What IS Human Design?


Human Design is a tool for personality assessment as well as personal growth and self-empowerment. It offers practical solutions for living the highest expression of YOU with the least amount of confusion, frustration, bitterness, or anger.Human Design provides a blueprint of the unique personality traits and potentials that you were born with. You will (finally) understand exactly how you are “wired” energetically and how you can most effectively interact with the world around you.

Once you understand your energetic design, you are able to move forward and take action in life with more confidence, greater ease, and a much higher probability of success!

Working with your natural energetic configuration makes it easier to be in the “flow” and to attract what you really truly want in life. (Law of Attraction is always at work, but often we’re attracting what we don’t want.)

Plus, Human Design provides you with a decision making and action taking strategy that is specifically correct for YOU.

This is tremendously important for increasing not only your success, but also your feeling of fulfillment. When the friction and frustration levels go down, and your ease and wisdom go up, you start to feel like you’re finding your right place in the world… and that feels GREAT!

Our human lives are a blend of Human Design structure and free will. Your Design does not change over time, just like your eye color doesn’t change. But how you express your Design—essentially, your potential—DOES change. You have choices in every moment.

The choices you make determine the self you are expressing in this world and how you experience life. When you make choices from profound self-knowledge, your life changes in profound and positive ways.


“Human Design doesn’t tell you what to DO. It illuminates Who You Are and gives you the decision-making process that innately aligns your choices with YOUR inner Truth. It’s like teaching someone to fish instead of just giving them a fish. Understanding your unique design will serve you for a lifetime and give you lifelong alignment with your inner guidance.”   ~ Evelyn Levenson


Decision Making and Action Taking Strategy

Let’s face it. Most big decisions we make in life are really just big gambles. Or calculated risks, at best.

Wouldn’t you love to have a reliable system for making good decisions?

  • Decisions that keep you aligned with fulfilling your life purpose and your passion.
  • Decisions that move you closer to your unique path.
  • Decisions that express your full potential and your true magnificence.
  • Even good “everyday” decisions like what classes to take and what foods to eat.

Knowing your Human Design is like having an instruction manual for your life. It’s specific to YOU.

When you know the correct way for YOU to make decisions and take action, everything starts to get easier.

There are five* Types in Human Design:– Manifestors- Generators- Manifesting Generators- Projectors- Reflectors

* In early Human Design teachings there were only four original Types. Generators and Manifesting Generators were considered to be one Type. However, many current teachers and practitioners now consider the Manifesting Generator as a separate Type because they are such a unique hybrid of Generators and Manifestors.

Each Type has its own Strategy for decisions and actions. (In original Human Design theory, Generators and Manifesting Generators were considered to be one type, not two, called Generators. However, many current teachers and practitioners now consider the Manifesting Generator a separate Type.)

Your Human Design Chart shows which Type you are. And the Decision Maker’s Kit that comes with your free Human Design Chart describes each Type and Strategy and much more. (request your free Chart and Kit here).

If you choose to take the next step and have a Personal Human Design Reading, we will spend considerable time discussing your Type and Strategy. Type and Strategy are the most important information for you to apply from your Chart (learn about a Human Design Reading here).

None of the other cool stuff in your Chart will manifest or be fully expressed if you’re not living your Strategy.

Human Design is a Synthesis

Human Design draws from several ancient systems of wisdom as well as modern science, but it is a unique, self-standing body of work—not a patchwork of disparate systems cobbled together.

Its esoteric roots include Western and Eastern (Vedic) Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah (Tree of Life), and the Chinese I’Ching.

It also incorporates fundamental laws of macrocosmic and quantum physics, and it correlates to the human genetic code.

Your Human Design Chart (which includes the visual bodygraph) is calculated from the date, time and place of your birth. But its similarity to astrology pretty much ends there.

Human Design reveals detailed knowledge about YOU (and the universe) that is not found in astrology, including:

  • The role you are here to play in this life and how you fit into nature’s larger patterns
  • How your specific character traits define your unique energetic identity
  • Your conscious and unconscious personality profile
  • Your learning style and how you interact with others
  • Which of your nine energy centers are Open and which are Defined (and what that means)
  • How much of your energy is Individual, Tribal, or Collective
  • How you can live out the highest expression of YOU and fulfill the potential you were designed for
  • How to experience your own magnificence and perfection
  • A glimpse into the beauty, complexity, mystery, and intelligence of the universe

Your Human Design Body Graph is activated by the neutrino stream which consists of countless minute particles flowing to us from the universe—essentially, stardust. That may sound crazy, but science doesn’t think so.

