“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Manifestors 

by Evelyn Levenson

Manifestors – “I’ll Do It My Way”

[Manifestor image]Manifestors, approximately 8% of the world’s population, are crucial pieces of the human puzzle, but relatively rare. They are here to initiate action, get the ball rolling and make things happen.

They don’t need to wait for any outside confirmation before taking action. They rely only on their own sense of right timing although that tends to get them in trouble with the people around them when they don’t inform beforehand of what they are about to do!

Most Manifestors are not particularly good at finishing the things they start. They are really not designed to do the sustained implementation of their ideas and projects, or do follow-through and maintenance tasks. Theirs is a creative and initiating energy.

Manifestors give the rest of us things to respond to—they are like the cue ball on a pool table, bumping into the other balls and causing them to move.

With this basic understanding of Manifestors, we’ll look at their issues in relationships after the description of this Series below.

About This Series

Human Design gives us deeply insightful knowledge about the nature of WHO we are and HOW we behave as human beings.

Your personal Human Design chart (you can get your free Human Design chart here) helps you understand the energy dynamics and personality characteristics of YOU.

Human Design also helps you understand the other people around you and the nature of YOUR relationship with them.

This makes possible the achievement of supportive, fulfilling,
and constructive relationships in every area of your life.
And in every relationship in your life!

Wouldn’t THAT be something!

This series of articles about “Human Design TYPES in Relationships” will help you move forward along this most noble and worthy path.  😉

Today’s article explores how the MANIFESTOR TYPE interacts with OTHERS.

Quick Refresher on Human Design TYPES

There are five TYPES of people in Human Design. Type is determined by which Energy Centers (geometrical shapes on your Human Design Chart) are colored in and how they are connected to each other. In other words, your Type reflects your personal energy configuration. Type is usually indicated in writing on a Chart.

Each TYPE has a Role to play in life and has a particular decision-making and action-taking Strategy that is the best and most correct way for that TYPE to operate in life.

Here is a very brief description of the TYPES and their Roles and Strategies:

Manifestor approximately 8% of the population
Role: to initiate action from ideas
Strategy: inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action

Generator approximately 37% of the population
Role:  to find the right work and the right partner in life
Strategy:  wait to respond with your Sacral energy before you take action
Click here for my article about Generators in Relationships

Manifesting Generatorapproximately 33% of the population
Role:  to find the right work and the right partner in life (and to find the fastest way to do things)
Strategy:  wait to respond with your Sacral energy then inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action
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Projector approximately 21% of the population
Role:  to manage, guide and direct the energies of others
Strategy:  wait to be invited into life’s big decisions (love, marriage, career, where you live), and wait to be asked or recognized before sharing your wisdom
Click here for my article about Projectors in Relationships

Reflector less than 1% of the population
Role:  to reflect the health of our communities back to us
Strategy:  wait 29 days (full lunar cycle) for clarity before you take action
Click here for my article about Reflectors in Relationships

The MANIFESTOR in the World and in Relationships

Like Projectors and Reflectors, Manifestors do NOT have “sustainable” life force and work force energy. Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have that consistent energy from their Defined Sacral Center. Manifestors have an Open Sacral Center.

This can very much affect their relationships as well as their work choices and life choices.

[Burn Out]Manifestors CAN and DO have jobs or businesses and raise families but they can burn out around age 50 (or before) if they are trying to do too much and especially if they are pushing themselves to keep up with the 70% of the population with consistent Sacral energy.

Manifestors don’t “need” people the way other Types need people, which affects how they operate within relationships. Their biggest challenge (and a key piece of their Strategy for success in life) is INFORMING those who will be impacted by their actions before they act.

More so than other Types, they do not like being told what to do. If they feel required to ask permission to do things or feel manipulated in some way, they may become overtly defiant and angry with others or become repressed and turn their anger inward on themselves.

Manifestors have powerful auras and have an energetic impact on those around them. That impact can be positive and pull people in or it can repel people.

They have a much easier time of “making things happen” in the world than any of the other Types.

Some famous Manifestors are: Adolph Hitler, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Johnny Depp, J. Edgar Hoover, Krishnamurti, Jerry Seinfeld, Susan Sarandan, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Ra Uru Hu (the man who brought Human Design into the world)

If You ARE a Manifestor . . .

  • It’s correct for you to start things, and not necessarily to finish them or to implement all the details. You must learn to delegate and/or move on when it feels correct to do so.
  • If you’re feeling stuck or “shut down,” start initiating more in your life. It’s okay to start with small tasks and projects in order to rebuild that “initiating muscle” which may have been suppressed for most (or all) of your life. You’ll feel MUCH better when you are behaving the way you are designed to behave.
  • Remember to inform people who may be impacted by your actions before you take action. It may take courage to start doing this and time for it to become a habit, but it will be worth it… your relationships will improve because of it.
  • Keep in mind that informing is NOT asking for permission, so don’t be afraid of others saying no or trying to stop you. You can still do as you intended, but you might be wise to take their views into consideration if you can… there’s usually nothing wrong with a second opinion!
  • Recognize the impact you have on people around you. You have a very strong and powerful aura. Others will usually feel your presence when you enter a room. Some Manifestors are surprised to learn this about themselves, but the people around them know it to be true!
  • Trust what ‘feels’ right to you (not just what your brain-based analysis tells you).
  • Manage your energy and take breaks when needed; don’t try to keep up with the sustainable energy of Generators and Manifesting Generators. It’s MUCH easier to avoid burn out than to recover from it.

 If You LOVE a Manifestor . . .

  • See that you don’t take their anger personally; understand that it’s part of their process.
  • Accept that they may not “need” you in the way you need them and that it’s nothing against you. They are designed to act on their own, but they can engage and inspire people when “in tune” with those around them and when keeping them informed of their dreams and plans.
  • Don’t interrupt them when they’re in their “groove” of figuring things out and getting things done. Also, they’re not ignoring you—they are simply completely engaged in their own internal process.
  • Keep them informed about YOUR actions, and make it easy for them to inform you… without fear of recrimination or rejection.
  • Respect their privacy; don’t ask or pry. They may not always be able to articulate what’s going on their mind.
  • Trust them in their role of initiating action and giving others things to respond to – that’s what they’re here to do!
  • Don’t judge or criticize when they start then stop projects. Trying is often the only way they can know if something is correct for them. Instead, allow them their own consequences—they usually don’t want to be “helped” unless they’ve asked for help.

I invite you to share below any success stories you have had as a Manifestor or as someone in relationship with a Manifestor. Your generosity in sharing for the benefit of everyone is greatly appreciated!

To learn more about each Human Design Type, and each Type in relationship with other Types, see my Success by Type downloadable audio course. You can buy just one or two Types, or all 5 Types!


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  1. I won’t go into detail. I’ll just say I’m a manifestor 1/3 married to a manifestor 6/2 😉

    1. Oh that’s amazing, I’m trying to learn more about being married to a manifestor and being one! I’m 3/5 and he’s 1/3. Both emotional authority. It’s been a wild and intense ride of compelling and repelling energies for almost 30 years and we are burning out. Plan to share more about this, namely this article with him on our much needed vacation on the beach. Would love to compare any notes and learn more!

  2. I’m a divorced manifestor and not sure which type I was married to but what I can say is I felt like I freaked him out all the time and then he would try to control me. He was controlling anyway but the relationship was very stifling and oppressive. I didn’t feel I could be myself at all.

    In a more recent relationship I really could tell he didn’t feel I like needed him enough (he was also very insecure regardless of type) and I also knew it. Neediness doesn’t feel like love to me: being needy or being overly needed. That feels like dysfunction to me and maybe that isn’t fair of me but…Are two manifestors together good or are there power struggles?

    Also I think being a female and an emotional manifestor is more than most men seem to be able to bare? Any suggestions of types I should chose as a mate? I’m also 3/5.

    Thank you for your article! There hasn’t been much info printed about romance/relationships/love regarding the types.

    1. Sophia, thank you for your sharing and questions. Two Manifestors can be good together, but may struggle for power depending on the rest of their charts. Any Type can be with any other Type in a relationship as long as there is awareness, understanding and respect for each other.

      Yes, a female emotional Manifestor can be intimidating to many men–especially the insecure ones! Your 3/5 Profile can also be challenging within relationships, though is manageable with awareness. I highly recommend a Full Reading for you to understand your special combination of energies–the challenges and the gifts!

