial Reading  Full Reading
1-on-1 time with me  1 session of 75 min.  3 sessions of 75 min. each
Time between sessions to integrate and experiment  No (n/a)  Yes, client-driven timing of sessions
Time at beginning of next sessions for questions/insights  No (n/a)  Yes
Session conducted by Zoom  Yes  Yes
Recorded, video and audio files provided  Yes  Yes
Pre-recorded Introduction to Your Reading  Yes  Yes
Lists of questions and affirmations for your Energy Centers  No  Yes
Bonus #1  Human Design 101 ebook  Human Design 101 ebook
Bonus #2  1-hour audio recording about YOUR TYPE  Over 3 hours of Success By TYPE course audio recordings about YOUR TYPE
Bonus #3  FREE 30-Minute Follow Up Session one or two weeks after your Reading  “Blueprint to your Authentic Self” form to help you organize all of the knowledge you will  learn about yourself.
Your investment for this personal growth and self-empowerment  $297  $797
3-Payment Option available  No  Yes


Registering for Your Initial Reading

-Before you register, make sure you know which Human Design TYPE YOU are (it’s on your FREE Human Design Chart).

-Then, click the Buy Now button below FOR YOUR TYPE, and fill in your contact and payment information.

-Shortly after your order goes through, you’ll receive a Welcome email that gives you:

  • instant access to your Bonus downloadable ebook
  • instant access to your Bonus downloadable MP3 recording about your Type
  • details of your “homework” to complete before your Reading Session
  • recording of the Introduction to Your Reading
  • a link to my online calendar so you can immediately schedule your Reading Session with me
  • a different link to my online calendar so you can immediately schedule your 30-minute Follow Up
  • instructions for making your appointments online

-Immediately after making your appointments online, you’ll receive appointment confirmation emails with call details and a link for rescheduling your appointment online (if that need arises). You’ll also receive a reminder email with call details the day before each appointment.

-Please complete your Initial Reading Session and 30-minute Bonus Follow Up Call within three months of purchase

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

One of my favorite quotes is:

“The ultimate destination of every traveler is always himself.”

Now you can have a personally guided QUICK TOUR of YOUit couldn’t be easier!

Your Initial Reading investment for all of this life-changing self-knowledge, including a bonus 30-Minute Follow Up session, is just $297.


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You don’t need to spend another moment confused, frustrated, angry, stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled. Allow me to guide you to self-empowerment through the profound self-knowledge of Human Design.