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Quick Tip: How the sun and planets “transit” through the Gates

Sun Transiting Through the Gates

The “big picture” of the Human Design chart is the mandala that shows the 64 I’Ching hexagrams in the outer circle, the corresponding 64 gate numbers inside that, the 12 astrological signs inside that, and the Human Design bodygraph in the middle.

The 64 gate energies of Human Design represent the archetypes of our experiences and expressions as human beings. They are the foundational aspects of who we are and how we interact.

Each year the sun moves counterclockwise around the gates of the mandala (like the sun moves through the astrological signs), spending approximately 6 days in each gate. For deeper understanding, know that the sun progresses through all 6 lines of a gate before moving into the next gate.

As the sun (or any other celestial body) moves through a gate it “activates” the energy of that gate. This means that the energy is released to “flow” to us. The sun is considered the most dominant and important transit to be aware of.

The Rest of the Transits

All the other planetary bodies are also moving around the mandala, in their own timing. Together they form the “transits” which exert influence on everyone. When the sun or any other planetary body is in a particular gate, everyone on earth temporarily experiences the activation of that energy. We are all “bathed” in that energy. This is what is meant when you hear that a particular energy is transiting.

Which planet (or sun, earth, or node) is activating a gate will determine how that gate energy impacts us. For example, if the earth is activating a gate then that gate energy will be very grounding. If Mercury is activating a gate, that gate energy will affect how or what we communicate.

How Transits Work

The transits do NOT change your chart. The energetic structure of your chart remains the same throughout your life. But the transits affect us and can temporarily give us the “flavor” of experiencing that energy directly. A transit can even give us the temporary experience of having defined centers at either end of the transiting gate if the transit completes a channel in your chart (this is called an “electromagnetic”) or if multiple planetary transits bring an entire channel into activation at the same time.

Just remember that these effects are temporary and usually mild, if they are felt at all. However, if you are particularly sensitive personally or very aware of energies around you, knowing what the transits are doing can help you to make sense of your experiences and put these energies into their proper perspective.

Knowing about them can also help you to “leverage” those energies when they are available. For example, if you have an open Will Center (also called the Heart or Ego Center) and a particular transit completes a channel for you giving you temporary definition in your Will Center, you can know that you will have greater access to willpower energy and to deliberately exerting your will during that transit period.

I have two favorite resources for keeping track of the transits:

  1. Karen Curry Parker’s 2020 Human Design Evolution Guide, which focuses on the sun transits and provides affirmations, writing assignments, and EFT setups for each transit; it is updated annually. (this is an affiliate link)
  2. The Zen Human Design Pocket Ephemeris, which shows all of the transits for the year in a handy pocket-size booklet; it is updated annually. There is also a multi-year ephemeris in a larger book format available. I use the 2001-2025 edition. (this is not an affiliate link)

Also, most free online chart software will allow you to create a Just Now chart which shows all the planetary gate activations at the moment you create the chart.

How Does Your Personal Chart Relate to the Transits?

Your Human Design chart is a snapshot of the transits at the moment of your birth (shown as the black gate numbers) and at approximately 3 months prior to your birth (shown as the red gate numbers). As you understand your chart and the impacts of those gate energies on your life, you’ll begin to realize the potential impact that these transiting energies have every moment of our lives. Nothing stays still out there! The planets are always moving and always activating energies that affect us.

The imprinting of the transits at our birth is their most powerful impact on us. But also we swim in a sea of transit energies from the moment we are born.



Quick Tip: Buckle Up! Super-Speed Energy Almost Here

Each year at this time (late November), there is a powerful transit that bathes the entire planet in super-fast Manifesting Generator energy. A transit is a set of Human Design gate energies activated by the constantly moving planetary bodies. Transits happen every day, all year long. Some are more impactful than others. (Read more about transits here)

This transit, with the sun in gate 34 and the earth in gate 20, activates the 34-20 channel which is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are the fastest processing and functioning type of all the Human Design types and, when defined by the 34-20 channel, that MG is the fastest of all the MGs.

So, what does this mean for us right now?

Starting Saturday, November 23, 2019, and lasting 6 days we all can benefit from this powerful surge of available energy! (Of course, where you are on the planet affects exactly when the transit begins and ends for you.)