In 1953, scientists identified neutrinos as coming from stars but thought they were pure energy. In 1998, they discovered that neutrinos have mass, and pass through us at the rate of 3 trillion/square inch/second. (From Richard Rudd’s book Opening Doors with Gene Keys.)

Although science has not yet proven the correlation between our time of birth and the imprinting of our personality and behavior patterns, the true test of a system is whether is it useful and accurate. Human Design is both.

On a practical level, every Reading I have done has resonated profoundly with the person receiving it. And each person has found that their Strategy feels correct for them at a very deep level. In my view, that can’t be random.

Origins of Human Design

The founder of Human Design was a Canadian man named Ra Uru Hu. He received the information about Human Design while living on the island of Ibiza, Spain, during the January 1987 supernova explosion that was witnessed and studied by astronomers all over the globe.

Around this time, he literally heard a Voice one evening while alone in his home that instructed him to transcribe the information being given and to draw the Human Design Body Graph with great precision. This instruction went on for eight days and nights and included detailed knowledge about the Universe and how human life evolves, as well as specific Human Design information.

The Voice made it clear that this information is primarily for the children, and that important changes for us as a species would be occurring around 2027.

After a few years of integrating this information (and coming to terms with what he had experienced!), Ra began traveling the world to give Readings and teach people about Human Design.

Ra has been described as a “reluctant mystic” as he had a down-to-earth, practical background and did not believe in anything mystical whatsoever before that event. The experience shook him to the core of his being and redefined his life and mission.

Ra founded Jovian Archive Corporation in 1999, which teaches and certifies Human Design students, and licenses national Human Design organizations.  Since then, several students of Ra have developed their own teaching and certification processes.

My belief is there is room for all of us and the world needs this profound knowledge, in whatever forms are effective. The best advice is learn from and have readings from teachers and practitioners who resonate with YOU — in other words, follow YOUR Strategy in choosing!

The Bodygraph and Circuitry

In my view, one of the most fascinating aspects of Human Design knowledge is the explanation of circuitry.

As the electrical wiring in your home has different circuits for different rooms, so the “wiring” in your Human Design Body Graph has different groupings – each with its own significance and its important role in the evolution of our human species.

A circuit in Human Design is a path through specific channels and centers of the Body Graph. There are three main types of circuits: Individual, Tribal and Collective.

People who have gates and channels within the Individual Circuits (including the unusual Integration Circuit) are here to bring transformation and evolution to the world. This is the energy for survival, so it was the first circuitry to develop as humans were evolving.

These are people who are here to be different. They are not designed to “fit in” or be part of a group. They are loners, often outsiders, and the gift of their individuality is the innovative thinking they bring forth. The tribe (family, community) will adopt their unusual ideas if those ideas (and inventions) are perceived as useful. Thus the Individual will impact the larger whole, but indirectly—not through deliberate leadership over others.

People with a predominance of gates and channels in the Tribal Circuitry are all about family, friends and community. This is also the energy for love and war, sex and procreation, laws and rules, business and agreements, and creating and managing resources.

This energy puts the good of the tribe above the good of the individual. Emotional energy is found here, and tribal people tend to be very tactile and demonstrative. They like to touch and hug and be part of a family and community.

Those with gates and channels in the Collective Circuitry are focused on the “greater good” for all of humanity. This energy includes logic (the scientific approach) and sensing (the holistic approach).  Both are useful for understanding our experience of life and for predicting patterns. Understanding patterns helps us to predict the future (for example, seasonal changes), which helps to ensure our long-term survival as a species.

Collective people tend to be visual and are drawn to work that benefits the whole, such as scientific research and government service.

Most people are a blend of all three circuit energies, but often one is stronger than the others.

As you can imagine, there are predictable issues that come up when people with different predominant circuitry interact with each other.

A Full Human Design Reading explains (among several other KEY factors about you) YOUR particular gates, channels and circuitry, and the tremendous impact these have on your experience of life and your relationships.

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