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Human Design Courses and Products for Self-Paced Homestudy

Success by TYPE course series

A self-paced series of audio courses teaching the role and purpose, relationship issues, health challenges, and specific Success Strategy for EACH of the five Human Design Types

Success by TYPEExplore who you are at your core and how to truly operate effectively in your life. In just 3 hours of audio (with 70 pages of transcripts) for EACH TYPE, you will learn:

  • Who You Arethe fundamentals of your Type
  • Why You’re Here – the role of your Type
  • How to make decisions in alignment with your energy
  • Relationships and resiliency for your Type, and so much more


All 5 TypesYou may purchase ONLY the course for YOUR Type, or you may get ALL FIVE Courses at a great price!

If you’re feeling stuck or confused and you’d like a simple, convenient way to connect with your Authentic Self and get back on track, you’ve found it!

Plus, with ALL FIVE Courses you’ll learn about your family, kids, spouse, co-workers, etc. because you’ll know all 5 Types… and you’ll know how to work with them and love them in ways that transform your relationship with them!

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Human Design 101:
A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self

A home-study opportunity for everyone curious enough to explore and discover their Authentic Self with the help of this practical and concise ebook

Human Design 101 - A Crash Course in Alligning with Your Authentic SelfThis ebook is designed to help you understand and apply basic knowledge about YOU contained in your Human Design Chart. This self-knowledge puts you in touch with the TRUE YOUyour Authentic Self. You will also see clearly the NOT-YOU, the person you have been programmed and conditioned to be throughout your life.

With this self-knowledge and a little practice, you will be able to align with your Authentic Self, make choices consistent with your deeper purpose, and live a truly authentic and fulfilling lifethe life you are magnificently designed to live!

An affordable and quick (yet thorough) way to begin exploring YOUR Human Design!

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