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Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

If you haven’t read anything about Human Design yet or how it can help you live the life you’ve always hoped for, I recommend starting on my Human Design for Success home page first.

If you’re looking for your first experience of exploring YOUR OWN Human Design, I recommend my Free Chart/Free Kit page where you can request your free Human Design Chart and pick up some special gifts.

If you have your free Human Design Chart
and you’re intrigued with its power to explain your life
and improve your decision making,
go ahead and choose one of the Personal Human Design Readings below and let’s get you started!

On this page:       Personal Readings         Specialty Readings


Personal Human Design Readings

The way I do Readings is a bit different than most Human Design practitioners. Because I have both Depth (Gate 48) and Detail (Gate 62) in my chart, I LOVE to go deep into the details of a chart.

But I also recognize that not everyone wants that level of depth. So I have a few different ways you can work with me for a private, personal Reading. I call them: Good, Better, Best, and Custom. I absolutely want you to decide for yourself what resonates most with YOU.

And it’s fine to start with “Good” and then decide you want to go deeper by choosing Better, Best, or Custom after completing Good. I’m flexible.


Initial Human Design Reading
(1 session + 30-minute follow up call)

For people who are highly focused (or in a hurry!) and still want to make smarter decisions and increase their success in life, career and relationships

If you are ready to learn “just what you need to know” so you can get moving in your life, this is for you! An Initial Reading is a profoundly enlightening 75-minute exploration of YOU and the energetic configuration you were born with.

It is this configuration that determines:

  • your personality
  • why you’re here, and
  • how you can uniquely go about fulfilling your purpose.
Just one session with me (by phone or web call)…. and you’re done… if you want to be (there is always more you can learn, but you’ll have a LOT to get started with)!

Imagine success without struggle, without drama, without suffering. Imagine allowing your life to flow in alignment with your Authentic Self.

From this Initial Reading and the bonus materials provided, you will learn:

» The ROLE you are here to play in this life

» How to make decisions and take actions in alignment with your natural energy structure so you create positive FLOW in your life

» Your authentic personality style, how you learn, and how you interact with others

» Your potential vulnerabilities (energetically) and how to minimize them

» and SO much more!

This Initial Reading is a quick and practical way to speed you along your journey of transformation. If this approach appeals to you, I RECOMMEND THAT YOU START HERE.

Learn more about an Initial Human Design Reading (and see COMPARISON of Initial Reading to Full Reading) >>



Full Human Design Reading
(3 sessions)

For people who want to solve their toughest problems, make smarter decisions, and increase their success in life, career and relationships

Imagine being at a fork in your road, and needing to make a choice. Now imagine having a step by step process for making that choice…a process you trust….a process that is right for YOU and for all people involved.

Imagine the confidence, freedom and peace you experience as you move forward on your chosen path, allowing life to unfold almost magically in support of your desired results. Imagine success without struggle, without drama, without suffering.

During three 75-minute sessions with me, you will understand exactly:

  • how YOU are “wired” to succeed — no more mystery!
  • how to apply your Decision Strategy so your choices line up with your inner intelligence
  • how you naturally operate in relationships (and how to improve what’s not working)
  • how to act from your strengths
  • how to turn weaknesses into wisdom
  • how to relax into your life purpose and role
  • and so much more

This Full Reading is where your deep (yet practical) journey of transformation takes off…. FOR MOST PEOPLE, THIS IS THE IDEAL PLACE TO BEGIN

Learn more here about a Full Human Design Reading >>



Deep Human Design Reading
(6 sessions)

The most powerful way to uplevel your life, your relationships, your business, and your success through profound self-knowledge and personal transformation

If you want a high-speed train ride to personal growth….this is it! This option gets you ‘up close and personal’ with your Design over six 75-minute sessions with me, including lots of practical application. You’ll become very familiar with your inner territory and how to best operate your “vehicle” in the outer world.

Step by step, I walk you through fully integrating into your life each piece of your “Life Road Map” Chart….and each component of your personality traits and life themes. Or, we can focus more on your relationships, or the influences of the life cycles currently affecting you.

This is YOUR journey. We can be very flexible in how your use your six sessions. You will probably want to use your first three sessions as a Full Reading. Then, we can go even deeper into your chart, go deeper into your application of this profound knowledge to your big decisions and everyday life, and/or you can mix and match from the Specialty Readings below.

