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“Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Generators 

by Evelyn Levenson

Generators: Work & Family are the Focus

Pure Generators, approximately 37% of the world’s population, are the majority of our world’s work force. While they share many characteristics with Manifesting Generators and some refer to the two as one Type, here we will look specifically at only the Pure Generators (your Human Design chart will show “Generator” as your Type), which I’ll refer to as Generators from now on.

Generators have two primary focuses in life:  work and family/mating. So they are usually immersed in relationships all their lives. It is possible for a Generator to have primarily Individual energy, in which case they might not feel they fit in with their family and friends and they may prefer to be alone much of the time. But their work force and life force energy is strong and consistent.

They are born to “respond” to everything around them, which they do quite naturally. But often those responses are subconscious and unnoticed.

Human Design shows Generators that they have an amazing internal guidance system—their Sacral Energy Center—that responds to everything around them. It’s the red square on their Chart, and only Generators and Manifesting Generators have it. All other Types have a white (“Open”) Sacral Center (second square up from the bottom of the chart).

About This Series

Human Design gives us deeply insightful knowledge about the nature of WHO we are and HOW we behave as human beings.

Your personal Human Design chart (you can get your free Human Design chart here) helps you understand the energy dynamics and personality characteristics of YOU.

Human Design also helps you understand the other people around you and the nature of YOUR relationship with them.

This makes possible the achievement of supportive, fulfilling,
and constructive relationships in every area of your life.
And in every relationship in your life!

Wouldn’t THAT be something!

This series of articles about “Human Design TYPES in Relationships” will help you move forward along this most noble and worthy path.  😉

Today’s article explores how the GENERATOR TYPE interacts with OTHER TYPES.

Quick Refresher on Human Design TYPES

There are five TYPES of people in Human Design. Type is determined by which Energy Centers (geometrical shapes on your Human Design Chart) are colored in and how they are connected to each other. In other words, your Type reflects your personal energy configuration. Type is usually indicated in writing on a Chart.

Each TYPE has a Role to play in life and has a particular decision-making and action-taking Strategy that is the best and most correct way for that TYPE to operate in life.

Here is a very brief description of the TYPES and their Roles and Strategies:

Manifestor – approximately 8% of the population
Role: to initiate action from ideas
Strategy: inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action
Click here for my article about Manifestors in Relationships

Generator – approximately 37% of the population
Role:  to find the right work and the right partner in life
Strategy:  wait to respond with your Sacral energy before you take action
Click here for my article about Generators in Relationships

Manifesting Generator – approximately 33% of the population
Role:  to find the right work and the right partner in life (and to find the fastest way to do things)
Strategy:  wait to respond with your Sacral energy then inform everyone in your “impact field” before you take action
Click here for my article about Manifesting Generators in Relationships

Projector – approximately 21% of the population
Role:  to manage, guide and direct the energies of others
Strategy:  wait to be invited into life’s big decisions (love, marriage, career, where you live), and wait to be asked or recognized before sharing your wisdom
Click here for my article about Projectors in Relationships

Reflector – less than 1% of the population
Role:  to reflect the health of our communities back to us
Strategy:  wait 29 days (full lunar cycle) for clarity before you take action
Click here for my article about Reflectors in Relationships

The GENERATOR in the World and in Relationships

Generators who use their inherent energy correctly and follow the inner guidance of their Sacral response are a powerful force that benefits the world, and they are magnificent to behold!

When their Sacral response had guided them to the “right” work for them, they have nearly inexhaustible energy to do that work. And their natural penchant for achieving mastery drives them to persist in improving their skills.

Because of their sustainable work force and life force energy, they tend to be steady partners in relationships although their specific personality characteristics will be affected by the many other energies in their Human Design Chart.

They are the energizer bunnies who can hold down a job, raise a family, get involved in the PTA or other activities, maybe do volunteer work, stay physically active, and pursue various interests. Not all Generators do all of these things… but most of them could!

Some famous Generators are: Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep, George Harrison, Madonna, James Dean, Judy Garland, Oprah Winfrey, Meg Ryan, Greta Garbo.

If You Are a GENERATOR . . .

If you’re not waiting for life to “come to you” and then responding to it so you know if you should pursue something or not, you are going to experience frustration.

It’s likely that you’ve been going in a lot of wrong directions until now, trying to “just go do it” like we’re taught by our society. Problem is… that’s just not correct for you. Hence, the wrong directions and the frustration.