Gate 34 is the gate of power and Gate 20 is the gate of the “now.” Together, they flow the Sacral Center’s potent work force and life force energy directly to the Throat Center providing “motor energy” for communicating and making things happen in the world.

This is BUSY energy. The busiest, in fact.

How might YOU feel this energy during the transit?

If you have an undefined Sacral Center (you are a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector), you will likely feel an increase in energy available for getting things done. This can be good news, especially just before Thanksgiving when there is often a lot to do!

This energy can also feel exhausting, so pay attention to your body and what it needs. You may need extra naps and rest time. Whatever you do, pace yourself and don’t overdo it. This energy isn’t yours. You’re just “borrowing” it and experiencing the flavor of it. You don’t actually become a Manifesting Generator. You just may feel it temporarily. (By the way, not everyone feels it.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry about it!)

If you have a defined Sacral Center (you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator), you may feel an increase in your energy for making things happen. This is the initiating energy that gives “manifesting” capacity to the Manifesting Generator types.

You may feel a turbo-boost in your ability to communicate powerfully and get things done. You may get super busy! But it’s still not YOUR energy, so pay attention to how your body feels and don’t overdo it. You can get exhausted by this energy, too.

If you already have the 34-20 defined in your chart, you might feel an extra surge of energy but you’re probably already so busy that you may not even notice it.  😉

For all of us:  this transit gives us a brief, golden opportunity to turbo-boost our “doing-ness.”

Now that you know about it, you can plan for and wisely leverage this temporary gift of powerful energy.



Quick Tip: Gate 16 – Logic, Enthusiasm and More

Human Design describes and uses 64 archetypes of behavior and expression, called Gate energies (which map directly to the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching).  The Gates show the broad range of possible expression of being alive. On our personal Human Design charts, they appear as the specific energies imprinted on us related to our birth.

Every being on the planet has some combination of these 64 Gates “defined” (colored in on your chart) which means those energies are important themes and consistent for you.

Please remember though, we ALL “have” ALL of the possible energies of the chart—whether they are defined or undefined on your particular chart. What is defined is consistent for us; what is undefined is inconsistent but we still experience it.

The Gate 16 is called the Gate of Skills and it exhibits enthusiasm. Part of the logical circuitry, it likes to experiment and to develop and hone skills through repetition and practice.

The 16 is the eagerness that gets you excited about new endeavors but it lacks depth unless paired with the Gate 48. If you have both defined, you have the Channel of Talent—the 16-48.

Here is what’s key about the 16:  it likes to leap out and get going without a lot of preparation. It’s a creative, enthusiastic, “shoot from the hip” energy. It develops skills through practice, but sometimes lacks patience for the process.

So if you know people who have the Gate 16 defined in their charts, you have two choices. You can judge them for their enthusiastic activity but their “surface” approach to things. OR, or you can appreciate their excitement, enjoy their enthusiasm, learn from their experimenting and their pattern-finding talent, and respect their ultimate drive for mastery.

If one person has the Gate 16 defined and another person has the Gate 48 defined, together they define the Channel of Talent which can make for a dynamic relationship in which they both balance each other’s energy.

  • The 16 will bring the 48 out of their immersion in depth and their feelings of inadequacy, and help them bring forth the 48’s solutions and deep understandings.
  • The 48 will help ground and slow down the 16 with a foundation of depth and support, and provide direction for the 16’s development of skills.

Together they bring creative talent and practical solutions into the world.



Quick Tip: The Blessing (and Curse) of Gate 18

The Gate 18 is part of the Understanding sub-circuit within the Collective Circuitry of the Human Design chart. So it is all about logic and patterns, and serving the greater good. For our purposes here, it doesn’t matter if it’s black, red, or black and red checkered in a chart.Gate 18 visual

So, what’s the problem with Gate 18?

The “problem” lies in how this energy gets expressed.

First, the blessing of it. It is a brilliant energy to have… truly an asset. It is called “correction” and it allows a person to perceive what is “off” in a pattern. It’s great for any kind of diagnostic work, including editing as well as diagnosing symptoms, troubleshooting, etc.