      I covered the relationship issues for each Type in my recent 3-week tele-series called Success By TYPE. The five separate telecourses are over but I’ll be making them available as downloadable home-study programs in the next month or two. You’re welcome to look at the course description page here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/success-by-type

    2. I’m an emotionel manifestor, and I’m with a generator and I have definitely found my man ❤️

      He is very secure of himself, and it has always, from the very beginning, been very natural for him to allow me space, trust me and my love, and never judge me.
      He fine with me, not needing him. He knows I love him.

      So, it’s very possible to be with other human design types. 🙏🏽

  3. I am an emotional manifestor with a full head (as they say) 6-2. I am 51 and have totally experienced burnout. I’m in recovery. What is the hope of repairing and reviving. The person who did my chart said I am a broken manifestor from childhood exp. and bad relationships. I feel that I can regroup , repair, heal etc. What is your exp. with burnout and broken manifestors moving beyond fifty with renewal and purpose. Any advise. 😥 😳 🙂

    1. Tara, I feel you reading this after two years. Your words touched me deeply. I imagined someone with hands down, like a house burned down. There are many ways people can get back to road, and it definitely starts from within with a little support from outside. Please take mine. Like Christina Aguilera signs, “you are beautiful, no matter what they say”. and Irish proverb says “Laugh and sleep are on top of list of any good doctor”. I believe it is not to late to send this message.

  4. Hi I am an emotional manifestor and a 5/1 with 12-22, 44-26 and 25-51 channels. I am still learning about the emotional wave and I am definitely an emotional being.i have very strong will. I have go through a series of eating issues ( wich had to donwith control)and had an alcohol problem which probably had to do with the same thing. My parents are still not as much involved with my life and as the descriptions of manifestors as children and the parents and teachers makes a lot of sense. I am rebuilding my adrenals and learning to lower stress levels to live a life more suited to me. Being a manifestor is not easy I am not sure how to initiate still working on that. How can a manifestor reclaim their natural initiating ability? And I am try to learn not to isolate. How do I escape the people/ parents that I feel angry towards I hate when people tell me how to run my life since I was a kid…. Anyone have advice for me?

    1. Thanks for writing. A Manifestor growing up in a “controlling” environment will usually be angry. Now you understand why! To reclaim your initiating ability, start small. Rebuild that “muscle” gradually, based on what you have an impulse to initiate. And know that when you’re following those impulses, things still won’t always work out perfectly. You won’t know what’s truly right for you until you start it. So give yourself plenty of “backout” room, and permission to change your mind! Regarding your family, know and accept that they did (and are still doing) the best they know how to do, love them for their good intentions, and don’t take it all personally. I know….easier said than done….but that really is the best way to handle it. With practice (and feeling good about who YOU ARE), it will get easier. Please let me know how it’s going. ~Evelyn

  5. Thanks for your articles! Well put, easy to read, hard to follow.

    My type is Ego Manifestor 6-2. I can tell you that informing does not necessarily makes people around me happy. What it does is give my the feeling that what I’m doing is right even if others disagree. If I told others what I gonna do I feel that I’ve done all I need to prepare the world to my actions.
    When I tell a guy that I leave him it does not diminish his grief but that is oh so much better than leaving quietly at night and running out of the city with my phone turned off as I used to do.

    1. Hi Ochtend, thanks for your comment. You’re completely right, informing people doesn’t necessarily make them happy, especially if they don’t like what you’re going to do! But it is still better (in the long run) than not informing. And you say that it makes YOU feel better, which is really important. Bravo for your progress! ~ Evelyn

  6. I have recently learned that I am a Manifestor 5.1. What do the numbers mean? Mostly, the descriptions seem correct to me. The most important part is that they recognize my need for rest, much more than other people I know. I do recover, but burn out easily. I have lived out most of my life by now, I am 70, though truly look 50ish, probably because I have had to take very good care of myself to keep healthy. I am an author, have a law degree, worked as a journalist, and had a miserable childhood which I now realize probable was due to my being unable to accept anybody´s authority. Was only happy in an English boarding school where they wisely left me pretty much to my own devices. And it turned out to be a very contented and fruitful period. Again, the numbers 5.1, what would they indicate?

    1. 5/1 (I’m the same) indicates heretical investigator. I looovvvveee to investigate very deeply into everything (I’m laughing to myself). And it’s usually very heretical – not like the majority. Which is very relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. I’ve informed myself most deeply about the heretical parts that most don’t. We are like the nerds perhaps. Not sure. And I’m here to create upheaval – so I am intense to say the least with also being an emotional manifestor.

      Hope this helped.

  7. Hello 🙂

    My name is Cynthia. My human design profile is a emotional manifestor 4/6, right angle cross of rulership. I live with my partner already for 10/11 years. He is a manifesting generator, also 4/6. A type I really love to live with. Where I give the impacts and the power and the motivations, he finishing our plans and ideas and bring new visions and creations. He can really committing to things where I have a short of concentration or lack of commitment. There is never ego involved, never hard of ugly fights, only heavy inner processes when things not going the way we wish or wanted. But we always give each other space: for him to find his moment of truth and calm his frustrations and anger, for me to find clarity after waving out my heavy emotions like anger. It can be difficult sometimes for him, because I also like to spend many time on my own, doing self time in relaxing modus. He is a really ‘álways together with me or other people’ person and always like to be in action. I just let him and learned to stay in my own rhythm. But we are doing good….I can say, a couple of a manifestor and a manifesting generator can work good. It feels like empowerment all the time and living a dynamic life like the universe who is changing and creating all the time and is always on the move. With much love of course 😉 I like to be a manifestor. I like all types, I think all are special and needed. It can sometimes also feel lonely to be a manifestor, because I do not like to be much with other people. Not everybody understands and many people want to be friends with you or getting to know who you are. A small group of people in my life is good enough. When I was young I was always on stage,also on work and business I was the leading person now I prefer backstage, observing and advising people how to steel the show themselves on stage. It was nice getting to know human design. I could really relate to many things, almost all. Maybe I was lucky that my parents and my work learned me to inform my own way. Never had really issues with people in general. Some big ego’s , yes…but that’s normal I think. Sometimes I forget to inform and then oke..people around me getting insecure or little bit mad, than you listen to them..you say you understand, that sometimes you do and when not, they do not have to be insecure next time and give them the advice they can ask me why or what I do. And if other people still think you need to do it differently, then you say…no. You can draw a line. Because we are manifestors, we do things our own way.

    Oke, was nice to read you all. Thanks for informing 😉 and enjoy life as intelligent, warm persons , creative and fun manifestors!!

    Greetz C

    1. THank you for your inspiring couples share. I am an emotional generator 6-3, and my boyfriend is a 4-6 emotional manifestor. We have deep love and intense challenges, yet with good communication it has been very rich. He is learning to inform me, and I inform him to remind him to inform me- lol and that works very well. We have learned to remind each other when we are are a down wave or to high on our up wave, to not make a decision yet and to support the full process, not taking things personally. We are also learning what are channels are and how to work with them. I have half of the corrective channel and he has the other half- which allows for the fulfillment of joy. So when he gets impatient with that- we remind each other of my side- is unconscious so it just comes out, and we laugh together. This has saved us from many arguments and grow deeper respect for our differences and the evolutionary refinement. Also I practice theta healing, which is a way to subconsciosly repattern our brain on a soul, genetic, collective and core levels. We did downloads to harmonize our types and that has helped us significantly. Love and joy, and thank you all for sharing.
      Lottie Cooper

  8. Hello,

    I also wanted to respond to other emotional manifestors. I’m sorry for my broken English, I’m from the Netherlands (now living in Belgium).

    The best thing I learned ten years ago is never to react and initiate when I feel heavy emotions like anger or sadness, when I feel like crying but also fear or extremely excitement. The best is to take some time alone or find a place where you can be alone with your emotions (beach, nature, your working room) and wait till the highest emotions you feel in your body is waving away. When your body and heart is more in relaxed modus and your thoughts telling you…alright…now get down to helping solutions and reality (emotions can make things more heavy) than you will find clarity. In that clarity you will make a good thought in your mind and find your heart and your will (very important for a manifestor), then you can take initiative or react on situations or other people. For me it works great. I learned this before getting to know Human Design and when I met Human Design I could relate to their text that it is working that way. In my work I could already always, but in private life I was following my emotions instead of waving them out and then follow the clarity. Just sit down with your emotions and cry cry cry, be mad mad mad…and then suddenly…what a relieve it’s gone. Because you have this emotions, it’s not that you are your emotions. Never forget. I thought, it works in my work…so come on Cynthia!! Before my manifesting generator boyfriend I was in another relationship, also 10/11 years it lasted (generator), but it broke because I was to involved with my emotions and sometimes my ego. It was really good that the relationship broke up, even though I loved him very much. It opened my eyes and finally could developing these part of mine. It made me a bigger person on the level of grace and communication and understanding.

