Celebrity Charts: William & Kate–Some Surprises from Royal Couple! 

by Evelyn Levenson

(posted 2013/08/30)

Here is a brief look at a celebrity’s Human Design chart using just a few of many aspects and layers of a chart. Our purpose here is to give you just a partial glimpse, through Human Design, into this person’s energy dynamics.

Relationship Composite: Prince William and Princess Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William’s Birth: June 21, 1982 at 9:03pm in Paddington, England

Catherine’s Birth: January 09, 1982 at 12:00pm in Reading, England



Just days after the birth of William and Catherine’s first child, Prince George (see article), we looked at his chart to see what we can expect from him as he grows and matures. Today we look at his royal parents and their relationship from a Human Design point of view.

Background on Prince William

William is the first of two sons of Prince Charles (son of Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Diana (see article), and he is second in line to the British throne after his father.

In addition to, of course, giving him a sterling formal education, his mother ensured that he and younger brother Harry also experienced the non-royal world including visits to Walt Disney World, McDonald’s, homeless shelters, and AIDS clinics when they were still young.

His mother died tragically in a car accident in 1997 when William was just 15.

William was always active in sports and good in school. Before enrolling at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, he traveled, studied and taught abroad for a year. He graduated with a degree in Geography after switching from Art History.

After graduation, he began undertaking royal duties as well as gaining internship and private workforce experience. He chose a military career in 2005 and became a commissioned officer and pilot in the British Military.

Although he wanted to see active duty, he was not allowed to be at risk due to his potential future role as King. He became a full-time helicopter pilot in 2010 with the military’s Search and Rescue Force, giving him an active role in the armed forces without actual combat deployment.

Following the example of his parents, he has always taken an active interest in humanitarian and environmental causes. This is also clearly present in his own Human Design chart.

He began dating Catherine Middleton in 2003 while at university. Despite reports of a split in 2007 they were officially engaged in 2010 and had a globally-watched and much celebrated royal wedding April 29, 2011.

Their first child, Prince George, was born July 22, 2013. William is giving up his Royal Air Force Search and Rescue position in North Wales to spend more time with his family, although he may yet serve in another capacity—being a significant contribution to the world figures importantly in his chart! They will be moving to London very soon.

Background on Princess Catherine (former Catherine Middleton)

Catherine (Kate) was born 35 miles west of London to a flight dispatcher father and flight attendant mother in a working class environment. But her mother’s enterprising business efforts propelled the family into multimillionaire status, changing their social level and allowing Kate and her younger sister and brother to attend private schools.

She was a bit shy but did well in school. The first in her family to ever attend university, she went to St. Andrews in 2001 where she studied Art History and where she and William met and became friends.

It wasn’t until 2003 after Kate’s boyfriend graduated and moved away that she and William became romantically involved, although they kept it a secret for as long as possible.

She graduated in 2005 and found a job as an accessories buyer for a clothing store chain.

Since 2006 she has been noticed and admired for her fashion sense and beauty, garnering official recognition from many fashion magazines and groups over the years.

She had to battle for privacy and respect from the tabloids as well as major media groups during her long dating relationship with William. They allegedly lived together for a little while in North Wales where William was stationed, and were officially engaged in 2010.

Hers is a fantasy dream come true—a commoner marrying into (and being accepted by) the royal family. Their storybook wedding in 2011 mostly followed royal tradition, although Kate added many personal touches. She was 29, he was 28.

She seems to have stepped into her new role as princess with grace and charm, which is not surprising given her Human Design chart. She is also willing to bring modern ideas to the old ways, which is also in her chart.

For example, although they could have as much help with their new baby as they want, she is so far refusing to have a nanny—preferring to do the initial mothering role herself (which is also in her chart!)

Their Charts

In a clear break with tradition, William and Kate’s marriage vows did NOT include Kate promising to “obey” her husband. It’s a strong indication of what’s to come from this apparently modern couple.

But can a fairy-tale romance like theirs actually work long term? Sadly, William’s mother saw her marriage to Prince Charles fall apart. Let’s look at what we can learn about the strength of William and Kate’s bond from their charts.

A full relationship composite exploration would include a deep look at each of their charts individually first, then a systematic review of their composite chart. But for our purposes here, we will simply look at a few key aspects of the “intersection” of their two charts.

[Note: All of William’s Gate Energies (black and red large numbers) show as GREEN on this composite chart. All of Kate’s Gate Energies (black and red large numbers) show as BLUE on this composite chart. Gate Energies are the specific energies a person carries from birth, the combination of which forms their personality and path in life. There are 64 possible Gate Energies.]

William & Kate composite chart

Prince William’s chart                                     Prince William chart Princess Catherine’s chart      Princess Catherine chart

Type and Strategy

At the most basic level these two are quite compatible in Type and Strategy. William is a Manifesting Generator and Kate is a Generator. They both need to “respond” before taking action.

They also both have sustainable Sacral energy for juggling parenthood and all their royal duties. Let’s hope they figure out the importance (and accuracy) of following their Sacral (gut feeling) guidance. And they will do best by asking each other yes/no questions rather than open-ended questions.