This is the high expression of it, which is great. But there is a low expression of it (as there is for every energy in the chart). There is also a timing issue with it.

Either or both of these can reveal the “curse” of this energy. (I use quotes because I don’t believe in curses or inherently negative energies, but this energy can be very uncomfortable or irritating for the person on the receiving end and therefore can be a challenging energy in relationships).

Let me explain.

Gate 18 is not a generated energy (it’s not connected to the Sacral Center) nor a manifested energy (it’s not connected to the Throat Center via a motor-related channel).

So it is a PROJECTED energy.  Which means that the expression of it needs to be asked for or recognized before it can be truly heard and valued.

[Learn more about Generated, Manifested, and Projected energies HERE]

That is the timing issue. Correction energy needs to be ASKED FOR before being shared. If not, the person receiving it can feel judged or criticized… which is usually not the intent of the person with the Gate 18. They usually genuinely want to be of help to the other person. But their good intentions don’t come across well if they are not waiting for the right timing—a clear energetic opening or a request for their input.

The low expression of the Gate 18 is correction energy that comes out as judgment or criticism. It’s a tendency to always find fault, always point out what is wrong. Never feel satisfied, never find the perfection you seek.


If you have the Gate 18 defined (colored in your chart):

  • Deliberately choose to focus on what is right. You will always be aware of what is wrong but you don’t have to focus your attention on it.
  • Wait to be ASKED for your corrections. You are a tremendous asset to those who are ready to hear the corrections you offer. But if they are not asking, don’t tell.
  • If they are not asking, you could say something like, “I have a suggestion that might be helpful to you… would it be alright if I share it with you?”  You’re essentially asking for permission to speak. If they say yes, then you have their attention and they are more likely to hear you and appreciate your contribution. But the best time to share your corrections is when they take the initiative to ask for your observations and suggestions.

If you are around someone who has the Gate 18 defined:

  • Recognize the potential value they bring to you, and ASK for their input.
  • Don’t take it personally if their correction energy feels like criticism.
  • Don’t take it personally if they are never satisfied, if nothing is ever perfect for them.
  • Don’t take it personally if they tell you what to do, even though you haven’t asked.
  • Did I mention to not take it personally???


Your comments (and corrections!) are welcome.  😉


Quick Tip: When Logic Isn’t “Predictable”

In a recent advanced Human Design class I’m taking, we had a wonderful discussion I wanted to share with you about the Logic Circuitry in the chart and our human fascination with predictability.

The Logic Circuit (more formally referred to as the Understanding Circuit) is part of the Collective Circuit Group in the Human Design chart.

Collective Circuitry is about humanity as a whole and the “greater good.”  Its theme is SHARING.

The Logic Circuit within it is all about LOGIC and patterns. It questions, probes, tests, and refines our understanding of patterns which help us predict the future, and thus survive as a species. When A combines with B, it produces C. When we plant crops in the spring, they grow and produce a harvest. When we plant crops in the winter, they die.

You get the idea.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Although there are three ways of “knowing” in the archetype of humanity as seen via the chart, Logic is the one that dominates our western cultures and gives us science, the scientific method of inquiry, and our mechanistic view of the world.

The other two ways of “knowing”—sensing (experiencing, feeling, and reflecting on our experiences and the past) and simply knowing (you don’t know how you know something, you just know it)—are unfortunately far less valued in our current cultures.

Logic tries to know the “unknown.” It tries to predict. It wants practical answers and logical solutions. It plans for emergencies. It has contingency plans for contingency plans. Above all, it loves certainty and abhors the unpredictable.

Logic Circuit

Logic Circuit

Those of us with gates and especially with channels in this Circuit can have a strong focus on planning and tend to be uncomfortable with the unknown. When A plus B does not produce C, they might freak out. When the pattern doesn’t hold and something unpredictable happens, they really struggle to cope and try desperately to make sense of it.

But life IS unpredictable at times. We can’t plan for all contingencies (though we can make ourselves crazy trying!).

The only antidote for this craziness of the Logic Circuit is to MAKE PEACE WITH THE UNKNOWN AND THE UNPREDICTABLE. Accept that you can’t know everything. Allow for surprises, miracles and mysteries.