    It is worth developing that side of waving out the emotions.

    Well, it’s just mine experience. Don’t have to be yours of course 🙂

    You are a manifestor, a life experience traveler, you impact and inspire others, but you can also impact yourself. That’s the beauty of the impact. And when we learn ourselves we can impact other types as well, also learning their processes in life.

    I have three reflector friends, 5 projectors, manifesting generators and generator partners and family. And know some manifestors. And I have to tell you, we all keep learning and evolving. Even a coach or a king for that matter, learning till the end. So it’s always there, the challenging moments….but as a manifestor…rock them!! Don”t be afraid of crashing to that wall….if you do it with learning goal in your head, it all make sense and you will love it!!! Even the crashes. They are impacts on our lifes I’ve learned.

    Allright, I stop now….thank you for reading.


    1. Beautiful comment-loved your message. I’m a recent awakened Manifestor learning to ride the emotional waves; loved how perfectly you described the tip <3

  9. – See more at: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-types-in-relationships-series-manifestors/#comment-563

    From Ra uru Hu en Richard Rudd:

    Manifestors are here to surrender to freedom and have the opportunity to evolve as human being, not like other types. The more deeply a manifestor rests in their true nature, the more powerful their urge to be free becomes. By design, manifestors are archetypes of pure freedom, even though within the maya, this is an illusion. For a manifestor, freedom comes before everything, even before love. The propaganda of manifestors brings us the concept of freewill. This is the ‘You create your own Reality’ propaganda. This is ‘we are the planet of choice’. Spiritually speaking, this is symbolised by the path of Yoga – a proactive path towards awakening (this is ‘Yoga’ as a teaching rather than the western body-centred discipline). When a manifestor comes to Human Design, they actually appear to make their awakening happen. Given the power of their conditioning, this may not be as easy as it sounds.

  10. Hi, I am new to Human Design. I know a few basics but i am very curious in emotional compatibility between a male manifestor with a 6/2 profile and a female menifestor with a 4/6 profile. Thanks in advance…oh yeah, and if you need any additional information let me know…i could upload the charts too. feel free to post comments and any suggestions that you may have Cheers!

    1. Hi, thanks for your question. In some ways, a relationship between two Manifestors can be ideal….as long as you allow each other the space to do your own thing and remember to inform each other! A 6/2 and 4/6 Profile combo can be good, too, with the 6th line being harmonious and further anchoring your commonality. With appropriate “give and take” the 2nd line and 4th line combo can be a nice balance for both of you, with some hermit time together and some party time together. Suggestion: don’t ask each other yes/no questions like: do you want pizza for dinner? Instead, do it as a statement: I’m wondering if you’d like pizza for dinner. This may seem like a minor difference but it is correct energetically for both of you. It keeps you out of “responding” mode, a mode correct for Generators and M.Generators, but not for Manifestors. Hope all of this helps. Would love to do a relationship reading for both of you, please contact me if interested. Best regards, ~Evelyn

      1. Hi, sorry for taking soooo long to reply. First of all thanks for your suggestions and thoughts. Yeah i would be interested in something like that. How can we get in touch with you? Thanks in advance.

  11. Hello,
    I recently found out that I am a 4/6 emotional manifestor. A great amount of the things I read, especially about anger, resistance from people and initiating were completely true. Can somebody please tell me more about my specific profile, what I should watch out for, and how to operate easier as a manifestor. I’m just trying to make the awakening happen faster.

  12. Hi All~
    I am a manifestor 6/2 involved with a generator 2/4 ~ we have lived together for the past 4 years. Issue~ my anger at times scares him. I only get angry about once every few months and then it short lived but it usually occurs because I feel as if I am being taken advantage of or something to that effect.
    I have 2 daughters ~ he has 4 daughters. All 4 of his girls live with us, their mother was mentally ill and died suddenly less than a year after we moved in together. I do a great job of mothering his girls and making a home for them.
    Early in the relationship 4 months into it ~ he told me he wanted to marry me someday. Showed me the rings and all. Now 4 years into the relationship – he has expressed he isn’t interested in getting married at all. His daughters very much want us to marry and ask me about regularly. As a manifestor I shouldn’t care but I do! 🙁 Mainly because I have given so much already to this relationship. He and I get along great other wise. He would tell you the same thing~ we only argue about the commitment thing. aaaahhhh!

  13. I am a 6/2 emotional manifestor, left angle cross of informing 1, 1949 – Channel of Synthesis 1222 – Channel of Openness, 3041 – Channel of Recognition.

    Relationships have been difficult for me. In the beginning, my partners admire my independence and free spirited nature as well as my curiosity into life and the extension of teaching and counseling others. However, as the relationships progress, I deal with jealous/possessive behaviors, control issues and anger towards me. I am a good communicator, but find that because I don’t “need” in the same way as my partners this is interpreted as distance. I make an effort to inform and connect, but it doesn’t seem to be enough at times. In all my relationships, I have been betrayed and infidelity has been commonplace. Most of my relationships have been with generators or emotional generators- usually 1/3 or 3/5 profiles. Can you shed any light on this? I am beginning to feel that relationships are not meant for me in this lifetime… Thanks!

    1. Hi Susanne, Thanks for your question. Relationships can be challenging for female Manifestors (especially emotional ones) because most men just don’t seem secure enough (as you have experienced). But as a 6/2 Profile you are designed to find a soul mate (though not necessarily a “forever” life partner), so I encourage you to not lose hope. 3/5 Profiles can have their own challenges with relationships so they may not be an ideal choice for you, though ANY relationship can work with enough awareness, understanding and maturity.

      You didn’t mention your age. As a 6th line Profile, the period of being “on the roof” during ages 29-50 can be a more challenging time to initiate relationships. If you’d like to write again with your age, I’ll know how to direct my suggestions. In the meantime, I would suggest that you not compromise and not stay in relationships that aren’t working for you. You have vital energy and personal power. When you find the right match, it will be worth the wait. I know several female Manifestors who are VERY happily married. I hope that helps!

    2. This is beyond late in reply to your comment, but I thought I’d share to help other manifestors who have the same question.

      From the perspective of a non manifestor in a relationship (speaking from experience with a manifestor), the reason why they say you are distant is because you feel far away and distant when you are being on your own and doing your thing (which you are meant to do).

      It is not always about insecurity. They want to be with you and spend time with you and live life together with you. Though you may want those things sometimes, it is not right for you much of the time, and you just need to be on your own and live as if you were single, spending time alone.

      It is like entering a relationship with someone part time. The person you are with may want it full time, and when you pull away, they may freak out, and that is when you are feeling controlled. They don’t know what is happening. It may feel like your feelings have changed. It may feel like you have lost interest. They may try to recapture the magic that you have shared before, because it feels like they are losing you. They don’t know about or understand your need, and they want you to want what they want and need what they need.

      It may hurt their heart and make them feel alone. It may feel like they have to live as a single person not in a relationship except for the times that you feel like being with them and it is good for you to spend time together.

      Pretty much, it seems that a relationship that is good for you will only work on your terms and to be able match the timing of your needs. You need a man who will be able to adapt without feeling like he is bending over backwards for you to make it work and learn how to deal with feeling left out by understanding that you need to be alone.

      You manifestors are such wonderful people, but you have your needs, and it can make those who love you feel very alone and long to be with you as they watch from the sidelines.

      1. Hi, Jack! One and half year later I can confirm also what you where saying about being in a relationship with a Manifestor. (Manifesting Generator here)
        I’m new into Human Design, but the info is so precisse and saves one a ton of time and energy if you just know about it.

  14. Not sure if this helps, but I have only 3 defined centers- throat, solar plexus and root…other centers are open…

    1. Hi Susanne, sorry for delay in replying. Being off the roof, you want to “walk your talk” in every area of your life. Words and actions aligned with your emotional Manifestor nature. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to be so happy with yourself and your life that you’re okay with not having a relationship. That will make it easier for the right relationship to find its way to you. Know that your intense (30), emotional (12-22) and bonding-seeking (19-49) energies may be tough for a lot of guys to handle. As I said before DON’T COMPROMISE. The right guy will give you the space to be YOU and love you exactly as you are. Worth the wait!

