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“3 Surefire Solutions for Better Balance in Your Business and Your Busy Life”

for Everyone Who Struggles to Get It All Done,Keep Peace, and Stay Sane!

Do you never have enough “day” left to get everything done?

Does juggling your growing business and your family’s needs, plus carving out a little personal time, seem like an uphill battle… with no easy solutions?

Do emotions (your own or from others) seem to run your life–or interrupt your life–more often than you’d like?

Are you ready for some solutions that really make a difference?  A lasting difference?

Then get ready for a free 75 minute teleclass that will open your eyes and shift your world.

In this free teleclass, I will share with you some paradigm-shifting knowledge about human nature (and about YOU PERSONALLY) that will forever change the way your view yourself and the people around you.

You will learn:

  • the true nature of emotional energy, its purpose, and how it operates
  • how to know whether you ARE emotional, or if you’re just reflecting and amplifying the emotions of others
  • how to “manage” emotional energy, especially the “low” moods
  • how to break your self-compromising habit of being a “people pleaser” who never stands up for yourself and never speaks your truth
  • that some people are designed to have flexible “open” personalities  (and while on the call you’ll know whether you are one of them)
  • why it may be challenging for you to “pick a direction” for your life and your career and stick with it (and if so, it may be correct for you to have multiple directions!)
  • why your physical location (and even the position of your bed!) might make a big difference in your success in life–it does for about 50% of the population (and no… this is not Fung Shui)
  • how to make decisions and take action in a way that is specifically correct for YOU; this is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution… it’s specific to YOU!
  • how this decision making strategy is YOUR KEY to discovering and aligning with your Authentic Self (the personality and purpose you were born to fulfill)
  • why operating in alignment with your Authentic Self will help you be more effective, feel more fulfilled, and have life flow more easily
  • how you can learn even more of this SELF-KNOWLEDGE through a Human Design Reading to help you improve your life, your business, and your relationships.

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Presented by:  Evelyn Levenson, Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist

Introduced by:  Karen Curry Parker, Human Design Master Teacher and best-selling author

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