We focus on the areas of your life that you most want to transform, because where you focus is where you get results. You will learn to leverage each aspect of your Design to ensure your success and fulfillment in life — BY DESIGN!

Sounds awesome, tell me more about a Deep Human Design Reading>>



Custom Human Design Reading
(3 sessions of your choosing!)

If you want more than one Reading session but you don’t want all the details of a Full Reading, this option lets you mix and match to get the right choices of sessions for YOU.

You may choose from:

  • personal Reading sessions for you
  • personal Reading sessions for or about other people in your life, and
  • Specialty Reading 75-minute sessions for you

This is a unique opportunity to customize what you want to learn and how you want to use your 3-session Reading. I’ve never seen Readings offered this way anywhere else!

And if you’re not sure exactly how you would like to use these 3 sessions, I’ll help you!

This is flexible like the Deep Reading above, except it’s 3 sessions instead of 6.

Wow, show me my choices for a Custom Reading… this sounds great! >>


Specialty Human Design Readings

Ready to go deeper into the truths and themes of Who You Are?

If you have had a Personal Reading with me (or other certified practitioner) and you’re ready to learn more about

  • your path and your purpose
  • your spiritual challenges
  • your major lessons
  • the energy dynamics in your relationships
  • your upcoming opportunities for growth
  • and much more…

then I invite you explore the Specialty Readings below!

You’re welcome to mix and match these Specialty Readings into the above Deep and Custom Readings.

For example, you could choose the Custom Reading (3 sessions) and use those three sessions as follows: an Initial Reading (1 session) for you, an Initial Reading (1 session) for your spouse or partner, and a Relationship Reading (1 session) for both of you. OR, all 3 sessions about you choosing an Initial Reading for 1 session and then two Specialty Readings.

Or, choose the Deep Reading (6 sessions) and be creative! If you’re not sure what to choose, contact me and we’ll customize a Readings package to meet your needs.

CLICK HERE for details about ALL Specialty Readings >>

See below for Brief Descriptions of all Specialty Readings

Life Path and Soul Mission Reading (click to read more)

You understand the basics of your chart; now you want the specifics of why you’re here and how you’re designed to full that mission.  This 30-minute specialty reading builds on the foundations of your basic chart configuration, and gives you the missing pieces for living a fulfilling life.

Deep Dive Reading (click to read more)

If you’ve had a basic/initial reading and you are ready to dive deeper into your chart, this reading will get your questions answered and help you keep discovering and applying the profound self-knowledge in your chart.

Soul Purpose Alignment Reading (click to read more)

By understanding your Conscious (Soul Purpose) gate energies separately from your Unconscious (Life Story/Life Purpose) gate energies, the key intentions and themes of each of these two aspects of YOU will become clear… and the path to aligning these parts of your life and fulfilling your Quantum Purpose will light up.

Relationship Reading (click to read more)

Learn the relationship dynamics between you and a spouse, or romantic partner, business partner, parent, child, sibling, best friend, etc.

Solar Return Reading (click to read more)

Each year brings new opportunities for personal growth, and we draw to us the people and circumstances that challenge us to grow. Around your birthday each year, discover the themes and growth-lessons you’ll be attracting in the coming year.

Chiron Return Reading (click to read more)

If you are 48-52 years old (or more) and struggling in your life, you may not have mastered your spiritual challenge yet. A Chiron Return Reading will illuminate where you’re struggling and the energies and themes that will help you fully express your soul’s contribution to the world.

Saturn Return Reading (click to read more)

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s and your transition into maturity has been a bit rocky, a Saturn Return Reading can help clarify what you need to master.

If you are in your mid-late 50s and it feels like your life is falling apart in one or more areas, it might be your Saturn lessons trying to get your attention so you can finally align with your truth and live a life that is authentic to YOU. A Saturn Return Reading will help you clarify your lessons and challenges so you can reap the rewards that have been just beyond your reach.

Uranus Opposition Reading (click to read more)

If you are around 40 years of age and want to feel confident about your life themes and directions as you mature and step into your full power, a Uranus Opposition Reading can help.


CLICK HERE for more details about all the Specialty Readings >>