  15. I was introduced to Human Design about a year ago. Suddenly all the pieces fell together. I’d been living as a generator my whole life but certain feeling were always there, but repressed as “wrong” or “destructive”. I stopped talking and communicating at times because of the effect I had on people. It could be good or very bad. I get bored easily, preferred being alone, but some people seemed drawn to me. Then there was the anger, frustration because the whole world moved in slow motion. I had bursts of energy that allowed me to accomplish a great deal in a short time. The generators wanted me to perform at the level all the time. I hated to tell people about what I was doing until I was done. To top it off I’m Intuitive as well, if my energy didn’t freak people out my way of thinking did!

    The happy ending is I now understand why I am the way I am, the change has been significant. One of my daughters is a manifester, watching her and seeing her behavior is a hoot. I understand her better now. She won’t go through what I did.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, John S. I, too, as an emotional manifestor, am intuitive. I also freak a lot of people out. Nice to relate with other few manifestors in this world. Cheers.

  16. Thanks for this article, and this great comment thread. It’s really helpful. I’m an intuitive projector married to a manifestor– don’t yet know what type, but I suspect intuitive also. When we are good we are very very good… a ‘power couple’. Our ideas and strategies really compliment each other. I feel very supported and seen by him when he wants my advice. When we fight… it feels galactic! But just knowing that when I’m being open and vulnerable and sharing some new insight (after being given the right invitation to do so) and when he says ‘you know what you should do…’ I don’t have to get angry. I have also learned to deeply appreciate the way he’s able to get things done, and since we work with communities, we are usually lucky to have a generator or two to help us to keep on going! The fights though… I’m not sure what to think about my explosive anger sometimes. I have always taken a fairly standard psychological stance. It’s my anger, my issues, my triggers. With human design, would it also be that I’m picking up on his anger? He represses his anger a lot until it’s white hot. Hmm….

  17. I’m a splenic manifestor, 6/2 profile, 27 years old, with left angle cross of defiance, sorry for some mistakes in English writing I may make because I come from Taiwan, my native language is Traditional Chinese.
    It seems like the journey of searching a soul mate never comes to the end.
    And I hate that, it’s my nature to find out the right man, but the truth was that ” there would be no right man “. It turned out everything I desired the most were collapsed, including my job.
    I will not compromise but…… I’ve become getting tired of try and error.

  18. Hello Evelyn,

    I am a 36yr old Manifesting Generator with a 1/3 profile and inner authority is emotional . I am new to the Human Design school so what does my profile mean? Thanks.

    1. Hi Joanna! A 1/3 profile means you are investigative (and are consciously aware of that aspect of you) and you are experimental (and you may or may not be as aware of this part of you). I am a 1/3 profile myself. We’re a great resource for the people around us because we figure out what works and what doesn’t. There is, of course, more to it than that….but that’s a good beginning understanding. Thanks for asking.

  19. Hi Evelyn,
    thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I read in an above comment that relationships can be specially challenging for female emotional manifestors, which I am one. I am a 2/4, and 35 years old so still “on the roof” as you called it (although i’m not sure what that means :).

    I have been single most of my life and just ended my first romantic relationship in almost 10 years (I have been single and just lightly dating here and there for a good 8 years or so, and the last relationship only lasted a couple of months so I can hardly even call it a relationship! My relationships have not lasted more than 9 months). Am I designed to be single? The last guy i dated ended things by saying “everytime I tried to get closer, you would push me away”. and he wanted a full blown commitment, but i REALLY wanted to preserve my freedom and could never quite make that commitment. Is this just my design to not want to commit (i have been very commitment shy and don’t like the idea of curtailing my freedom), or is it a matter of finding the right guy – and do I have to wait until after 50??

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Jocelyn, please forgive my delay in replying. Relationships can be very tricky for Manifestors. Freedom is paramount to Manifestors and it IS a matter of finding the right guy. Be selective and don’t compromise! As a 2/4 profile, being on the roof does not affect you (it only happens for 6th line profiles, like 4/6, 6/2, 6/3, 3/6). So no, you don’t have to wait til you’re 50!!! Most guys can’t handle your independence, but the gems that can are worth waiting for. Best wishes and keep me posted!

      1. Oh My God! I have been reading your site and then I saw your reply on this topic that Joeclyn wrote. I was wondering too. As a 4/6 Emotional Manifestor, I see relationships as a freedom thief. But at the same time I want to be in a relationship. I don’t know if it is because I don’t want my freedom to be taken so I can’t find a compatible partner or is it because of this 6line? 🙁 I literraly can’t find someone who I want to be with. I used to kinda like some people when I was younger but as i am getting closer to age 30, I feel like, it’s almost impossible to find the one. And because I want to find “the one” I don’t feel like dating with noone.. It confuses me a lot. Btw, I sometimes wonder if it’s because of my activated 35 – 36 channel. But I guess that’s not the case.

  20. Just ran off another friend’s chart and again, another Projector! I can’t help wondering why I am surrounded in my close relationships with Projectors and often I end up telling them where to go when they start to control my life. Do I have something important to learn from them? Many seem lazy, attention seekers, and low in energy levels. I am like a fast train never stopping for anyone. I am a Manifestor, Splenic, non-emotional with 1/3 profile.
    I have 6 open centers and only three defined. My relationships with men have been stormy: 2 failures and a reluctance to get involved ever again.

    1. Hi Rita, sorry for not replying right away. We often do have something to learn from the people we attract. However, I also believe we get to choose who we want to surround ourselves with and if you’re not happy with the Projectors in your life, find other people you resonate with more. You are super fast in decisions, actions and manifesting ideas into form. Only about 4% of population operates the way you do. So, no surprise that most can’t keep up with you. Regarding relationships, I suggest you be very selective (and keep using Human Design for added clarity) and be open to finding people to have in your life who were worth waiting for. I wish you well!

  21. Hello,

    Im a 4/6 emotionnal Manifestor and I am 37 years old. I was married for 14 years ( since age 19) with a Projector in a vera stormy and unbalanced Relationship. I didn’t know myself back then and was acting like everybods’s slave.

    I divorced 5 years ago and had a few flings never leading to anything, men seeming to be ” sacred” of me. like if I was too much to handle ( they were alwyas attracted and respectful but wouldn’t engage into anything).

    I’ve been reading alot about HD and got my readind done too. One thing the analyst said is that if I wanted something, even a Relationship I had to go out there and get it.
    I had a friend who told me he knew a guy born on the same day fo the same year as me, so I contacted him and we started talking. We realised that our lives had had the same elements in them, they were simply “arranged” differently, it was crazy. We realised we had been to the same places at the same period of our lives. Most of all we recognised each other in the wy we function, and we have the same rythme, which is so nice. We looked at his chart and realised that it was very close to mine except that his ego and g centers are defined which is ositive becaus mine aren’t.

    Of course we have a different family back ground which makes us different in life expériences and also, his parents respected him as a child so he was able to evolve and be who he is supposed to be whereas I was “crushed” by my father and couldn’t be myself because of conditionning.

    The challenge in our Relationship in the emotionnal functionning. Although there is great comprehension because we function the same way, sometimes if there is an issue we have a tendency to be both hurt, and stop communicating, but we are aware of that and working on it !

    1. Justine,
      Thanks for sharing your experience as an emotional Manifestor and relationships. It is wonderful when we become aware. Cindy (assistant to Evelyn)

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience, Justine. Awesome to find someone you resonate with so deeply! I might gently suggest a Relationship Reading to give you both greater awareness of potential issues, like the emotions, and how to handle them. Best wishes!!

