Full Human Design Reading

Your 3-session “Life Road Map Tour”

Your “Life Road Map Tour” Full Reading is a fascinating and enlightening 3+hour exploration of the energetic configuration that you were born with.

It is this configuration that determines:  your personality, why you’re here, and how you can uniquely go about fulfilling your purpose.

Your personalized Human Design CHART is like the “Road Map” to the unique territory that is YOU. (Don’t have yours yet? Request your free Human Design Chart here)

Your FULL READING is like having an expert personal guide to take you around, describe all the important sites, and show you the off-the-beaten-path treasures you would miss if you didn’t know where to look. It’s a full exploration of the personal Road Map of YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Just having a Road Map alone (no matter how good the map) isn’t enough for getting the most out of this life journey. There is so much trial and error without a guide to explain everything!  I think you probably know what I mean.


It’s a Guided Tour

As your guide, I can show you all the rich details and useful tips about your unique Human Design that will ensure that your journey through this life is as exhilarating, satisfying and memorable as it could possibly be.

Your “Life Road Map Tour” is a live, private, detailed interpretation of your unique Human Design “map”, conducted by telephone in three separate 75-minute sessions, and recorded for your repeated listening.

Throughout this personal Reading with me, you will learn ways to:

  • make smarter choices and wiser decisions
  • accelerate your success
  • understand and accept your uniqueness
  • embrace the full magnificence of why you’re here and how you fit in
  • enhance your relationships
  • maximize your strengths
  • master your challenges, and
  • improve all aspects of your life experience.

You will get to know your inner territory,
so that your outer journey is more enjoyable!

NOTE:  Full Readings are especially important for children—the younger the better! Imagine growing up knowing who you are and exactly how YOU can have a successful, fulfilling and meaningful life! Imagine as a parent being able to support your child or children to be all they are designed to be (and not expecting them to become what they are not). ‘Tween’ and teen Readings can be done with or without the parent present on the phone, or simply with the parent alone. A child’s Reading is conducted with the parent or responsible adult.


Your Tour Guide –> ME!

Just as you have your very own unique Design, so do I. And I give Readings from my natural personality and specific skills and tendencies.

I have both DEPTH and DETAIL in my Human Design Chart, so the way I give Readings is with great depth and detail!

This style of Reading is not for everyone. I also offer a 1-session Initial Reading if you just want the key aspects of your Design but not all the details. But I find that people get the most benefit from a Reading that is a bit longer, a lot deeper, and organized to help you process and apply what you’re learning.

I give this Full Reading in three separate sessions of 75 minutes each—giving time for interaction during the Reading, and time between sessions to absorb, integrate and experiment with the information. Then you can ask any questions that have come up for you as we begin your next session.

This style of Reading is for YOU if any of the following are true:

  • you have a deep curiosity about who you are and why you’re here
  • you want to understand the bigger picture of how you (and everyone else) fits into this world
  • you need (or simply like) time to process and integrate new information
  • you want to apply this new knowledge to specific challenges in your life
  • you like basic understandings that you can then apply in all areas of your life
  • you have lots of questions and like to understand “how” and “why” of everything
  • you’re afraid you’ll miss something important if you don’t get a thorough Reading
  • you are a Projector (one of the five Human Design Types)
  • you have a “1” in your Profile (found on your Human Design Chart)
  • my description of how I do Readings appeals to you
  • who I am as a person appeals to you (this is more relevant than you might think–the Law of Attraction is always at work!)


What You’ll Learn
and How Your Life Will Change

Liliya Lovejoy testimonial

Level 1 – your first 75-minute session

You will learn:

  • How and why Human Design is an effective tool for transforming your life and relationships
  • Your Type and  Strategy, and exactly how to make decisions and take action correctly for YOU
  • Your Personality Profile, including your learning style and how you interact with the world

As a result, you will:

  • Know how to make DECISIONS to maximize the success of YOUR choices and actions
  • Understand how to apply your personal action-taking Strategy
  • Know whether you are designed to wait to get clarity on your decisions, or whether you are designed to make decisions on the spot
  • Understand your ROLE in life—which instantly makes for easier decisions about jobs, career, business, and life in general
  • Identify with others of your TYPE, and finally understand why some people are like you and some are so different
  • Be more accepting and tolerant of yourself and others
  • Understand how you are “wired” to operate in relationships (and how to improve what’s not working)
  • Confidently apply your personal learning style to leverage your effectiveness

Level 2 – your second 75-minute session

You will learn:

  • Answers to any questions you have about your Level 1 Reading
  • Which of your energy Centers are Open, what that means, and how those Centers impact your life and your relationships
  • Which of your energy Centers are Defined, what that means, and how those Centers impact your life and your relationships
  • Your personal Inner Authority for making decisions and how to apply it to your Strategy
  • What conditioning and de-conditioning mean and what you can expect during your de-conditioning process

