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Specialty Human Design Readings

Go Deeper into the Truths and Themes of Who You Are

Have you had a personal Reading with me and you’re ready to do deeper? Let’s dig in!

Here are a few of the things you can learn about YOU from Specialty Readings with me:

  • The spiritual challenges you chose for this lifetime… and what to expect in your process of truly mastering them so you can then help others. This is from your Chiron energies (covered in a Life Path & Soul Mission Reading) and from your Chiron Return Reading. Chiron is the Wounded Healer who must first heal herself before she can help others heal.~~
  • Your soul purpose and its intersection with your life purpose. This creates your Quantum Purpose, covered in a Soul Purpose Alignment Reading.~~
  • Your major lessons to learn and what you can expect in your process of truly mastering those lessons (from your Saturn energies and Saturn Return Reading).~~
  • The energy dynamics in your relationships… and how to improve them! (From a composite chart of your chart and someone else’s and a Relationship Reading.)~~
  • A birthday present to your self of a Solar Return Reading showing you the energies and opportunities for growth you will attract to yourself in the coming 12 months after your birthday.~~
  • and much more…

Specialty Readings are conducted as one 75-minute session each (except as noted)

Each session is interactive and recorded, so you can listen again and again.

You’ll receive your custom Specialty Reading chart prior to our session, and we’ll use that chart for your Reading.

There is One Ground Rule…

You must first have a Personal Reading with me (Initial, Basic, Full or Deep) or another qualified Human Design practitioner BEFORE you have an Advanced Reading.

Why? Because a Personal Reading builds your crucial ‘foundation of awareness’ about your unique energy configuration, personality style, and behavior patterns. THEN, the Specialty Readings will build upon that foundation and will be more meaningful and useful to you.

I do Personal Readings a bit differently than many others, so I encourage you have a Personal Reading with me (even if you’ve already had a Reading) so you are as prepared as possible for getting the most benefit and value from your Specialty Reading. But if you are confident that you are ready for an Specialty Reading… I’ll trust you on that!

Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Accelerated Personal Growth?

Your investment for a 75-minute Specialty Reading is $297.

Your investment for a specialty 30-minute Specialty Reading is $197.

Choose the Specialty Reading you would like below.

If you’re interested in more than one Specialty Reading, consider a Custom or Deep Reading (you get a better deal that way!).  See Mix and Match below to learn more.

Mix and Match

You’re welcome to mix and match the 75-minute Specialty Readings as part of your Deep Reading or Custom Reading.

For example, you could choose the Custom Reading (3 sessions) and use those three sessions as follows: an Initial Reading (1 session) for you, an Initial Reading (1 session) for your spouse or partner, and a Relationship Reading (1 session) for both of you.

OR, an Initial Reading (1 session) for you, a Chiron Return Reading (1 session) for you, and a Solar Return Reading (1 session) for you. Or any of many other possible combinations, including all three sessions as Specialty Readings.

Or, choose the Deep Reading (6 sessions) and be creative! If you’re not sure what to choose, contact me and we’ll customize a Readings package for you.

If you have any questions, contact me at

Specialty Human Design Readings

**All Specialty Readings require a prior basic/personal reading**

**Please ensure that you complete your Reading session within three months of purchase**

30-Minute Specialty Readings

Life Path and Soul Mission Reading – 30-minute session

Do you ever wonder what you’re REALLY here for? At your soul level?

Your basic Human Design reading covered the fundamentals of your chart, but now you’re hungry for more details and your deeper purpose. We’ll specifically explore your Incarnation Cross and the four gate energies it’s composed of, which gives us the life path of your Human Design.  This is the plot line or story arc of this lifetime for you, giving you a thematic road map for navigating life’s opportunities and challenges.

Then we’ll delve into your Chiron energies, which give us the lessons and mission your soul came into this life to master.  This provides the “backdrop” against which your life plays out, and helps you understand those stubborn lessons that keep repeating until you get them right.  Then they become the gifts you are destined to share with others.

-We’ll use your Human Design birth chart that I create for you because it includes your Incarnation Cross name and the specific Chiron energies you were born into.

LEARN MUCH MORE ABOUT THIS READING HERE and take advantage of a special COMBO offer that packages this 30-minute Specialty Reading with a 75-minute Basic Reading. Limited-time special pricing available

  Buy Life Path and Soul Mission Specialty Reading for $197 $177 intro price

75-Minute Specialty Readings

Deep Dive Reading – 75-minute session

If it’s been a little while since your basic/initial/full reading, you may want a “tune up” refresher reading or an opportunity to “go deep” into specific aspects of your chart. After you’ve had time to apply and experience what you learned, you probably have more specific questions or new issues that have arisen. We can go deeper into your chart anywhere that you now need more depth, and continue tying the pieces together so you see and feel how all aspects of you fit together more completely… as you continue to grow, connect with, and trust your Authentic Self.

-We’ll use your Human Design birth chart for this deep dive into the nuances, circuitry, openness, definition, etc. of YOUR energetic blueprint.  Bring your questions, or let me guide you through this deep exploration of your chart.