  22. Hello Evelyn!
    Thank you for your amazing sharing!
    I’m a 6/2 emotional manifestor with 32 years old. I spent basically all my life with no boyfriend (just a few affairs) jumping around platonic loves or not get enough interest with anyone, but I was always surrounded with people that loved me and wanted to give me their love and the world, but I was never captivated enough and always prefered to keep them as good friends. I always felt like a lonely wolf, but it felt right, I was feeling good alone most of the time.
    And then suddenly at 27 I felt completely in love and in less then a month he became my boyfriend.. Uau so quickly.. I always take many time to grow things, but this feeling just woke up.. We felt like we knew each other since ever… =) And even our friends were saying that all the time, that we looked like we have always been together. And this love keeps growing =)
    He is a manifesting generator 3/1 and he has a lot of patience for me and he respects me. It was crucial to understand our own profiles and from eachother.
    The only real problem is that he´s a really sweet and caring person, but as some anger issues and shouts very easily. Few moments after shouting, he comes back to normal and most of the times he understands that it was too much, but I will never get used to this.
    So my doubt in here is that when I feel totally connected with him, I know that I want to grow old with him, but many many times my independent wolf just want to be left alone. So he’s kind of the man of my life and the next day I start doubting everything. I find myself measuring everything, to be with him, to be alone, to be with him… Ahhh but inside my heart I know that all of our problems can be worked out because we love eachother a lot and this love can heal anything. I just wonder why do I have this part of me that is always sabotaging this relationship and is screaming to live alone?
    can you help?
    thank you !!! Love & Ligth

  23. eptember 5, 2015 at 9:58 am
    Hy there!
    Who could help me with some suggestions pls?
    I m a manifestor profile 4/6 with 3 centers opened: the root, sacral and G center. I felt in love with a reflector, profile 3/5. I have great imagination and admiration about him.
    But he behaves cool ,detached. On one side he made me promises giving me the idea that is with me, on other side he said is sleeping with other womens because that s freedom. Also he is gemini in astrology. It is confusion for me

    1. rm,
      Thanks so much for your comment and questions. I understand it can be difficult with a manifestor and a reflector in a relationship. It does seem confusing. Evelyn often says you must follow your design and be happy in your own energy. I believe Evelyn may have more information on being a Manifestor and what is the correct strategy to follow. Here is a link to an article that Evelyn wrote on the different roles. https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/ir-projectors-manifestors-reflectors/ I hope this helps. Evelyn also does Readings that might help you understand yourself and your partner. Warmly, Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn Levenson

  24. Hello,

    I’m starting a relationship with a manifestor who is 3/5 with emotional authority. I am a generator 2/4 with sacral authority. We recently had a discussion that I intuited a lot of what was said about being a manifestor for him and it was very helpful. I just did his chart today and am wondering if their is any guidance or insight that can be helpful for us in our relationship going forward.

    1. Hi Marcela,

      It is wonderful for you to be starting a relationship and be aware of the difference in your TYPE, Profile, Authority. Just understand that both of you have to follow your strategy for your type. Generator needs to wait to respond and use your Sacral questions and a Manifestor does not have to wait but needs to remember to inform. Just honor each other and remember if you are following your strategy – it is not personal if their strategy is different than your own. If you go back to Evelyn’s article, she makes excellent recommendations for both your Manifestor and for the people who love a Manifestor. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  25. ..am an Emotional Manifestor 6/2, ‘off the roof’…and have had many relationships along with two marriages. The majority of the time when i meet someone they tend to end up being possessive or controlling. But from what i can gather the right one is worth waiting for…part of me wants to settle down the other part wants freedom.Also, I want to be with people but when I am I want to be alone!
    Wondering whether Im better pottering around in my own puddle or socializing. When I socialize I often get bored and really do feel people don’t ‘get me’….so then i leave. This year I spent a few weeks in a foreign country not knowing the language, no tv in my little apartment, and I was totally at peace.Just read books, HD stuff…why was this? Imnot exactly sure how to follow my Strategy and Authority..I understand To Inform and my solar plexus emotional…but how in depth? O life!

    1. Sally, Thank you for your thought-provoking response. If you remember Evelyn in her article, Manifestors don’t “need” people the way other Types need people, which affects how they operate within relationships. Their biggest challenge (and a key piece of their Strategy for success in life) is INFORMING those who will be impacted by their actions before they act. She also mentions trusting what feels right for you. Cindy, assistant to Evelyn Levenson.

    2. Hi Sally, thanks for your sharing. The 2 in your 6/2 Profile means you are a Hermit sometimes so you definitely like to be alone. And Manifestors often like that anyway, too. The 6 sometimes likes to be with people, but only if the effort is really worth your while. To understand and use your Strategy and Authority (and the rest of your chart), I highly recommend a Reading with a qualified practitioner of your choice. There is no substitute for (and no faster path to) understanding yourself and improving your life than a session with someone trained to help you make sense of the full picture of your and your design, and integrate all of the many many pieces!

  26. What a wonderful site! You are doing a great thing here. I am 1/3 emotional manifestor and just started dating a man who is also a 1/3 emotional manifestor. I detected early that we were “the same person” but this is uncanny. Fortunately we are both good communicators yet I wonder, in the long run, if this is the type of relationship that is best for me. I’ve always relied on sturdy generators in the past so this is a little terrifying. More work would you say?

    Thank you so very much for all you do!

    1. Robin, Thank you for sharing your Manifestor response to the article. I would believe that as long as both you and your “other” are willing to follow your strategy of keeping each other informed you will be fine. As a Manifestor, you would actually have your own inner authority on whether the relationship is right or not. You would be a power couple for sure. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

    2. Hi Robin, thanks for your comment and your positive feedback! Yes, it can be a little terrifying to rely on a non-sacral partner, and the issue of working and bringing in income can be a very real issue for Open Sacral couples. Good to go into it with awareness and clear choice. Any relationship can work, with enough awareness, patience and compassion. More work with a Manifestor relationship??? Possibly not. I know Generators who are tough to be in relationship with, and Manifestors who are absolute sweethearts. Feel for your deepest emotions about this relationship (and wait through your emotional wave) before deciding. Give yourself as much time as you need to reach YOUR point of clarity. Hope that helps.

  27. Hello all-

    I am 1/4 type splenic aware manifestor with the right angle cross of Maya

    I have few things i have noticed about self-

    1. I am very defensive
    2. I hate being controlled, like for real.. Even a hint of try from anyone trying to box me, gets me all hyper and angry.
    3. I hate conflicts, I always walk away or stay quiet ti avoid confrontation or even open discussion.
    4. I am hyper – way too much thoughts in my head and cant even control.
    5. I love being loved but after sometime I feel tied down. It’s a confusing feeling.

    After I read your feed backs and for few struggles – I feel better. I am not along 🙂

    Always misunderstood 🙁 for being bossy or loner. Damn, I just need a break to rest my head. Leave me alone!

    Hope people relate to us at some point than tagging us anti social.

    1. Pulikkal, Thank you for your comments and what you noticed about yourself. Knowing more about your Type and Strategy can really help you. You are not anti-social, you are just living according to your Type. Happy New Year! Cindy, assistant to Evelyn

    2. Oh.. my…God! 1/4 type splenic manifestor with the right angle cross of Maya too and same! However, I’d say keep putting in the work and you’d be able to train yourself to not be so defensive and be smart about when and how to be controlling 🙂 All the very best!

  28. Good to read this site, i am an emotional manifestor 6/2 with channel 12-22. I am interested with an emotional manifestor 1/3 also having channel 12/22, and his heart centre is definded but i am not.

    Both of us are not acting ourself as manifestor as both of us are not initiating. After i learn HD i try to ‘inform’ him and expect him to take a step further. He also not initiating but i know he don’t like to be asked, same as me i don’t like to go to ‘ask’ for his permission. I don’t have a defined heart center so always think i am not worth to beloved by such a nice man.

    There is a lot of emotion between us maybe because we both have channel 12-22. But now we are stuck there, only emotion but no action. Should i ‘start’ the relationship without him ‘inform’ be whether he want to or not?

    1. Nikki, always be true to yourself (now that you know how!). Inform and initiate. Many Manifestors are “asleep” because their initiating hasn’t been supported during their life. Maybe he will “wake up” as you start initiating!

  29. Hi there, am an Emotional Solar Plexus Manifestor 6/2, Left Angle Cross of Confrontation. Just found my freedom now and rebuilding my life after divorcing a very controlling and abusive Ex, a pattern that has repeated since childhood. I am told I am unpredictable, confrontational and stubborn constantly. I know what I want and have so many ideas I would like to manifest but don’t know how or where to start. I can see immediately when my aura repels people. I really would like to have a relationship with someone but I have not met someone who can see past the aura and have the courage to start a relationship. Any tips will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Nicole, a quick thought: the more you understand and accept yourself (and take action consistent with your Manifestor energy), the less rebellious and resentful you are likely to feel, which may make it easier for others to have relationships with you. It’s not that rebellious and resentful are bad (and I’m just sensing this from your comment, but these may not describe you), but they do repel people. When you don’t feel as though you need to defend yourself as much, and just allow you to be YOU, everything will get easier. Congratulations on getting out of an abusive relationship pattern. That’s a HUGE step in the right direction. Be patient with yourself.

  30. Hi Evelyn,

    I have just ventured into the world of Human Design and being a 1/3 Manifestor. There have been times where my life has flowed with ease. I wasn’t always aware of it until hindsight. And ofter I just haven’t “known” and wanted others to give me answers while resenting people who tried tell me what do. Wanting to “know” has been huge for me.