Sadly, our closest relationships often bear the brunt of this frustration. When you recognize and follow your inner guidance, you’ll have less frustration spilling over onto others. And recognizing that the frustration you feel is just energy can also help you minimize its impact on others.

Your brain will often work hard to try and figure out the right answers for you, but that is NOT where YOU want to be making your decisions and choices. That’s what your Sacral Center is for.

However, frustration IS part of your personal learning curve, so you won’t be avoiding it entirely. But if you learn to wait for things to show up so you can respond to them, AND you learn to honor and follow your responses, you’ll be making choices in alignment with your energetic structure and your inner Authentic Self, and you’ll minimize frustration and maximize joy and fulfillment.

You also need to be active enough during your day to be physically tired when you go to bed. It’s as if you wake up each morning with a full tank of gas, and you need to use it all before you sleep. Then you wake up with a new full tank the next day and do it all again. If you’re not sleeping well, try getting more physical activity. This is especially true for Generator children, many of whom are incorrectly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

If You Love a GENERATOR …

Understand that it is correct for them to wait for their inner guidance before they take action. If you happen to be a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator, this may be uncomfortable and/or frustrating to you.

Allow the Generator to wait for things to respond to, and allow them to honor and follow their responses… even if their responses “appear” to not be logical.

The most respectful—and helpful—way that you can interact with a Generator is to ask them Yes/No questions. This allows them a clear opportunity for their Sacral Center to respond and give them guidance.

Don’t take their frustration personally. Recognize that it’s part of their process, and when you support them in being true to their Generator nature you’ll help them minimize that frustration.

And, if you are a non-energy being (a Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector), don’t try to keep up with the Generator in your life. You will wear down and burn out. Let them keep going while you take care of yourself and manage your energy. Once this energy difference in your relationship is truly understood and respected, you’ll both be happier.

I welcome you to share below any success stories you have had as a Generator or as someone in relationship with a Generator. Your generosity in sharing for the benefit of everyone is appreciated!

To learn more about each Human Design Type, and each Type in relationship with other Types, see my Success by Type downloadable audio course. You can buy just one or two Types, or all 5 Types!


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  1. I am a projector married to a generator. I have become very aware of how his sacral energy amplifies through me, and have learned to carve out a quiet place at home to regroup myself. One thing I have noticed is that he is not in the right work, he admits he hates the work he does, and he comes home and immediately falls asleep in his chair. He works because his field is diminishing and he feels he is too old to change paths now (60). I don’t agree with him, but that is his choice. We recently got a dog who now gets him out of his chair, and I see some spark coming back. Also, when I first started using the yes or no questions with him, it felt a little awkward, but amazingly it really helped communication. He tends to have a conversation with himself, conclude, carry on, and forget to inform me that there was any thinking about the subject. Now I can at least get some inclination, as it seems the yes and no responses are automatic, not so much thinking involved. Learning human design is helping me understand things better, and not take it so personally….when I remember. Thank you for your work

    1. Thank you for this excellent description! I am a Reflector dealing with two Generators… this description fits completely, esp the part about him carrying on a discussion with himself, concluding it, and then moving forward without informing (giving what I call a “headline” or answering “who what when where & why)! This is been a source of intense difficulty, deprivation, conflict & frustration for me. I have corrected one of these people about it (the other is my father, and that would seem disrespectful and extremely problematic for me to correct him in that way). Another close family member is a Manifesting Generator, and he does this a lot too, but not as much (he often listens & interchanges/converses more). My other two close folks here are a Manifestor (who never does that, but always tries to fix & act on everything said, to solve it, even though she’s female… and a Projector, who never does that but listens, converses, interchanges, shares, advises, guides). I am a rather intense form of a Reflector, lol! I am learning to not correct or become so frustrated with the Generators! This is extremely helpful and a huge relief, because I am burned out, alienated, and often miserable! Lol lol! Thank you so very much for sharing. Now I see these habits as natural for the Generators. Aww! 🙂

      1. It also just occurred to me how weird it sounded to me to read my words about my “correcting” the Generators. I thought, “Wow, that’s not like me to do that.” It made me think of Virgo energy. I am not Virgo. But both of my Generators are! I suppose, in my urge to “correct” them, I am mirroring their own energies back to them as a Reflector. Just a thought, hope it helps someone.

