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Human Design illuminates Who You Are, your Path, and your Purpose . . .
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Your FREE Human Design Chart comes with a Decision Maker's Kit

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Free Human Design Chart

As you explore the details of your Chart and learn what it means, you'll want certain vital pieces of information that not all Charts show. Your Incarnation Cross indicates your Life Path, your Chiron energies point to your Soul Mission, and your Authority spells out how YOU are designed to apply your Type's strategy.

Free Decision Maker's Kit

Already have your Chart? Just get the Kit. Quickly get a basic understanding of Human Design Types and Strategies and how to use them in decision making. Learn about the key parts of the Human Design Chart. And enjoy a handy reference guide showing the role and strategy of each of the Types.

Melissa Corley Carter


“I think the basic work of living into our fullest selves is the most important work all of us can be doing to raise the vibration of the world. Learning about our Design unlocks world-changing potential and energy. And helps us make choices on a daily basis!”

What IS Human Design?

Human Design is a tool for personality assessment as well as personal growth and self-empowerment. It offers practical solutions for living the highest expression of YOU with the least amount of confusion, frustration, bitterness, or anger.

Your Human Design Chart provides a blueprint of the unique personality traits and potentials that you were born with. You will (finally) understand exactly how you are “wired” energetically and how you can most effectively interact with the world around you.

Have you felt confused about your true strengths, and not sure of your direction in life or what to do next?

Understanding your energetic design will help you move forward and take action with more confidence, more self-awareness, greater ease, a deeper sense of purpose, and a much higher probability of success!

There are many layers to Human Design. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Ann-Mari F.


“My Reading felt like really being 'seen', like someone seeing right into my soul. It was also incredibly liberating. Made me understand the reasons why I've always felt like an outsider and unable to 'fit in' and helped me see lot of the things I've felt are failings or weaknesses are actually strengths. Understanding that I'm here to bring change helped me see my own life experience in a completely different light.”

Ready to go DEEPER into your Human Design
and apply it to your LIFE?

When you want to learn specifically about YOUR chart and YOUR life...

a private READING is the answer!

A Reading puts the pieces of your chart together into a synthesized whole, so you see how your unique configuration works and how you can apply ALL of it to your life right now as you move forward with clarity and confidence in expressing your full potential. 

Please know that appointments are currently booking for December and January. 
After purchase you can be added to a list for notification of earlier cancellations.

Basic Readings

Always start with a basic reading so you understand your chart fundamentals, what they mean, and how they show up in your life

You have two choices:

- Initial Reading:  one session of 75 minutes, plus bonuses

- Full Reading:  three sessions of 75 minutes each, plus bonuses

The Full Reading gives you a comprehensive exploration of the basics of your chart. Or choose the Initial for a quicker version.

Specialty Readings

After you've had a basic reading, explore the many Specialty Readings available to enhance your life in specific ways

Match where you are in life with a Life Cycle Reading to help you embrace transitions, like a Chiron Return or annual Solar Return. Deepen relationships or enhance parenting with a Relationship Reading. Discover why you're here with a profound Soul Purpose Alignment Reading or a Life Path and Soul Mission Reading.

Packages of Readings

If you know you want several readings, a package of three or six sessions is the way to go---or pick a specialty reading bundle

Mix and match basic readings and specialty readings to suit your needs and interests. Get creative with a Custom Reading (3 sessions) or a Deep Reading (6 sessions). If your eye is on the 30-minute Life Path and Soul Mission Reading, you can bundle that with an Initial Reading or a full length Specialty Reading. 

Daya G.


“I’d recommend a Human Design reading to others because the value of having an experienced interpreter review the chart with me is priceless! I bought the books & read them which helped me to understand the basic background knowledge of the chart. I needed a practitioner of Human Design to gain a deeper understanding of the energetics of my chart.”

Several online Self-Study Courses are available, so you can learn at your convenience

Success by Type - get all 5 Types, or buy Types individually

Explore who YOU are at your core and how to truly operate effectively in your life. These audio courses teach the role, purpose, relationship issues, health challenges, and specific Success Strategy for EACH of the five Human Design Types. Purchase ONLY the course for YOUR Type, or get ALL FIVE at a great price!

With ALL FIVE Courses you will learn about your spouse, kids, family, co-workers, etc., and then you’ll know how to work with them and love them in ways that transform your relationship with them!

Success by Centers - all 9 Centers plus bonus class: Fears of the Spleen

With this video course, you'll learn the gifts, challenges, and wisdom available with EACH of the NINE Energy Centers in the Human Design bodygraph, so you can master these energy dynamics that control our behaviors (and the behavior of others!). 

Centers may seem mysterious when you first learn Human Design. This course will give you crystal clear understandings of how they function and how YOU can access the wisdom and avoid the confusion of each Center. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid the HIJACKING of your decision making process by each of your Open Centers as you de-condition them.

Success for Projectors - 5 modules to help you THRIVE as a Projector

As a Projector, I experienced many of the classic challenges of the Projector Type in this Generator-majority world. This video course brings together all I've learned personally and from hundreds of Projector clients about surviving and thriving as a balanced and resilient Projector. 

Designed for Projectors and those who love Projectors, this course walks you through the role and purpose of Projectors, how to apply strategy for decisions and actions, and how to navigate the areas of money and business, relationships, self-care, burnout, and resiliency.

Meet Evelyn

Your Certified Human Design Guide

I'm on a mission to empower you to create a life you love!

For this, you'll need information and self-knowledge that enriches your life experience and helps you embrace your own magnificence. Together, we’ll help you find YOUR passion and clarify your purpose. You’ll discover your Life Path and your Soul Mission, and how you are designed to fulfill them.

And the end result? You’ll finally feel completely at peace with yourself in your life because you’ll know at your soul level that you’re doing exactly what you are supposed to do, and being exactly who you were designed to BE.

I struggled for decades to find my path, my purpose, and my True Self. I felt inwardly broken (although I was outwardly successful). Human Design changed all of that for me, and now I help others find themselves and their Truth.

Are you ready to start on this profound path of exploration and self- discovery? Get started here.

You can learn more about me here and see my chart.

Read my company mission here, and see testimonials here.

 N. R.


"Evelyn is clearly knowledgeable about Human Design and the instant our session started, she dove right in. She is efficient and insightful about how patterns link together and has a way of sharing her reading of your chart that gets to the core in a neat, concise way that you can understand. Most wonderfully, her love and care come through in her reading. She is a kind soul with sharp on-the-mark wisdom - a great combo! I highly recommend a reading from her."

Learn YOUR Life Path and Soul Mission

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Elizabeth Kittinger

Florida, USA

"It’s the most profoundly uplifting and useful thing I think I’ve ever done!"

Mary Ketarkus Brown

Illinois, USA

"Human Design is the answer to most questions I've had my entire life."

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