    I’m curious about two things. First, I am in a way reinventing myself after much of the foundations of my life seemed to break up and fall away, including finances and intimate relationship in the last couple of years. I asked myself this morning, How can I be the best Manifestor I can be? In work and in intimate relationship. I’ve had a series of long term, committed relationships but at some point I always grew disenchanted, wondering where was the person I fell in love with. But then I was also different. And I have left significant jobs, entered the business world as a self-employed coach, speaker, etc and now I just wonder what is next @ 66 years. I only say my age because you might want to know. I think too much emphasis is based on age, and usually negatively. So how can I be the best 1/3 Manifestor I can be in the short space you have to answer!? I totally relate to the energy piece, have experienced that forever but not honored, thinking there was something wrong with me. Now what…

    1. Reggie,
      Isn’t it wonderful learning more about yourself using your human design. I found another article from Evelyn that uses a case study about a Manifestor. https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/example-type-strategy-marriage-business/ . You are designed to initiate things and to dig deeply. As a 1/3, you may unconsciously need to try many things or start many things. As Evelyn always says honor your strategy and your own unique design. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  31. I am very new to human design. A couple of years ago, I had a reading done for fun without understanding what was happening. I found out I was an ego manifestor 6/2. That meant little to me at the time but a few things resonated. I was told this was predominantly a male profile (I’m female, now 57 years old) and explained my great need for independence, to be alone, rush of ideas and activity and hot or cold reactions from others.i recently rekindled my interest in human design and have run off many charts of friends and family (without really knowing what I’m doing)and have consistently found the outcomes to be very accurate. I was always puzzled by a tense relationship with my father in law. He has since passed away but from the time I first knew him (30 years ago) there was a feeling of competitiveness between us. He would say hurtful things only to me about my husband ( a generator) and was often looking for opportunities to undermine us. It constantly confused me. He was revered by other members of his family and the wider community, received numerous meritous awards and was extremely energetic and participatory in leadership roles within the community. I was the only one who appeared to be cautious around him. It was organic and intangible. I never expressed my concerns to others, especially not my husband. I subsequently did my father in laws chart and it turns out he was an emotional manifestor 6/2. It was an amazing ‘light bulb moment’. Of course it was tense between us! I am so grateful for the insight HD has given me.!

    1. Lesley,
      Thank you for the thoughtful comment about understanding relationships through the lens of Human Design. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  32. Hi- I am a manifestor 2/4 profile, emotional solar plexus – Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Planning (16/9 | 37/40). Have not been in relationship for 3 years after three divorces over 25 years. I am trying to learn to honor myself and what feels right. For me to choose my mate. Before I allowed them to choose me and usually be controlled and miserable. Now how do I go about this? I went on one date a week ago. I am not feeling much now- but enjoyed date although I felt like I was coaching him and we talked easily for 3 hours. I am an empathic intuitive healer acupuncturist. I am not looking for projects, but I am not sure if I am avoiding right now. I am lonely, but not going to settle. Want clarity and if I am to follow emotional wave does that mean I go on more dates see how I feel over time? I know that often I will think I like someone when I am with them but. It after I have my alone time. Thanks-Kathleen

  33. Sorry- I think I like them when I am in their aura. Then I find I am not interested in them when I have alone time. Confused as to how that works.

    1. Kathleen,
      Thank you for the thoughtful question. As a Manifestor, you really have to trust your own inner guidance and then inform. You could check with your inner guidance about the person in a couple of days or a week (as you are riding your emotional wave). Thank you for sharing your question. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  34. Hi. I love this article and I can mostly relate to it.
    I am all new here. I know about human design but never really get into.
    I know I am manifestor, maried to manifestor generator with daughter manifestor too.
    I came to a pint in my life that I know that it is responsible from me to tell somebody that I am going to do something. Everything that I decide to create comes from the heart and if I feel angry and to emotional I learned not to act and create. Because all I want to create from me and trough me is beauty and love. I just find myself burning out and it shows in my whole body like an very intense allergy and I know it is from not living my whole potential…I just don’t know right now what to do and how to help myself and with that the whole family?
    I love my husband and our energies. Mostly I am the one with the initiation or idea now and he is managing and organising and acting to manifest it into reality. And my daughter is the same and we are trying to teach her through our examples to act from love and to handle emotions of anger and fear. My energy was manipulated and shut down for ages but now I slowly taking it back and creating the life that is good for me and like I am worth it. I just feel so much anger that I now now isn’t all mine. A lot of my anger comes from a wounded heart and feeling manipulated and blocked but from inside bursting the true me to come out. Luckily I have always trusted my inner voice and so grateful that I am here now and so blessed to help others too.

    1. Katja,
      Thank you for the wonderful story about living your Manifestor potential. It is wonderful that you and your husband are trying to be great examples to your daughter. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

  35. Such a great forum. Thank you! I am a female 1/3 Emotional Manifestor dating a male 1/3 Ego Manifestor. My first mate who is not a generator and so far good. We are middle age and know ourselves enough, I think, to make this work. Pretty fun and definitely exciting. Talk about a power couple 🙂 My question is rather general: I realize our aura types are recommended to sleep alone but, in the case of two identical types, wouldn’t it be okay? Healthy even? It is nice to have company even for us lone wolves..
    Thank you!

    Ps We would accept ANY advice you have to offer us!

  36. Hi Evelyn,

    You say that the Role of Manifestors is to initiate action from ideas’.
    But that seems incorrect to me.
    Ra says for no one the Mind is the Inner Authority.
    Aren’t Manifestors here to initiate from their Inner Authority?


  37. Hi it’s been 2 yrs since I started working full time job and around the same finding out I’m a manifestor. It’s very difficult. It’s been a hell of a time trying to keep up with the timing. But I’m not quite sure what else to do if not the job. It sounds pretty simple to”just do it” but is very difficult to actually do. N make family understand that I can’t be like them, all generators complain about the poor energy I have

    1. Maggie,
      Thank you for the comment. It can often be hard for other types to understand the energy and drive of the Manifestor. You may need some time to yourself to discharge any of the “Sacral” energy from the generator types in your family to help restore your own energy. It is good that you are aware that you do not have sustainable energy. Cindy (Assistant to Evelyn)

  38. hi i am new to the experiment of living my human design. i am a 6/3 (male)projector with one defined center 57-10 and my beloved she is a 2/4 (female) manifestor with one defined center 21-45.

    any help in our journey together? we have been together for 7 months❤️

    love your design,

    thank you.


  39. HI I am a 3/6 male in a relationship with a 4/6 female. how should we handle our relationship or should we go ahead with it?

    1. Aditya, First thank you for reading the article on Manifestors in Relationships. Understanding your Profile can lead to understanding each other. You both have the Line 6 in common. You probably both feel you have a mission in Life. As a 3 profile, you are here to experiment and try new things. The 4 profile likes to have a steady thing in place. Also, remember not to criticize a 4 profile, they really take it to heart. Evelyn wrote another article here on Relationships, https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/quick-tip-key-to-better-relationships/ . Understanding that we are each “wired” differently can help in a relationship. Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

    2. Hi Aditya, it’s Evelyn here. Thank you for your question. As Cindy implied in her reply to you, there are many complexities in relationships that go beyond types and profiles. Human Design charts can point toward possible issues in a relationship, but can’t necessarily predict success or failure in a relationship. One challenge with your combination can be that the 3rd line and younger 6th lines like to experiment, and the 4th lines like stability and consistency. Sometimes in February, I offer a discount on Relationship Readings. If you’d like to be notified of such offers, you can sign up by requesting my free report at http://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/free-report-opt-in/

  40. Okey, I’ve been doing some reading and some thinking too. So I’m a female Emotional Projector 3/5 profile. Somehow I’m always attracted to male 5/1 type, but it’s always the same thing start with stars and moon and then just pain and an endless game of cat and mouse is there a reason or is it just me not learning my lesson?

    1. One challenge that the 5th line profile can have in relationship is the issue of projection. Fifth lines can have trouble being seen for who they really are, as others tend to project onto them what they want to see. Third lines may also drift in and out of a relationship as part of their “experimenting” before they’re ready to commit. When you have 2 people with the 5th line in relationship together, the potential for mutual projections and misinterpretation is huge. As a start, I’d suggest making a routine of regularly checking in with your partner. For example, “I have that sense that you really don’t want to do [fill in the blank]. Is that right?” or “What I thought I heard you say was [fill in the blank]. Did I understand what you meant to say?”. If you’re in a relationship currently, a Human Design Relationship Reading could shed some light on the specific details of the two of you in relationship. For more information about readings, visit https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/

  41. Hi Evelyn,

    I’m a 6/2 emotional manifesting generator (12/22) who is 42 years old and I gotta say the dating scene is miserable. I’ve given up on it after 25 or so years of failure and have begun to just do my life planning for no kids or partner as a result. The whole unrequited love theme is really for the birds, yet I’m living proof soul mates happen… in brief encounters that are usually not fulfilled.