  2. In the Human Design structure, my chart is Generator. Learning about this made the proverbial lightbulb over the head turn on for me. Frustration is the non-self theme in my chart. I’ve dealt with frustration my entire life and now I know why. I’ve tried to initiate, my entire life. It’s what we’re taught if we want to be successful. I had no idea my design was to respond. Making that shift from initiating to responding is proving one of the most difficult changes I’ve made in my life. How wonderful it would have been to know about this sooner. I hope there are some Human Design folks planning to be teachers. We need Projectors in our school system who can recognize Generators, who carry the lifeforce of the planet, early on and help them.

    1. I totally agree with you, Neva!!! And congratulations on embracing the responding part of your nature–yes, not easy, but it changes everything for how you proceed in life and for being able to create flow…instead of frustration! 🙂

      1. Hello Evelyn, having read the phrase “teaching” immediately got my attention. I want to ask you a question. As a Generator with defined head, I feel I could be good as Human Design teacher, but with 63 and 64 defined, I am going in circles with all my decisions. How does a generator with a defined head start? I am five years in my experiment. Have not been honest with my gut feeling, always rushing. Could you write me a little bit? I feel like I need a serious cleanup and so I am waiting or asking questions … asking for help lately. Projectors have made my life interesting, and I have heard comments like “become a programmer”, which reminds me of corporate life… nah. Could you show me the track?

  3. Hello Evelyn,

    I am a pure generator myself with the channel of exploration… I find it very hard to know how to or what to respond to. if i respond to an idea wouldn’t that be they manifest things?
    I love the program its opening my eyes to alot. Just takes some getting use to.


    1. Hi Jephri, you are designed to respond to EVERYTHING in your physical world–what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell. You can respond to the ideas of others. But if it’s your idea (and you haven’t responded to it in your outer world yet), it’s best to either 1) wait for it to show up in your physical world in some way so your Sacral can respond to it (for example, an email about it, a friend talking about it, read about it online, etc.) or 2) have a friend ask you yes/no questions about it so your Sacral can respond. Your Sacral ALWAYS has this point of view: is THIS correct for ME right NOW? Hope that helps. Keep practicing. It does take getting used to. But it’s so worth it!

      1. Here is another question. if i have a thought i want to act on, you say to wait for an external confirmation or have someone ask me yes and no questions so that my external can respond to it. Does that mean that my Sacral does not recognize my own thoughts? or my thoughts don’t exist in the realm of human design as a generator? wouldn’t my sacral just answer my thoughts? … this is sad because I am a thinking and i can only seem to hear my sacral after the fact as a faint thought I had. like someone spoke it 10 feet away from me, clear enough for me to hear but almost like i over heard it.

  4. Thanks for this blog. I’m currently in a relationship with a generator and i’m also a generator. I’m observing and experiencing the 7-2 work to do relationship we have going on. We live in 2 different towns and both have a hectic work schedule. We don’t see each other often but actually that works for me and he never complained about it. We are both happy with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” unspoken rule in our relationship, and we are just comfortable with having this experience go on between us. But to everyone else, of course, its a boggling and confusing how we are in this relationship. To some, it doesn’t look like a real relationship ( the homogenized, conformed style of courting and what a relationship should look like) But I don’t care what they think of it honestly. To me if it feels right, then its just right. ( I’m a pure generator and he is too).

  5. It is very true that impatience is my greatest hurdle. I just discovered Human Design (along with my chart) a few days ago, and fully relate to the Generator dilemma. It’s absolutely true that I have the Generator fear of, “If I wait, then how will anything ever get done?!” With this new knowledge of my type, I’m now trying to exercise waiting.

    Although the relationship arena is not on my worry list right now, getting a job is. I need one now, but don’t want to choose the wrong one, but need to find one soon…and around and around it goes. I possess the tremendous Generator stamina when it comes to working; I can work longer and harder than almost anyone I know. But my employment history makes me look the opposite, like I’m flaky or something (not true). I have a long track record of leaving jobs I never really wanted in the first place. Ugh, what to do??

