Quick Spotlight: Two Different Decision-Making Styles 

by Evelyn Levenson

Recently, two clients asked for a Relationship Reading so they could deepen their friendship and improve how they support each other in their respective businesses. They are both lightworker entrepreneurs and have been best friends for years.

They had each had a Personal Reading with me, so they were ready to dive into the details of the energetic dynamics of their relationship.

Among the many profoundly useful things they learned, understanding the specific ways in which their respective decision-making processes are different was significantly valuable to them.

One is a Generator, the other a Manifesting Generator. So at first glance we might assume that their decision-making styles would be similar. They both have a Defined Sacral Center and need to wait for their Sacral response to know if something is right for them.

However, the Generator is emotionally defined (her Emotional Solar Plexus Center is colored in) so she must wait through her emotional wave and note her Sacral response at various points on her wave before she can make a correct decision for herself. This slows her down and gives her a deliberate and somewhat emotional way of arriving at her decisions.

The Manifesting Generator is emotionally open (her Emotional Solar Plexus Center is white) so her Sacral response in the moment is her immediate answer for the decision. She is designed to make quick decisions. Plus she has a Defined Spleen Center so she has powerful intuitive awareness in the moment in addition to her Sacral response. And, she’s a Manifesting Generator so she is wired to move fast, think fast, choose fast. She is a speedy and sure decision-maker.

It had been a source of frustration for both of them that their decision processes seemed to be so different… but they didn’t really understand why or what to do.

Now they completely see the underlying dynamics and know that the best way to help each other is to honor and support each of their respective decision-making processes. We also worked on their Yes/No questioning so each can help the other access their Sacral response through asking targeted Sacral questions.

Your comments are welcome!

And you can learn more about Relationship Readings here. A Relationship Reading focuses on the combination of two people’s charts and how they flow (or don’t flow) together. Understanding your partner, loved one or friend, and learning how to navigate the predictable issues in the relationship can be profoundly life-changing.

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  1. Hello and Thanks.
    I relate to all you have said about the MG, being one. There is a paradigm shift in my feelings, awareness snd understanding since I now know why I behaved n thought in a particular manner. Having shared that knowledge with my partner its so much easier now. Blissful.
    Yes, this format is good.

  2. Hello Evelyn.

    The Quick Tip and Quick Spotlight as separate emails are wonderful idea. I like so much this new approach of yours.
    Thank you Evelyn.

    Much Love

  3. Evelyn
    The understanding and application of authority is one of the things I LOVE about Human Design. It is another Life Changer.

  4. Yes Evelyn, I like the more specific driven emails. This was very timely, as just the other day I was sharing with a friend it’d be good to know what her decision making strategy is, as we support each other on a project. And then here is your email, addressing just that!

  5. I also like the new separate format for Quick Tip/Spotlight, it’s easier to read – short and to the point. Thank you for all you do! 😀

  6. thank you Evelyn, this comparison of the 2 decision making styles is so helpful. it brings it out so clearly, when comparing between 2.
    i do like your new format – i’m more likely not to miss anything if it is short!

  7. This one of the best articles I’ve ever read about Human Design since it comes with a powerful real life situation that illustrates so brilliantly the some of the main ideas. Loved it!

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