    I find that if I open the energy for a relationship in my life, I tend to obsess about it, and I distract my major energy (all four motors defined) away from creating my life and trying instead to manifest a partner.

    I read in the above posts that it gets easier after 50 to find someone for someone like me. Can you please expound on that? My gut tells me I won’t meet the right fella till my 50’s. And I’m really struggling to accept that. Thanks.

    1. Relationships can be an adventure for 6th line profiles. While the 6th line yearns for a soulmate, there is also a mid-life phase where the 6th line withdraws from society to a degree. This “on the roof” phase lasts from about 30 to 50 years of age. After 50, coming “off the roof”, the 6th line has renewed energy in all creative areas, including relationships, and things may indeed “get easier” for you. In the meantime, follow your sacral authority to find your bliss, and trust that you’ll be led to the right place at the right time.

  42. Hi there,
    I am an emotional manifester with a 3/6 profile. I am 52 yrs old and I have had no happiness in relationships since I was a teenager. I was in a relationship with a 1/3 projector and have recently caught up with him after 30 plus years. I really loved this man all those years ago and he has never forgotten me. Whilst we were very attracted to each other, both of us had lots of baggage from the family of origin to work out. We were together approximately 3 years and after 30 yrs I still feel the same. What do you think?

    1. From a Human Design perspective, the 6th line profile yearns for a soul mate, and 3rd lines have a tendency to “fall in love at first sight” but take a long time to commit. One of my colleagues claims that it’s possible for anyone to love anybody else: that there’s nothing pre-ordained in our charts that would doom a relationship. One important factor in the success of a future relationship with this man would be how well the two of you have matured and released the “baggage” that created problems in your relationship so many years ago. A custom reading on the relationship might be helpful to point out possible pitfalls and strengths based on your designs. The Custom Relationship Reading includes an individual reading for you, a session on his chart, and a session on your charts together. You can find out more here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/custom-human-design-reading/ . Of course your Strategy as a Manifestor would involve “informing” and perhaps initiating the reconnection. (As an aside, my mother married the guy she dated when they were 15, over 60 years later!). ~Robin, assistant to Evelyn

  43. I am a 2/4 Manifesting Generator with an Emotional Solar Plexus inner authority. I don’t seem to be able to find love which I really want but always seem to fail miserably. I don’t know what the problem is and would appreciate any advice available. I was dating a guy I thought was a great match for me, a Manifestor 6/2 with a Splenic Inner Authority, feelings and a connection between us still seem to be there but we are both crazy busy with work and family and I’m totally unclear as to how we can maintain the relationship, be totally honest with each other, or simply end it which I do not seem able to do since the connection between us is very strong. Help!

    Also I would really appreciate it if someone could explain what this means in my Human Design, Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix (59/55 | 20/34)

    Many thanks x

    1. As Manifesting Generator, your natural life style is to be busy with work and family! You (and he) may need to make some deliberate changes in order to create time for this relationship. Relationships are complicated and generic advice is generally not helpful. If you’d like more information about how your Human Design influences your relationships, I’d recommend an Initial Reading, which could include a discussion of your Incarnation Cross. https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/ If you’d also like a Human Design perspective on how the charts of the two of you interact in relationship, you could follow up with an Specialty Relationship Reading.

    2. Dear Truly Scrumptious – love your name! I’m nearly late for work but a life of immediacy makes me respond to your message Now. I am a 2/4 Manifestor with Em Solar Plx authority. One-Love was my focus of my life for the duration of … sixty-eight years. That’s right, 68. Lost count of the One-Loves, & do not consider myself promiscuous. My dream exploded, nearly taking me with it. One could say a number of factors made me let go, but with years of recovery, HD and a measure of wisdom, it is no wonder that this gargantuan identification with love-relationship, generations old, perhaps as ancient as women’s heart, took a lifetime to dissolve and explode.
      I’d been aware of my love-addiction for many years, in recovery, and chose to stay with the fantastic man in my life (triple-thing in HD – forgive my ignorance of terms yet) because herein was the lesson.
      Since this devastating cycle four years ago, I barely recognize my inner self today. He is still in my life, with all the spaciousness we both need. I have occasional emotional buttons if I spend too much time with him (easy to fix, now that I know) but overall the issue of relationship is non-extent in my psyche. Simply gone. Along with it went all the agony and ecstasy that kept me with it so long. This entire world of complex emotions is no longer mine. I’ve lost a huge chunk of my ego-self. It sometimes feels I’ve lost a piece of my humanity, given the values of society. In its place is equanimity, more stable friendship with him and others, and most of all, a deepening self-acceptance that brings the joys of PEACE we longed for in the first place. Almost all the time. I would not trade one for the other. For any Manifestor who truly believes, knows, that Peace is her home, she will stop at nothing to remove remaining illusions.
      Gratitude to you, to all the manifesting commentators of my tribe, and to you, Evelyn.

      1. Thank you, Constance, for your honest sharing and congratulations on your hard-won freedom! I’m sure your story will be helpful to others. Blessings to you.

  44. Hello, I am 1/3 generator ( triple split definition,inner authority sacral) in a relationship with a Manifestor (split definition,Solar Plexus).I have Ego and solar plexus indefined – his has the root,sacral and heart undefined…together we bring together all centers! His ex was a manifestor single definition 2/4 solar plexus!He has totally consumed me! He has been very controlling to me and he has been informing me over everything but he has been asking me to respond to a million issues! The truth is that I have been trying to break up with him but he won’t let me! He acts as if I have never expressed feelings of separartion! I don’t know what to do!!Please share yoir advice what I should do! I am a phd holder in Linguistics and he barely made it through highschool ( taxi driver)!

    1. ​Nana, thanks for your comment. As a Generator, you have a powerful source of inner knowing, your sacral response. Develop and learn to rely on your inner authority.​ Relationships are complex, and some relationship issues are best addressed by methods other than Human Design. If you are feeling controlled and consumed, you may want to seek support locally, like a counselor or good friends who can help you set boundaries in this relationship, or end it safely. In the future, a relationship reading could be helpful to understand and improve the dynamics of a healthy relationship. Best wishes to you.

  45. Aloha, I am 28.8 year old 4/6 emotional manifestor – wondering about a relationship who has the same exact as I, 4/6 emotional manifestor, 11 years older. Was in a 2 year relationship, feel like we are riding the same waves, perhaps his are bigger or longer than mine. Amazing connection but off sometimes…with too much space and not enough clear communication, as we were probably processing. Certainly some dance. Grateful for any thoughts / insight on relationships with the same same. So stoked to delve into this brilliant study. Thank you from the depths for your work ~ <3

    1. Hi Lauren. Successful relationships can be made with any combination of types and profiles, so I don’t think there is any special advice for two people with the same type and profile in relationship. As you are both Manifestors, using your Strategy of informing each other is important. In a relationship, the composite of your charts can create additional interacting emotional waves, which you may be experiencing. For more detailed insight into your relationship from a Human Design perspective, you might consider a Relationship reading, which is a Custom reading, with 1 session for your chart, 1 session for your partner’s chart, and 1 session on your two charts combined. You can find more information here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/custom-human-design-reading/ Wishing you all the best in your study and use of Human Design. It offers so much practical wisdom!

  46. Hello – I recently discovered I’m a manifestor 1/3 (solar plexus) and my partner is a manifesting generator 3/5 (sacral) and at times we are deeply connected and in the flow and at other times, bump up against each other, trigger and react and fall apart. Added to that we are Twin Flames. It’s exhausting. What advice would you give for successful understanding and navigation of this relationship? I do believe my true manifestor was squashed out of me at a young age as I had a very difficult, controlling father and see that all my 4 siblings and my mother are quite controlling too – still (50 years on). Out of interest, does your book go into deeper detail of each type and how to master our individual mechanics? It would be so useful to know everyone’s type that you’re connected with in order to best deal with everyday life! Thanks in advance for you wisdom.