The only way to do that is to TRUST.

Trust the universe. Trust the perfect unfolding and perfect timing of everything. Trust that we don’t need to control or even know what will happen next. Trust that all really is well and everything will work out.

Sounds “new-age-y,” I know. It is.

The dominance of Logic on the planet is shifting and our addiction to predictability must being broken (or else lots of us will be crazy and miserable).

If you can’t yet trust the woo-woo stuff, then trust Quantum Physics which shows us “scientifically” that things ARE unpredictable and are NOT always logical.

Quantum Physics is the harbinger of our evolved understanding of the universe and of the evolution of our human consciousness.

Welcome to the future.



Quick Tip: You Don’t Have to “Go it Alone”

Human Design shows us that only a very few of us (less than 9% – the Manifestors) don’t NEED others to make things happen in the world. This also means that the large majority of us are DESIGNED for interactions and relationships.  And even Manifestors love and interact with others… they just don’t NEED them.

Even Hermits (2/4, 2/5, 5/2, and 6/2 Profiles) are designed to be “called out” of their hermit-ness for the built-in, natural balance of solitude and human interactions that they need to thrive in their lives.

Okay, so we live in a matrix of interactions with each other. So why do we feel so alone sometimes? Maybe even feel abandoned by friends, family, loved ones, God… especially when we need them most?

My theory is that we isolate ourselves because we feel broken and unworthy.

Here again, Human Design “rescues” us by showing us that we’re NOT broken, we’re just different from each other. And that we are ALL inherently valuable, lovable, and magnificent… without needing to prove ourselves in any way.

So, reaching out to our fellow humans for support is what we’re supposed to do. It’s how we’re designed to thrive.

PLUS, it turns out we also have a plethora of non-physical beings and energies who are infinitely ready, willing, able, and eager to help us!

Who knew??? Some of you did, I’m sure. I’ve been slow to come around to accepting this, probably due to the strong logic energies in my chart.  😉

The person who really turned this around for me is Kimberly Wright. She is a beautiful and deeply wise energy healer, channel and spiritual guide. In my work with her (she had Human Design Readings from me, and I had energy healing and channeling sessions from her), I have come to understand and finally embrace that we are not alone.

This was, essentially, the really fun topic of two free teleclasses that Kimberly and I did together: “Connecting with Your Guides and Trusting Your Intuition.”  We talked about Spirit Guides, angels, intuition, inner guidance, and how all of this meshes with Human Design! It was fascinating and so illuminating. We did lots of Q&A to address everyone’s questions about these topics, too.

We’re not sure how long we’ll have these available, so I encourage you to sign up for access to the recordings of these two teleclasses right away.

Not only will you come away with new insights and understandings, you may even learn to access your own unseen support team directly!  And you’ll never have to feel alone again.

>> Access both teleclasses of “Connecting with Your Guides and Trusting Your Intuition” HERE >>


Quick Tip: Coping with life and death…

A few years ago, over the span of a few months two people who are dear to me made their transition back to nonphysical. They “passed away” as we often say.

It was hard to watch them go downhill over the weeks that I had the privilege of being with each of them until the day they passed.

While we each have our unique Human Design that influences how we experience and interpret what happens to us and around us, there may be some aspects to coping with life (and death) that are perhaps more universal.

As I’ve reflected on these experiences, I realized that there were several things that helped me cope with the whole process… and I thought I’d share them with you with the hope and intention that they may be of help to you, too.

First, I kept my focus on one day at a time. There was (as there often is) a lot of uncertainty about whether they would “bounce back” or if this really was their last phase, and how long it would last. Walking down the halls of the nursing home every day to visit my spouse’s dad was rather depressing, quite honestly, and the thought of doing that for an unknown length of time was daunting. Only by focusing on one day at a time could I keep that uncertainty from bringing me down.

Second, I was as present to my feelings as I could be in each moment. I didn’t suppress them. But I also didn’t dwell on them. I felt them. Walking into the hospice center a few times a week for several weeks to visit my friend Judy brought back a flood of memories about my mom passing in that very same hospice center 7 years before. I knew I had to allow those feelings so I could keep moving forward. Stuffing the feelings would only cause problems later on.