    1. Hi Katy! I feel your dilemma. I’m a pragmatist…so I say do what you need to do. If you need a job, get one…but do so with the understanding that you’re not making a mistake, you’re just taking a job until a better fitting job comes along. And in the meantime PRACTICE using and following your internal Sacral guidance so you can know clearly what you resonate with, and what you don’t. You can use this for everything in your life.. including what you eat, grocery lists, whether to go to a party, etc. It’s helpful to build your connection to and trust in your Sacral over time. Then when big opportunities come, you’ll trust your inner guidance (even when it may not seem to “make sense” in the moment). I know we think it’s self-indulgent or even silly to focus on doing in our lives what truly feels good….but it is actually the best guidance we can follow. You have the advantage of a clear internal indicator (your Sacral) that lets you know what feels good/what resonates with you. (If you are emotionally defined–large triangle on lower right of chart is colored in–remember to wait a few days or more to make big decisions as your emotional wave influences your Sacral response and true clarity would only emerge over time.) I hope that helps!

    2. I’m also a generator but I don’t relate to being able to work for long and work harder than others. I get tired too easily. If I don’t like what I’m doing I’m usually terrible at it. Even when I find something I like, I still need variety and I can’t just do one thing all the time.

      1. Type is only one of the elements of the chart.  There may be aspects of your chart that encourage you to multi-task or like to work on different things rather than focus just on one thing.  Follow your Sacral!  About 70% of the population is a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.  Compared to a Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector, you may be able to work more sustainably than they can… when you’re doing the right work for you. If you have a defined Will Center or Root Center, you’re also not designed to work and work and work.  You’ll need to rest and work when the energy is there for it.

    3. I only just realised I’m a generator so it makes sense why I’ve walked away from many jobs
      When I job hunt I put myself in the ring & see what comes along to respond to (wait to be selected) my last job found me & I’ve being enjoying it – I try to do that in all things – choose what chooses me interestingly I did this before I knew I was a generator

  6. Hi there,

    I am Silvia and I am a generator. All my life I had relationships with projectors. I do not know why but the people who I loved most were two projectors. We ended up breaking up, because they were burnt out by my energy and sacral centre and I ended up being very frustrated of their instability (Not mentioning that in a bad way, they were just different from my steady way of living). Now, I am with a generator and I feel calmer even though it isn’t so challenging, he is great and he is there as I am. Different charts, I am a stronger generator, however together, by asking each other questions we get there. Generator and Generator, make the energy calmer and flowing, possibly because we are similar. and YES, generally his energy his lower as he isn;t in the right work path and I am not sure in terms of work/uni and genrel life he is happy with it. with me he is, because I can sense that his energy level when we are together grows. Can I do something to help him out? Love xx

    1. I don’t understand the concept of generators burning other people out. I’m one and I don’t ever recall burning anyone out. Could you maybe give an example of what that’s like?

      1. It may be more correct to say that other people burn out from not understanding the Generator energy; it’s not something the Generator is doing. A Projector will tend to take in the Sacral energy of the Generator, and work longer and harder than is really sustainable for them.  Over time this can lead to burn out.

  7. hi there! I just found out about Human design and I am fascinated! I am a projector and my twin flame/soul is Manifestor-Generator. Everything I have undefined (which is all but two centre- yikes!) he has defined.. and the two I have defined, he does not, haha.. a perfect fit? At least on the chart.. I can’t find much about twin souls and humandesign, maybe you can use us as guinea pigs and start researching them 🙂 We are not together by the way, we don’t even like each other there is so much opposed.. but the soul love and fatal attraction are there so we will have to face it and try it one day. I think humandesign could help us a lot in understanding each other! Furthermore, I am single mother of a manifestor (alpha) child and he is overwhelming!! I have always knows I was sensitive to environments and low in self-worth, without identity, always changing scenery and myself, and now I know why. Problem is I live alone with my son, without any other people so obviously this for a projector leaves me… blank.. without energy from an environment and then drained by my son. I did nearly have a burn-out, luckily now I meditate and use my connection with the Divine (thank goodness I have this defined!) to keep going. Thanks for the info! love and light

    1. Hi YB,
      Thank you for sharing your insights and your story. You should possible also look at the article that Evelyn has on Projectors and Manifestors in her series. Great that you have found your connection with the Divine. Cindy, assistant to Evelyn Levenson

  8. 6/2 single definition Emotional Generator here
    partnered with a
    2/5 single definition 43-23 Mental Projector.
    So much going on.

    I just finished reading Ra’s Valentine gift from 2010, “How We Connect.”
    Oh man. I wish I’d read a year ago!

    I’m finding it very difficult to “get over” my conditioning around conditioned male/female relationships. My conditioning that men are supposed to work. And support the family. When I am the Generator and he is the Projector.

