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Becoming an Empowered Projector

An in-depth exploration of who Projectors are, why they are here, and how they can succeed in this Generator-majority world by becoming a new version of Projector-sustainable, resilient, self-resourced, and fully empowered.

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Available in digital and paperback formats



Success by TYPE course series

A self-paced series of audio courses teaching the role and purpose, relationship issues, health challenges, and specific Success Strategy for EACH of the five Human Design Types

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Explore who you are at your core and how to truly operate effectively in your life. In just 3 hours of audio (with 70 pages of transcripts) for EACH TYPE, you will learn:

  • Who You Arethe fundamentals of your Type
  • Why You’re Here – the role of your Type
  • How to make decisions in alignment with your energy
  • Relationships and resiliency for your Type, and so much more

You may purchase ONLY the course for YOUR Type, or you may get ALL FIVE Courses at a great price!

If you’re feeling stuck or confused and you’d like a simple, convenient way to connect with your Authentic Self and get back on track, you’ve found it!

Plus, with ALL FIVE Courses you’ll learn about your family, kids, spouse, co-workers, etc. because you’ll know all 5 Types… and you’ll know how to work with them and love them in ways that transform your relationship with them!

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Success by Centers course series

A self-paced set of video trainings explaining each of the NINE Energy Centers in the Human Design bodygraph, so you can master the energy dynamics that control your behavior (and the behavior of others!)

Learn about the gifts, challenges, and wisdom available from EACH of the 9 Energy Centers and how they determine our behaviors.

The Centers may seem mysterious when you first learn about Human Design. This course will give you crystal clear understandings of how they function and how YOU can access the wisdom and avoid the confusion of each Center.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid the HIJACKING of your decision making process by each of your Open Centers as you de-condition those Centers.

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Success for Projectors course series

A 5-module information-packed course to help you master your Projector energy and learn to thrive at a whole new level, with video trainings, audio recordings, slides, and worksheets to help you deepen and apply what you learn.

While this course is designed specifically FOR Projectors, it is also for those who LOVE a Projector or who work with Projectors. It can help any Type learn more about and be supportive of the Projectors in their lives.

Learn the unique and vital ROLE of Projectors on the planet, how they are designed to make decisions and take actions, and how they can successfully navigate and master the areas of Relationships, Money and Career, and Self-Care and Resiliency.

I’m a Projector and my heart-based mission in life is to help my fellow Projectors!

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