Quick Spotlight: Manifestor & Projector Relationship Dynamics 

by Evelyn Levenson

A couple came to me a few years ago for personal Readings then a Relationship Reading. She is a Manifestor and he is a Projector.

They were eager to learn how to improve their already loving marriage and also how to work together better. They own an art gallery–she runs it and he is the artist.

First of all, the day-to-day running of a business is not ideal for a Manifestor so after her Reading she began delegating more to their employee and taking some time off each week to manage her energy better and focus more on her brilliance—which was generating ideas for increasing their business.

Their pattern prior to their Readings was that she would enthusiastically share a new idea with him for the gallery (maybe a new painting style, subject matter, or arrangement of the gallery), and he would begin the process of shifting to align with and implement her idea. Within no time, she would have several new ideas and be eager to implement those instead. She’s a Manifestor so that approach of “throwing the spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks” is correct for her.

But he admitted to feeling exhausted from trying to keep up with her ideas. It was like he had whiplash from the speed of her frequent changes in direction! And it was a source of friction and frustration for both of them.

When we discussed the dynamics between their different Types and Strategies, they realized that he could simply wait until some of her ideas “stuck to the wall” before he began implementing. And she agreed to “invite” him to implement when she felt good about really pursuing a particular idea.

They were so excited (and grateful) to have a clear and sensible solution to their issue. It honored and respected their respective Strategies. And above all, the solution felt inherently right to both of them.


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  1. Thank you Evelyn

    That was a great story and it help learn about the dynamic between a Manifestor and a Projector.

    Please keep them coming!! 🙂

  2. Dear Evelyn,
    It is wonderful to see you describe “this couple” and guess what – today is their 27th wedding anniversary! We certainly have benefited from your wise and helpful insights as you described so well in your article. It has been about 6 months since our readings and we are doing things much differently. Sergio says to tell you he sometimes forgets about ‘screening’. I have really been able to stay away from the gallery and put my energies to our website and lots of other aspects of our artistic endeavors – Sergio is enjoying being in the gallery much more and people love meeting ‘the artist’. We also can laugh lots more about our types and strategies and this lightens what used to be tension provoking! Thank you Evelyn for your help and for reminding us of our story on this day!
    Karen and Sergio Ladron de Guevara

    1. Karen and Sergio, thank you for giving us all an update on your progress!!! Delighted to hear that things are going well, and that what you learned in your Readings is proving valuable over the test of time. 😀

  3. I thought I knew something about people and their HD, and then Yvonne reads the article and starts naming channels 🙂 😯 💡

    This article will help me help my friend. Simple and easy to digest article.

    I was assuming that the best solution for Manifestor-Projector would be such:

    Manifestor gets an idea and informs Projector about that idea, and proceeds to doing – which is called manifesting.

    When Projector is informed, but not asked, there is no action required from Projector, which is correct mechanically, and so Manifestor manifests, while Projector can get another nap 🙂

    If Manifestor comes to a definite outcome – fails/succeeds – and informs Projector about the outcome, then Projector can be supportive/joyful – no energy wasted/gained.

    If Manifestor informs the Projector that “Projector’s insights are the best thing at the moment”, then Projector can read this as an invitation to share wisdom and can guide the energy of Manifestor.

    Please correct me if I am wrong? 😉

    1. I am a manifestor and my husband is a projector. This is EXACTLY what our life is like right now. As a very defined manifestor, I’ve almost always been in tune with who I am on a subconscious level. My projector husband is less defined and more conditioned by society. We are still relatively new to HD so I may be incorrect in my thought processes of definition and conditioning. Our first hurdle is overcoming the conditioning he has suffered in his efforts to keep up with and be a generator. I think he sees my ideas as invitations (which works for his strategy) and then goes into generator mode whether or not he is inspired or even asked to do so. I appreciate the suggestions in the post and the comments! It is so refreshing to see that we are not alone!

  4. Shana,
    Thank you for your commment about Projectors and Manifestors. It is wonderful that you are following your Projector Strategy. Evelyn does do long distance readings – you may find more information here https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/ She is also getting ready to start a Success for Projectors course next week. You may find more information: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/success-for-projectors-course-outline/ Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  5. Michael, Thank you for sharing about your relationship with a Manifestor. Isn’t it wonderful how Human Design can help us appreciate each other and what we bring to a relationship. Warmly, Cindy Assistant to Evelyn

  6. LOVE this article, Evelyn! I know a handful of Manifestors and it SO describes my experience with them as well as their experiences with other Projectors (I’m a Projector)! Thank you. Carry on!

  7. I just found out today my boyfriend is a Projector. I am a Manifestor. I find that a source of anger in me has been him “suggesting” things to me. And for whatever reason I seem to react with a lot of resistance to almost anything he says. I am thinking perhaps it is because I am not inviting him to suggest these things to me? I have been a super stifled, meek, submissive, people pleaser most of my life and put my true self away because I was getting “in trouble” from being myself when I was younger. I am moving into more power within myself for sure. I notice my boyfriend projector seems like a mirror to me of things I don’t like about myself and I often feel triggered by things he says and does. This may have nothing to do with the manifester/projector dynamic! It took over 1.5 years for him to look up a chart and he still won’t tell me his birth data – he did a BG5 chart which does not list data on it. Anyway, now that I know it will be interesting to see what I can learn of how better to communicate with him going forward. Thanks for your website!

    1. It’s common for people to be upset if Projectors are giving advice that hasn’t been requested. Are you more receptive if you’ve invited his input?  Aside from the invitation, when Manifestors are in their non-verbal creative flow, advice or offers of assistance are perceived as an interruption (which we label as anger). And yes, relationships often show us an opportunity to look at ourselves, outside of the dynamics of Type.

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