Third, and this was perhaps the most powerful, I have come to believe over my 60+ years in this life so far that the death process is a good process, and actually a positive experience for the person going through it. It is, I believe, the full re-emergence back into the nonphysical/spirit realm of pure consciousness and pure positive energy.

That belief helped me have no fear for my dying dear ones. Being present for them, with no fear, helped to create a clear and calm space around them for their comfortable passing. And helped me feel clear and calm throughout the process and afterward.

Beliefs are just that… beliefs. Thoughts with no proof. But since we get to choose what we believe, I believe in choosing empowering ones. Ones that help me cope, and help me help others.

Lastly, I was aware of being there for each of them in order to be of service to them. It wasn’t about me. Being there for them, for family, and for friends, helped me stay centered and present… and not tangled up in my own head or emotions.

While certainly not easy, these two experiences were not as difficult as I thought they might be. For that, I am very grateful. As I was grateful for the time I was able to spend with each of them. Life is so precious.



Quick Tip: Words Don’t Teach, Only _______ Teaches

The other day I was visiting a good friend and we both received the same email asking for a donation to help another friend who was in need. My friend’s first reaction was that her income was limited right now and she just couldn’t afford to give any money away.

The next morning she said she had thought about it and realized she had been coming from a place of lack. And living a lack-based life wasn’t what she wanted to do or who she wanted to be. So she made a donation… with love and good will in her heart and a genuine spirit of generosity.

What struck me about this… and why I’m sharing this with you… isthe power of SELF-realization. When she first mentioned her reaction, I could have pointed out that she was coming from a lack mentality.

I could have expounded on Law of Attraction, you reap what you sow, yadda yadda yadda.

Not only would I have come off as preachy (which is especially unpleasant because I am a Projector), but she likely would have become defensive and just dug deeper into her reaction.

Instead, she had the space and took the time to come to her own realization and evolution in her thinking. It’s always more powerful when we see things for ourselves, rather than have someone else point them out.

Words don’t teach, only experience teaches.

This phrase is repeated often in the Abraham-Hicks work. It has made a lasting impression on me. It seems like a pretty fundamental principle of life.

It’s also why we say in Human Design to experiment with your design and try for yourself all that you learn about it. Don’t take anybody’s word for it. Go live it and see what happens.

Only from your direct experience of the results you produce will you have true understanding.

This, of course, also applies in every other aspect of our lives—with children, bosses, friends, spouses, etc.

Especially with children, it can be hard for us to let them experience things for themselves. We want to tell them what to do and what not to do. We want to share the benefits of our own experience. How well does that usually work?


So, in keeping with this theme, I invite you experiment with this principle. Because these words won’t teach you. Only your experience will. And let me know what you learn!



Quick Tip: My NEW decision-making process

I love Human Design and the extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and structures that it offers to help us live happier, healthier, more productive, more successful, and more aligned lives.

The top-most tool (in my opinion) that it gives us is our personalized decision-making strategy and authority.

Decisions and actions are the levers that give us access to changing the experiences and the outcomes of our lives.

What I’ve learned, however, in my ten-plus years of experimenting with my own design and strategy (1/3 Projector with Splenic Authority) and helping hundreds of my clients with theirs, is that it’s useful to add a little extra tweaking to our process… as we learn and refine how it all works best for us.

So I wanted to share my process and my “extra tweaking” with you.

First, I’ve improved my process of actually following my strategy and authority: I’ve learned to recognize that instant splenic “hit” I get about things from my lovely Defined Spleen Center. Before, it was easy for that subtle awareness to get lost amid the hype, noise and busy-ness of everyday life.

But now I feel it more clearly when it happens. And I’m learning (it’s a process!) to trust it and not to second-guess it (which my Defined Ajna loves to try to do for me). And of course, as a Projector, I’ve learned to wait for and recognize invitations and only accept the ones that feel really great.

Here is the one ADDED tweak that I’ve also come to trust (through my 3rd line experimenting, no doubt!).

Even though I’m designed to make spontaneous decisions without waiting (my Solar Plexus Center is Open), I sometimes find myself going down rabbit holes that end up feeling (and being) not correct for me.