    He is very VERY brilliant. Genius level brilliant. And I can’t imagine why he can’t be paid for what he does. After studying Human Design, I am seeing he simply has not been invited to the correct career. And, because he does not know about HD, and refuses to even learn a little about it, he is stuck. And, he won’t ever shut up. I read that his design authority is the Sounding Board. Well, me being a Hermit, well, you can just imagine. I want to be alone, and he want’s to talk about everything to process.

    Like I said, a lot going on here.

    It is very odd. And, I don’t know if this relationship is Correct for me. We fell into it. And were very drawn to each other. And ended up living together after working together on a project building a house for his mom. And the sex is very good. Oh man. I just can’t separate every piece from the other to feel if it is all correct or not.

    Maybe I need a vacation away from his aura?

    1. Hi Faith, a situation like that can definitely be tricky. And often Projectors do struggle with making money, especially if not recognized and invited, no matter how brilliant they are. I believe that ANY relationship can work, with enough understanding, acceptance and patience. That said, not every relationship is correct for us. It helps to begin it correctly. Did you invite him into the relationship? Did your Sacral respond positively to him, each step of the way? If not, it doesn’t mean it can’t work… it just may be harder. What I would recommend for you at this point is to have a trusted friend (or acquaintance) who understands the basics of Human Design ask you Sacral (yes/no) questions about the relationship and whether it’s correct for you to stay in it. They should start with simple basic questions to get your Sacral warmed up. If you hesitate in responding with your un-huh or uhn-uhn sounds, then your mind probably got in the way. Let your body respond, leaving your mind completely out of the picture. Wishing you well. If you’d be interested in a Reading, we could do that Sacral session during your Reading.

  9. I’m a Pure Generator and I don’t identify. I’ve never had a lot of energy, even as a child. I’m also not interested in family/mating so I guess I must have primarily Individual energy. However my work force and life force energy has never been strong and consistent, and I’ve searched all my life for work that I would find meaningful and enjoy. I’ve tried many things, some that I truly loved, but I’ve failed to make a living from any of them. Instead, I’ve had a long progression of jobs I’ve hated just to make ends meets. I had to take these jobs because nothing else was on offer. I’m 60 now have only come to Human Design in the past few years. I have been practising responding but it seems the more honest I am, the less opportunity I get. For example, I took a job last year which I was offered (i.e. I was headhunted. It really felt right yet two months later they fired me because I wasn’t a ‘cultural fit’. A job came along after that which felt wrong so I turned it down. Then nothing. I applied for 20 or so jobs and couldn’t get an interview. Three months later I’m still unemployed and almost broke. Now I have a job interview tomorrow for a job I can do but which doesn’t excite me, is less money and much more travel time (two hours each way). But if they offer it to me, I have to take it. This is a story that has played out repeatedly my whole life – one time I was unemployed for nine months, applied for many. many jobs but no interviews and I almost went bankrupt. So I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of faith in this whole Pure Generator waiting thing.

    1. Karen, Thank you for sharing. As another Generator, I can relate. Sometimes there are other indications in your chart that might be playing out. Such as an Open Identity Center (G center), in this case, you may not be in the correct place or the place that feels right for you. And remember that to respond as a Generator, you have to be listening to your Gut. Or have a friend ask you “Yes or No” questions that warm up your Sacral. Remember to answer using your Sacral Sounds. Uh, huh (for yes) or uh, unn for No. It can be very hard for a Sacral being who isn’t use to using their Sacral energy to not go with the flow. Or try to think (using your head) what might be the best answer.

      Also, you may be burned out. This can happen to Generators too. When you are burned out, it is almost impossible to respond correctly to situations.
      Here is an article that Evelyn wrote on making Decisions https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/quick-tip-indecision/
      Cindy, Assistant to Evelyn

      1. Thanks, Cindy. I have a Defined Identity centre so it’s not that one! I don’t really have any friends who can ask me yes/no questions – no one I know is into this sort of stuff. I do know that I don’t make Sacral Sounds per se. Never have, even as a child. I was always a very quiet child. No-one asked me to be that way – I just was. What I have is more a contraction or expansion in the gut which I do listen to – and I think you are correct about the burnout. I think it has been going on for a few years now.

