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"Two words: clarity and purpose..."

"After years of self exploration and reflection, I came to know myself pretty well. However, being rather self critical, not to mention heavily conditioned, I did not appreciate my natural gifts and talents, judging them as challenging, even "problematic" at times.

In a way, I knew the "pieces of my puzzle", but I did not truly know how to put them together, how to make them 'click', and get them expressed positively and with confidence into my life.

How has my life has changed since my Reading with Evelyn? Two words: clarity and purpose. I have a new appreciation for myself and a different understanding of what my life is all about.

I cannot stress enough how life changing a full Human Design reading with Evelyn can be! Not only she helps you to understand the basics of your chart while giving a good foundation in HD, but she also shows you the highest potential you can achieve. Most importantly, she teaches you how to achieve it by providing different tools and strategies. I find Evelyn's guidance both inspiring and pragmatic, easily actionable in the day to day. I truly enjoyed my sessions with her and I highly recommend her services."

~ Nieves, Toronto, Canada

"...thank you for all that you do..."

"Hi Evelyn! I just watched your free video #1 and thought it was very helpful, and would like to take this chance to thank you for all that you do with your lovely e-mails and precious tips on particular types. Each of your e-mails is a spiritual pleasure to read. Thank you; it's very much appreciated."

~ Deniz Olgac, Los Angeles, CA

"Specific guidelines and strategies to best live your life on purpose..."

"Human Design is a fascinating tool for self discovery. Evelyn is focused on helping people understand the design concepts that will help them most - from beginner level to those more knowledgeable. A clear & effective communicator, she offers specific guidelines and strategies to best live your life on purpose, and how to apply the wisdom in your daily life. You were meant to be you... and it's all written in your chart! Thank you Evelyn for all the delicious insight you gave me during my reading!"

~ Linda Lang, Ottawa, Canada

"In receiving this information I can already see wonderful changes happening for me!"

"I cannot express to you how much my human design reading helped me to see myself in a new light! Being an astrologer I have gained so much from the art in knowing myself and others. Human design gave me a whole new perspective on the unique energies that I carry and how to work with them in a way that will move my life and work forward in a way that is uniquely my own. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking knowledge about themselves and what their path is to have a reading with Evelyn. She was very clear and explained in detail to me what all these energies were and how to embody them in a way that will positively impact my life! In receiving this information I can already see wonderful changes happening for me! Thank you Evelyn! You are awesome!"

~ Debra Sholly, Baton Rouge, LA

"My Reading with Evelyn has opened my eyes to so many things about myself..."

"Before Human Design, I found myself lost and unable to explain the reasons for my behavior and actions. I have been separated from my family by thousands of miles and I have been struggling with finding my purpose and calling in life and how to be good for my family, especially my children.

My Personal Human Design Reading with Evelyn has opened my eyes to so many things about myself. Through each of my reading sessions I consistently found myself having ah-ha moments as the information that Evelyn brought to me gave me clarity as to who I am and why I function the way that I do.

Human Design is unlike any other personality tool that I have ever used before, the depth of understanding that it brings is amazing. Armed now with the information that I have, I am able to formulate a strategy to live my life as intended by my design and not drift into those low places in my life again.

Evelyn makes a recording of each session and provides that to you as a part of the reading…this is invaluable! Being able to listen to my reading several times has allowed me to pick up things that I missed the first time around and glean even more nuggets of wisdom to use in my new life strategies.

I am very thankful that I chose Evelyn to do my reading. The clarity and depth that she brought to me along with an understanding for where I was at this point in my life made this experience far more valuable to me then what I paid for it…money very well spent.

Thank you Evelyn, you have made a difference in my life and I greatly appreciate it."

~ Mike Kohler, Kandahar, Afghanistan

"...working with Evelyn, and Human Design, has made a profound impact..."

"I’ve done a lot of personal work on myself over the years and consider myself an aware, successful person but working with Evelyn, and Human Design, has made a profound impact in understanding myself at a deeper level. From receiving this information and using it in my life, I have gained more insight into myself and my relationships. I’ve noticed that my private practice has increased not only in numbers but in attracting the type of person that is a good fit for what I do. I feel a much deeper level of acceptance of family members with this understanding of how our designs interact. Evelyn did an outstanding job of taking complex information and making it understandable and applicable to my life."

~ Stacia B.

"I have let go of the damaging internal dialog that I couldn’t quiet..."

"When Evelyn introduced me to Human Design, I saw that when you stop trying to change your fundamental self and you learn who you are, you can start to make a strategy for moving forward toward your goal. The most important change to come out of my experience with Human Design is that I have let go of the damaging internal dialog that I couldn’t quiet."

~ Susanna Douthit, NC

"Human design is the answer to most questions I've had my entire life..."

"After one phone session with Evelyn, I already feel different. About myself. About others. Human design is the answer to most questions I've had my entire life. I feel more confident in interacting with people thanks to centuries old, plain-spoken golden nuggets, which she shared. Evelyn is well-spoken, clear-spoken and, best of all, a terrific listener, who is purposed about assisting others ready to (over-used word yet applies here) empower themselves. You, too, can be a screen door and not a sponge. Ask her. Today."

~ Mary Ketarkus Brown, IL

"It's so empowering to know how to go about things..."

"Thank you so much for the Human Design reading. Your talents are quite powerful, and I'm so excited for the world to receive what you have to offer! It's so empowering to know how to go about things -- to see that I can just relax and do what comes naturally instead of push-push-pushing my way into uncomfortable situations that won't actually bring success. whew! :)"

~ Adam Timm, CA

"I’m swimming with the current instead of upstream..."

"I have found Human Design to be THE best personality assessment tool I’ve ever used, and I’ve had them all! HD differs from the others because it has taught me what I was born with—the way I was before society and parents tried to mold me and fold me into what they felt I should be.

I now play my strengths with a confidence I never felt before and no longer fret over my weaknesses. Decisions are much less laborious. I’m swimming with the current instead of upstream, realizing it’s pretty amazing how things work out if I just play my natural Strategy.

If I’d had this 44 years ago, I’d have been a much better spouse and parent.

If I ever have a grandchild, I will have their chart run at birth! If I ever hire an employee, I will know their chart. If I ever take on a business partner, I would get their chart first. When my friends get married, I suggest a Human Design consultation.

I would recommend that everyone get a full reading from Evelyn. She is excellent and it’s a totally amazing experience. It’s the most profoundly uplifting and useful thing I think I’ve ever done!"

~ Elizabeth Kittinger, FL

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