  Buy your DEEP DIVE Specialty Reading for $297

Soul Purpose Alignment Reading – 75-minute session

This is a unique way of looking at your chart to identify your Soul Purpose (from the conscious aspects of your chart) as distinct from your Life Purpose (from the unconscious aspects of your chart). The integration of these two dynamics forms your Quantum Purpose which provides a guiding beacon for you for the rest of your life. Learn more about this special Reading HERE >>

-We’ll use a custom-created chart for you, showing your conscious energies as a separate chart from your unconscious energies, then bringing them back together into a full chart.

  Buy your SOUL PURPOSE ALIGNMENT Specialty Reading for $297

Relationship Reading – 75-minute session

Learn the relationship dynamics between you and a spouse, romantic partner, business partner, parent, child, sibling, best friend, etc.

-Using two Personal Human Design Charts combined into one Composite Chart, we explore the compatibilities, harmonies, and balances in the energetic foundations of the relationship as well as possible areas of challenges (and what to do about them!)

Learn much more about the Relationship Reading HERE >>

  Buy your RELATIONSHIP Specialty Reading for $297

Solar Return Reading – 75-minute session

Each year brings new opportunities for personal growth, and we draw to us the people and circumstances that challenge us to grow. Around your birthday each year, find out what you’ll be attracting in the coming year.

-Each year around the time of your birthday, the sun returns to its exact original position as when you were born and this begins a new Solar Cycle for you each year.

-Using an exact calculation of your new Solar Return Chart, we look at the energetic THEMES you will experience through your relationships with others during the coming 12-month period. These are THEMES you will attract to you for your own personal growth.

-This Reading can be done at any time of the year, but is most useful sometime near your birthday.

  Buy your SOLAR RETURN Specialty Reading for $297

Chiron Return Reading – 75-minute session

If you are 48-52 years old (or more) and struggling in your life, you may not have mastered your spiritual challenge yet. A Chiron Return Reading can help.

-At approximately 50 years of age (give or take a few years), the minor planet Chiron returns to its exact original position as when you were born and this begins a new Chiron Cycle for you.

-Chiron is called the “wounded healer” in Human Design and Astrology and it represents the spiritual challenges you are here to master in this lifetime. By age 50 (if not before), we usually master those challenges, begin healing those wounds, and can help others with similar challenges. But if you are not aligned with the truth of Who You Are by that time, the shift into your new Chiron cycle can be tumultuous.

-We use the Gate energies in your Chiron (of your personal Human Design Chart) as well as an exact calculation of your Chiron Return Chart to look at your transition into this new cycle and the energetic THEMES you will experience through your relationships during the new cycle.

  Buy your CHIRON RETURN Specialty Reading for $297

Saturn Return Reading – 75-minute session

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s and your transition into maturity has been a bit rocky, a Saturn Return Reading can help clarify what you need to master.

If you are in your mid-late 50s and it feels like your life is falling apart in one or more areas, or just not as smooth or fulfilling as you’d like, it might be your Saturn lessons trying to get your attention so you can finally align with your truth and live a life that is authentic to YOU. A Saturn Return Reading will help you clarify your lessons and challenges so you can reap the rewards that have been just beyond your reach.

-Approximately every 28 years (give or take a few), Saturn returns to its exact original position as when you were born and this begins a new Saturn Cycle for you.

-The first Saturn Return (at around age 28-30) takes us from youth to maturity. The second Saturn Return (at around age 56, give or take) takes us from maturity to wisdom. If we don’t do our “work” to evolve at these times, the Saturn themes in our personal Human Design chart will keep showing up with greater and greater intensity.

-We use the Gate energies in your Saturn (of your personal Human Design Chart) as well as an exact calculation of your Saturn Return Chart to look at your transition into your new cycle and the energetic THEMES you will experience through relationships during your new cycle as part of your personal growth and expansion.

-Saturn Return Readings at the appropriate ages (late 20’s, and mid- to late-50’s) are especially important for people who have a “6” in their Profile—3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3.

  Buy your SATURN RETURN Specialty Reading for $297

Uranus Opposition Reading – 75-minute session

If you are around 40 years of age and want to feel confident about your life themes and directions as you mature and step into your full power, a Uranus Opposition Reading can help.

-The planet Uranus takes about 80 years to complete its orbit around the sun (and return to any given starting place). The halfway point around its orbit is called the Opposition point.

-At approximately age 40 we each experience our Uranus Opposition which is a point of maturity in the Human Design chart—for everyone except those who have a “6” in their Profile (see Saturn Return above). This is the point at which our South Node life themes—prominent from birth until age 40—switch over to our North Node life themes—which take on prominence from age 40 onward.

-We use the Gate energies in your North and South Nodes (of your personal Human Design Chart) as well as an exact calculation of your Uranus Opposition Chart to look at your transition into your new, mature life themes, and the energies you will draw to you during the next 40 year cycle to help you live out those themes.

  Buy your URANUS OPPOSITION Specialty Reading for $297

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