Sneak Peak: Relationship Composite Reading 

by Evelyn Levenson

Human Design is an extraordinary tool for self-awareness and improving how we function in our lives. But that’s only half the story.

Human Design is also brilliant at helping us with relationships.

When we understand the energetic dynamics that underpin our relationships, we not only get clarity and helpful strategies for improving our interactions with others but we also gain compassion, patience, forgiveness, and the longer-term view. And those go a LONG way to improving the quality of our relationships, especially with the people we love. (Sometimes, those are the most challenging relationships!)

With specialized software, we can create a “relationship composite” chart that literally combines two personal Human Design bodygraph charts into one integrated composite chart.

This composite chart allows the trained Human Design professional to explore two important aspects:

  • the specific dynamics between the two people
  • the unique blueprint that gets created by the relationship

Just as we are influenced (“conditioned”) by others, we also exert influence ON others. Being aware of our own impact and being able to distinguish clearly what is “mine” from what is the other person’s allows us to be true to ourselves while truly honoring the other.

Although there are relationship “formulas” in Human Design for what works best and what doesn’t in relationships, I am a firm believer that ANY relationship can work with enough understanding and patience!

That said, there are of course some combinations that are more challenging than others. For example, if one person in a couple has the Gate 21 defined in her chart she will want to be in control of the money and resources in the relationship and will probably be a bit conservative—wanting to save rather than spend. If her partner has the Gate 45 defined in his chart, which completes the 21-45 Channel of Money within their relationship (the completion of a channel is a relationship dynamic is called an electromagnetic), he is likely to want to spend money. Without mutual understanding, this can create deep friction between them.

Different decision-making processes can also create frustration and tension. If one person is designed for fast decisions and the other person needs to take time to make decisions correctly, this can cause endless pressure and impatience for both people. Here is how two friends with different decision strategies worked things out.

Another challenge can be the different quality and quantity of energy, particularly the energy for “doing,” between the different Types. Here is a wonderful example of a Projector and a Manifestor learning how to support each other correctly.

These few examples just skim the surface of what can be learned from a Relationship Reading. In my work with clients, we spend 75 minutes together for such a reading. If you already know a lot about the other person’s chart, we spend the whole time looking at the two points above: the specific dynamics between the two charts, and the unique composite chart created by them.

If you don’t already know much about the other person’s chart, we can spend a little time on the highlights and relevant aspects of their chart, then dive into the relationship dynamics and the composite itself.

In case you’re wondering, the other person does NOT need to be present for (or even aware of) the reading. I’ve had many clients who simply want to understand and know how to support and interact better with their spouse, or child, or grandchild, or sibling, or business partner, or best friend.

Also, a Relationship Reading is an specialty reading and requires that YOU have had at least a basic reading about your own chart first. This makes what you learn in the Relationship Reading infinitely more valuable and usable.

Below is an actual composite chart so you can get a feel for what it’s like. The person on the left’s gates show as green on the composite, and the person on the right’s gates show as blue. This way it is clear who is bringing which energies to the composite. For this purpose, it doesn’t matter which gates are conscious (black) and which are unconscious (red). This composite is from a Celebrity Chart review I did about John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy’s relationship. You can see their individual charts and read that review here.

Note: they have 4 electromagnetics in their composite, which is where a channel is half green and half blue. (Not the blue and green checkered gates)

If you’d like to explore having a Relationship Reading, you can learn more here.

One of the best ways to experience this reading is with a package of reading sessions. This can give you the depth of understanding about yourself and the other person to allow a true deepening of the relationship as well as an expansion of your own full expression. Read about Custom Reading and Deep Reading packages at their links.


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