    1. Laura, you pose such great questions. A very basic, but helpful, rule of thumb is to follow your Strategy. For you, that means to inform your partner before taking action that will affect him or her. Since your partner is a Generator type, asking your partner Yes or No questions to elicit the Sacral response is honoring. If your partner is aware of Human Design, mutual reminders about Informing can help to avoid the default emotional response of anger, common to the Manifestor and Manifesting Generator. It is quite possible that your emotional wave, or channels that you and your partner complete (where you have one Gate defined and your partner has the matching Gate defined) may account for the times when you are more reactive than connected. For deeper detail about types, I suggest my Success by Types course, https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/sbt-info. For mastering your individual mechanics, I’d suggest a Relationship reading, as understanding specific relationship dynamics is difficult to do by learning on your own: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/

  47. I recently connected with a manifestor thru a fb group after we realized we had two companionship channels – 12-22 and 35-36. I’m a manifesting generator and also have 57-20 “the psychic channel”. He was camping/homeless in a normally fairly mild climate, but the weather turned cold, and I was getting a clear message that he was in some danger to exposure. We had been doing a relatively good job of respecting each others’ strategy and authority, but things got a little fuzzy here. We lived one time zone away from each other and had not met. He had said he wanted to try to do a HD reading for someone that day. I said, I could use a reading, and I’d be willing to pay you in advance (thru PayPal). I also ended up getting him a hotel room as the temperatures continued dipping that day. Over the next few days he was a bit cavalier it seemed, which I didn’t mind until it started getting cold again. I got him a few supplies delivered to a place where he could pick them up, but not only was my wave “crashing” but I was also getting “no’s” from my sacral, so I stopped – I had tried to discuss with him some ideas and figure out what he might need, very worried about him at this point, but he stopped informing me. Then he retaliated by trying to explain to me that I hadn’t been treating him correctly as a manifestor, and that he needed to explain to me how I had had it wrong the whole time. I thought this was rather rich and wasn’t having any of it. After he told me he was fine, I tried to take some space, with limited success. After time to ride out my wave passed for a day or two, I asked if he intended to still do a reading for me at some point. He said no, he was angry, and he’d rather pay me back when he was in a different situation – and this is what I get for initiating. I just wanted to try to verify, if you all can assume I am being completely forthright here, is he just abusing my generosity here, and trying to use HD to justify himself? Thanks for any kind insights you have to offer.

    1. Hi Amy. Ah, relationships can be so challenging, and there are things that just can not be explained by the mechanics of Human Design. In your situation, it’s good to remember that you have at least 4 emotional waves going on in your composite with this person: his 12-22 and your 12-22 wave, which may tend to have wide swings up and down, and your 35-36 and his 35-36 wave which is apt to be triggered by relationships. This could make for a rocky ride, as the waves aren’t synchronized. Of course, a Manifestor’s default emotional response will be anger….but Human Design doesn’t give license to acting out or justifying “bad behavior”. Follow your Sacral response and Emotional Authority for guidance in going forward. You may want to seek out a reading from a Human Design professional. You can learn about Readings I offer here:

  48. Hi,

    Amazing article. I’m an emotional Manifestor 4/1 with a Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation (39/38 | 51/57), 29 years old. Since I was a small child I feel an extremely strong sense of purpose inside me, a burning fire, a deep knowing that I need to make an impact, but the outside circumstances always feel blocking and resisting me from reaching big. After years of codependency, violent relationships, PTSD, controlling parents, and various addictions I’m finally on a path of healing, and since I’m a very spiritual person, I’ve been diving more and more into establishing myself as an artist/healer. There’s nothing more frustrating then feeling like I can’t fulfill my life’s purpose. So now I learned to take it very slow, and wait for the right moment to come to manifest, to reach my inner peace first and manifest from that place of clarity. Most of my closest friends are Manifestors too. Other people just wanna control me and tell me to get a 9-5 job, but I would never have the energy for that. I’m an artist and a healer. The problem that I have is how to structure myself that I stay with one activity and make it my source of income. I get bored quickly and don’t finish things, plus I’m in art and work for non-profits, hence don’t earn much money. Any guidance for a 4/1 Manifestor in terms of practical work advice? Because it’s the rare type I can’t find much about it. My main skill is gathering people of various talents and placing them together into my conceptual projects to execute my ideas. But I also like to work with people in a consulting way, one on one, and share my knowledge. Should I work in more community or individual settings, or should I focus less on other people and develop my own visual talents? I’m really trying to still find my format, a sustainable format for making a living and for fulfilling my purpose.
    Relationships are also trouble… I’ve been trying to make myself small my entire life. Never understood why people want to be violent towards me, why they betray me and cheat on me and control me. Until I read HD. Since my healing journey started, I began enjoying my solitude. I started accepting it, and it is the first time in my life that I deeply deeply enjoy who I am (before I was never single). That I started giving myself what I always demanded of others.
    I really appreciate others sharing their stories, I love reading them. Thanks!
    Lots of love X

    1. Ah, Chloe. I’m so glad that learning about your Human Design has been helpful to you on your healing journey. It’s a fairly common story that the immense creative power of Manifestors gets shut down, whether from external pressure, or internal “playing small” to be safe. Parents of Manifestor children often feel like “this” child needs to be severely controlled and constrained, while the reverse is probably more true. This is the child who would be just fine left to her own devices and decisions, thank you very much. Just as the Manifestor’s emotional default is anger when the creative flow is interrupted, others can react with anger towards them. Even though it is hard to step out of your non-verbal creative process to Inform others (the Manifestor Strategy), it’s important to help the other understand what you’re about to do.

      In a way, Manifestors are the only type that doesn’t really need other people. My sense is as you’re learning to accept, appreciate, and love who you are, in your solitude, you will be able to initiate happy and fulfilling relationships that don’t repeat the patterns of your past. How wonderful that you have found other Manifestors who understand what it is like.

      As far as practical work advice… Manifestors need a work environment in which they have the freedom to be autonomous, and a flexible schedule, since their energy may be unpredictable. Your 4/1 profile would like stability. As to whether that looks like group work, one on one, or solo work, follow your strategy. You may find benefit in a Human Design reading, which can look at the other aspects in your chart for clues to what would be satisfying to you. You can learn about the types of Readings I offer here, https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/. I also have a professional Human Design colleague, who is a Manifestor, that I can refer you to.

      Best wishes to you on your path of healing, and on bringing your talents out to the world to make your impact.

  49. Hi All,
    I’m 52 and just found out I’m an emotional solar plexus manifestor, martyr heretic, 3/5 right angle cross of consciousness (35/5 63/64). Only just beginning to research. Alot resonates with me, but I’ don’t understand the details. I have never had direction in my life. ie a career. Very difficult childhood- opresive and distant mother. to this day! And always seemed to fall into things. Kinda. Like my former marriage, had two kids etc. Never a career, though. Always starting and stopping things. At this point in my life. just no motivation at all. Any insight into me? This?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Alexandra, congratulations on learning about your Human Design. There seems to be a tendency for the parents to try to control Manifestor children, often harshly. People with the 3/5 profile can have a rough ride, too, unless they understand the dynamics of the profile and their Strategy and Authority. A Human Design Reading might be most beneficial to you in understanding your Strategy and Authority, your direction and purpose, and how to get your motivation going again. You can learn about the types of Readings I offer here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/ .

  50. Hi, all! I’m a Manifestor with 1/5 profile, Emotional – Solar Plexus and Singel Definition. Learning about HD has made me realise why I feel the way I am and some things are now easier to understand. For example as a child I always had the inner feeling that I am here to impact and I hated my parents for trying to control me; I even thought that it would be fine to leave alone the rest of my life because I couldn’t imagine myself being in a relationship.

    But when I was 25 years old I met somebody with whom I felt so free and comfortable. At first we were just friends for 1 year or so but later we started spending more time together until we were in a relationship. He is also a Manifestor but with 2/4 profile and split definition. Our relationship has been growing very slowly but it keeps on getting stronger. I didn’t know about the HD but now I think this knowledge about our designs will help us to keep our relationship so we both could grow and enjoy it even more.

    Another thing – it has been recommended to sleep alone to recharge and be in your own aura. With my partner, we both like to sleep very tightly and hugging each other. It is not so every night but somehow we really enjoy being in each other’s auras and we do everything together (except we work at different jobs).

    Hope this information also helps some other Manifestors. If somebody has anything to add, you are welcome to comment and share.

    1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all parents and children knew their design? Relationships are almost always strengthened and deepened when people understand their design and that of their partners, as the two of you do.

      While Human Design has “rules” about things like how best to sleep, you are ultimately your own Authority. The suggestion to sleep alone is helpful because it gives Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors the opportunity to release Sacral energy. Many couples have Gates that when linked up create Sacral definition. For example, one has the Gate 50 defined and the other has the Gate 27 defined. In this case, they might sleep better if they were in different beds. Clearly sharing a bed for sleeping is working for you both. No need to change unless sleep becomes an issue for either of you!