Discover how to live successfully and
THRIVE as a Projector
in a Generator-driven world

Within Human Design, each Type has its unique role. Projectors are here to guide the energy of the other Types and usher in a new consciousness in the evolution of humanity. This is a vital role. Yet, life as a Projector can feel challenging and many struggle. 

As they navigate their day to day lives, Projectors often feel disempowered, invisible, unproductive, exhausted, and even broken. This is from a lack of alignment with their energetic blueprint.

Becoming an Empowered Projector is designed to help Projectors understand who they are, why they're here, and how to navigate their role in this world. Author and Projector Evelyn Levenson expertly and skillfully guides the reader on how to access their power in sustainable and effective ways.

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback format--in full color

Also in Audiobook version, read by the author

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A few key lessons you'll learn in this book (plus, there is MUCH more)

  • The cosmic purpose of Projectors
    We have a big job to do!
  • Why you struggle and how to heal the trauma of your pain
    Explore the sources of Projector Pain and how to heal from them.
  • The right way to wait for invitations
    Waiting in an empowered way is a vital tool for Projector success.
  • How to gain the right recognition that leads to correct invitations
    Learn how to be Authentic so you attract the right opportunities.
  • How to turn bitterness and burnout into your friends!
    These challenges for Projectors can help you shine and thrive!
  • How to manage your energy, embrace your uniqueness, and step into your full power as a Projector
    Learn the inner shifts that manifest outer success and empowerment.

Listen to Karen Curry Parker interview Evelyn Levenson about the book
and the vital role of Projectors.

Marie Muller McGurn

-harrisburg, PA-

"I purchased the ebook tonight on Amazon and it is fabulous. I cannot put it down. Thank you so much, Evelyn, for writing it. I am an Emotional Projector who has been studying Human Design since 2000. Your clarity of words from what I have read so far is amazing and so needed for us to guide others at the critical time. I look forward to also getting the print copy. I posted tonight about your book to my circle of Projectors. We are so grateful! 🙏🏽💜✨"

Becoming an Empowered Projector

Thrive with Wisdom and

Guidance from Human Design

 ~What's in the Book ~

This book is dedicated to Projectors and those who love them.

The chapters are organized in a progression leading to Projector empowerment--no matter where you are starting from! So it is recommended that you read them in order for the fullest benefit.


If you are already familiar with Human Design and you have specific issues you are looking to resolve, you are invited to jump to the chapters that call to you most.

Part One - Projector Identity - Who We Are and Why We Are Here

Before you can move forward into your full empowerment, you need to know where you are starting from, what's possible, and the bigger context in which you operate.

Chapter 1 – Projector Role and Aura

Chapter 2 - Our Cosmic Purpose and 2027

Chapter 3 - Who Are You? (and Who Is the Not-Self?)

Chapter 4 - Famous Projectors

Meet a Projector - Abraham Lincoln

Part Two - Decisions, Actions, and Success - Doing It Your Way

Once you know Who You Are, you need to learn how to navigate through this complex world in ways that align with your energy and bring forth the best in you.

Chapter 5 - Our Decision Strategy

Chapter 6 - Our Decision Authorities

Chapter 7 - Why Recognition Matters

Chapter 8 - Myths and Truths about Invitations

Chapter 9 - Redefining Success

Meet a Projector - Steven Spielberg


Part Three - Projector Pain - Where We Struggle

As Projectors we are challenged by being a non-energy Type in an energy-dominated world that does not understand us. This can cause confusion, pain, and some deep (sometimes debilitating) wounding. 

Chapter 10 - Brokenness and Shame

Chapter 11 - Hating to Wait

Chapter 12 - Burnout

Chapter 13 - Bitterness

Meet a Projector - Princess Diana

Part Four - Healing the Projector - Doing the Work

Empowerment happens from the inside out and there is no substitute for doing the work of healing your pain, restoring your wholeness, strengthening your resiliency, and reclaiming your power.

Chapter 14 - Projector Sustainability

Chapter 15 - The Nine Resiliency Keys for Projectors

Chapter 16 - Deconditioning and Open Center Hijacking

Meet a Projector - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Part Five - Becoming Empowered - Stepping into Your Brilliance

There are simple steps you can take to put all of this together and step into the fullness of Who You Are—imperfections and all. We are all imperfect. You, no more than anyone else. I promise you that. It is your time to shine!

Chapter 17 - Embracing Your Projector-ness

Chapter 18 - Money, Career, and Self-Promotion (Gasp!)

Chapter 19 - Healthy Relationships

Chapter 20 - Energy, Self-Care, and Thriving

Meet a Projector - Arianna Huffington

Chapter 21 - Telling a New Story

C. Altman


"Although this book is marketed to Projectors - and offers incredible tools and tips on how to cope and thrive as a Projector - I truly believe that all humans (of any Human Design type) can benefit from the teachings of this wonderfully written book as it conveys a very new hopeful vision for humanity and the burgeoning New Paradigm of this decade, which we are all collectively feeling (even those unfamiliar with Human Design)."

About the author


I'm  Evelyn Levenson

I experienced such a profound shift in loving myself and others when I learned about Human Design in 2008 that I studied the system intensively and now share it with people all over the world.

I am a certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4) with over 14 years of experience and have given hundreds of basic and specialty readings. My focus is empowering clients and students to know themselves, love themselves, and thrive as the full expression of Who They Are.

I am on a mission to help people recognize and embrace their own absolute magnificence, and I'm passionate about helping my fellow Projectors step into their brilliance and natural power, and fulfill their vital role in the evolution of humanity.



"If you are a Projector or love a Projector, do yourself or your beloveds a favor and read this feels like a conversation with God. Evelyn really gets the Projector type in the most profound and eloquently written way. I'm so impressed, I can't just have an ebook version, I will be ordering a hardcopy for (many) future references. You want to understand Projectors? You want to become an empowered Projector? Read this book."

Becoming an Empowered Projector
is available in the format of your choice

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Audiobook version is read by the author.

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