As a result, you will:

  • Understand why some areas of your life seem clear and easy, and some seem confusing and unpredictable
  • Know how to leverage and maximize your specific strengths
  • Know how to turn your personal vulnerabilities into great wisdom
  • Understand your potential sources of deep pain, so you can avoid or minimize them
  • See with clarity where your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors come from—and how to fix them
  • Stop trying to be who you are not, and stop expecting others to be who they are not
  • Understand why you clash in some relationships, while others are harmonious
  • Learn how to engage the de-conditioning process

Level 3 – your third 75-minute session

You will learn:

  • Answers to any questions you have about Levels 1 and 2
  • The flow of energy in your chart and its impact on how YOU experience life
  • Your Defined Gates and Channels and their influence on
    • your life themes and purpose;
    • what drives you;
    • what you’re here to communicate;
    • what you value;
    • your large and small challenges;
    • your blessings and potential for growth;
    • and your spiritual lessons
  • Your energetic Circuitry (Individual, Tribal and Collective) and how that impacts your life and your relationships

As a result, you will:

  • Finally know the “story” of why you are here and how to fulfill your purpose
  • See the BIG PICTURE of how you fit into the grand scheme of life and humanity, and why YOUR unique Design is so important
  • Know with confidence the “first impression” you make on others
  • Understand how to comfort yourself and what helps you feel secure
  • Understand what drives youthis explains SO much about you and your life experience!
  • Finally make sense of WHY you are the way you are in the world and in relationships
  • Totally understand that you are not “broken”…. and there is nothing “wrong” with you
  • See that most of what happens in life isn’t “personal” and that it doesn’t serve you to “take things personally” any more
  • Understand the challenges that you are here to master
  • Connect with your greatest blessings and your personal areas of growth and expansion
  • Deeply relate to the major themes in your life
  • See your life path with new clarity
  • Begin to embrace your unique magnificence
  • Start to experience and express the full truth of who you are
  • Breathe deeply, feel greatly relieved, and move forward with confidence and joyful anticipation!

More Details

-Your Reading is conducted as a private one-on-one telephone conversation (can also be done via Skype).

-Your Reading is recorded; after each session you will receive a link to a downloadable MP3 file for that session; you can listen at your computer, load it onto an iPod or MP3 player, or burn it to a CD.

-Generally we allow one week between each Reading session, but your timing will depend on your schedule (and mine), and on how rapidly you are ready to move forward.

-Your Reading is interactive –your participation is encouraged!

-You will receive several bonus gifts by email between your Reading sessions to help you use the information you just learned, including a list of customized affirmations, and a list of questions for YOUR Open Centers.

-A written transcript of your Reading is available for an additional fee.


Special Bonuses

Bonus #1

As soon as you signup for your Reading, you’ll receive instant access to my ebook Human Design 101: A Crash Course for Aligning with Your Authentic Self.

Bonus #2

To give you solid grounding in understanding YOUR Human Design Type, you will receive (by separate email) a link to access the Success By TYPE Telecourse specifically for YOUR TYPE. That’s 3 hours of audio trainings, plus full PDF transcripts, covering your Type’s characteristics, your decision making Strategy (with examples), relationship dynamics of your Type, and how to be healthy and resilient as your Type.

Bonus #3

The “Blueprint to Your Authentic Self” form is a simple but powerful form will help you keep track of, integrate, AND APPLY all of the vital and valuable information about yourself that you learn from your Reading and all the related materials you receive.


Want to Customize Your 3-Session Reading?

Instead of a Full Reading as described above, you may mix and match Initial/Condensed Readings and Advanced Readings sessions in a 3-session Custom Reading.

Visit the Custom Human Design Reading page to learn more.


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

One of my favorite quotes of all time is:

“The ultimate destination of every traveler is always himself.”

Now you can have a personally guided tour of YOUit couldn’t be easier!

Your investment for all three sessions of this life-changing self-knowledge, plus my ebook and an audio course about YOUR Type, is only $797.

You can schedule your first session (or all three sessions!) using my online calendar as soon as your purchase is complete.


If you prefer to make THREE PAYMENTS for your Full Reading, now you can!  It’s exactly the same as a regular Full Reading, except you schedule each session when your payment has been made.

You pay only $287 right now, then two more payments of $287 each, one month apart. So you get all three sessions of the Full Reading and all the other benefits shown above, they are just spread over several months.

Click the button below for the 3-Pay Option for a Full Reading. 

You don’t need to spend another moment
confused, frustrated, angry, stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled.
Allow me to guide you to self-empowerment
through the profound self-knowledge of Human Design.

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