  10. Thanks for this article. I am a generator and I’m wondering about responding. Is it correct to respond to something we see and feel attracted to? For example, in relationships, if I see someone I am attracted to, and feel an inner “yes” — am I responding correctly? There is someone I always feel like touching when we are together, am I responding to his body / presence correctly if I touch him? Or do I need to wait for him to ask, or for someone to suggest it?? Thank you for your help in clarifying what it means to respond…

  11. PS – I meant, if I feel an inner “yes” to meeting someone, is it correct for me to go, say, ask them out, or invite them to do something together? Or would I be initiating?
    Thanks for your help! 😀

    1. Jess, that’s a great question! These are all very clear examples of a response in general, but not quite the way the term is used in Human Design. The Sacral response that guides the Generator is a very specific reaction to an outside stimulus. Once Generators are in tune with the Sacral response, they have an immediate verbal reaction, “un-hunh” (yes) or “unh-unh” (no), in response to a question or opportunity. The Sacral response can be activated by practicing responding to yes or no questions, although it is easiest to do this with the assistance of a Human Design Specialist. Your PS addresses the tricky aspect of responding vs initiating. Inviting someone to do something is definitely in the realm of initiating, but you can take baby steps in that direction (eye contact, casual conversation) and see how your sacral responds along the way, and see how the other person responds, too. Human Design essentially tells us to experiment — so try things and see how they go. But always pay attention to (and obey) your Sacral response.

  12. Hi Jess, I am a manifesting generator, married to a generator. Till now I have never understood how slow he moves and how I have to initiate everything. I also love the idea of asking yes/no questions. When I talk to him and try to get an answer, he doesn’t answer. I tried the yes/no technique recently and it worked – I was stunned. I must perfect that much more, there are many things I need answers for. I still don’t like the fact that I must always be the one to make things happen but perhaps if I learn the way to ask, it will help. Also me seeing him for who he really is will help me accept it better. We’ve been married 35 years and are both committed to each other but sometimes I just get so angry. Hah, a true MG I guess. Thanks

    1. Hi Kit, thanks for sharing your experience. I have a good friend in very similar situation to yours… with same frustrations! Awareness and acceptance helps with the patience. 😉

  13. Aloha, i am wondering how two generators would ever date- how they would keep things going, create the next date- if both need to respond rather than initiate? just met someone new; i am emotional manifesting generator, he is emotional generator. both of us have open roots and heads, he has open throat. thank you!

    1. You’re right, Generators and MGs should respond but also can give each other things to respond to. For example, you could ask him if he wants to go to a movie. You’re not initiating an action (yet), you’re giving him something to respond to. Gs and MGs can also respond to anything in their outside environment. You might have seen an ad in the paper for a movie and your own sacral responded yes, then you ask him if he wants to go. This gives him a yes/no question to respond to. To correctly close the loop, he should ask you back if you want to go the movie. If your sacral says “no” for this time, perhaps you want to go to the movie but not today. Hope that helps!

    1. Two Manifesting Generators can certainly get along in a relationship. They should each check in with the Sacral response of the other when they make plans. For example, John asks Mary, “Do you want to go to a movie tonight?” Mary’s Sacral says yes, so she asks John if he wants to go to a movie tonight. If he responds positively, they’re good to go. If not, they can continue to ask yes-no questions until they’re both in agreement on something to do, either together or separately!

  14. IM really having major trouble with this one part about being a opportunist generator that is only supposed to respond ,

    HOW DO YOU MEET NEW PEOPLE ¿ specifically women lol ,
    if I find a woman very attractive in a public setting
    am I just supposed to stand there and put myself in a situation that would bring attention to myself such as flashy nice clothes or whatever posture or task your doing may bring attention and in turn make HER INITIATE and say the first words to me ¿ such as a smile or a Hello

    or if she makes major eye contact and keeps looking Into my eyes time and time again ¿ is that her initiating ¿
    then I can walk up and approach her to make the moves ¿

    theres been many times where I miss judge or assume that she did initiating when in turn im the one doing the initiating and being a generator even if I get her phone number ect it never works out because im never supposed to do any initiating thus making it un natural to do so

    please help lol

    I need advice


    1. ​Taking action is not the same as initiating. As a Generator, you don’t need to wait for someone else to make the first contact (initiate). It is appropriate for a Generator to take action… after getting the internal signal of a positive Sacral Response. Are you checking for that first?

  15. Hi Evelyn! I’m a pure generator, 6/2 profile, and I have a colored spleen with all defined gates except 57 gate! How I know if I’m in the right answering (my sacral) or if I’m doing this under the influence of my anxieties and fears (my spleen)?