William will process and move faster than Kate, but as long as he is patient with that—and remembers to “inform” her of his actions—they should be just fine.


Kate is a 5/1 Profile so she is charming and attractive energetically (as well as physically). Not only did she capture the heart of William and the royal family, but also of nearly the entire world!

She is here to “universalize” her experience and the energies in her chart for the benefit of others. Hers is a trans-personal karma—truly here for others. What better way to have an impact than being one of the most recognized women in the world!

She is also investigative by nature (plus has depth in her chart—Gate 48) so she will know what she’s talking about before she speaks, which will serve her well in her very visible royal role.

William shares the 5 with Kate though his is unconscious while hers is conscious… he is a 2/5 Profile. So he, too, is energetically attractive and here to universalize his experience and the energies in his chart for the benefit of all. It’s a lovely theme to share as a couple… especially a couple who has the status and the means to have impact.

The challenge of the 5th line Profiles is to be in the right “projection field” where appropriate expectations are projected onto them. This is where following their Strategy of “waiting to respond” to things around them before taking action will really serve them.

The 2 in William’s Profile means he is a conscious hermit who likes (and needs) some alone time. As a Manifesting Generator, though, he may find it hard to slow down long enough for find any alone time, especially now with a wife and baby. But he would do well to honor that need when it appears, so he can maintain his internal sense of balance long term.

Open Centers

William has three Open Centers (white shapes on his chart), Kate has four. [Open Centers are where we take in other people’s energies.]

They both have an Open Will Center (small white triangle) and an Open Head Center (top triangle) but the Will gets Defined (colored in) in their composite chart. This means that in their relationship they have only one Center Open (the Head) which is considered the ideal configuration for a relationship.

William is Defined emotionally (gold triangle on right) and may experience dramatic ups and downs in his emotional “wave.” Kate’s Open Emotional Center (white triangle on right) will take in his wave and amplify it. It will help her to “be a screen, not a sponge” when it comes to his emotions or else she might be overwhelmed by them. She may need to get out of his aura sometimes to discharge the intense emotional energy he may be putting out. She will also benefit from not taking it all too personally!

Her Open Identity Center gets Defined by William so she gets her sense of herself and her direction in life through their relationship.


These are the spark of attraction in a relationship and where a couple’s energies most intimately connect. William and Kate have four electromagnetics… where her blue bar on the composite chart (representing a Gate energy she carries) connects with a green bar (Gate energy he carries) and forms a complete channel (which allows energy to flow between two Centers).

These are the complete channels that are formed by their charts:

29-46 Channel of Discovery – Energy for commitment and for the discoveries that come from committing and persevering. This energy also has sensuality and succeeding where others fail. It’s a lovely energy for a couple to have as an electromagnetic!

44-26 Channel of Surrender – Informally known as the channel of the salesperson, this in the energy for “selling” an idea, product or truth, and making it look appealing. It’s the transmission of truth in its highest expression, or lying or being afraid of repeating mistakes of the past in its lowest expression. I think we can have confidence in the integrity of William and Kate, and this channel brings a nice complementary energy to their relationship that supports their ability to have positive influence and impact on the world.

38-28 Channel of Struggle – Energy for fighting for a good cause and struggling to find meaning and purpose in life. Can be stubborn or melancholy sometimes, but also can give direction to society and empower people. The low expression as an electromagnetic would be for them to struggle with each other. The high expression is uniting to struggle to bring meaningful change and high values into the world.

52-9 Channel of Concentration – Energy for bringing focus and concentration to bear in all they do as a couple. It gives “staying power” and focus for making a contribution to the greater good, as well as the ability to handle the related details. Again, a nice complementary set of energies that works to their advantage.


Both have Gate 54, ambition. Both have Gate 39, provocation. So they each have a little more substance and complexity than they may appear to on the surface!

He’s deeply intuitive, Gate 57 (and will take a powerful hit when he ignores his intuition). She is deeply nurturing, Gate 27, which we’re seeing in her dedication to being a new mother.

Her Gate 50 in Line 4 is usually the energy of a “rule breaker.” But this isn’t random rebellion… it’s a willingness to break specific rules, traditions and values that no longer serve the greater good. This will no doubt be her way of modernizing the monarchy—all done with a charming smile and genuine caring!

Another surprise is Kate’s Gate 28 in Line 6. This is called the Blaze of Glory and can indicate deep struggle to find meaning in life. Fortunately it’s activated by her Jupiter, which is the best possible place to have it. Once meaning and purpose are found, life becomes truly worth living. Perhaps her new roles as wife, mother and royal princess will fulfill her deep yearnings for purpose and meaning.

Shared Gate Energies

They have eight Gate Energies in common. This gives them lots of areas for common values and shared experiences.


In addition to the many other compatible specific Gate energies they carry (which we don’t have time to go into here), William and Kate seem to have a great deal of basic compatibility between their charts, as we’ve seen. They also seem particularly well suited for their current regal roles and their potential national and global influence as king and queen.

They have SO much going for them individually and as a couple. Here’s to their lasting success and joy!

As always, there is SO much more I could say about the charts but will stop here. I hope you enjoyed this relatively quick trip through their charts and their relationship.

I welcome your comments.

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