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Explore how Projectors can become truly empowered, and how Human Design can help us understand and embrace abundance in our lives.

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Learn about all five Human Design Types and all nine Energy Centers -- the most fundamental aspects of the Human Design chart.

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Projectors have unique gifts and unique challenges. As a Projector myself, I have a passion for helping Projectors thrive in this Generator-majority world.

Human Design Books
by Evelyn Levenson

Becoming an
Empowered Projector

Thrive with Wisdom and Guidance from Human Design

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An in-depth exploration of WHO we are as Projectors, WHY we are here, and HOW we can succeed in this Generator-majority world to become a new version of Projector---sustainable, resilient, self-resourced, and fully empowered to fulfill our unique and indispensable role on this planet.

In this book, I share my personal experience as a Projector and the wisdom I've collected from hundreds of Human Design readings with Projectors. My perspective differs from many who teach Human Design... I believe we CAN be (and MUST be) sustainably successful and empowered as Projectors.

Available in print, Kindle Book, and Audiobook formats.

Abundance by Design

Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design

Abundance by Design book cover

Abundance by Design teaches you how to make the RIGHT decisions that will take you where you really want to be in your life. Learn from 13 experts who use Human Design to help guide and motivate them to achieve personal success. 

In my chapter, Welcome Home, I share my journey with Human Design, how it makes a difference in people's lives, and how it helps them to (finally) come home to themselves.

Available in print and Kindle Book formats.

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Courses for everyone

Success by Type

Purchase all 5 Types as a package, or buy each Type individually.

Explore who YOU are at your core and how to truly operate effectively in your life. These audio courses teach the role, purpose, relationship issues, health challenges, and specific Success Strategy for EACH of the five Human Design Types. Purchase ONLY the course for YOUR Type, or get ALL FIVE at a great price!

With ALL FIVE Courses you will learn about your spouse, kids, family, co-workers, etc., and then you’ll know how to work with them and love them in ways that transform your relationship with them!

Success by centers

Study all 9 Energy Centers, plus bonus class: Fears of the Spleen

With this video course, you'll learn the gifts, challenges, and wisdom available with EACH of the NINE Energy Centers in the Human Design bodygraph, so you can master these energy dynamics that control our behaviors (and the behavior of others!).

Centers may seem mysterious when you first learn Human Design. This course will give you crystal clear understandings of how they function and how YOU can access the wisdom and avoid the confusion of each Center. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid the HIJACKING of your decision making process by each of your Open Centers as you de-condition them.

Courses for projectors

Success For projectors

5 modules to help you THRIVE as a Projector

As a Projector, I experienced many of the classic challenges of the Projector Type in this Generator-majority world. This video course brings together all I've learned personally and from hundreds of Projector clients about surviving and thriving as a balanced and resilient Projector.

Designed for Projectors and those who love Projectors, this course walks you through the role and purpose of Projectors, how to apply strategy for decisions and actions, and how to navigate the areas of money and business, relationships, self-care, burnout, and resiliency.