    1. Your sacral response uses sound, (UN-unh or un-HUNH), to answer, not words. It can help to have someone ask you a series of simple yes-no questions to get your sacral response activated, then ask your important questions. Usually the sacral response is louder than the Splenic response. If there’s a delay before answering and you’re using words, you’re not using your sacral response. The gates of the Spleen have specific fears, and if you’re hearing those fears, it’s just splenic. For example, “It’s too hard”, “I’m not ready”, “I won’t get it perfect”, “What if I fail?”.

  16. Hi there,

    I’m a pure generator, and both of my sisters are MGs. I can’t help but feel like pure generators who aren’t manifestors somehow get the shorter end of the stick. Is seems like MGs have the advantage since they have both life force energy and the ability to initiate/manifest. Is there an advantage to being a pure generator rather than a MG? Thank you!

    1. Manifesting Generators have a rather limited ability to initiate.  Certainly they have the edge on initiating conversations (that motor to the Throat energy), but like Generators, they still have to wait for something to respond to before taking action that’s appropriate. Even with a Sacral response that gives them the go-ahead, they can discover that a decision’s not right once they actually get started on it. They should take time to envision and explore what it would be like, although they’d much rather just leap in. In their rush to be in action, they have a tendency to skip steps, and may need to backtrack and clean up the messes that result.  And like Manifestors, they can evoke anger in others when they charge ahead without informing. In comparison, the Generator’s Strategy seems simple… follow the Sacral!

  17. Thank you for this article. The biggest take away for me is to not to take the “hesitancy” personally, and to give my husband the time he needs to make decisions (helping him with yes/no questions). He is a pure Generator 1/4, and I’m a Manifestor 6/2. I’m glad to have recently learned about HD; it has been a great tool. For the past 8 years, my biggest complaint is that he can never make decisions. In turn, his complaint is that I make impulsive decisions without talking to him. Still, we make it work!

  18. I’m a Generator and was dating a Projector. He ended things, later revealing because he felt overwhelmed and said he still wanted me and wanted to work on things but I would wait for him to move it forward and initiate and wouldn’t hear from him and then I’d reach out and he said he was giving me space. Now, looking at this, I’m wondering if I needed to invite him back into a relationship space? I didn’t because I didn’t want to be pushy. Instead, I told him my truths, that I wanted to be with him and waited for him to choose me. How would a Generator and Projector dance this dance? I’m gathering I would invite him after hearing my sacral sound?

    1. All relationships are a dance! It would be appropriate for you to extend an invitation to him, when your sacral response gives you the signal that the timing is correct for you. Remember that Projectors do better with open ended questions and “non-questions”, than with yes-no questions. Generators love yes-no questions like, “Do you want to get together this weekend?”  Projectors can more correctly process open ended questions like,”How would you feel about getting together this weekend?” or even better a “non-question” like, “I’m wondering if you’d like to get together this weekend.” Of course, vary the wording to suit. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to read the blog post about Projectors and relationships:

  19. I am a 3/5 emotional manifestor with only anja, throat and solar plexus defined.

    My fiancé is a 5/1 sacral generator and he has only his throat and head undefined.

    We are struggling. He is so rigid in his ways and he corrects me all the time. I feel this insane amount of pressure to be perfect and to get it right and to make more money and perform better and it isn’t always because he says it… I can just tell in the way the responds and his energy when I “get it right” or bring in more money or I do the thing HE wants.

    I don’t know how to move through this though obviously I want to… I love him for so many of his great qualities but what advice do you have for us?

    1. You’re asking great questions…. and I can’t provide a useful answer without more detail about both of you, and more time than a written comment allows.  I’d suggest a Relationship Reading.  You can find more information about reading packages here: https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/human-design-services/custom-human-design-reading/

  20. What about when a Generator married another Generator and both are sitting around waiting for sacral responses and neither is actually taking charge of decisions and life feels like one indecisive process?

    1. Sacral responses happen constantly so there is usually not that much waiting that needs to happen. If you are both emotionally defined (Emotional Authority), then you do need time to process big decisions. Waiting for the right timing and the right clarity can “look” like indecisiveness. Try asking each other yes/no questions to deliberately practice your Sacral responding so you both get better at it, starting with easy things. Do you want pizza for dinner? Would you like to go for a walk? Work together to help each other get Sacral clarity, understanding that sometimes you each might want something different in the moment and that’s okay. As much as possible, have each of you obey your respective Sacral responses. Following your internal guidance feels so good that you’ll want to do more of it.

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