And I’ve realized that it has a LOT to do with my Open G Center. The G is the center for our sense of self, our identity, and our direction in life.

With my Open G, I take in the identity and direction of others and feel it deep down to my soul.

Sometimes I feel like I AM them, while I’m with them. And I’ve discovered this happens even when I’m simply watching their videos or reading things they’ve written… like sales copy!

I can get so excited and pumped up reading about someone’s product or service that it feels like I must have it. It’s like they are speaking directly to ME and it’s absolutely what I NEED right here and now.

What I’ve learned to do is to WAIT before pressing that Buy Now button.

Because I know I’m being influenced by them through my Open G. Influenced by who THEY are and THEIR direction in life and business, which may not be relevant or correct for ME.

I wait and see if it still remember about that gotta-have-it product or service the next day. Or, if I’ve already forgotten about it.

If I’ve forgotten about it, I realize I was just caught up in THEIR passion and their soul’s investment in their product or service.

But if it keeps coming back into MY awareness—if I think about it and keep “trying it on” in my mind—and if it keeps feeling “good” to me, then I know that it’s probably part of my personal path and my soul is nudging me to take that next step.

So, if you have an Open G Center (white diamond in center of chart), I invite you to experiment with waiting until you are outside of the aura of others before you make important decisions. The Open G is easily caught up in the energy of another person. Clear your energetic space first (which includes stepping away from someone else’s sales page or free webinar!), take a little time break and focus on something else, THEN apply the decision strategy and authority that your personal Human Design chart indicates.

And let me know (in the comments below) how it goes!!



Quick Tip: Are You Working on Symptoms?

I came across a very useful distinction recently that I want to share with you.

It’s not new, but the wording of it gives it great clarity and makes it memorable.

[And if it’s not memorable, we probably won’t remember to use it, right?]

So here it is:  Learn to work on the SYSTEM, not the SYMPTOM.

It’s from Eben Pagan’s productivity course.

The point is that if something is not working in your life, look at the bigger picture rather than just the specific behavior or symptom.

If you are always tired, or constantly hungry therefore gaining weight, or feel scattered and unproductive, what habits are you doing (or not doing) that are leading to those results? And what systems or processes could you put in place to help you produce different results?

This distinction is easily applicable to understanding and USING Human Design in our lives.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that your symptom is feeling emotionally impacted by others, and it’s hard for you to control the intensity of what you feel. You may even feel completely at the mercy of (or sometimes a victim of) other people’s powerful emotional energy.

Trying to “control” your feelings and reactions (or trying to control the other people—good luck with that!) probably hasn’t worked very well for you.

That’s trying to work on the SYMPTOM.

If this symptom is an issue for you, then you probably have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center in your Human Design chart. [Check your chart—the large triangle on lower right side would be white.]

If you do have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center, you are actually designed to take in others’ emotional energy and amplify it.

That’s the SYSTEM.

But yikes! That sounds scary and possibly hopeless. It’s not. Understanding the system—the Energy Centers, in this case—and how they work gives you both the opportunity and the power to use it to your advantage.

This ‘system’ has a 6-word mantra that can help you gain wisdom from experiencing others’ emotions, while minimizing the intensity, confusion and overwhelm of taking in emotions from others.

That mantra is:  Be a screen, not a sponge.

It applies to ALL Open Centers in a chart, but especially (in my experience and the experience of my clients) to the Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center.

With practice, you can let the emotions of others flow through you like a breeze through a screen door. You’ll know they’re there. But they won’t impact you. They won’t bowl you over like they do now… as long as you’re not absorbing them like a sponge (which is the behavior pattern that most of us have with this Open Center, so you’re not doing anything wrong and you’re not alone!).

When you’re using the system’s mantra rather than trying to “control” the emotions you feel, you’re working WITH the system.

Then you can begin to distinguish that most of the emotions around you are not yours so you don’t have to “feel” them and “deal with” them. You can remain reasonably even-keeled emotionally. No more roller coaster ride on the emotions of others.

You’ll be working at the SYSTEM level, not the SYMPTOM level. That’s where real and lasting improvements are possible.

Your comments are welcome!