Quick Tip: The Blessing (and Curse) of Gate 18 

by Evelyn Levenson

The Gate 18 is part of the Understanding sub-circuit within the Collective Circuitry of the Human Design chart. So it is all about logic and patterns, and serving the greater good. For our purposes here, it doesn’t matter if it’s black, red, or black and red checkered in a chart.Gate 18 visual

So, what’s the problem with Gate 18?

The “problem” lies in how this energy gets expressed.

First, the blessing of it. It is a brilliant energy to have… truly an asset. It is called “correction” and it allows a person to perceive what is “off” in a pattern. It’s great for any kind of diagnostic work, including editing as well as diagnosing symptoms, troubleshooting, etc.

This is the high expression of it, which is great. But there is a low expression of it (as there is for every energy in the chart). There is also a timing issue with it.

Either or both of these can reveal the “curse” of this energy. (I use quotes because I don’t believe in curses or inherently negative energies, but this energy can be very uncomfortable or irritating for the person on the receiving end and therefore can be a challenging energy in relationships).

Let me explain.

Gate 18 is not a generated energy (it’s not connected to the Sacral Center) nor a manifested energy (it’s not connected to the Throat Center via a motor-related channel).

So it is a PROJECTED energy.  Which means that the expression of it needs to be asked for or recognized before it can be truly heard and valued.

[Learn more about Generated, Manifested, and Projected energies HERE]

That is the timing issue. Correction energy needs to be ASKED FOR before being shared. If not, the person receiving it can feel judged or criticized… which is usually not the intent of the person with the Gate 18. They usually genuinely want to be of help to the other person. But their good intentions don’t come across well if they are not waiting for the right timing—a clear energetic opening or a request for their input.

The low expression of the Gate 18 is correction energy that comes out as judgment or criticism. It’s a tendency to always find fault, always point out what is wrong. Never feel satisfied, never find the perfection you seek.


If you have the Gate 18 defined (colored in your chart):

  • Deliberately choose to focus on what is right. You will always be aware of what is wrong but you don’t have to focus your attention on it.
  • Wait to be ASKED for your corrections. You are a tremendous asset to those who are ready to hear the corrections you offer. But if they are not asking, don’t tell.
  • If they are not asking, you could say something like, “I have a suggestion that might be helpful to you… would it be alright if I share it with you?”  You’re essentially asking for permission to speak. If they say yes, then you have their attention and they are more likely to hear you and appreciate your contribution. But the best time to share your corrections is when they take the initiative to ask for your observations and suggestions.

If you are around someone who has the Gate 18 defined:

  • Recognize the potential value they bring to you, and ASK for their input.
  • Don’t take it personally if their correction energy feels like criticism.
  • Don’t take it personally if they are never satisfied, if nothing is ever perfect for them.
  • Don’t take it personally if they tell you what to do, even though you haven’t asked.
  • Did I mention to not take it personally???


Your comments (and corrections!) are welcome.  😉

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  1. WOW! Evelyn, you talked about timing in this article, and yours couldn’t have been more perfect for me — in the very moment your newsletter with this post came into my inbox, I was mid-sentence writing a draft of some “feedback” my ‘gate 18 corrections energy’ was about to send….

    I’d lost my train of thought, so decided to take a quick break and check my e-mail, only to find this, lo and behold, what I like to call a “Spirit Save” telling me to not hit send.

    Thank you for this information, for honoring your timing (which just happened to be at the perfect time for me), and for continuing to be an inspiration for Projectors everywhere!

    1. Hi Ellen, well said. It’s NOT easy “being 18” – I love that. It’s also sometimes not easy “being with” an 18, as you know. I love that you are so aware of both sides and use that to direct your own behavior regarding this energy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Hi, Evelyn.

    Ahhh…yes…the Gate 18…

    It is a tricky gate, to be sure!

    Your wise words are SO very helpful. My MG boyfriend and I (a Projector) both have the Gate 18 defined, so I know what it feels like to be on the giving end and the receiving end. Even though I know this energy is present, it is sometimes still a challenge to wait to be asked or even to remember to ask permission. Not waiting or asking almost always ends up with hurt feelings and a lot of, “Well, I was just trying to help.”

    Thank you for sharing this post and for the reminder to be mindful of this energy.


    1. Teresa, thank you so much for sharing your experience with this. Yes, hurt feelings and apologies are often the result when the brilliance of the 18 energy isn’t shared wisely. Delighted this was helpful for you! 🙂

  3. Hi Evelyn, in addition to what you wrote, I have moon in my defined gate 18 (and true node in gate 58). It seems that the moon makes it an existential necessity, and also turns the criticism inwardly even more harshly than outside to the world. In my case I noticed that I have two patterns: between me and myself I’m quite easy and permissive, but whatever concerns me in relation to other people I judge myself sternly and always feel I made a mistake. I’ll appreciate your opinion about it.

    1. Hi Esther, yes the correction and criticism energy of the Gate 18 can certainly show up as self-criticism and judgment of self. Perfectionism applied relentlessly to self and/or the world around you. I would need to see your chart and work with you privately to fully understand and help you with your pattern. But even without that, follow the first suggestion in the post… focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. And I would add: try not to compare yourself with others or judge yourself against them. We are each totally unique beings and comparisons are not helpful… especially when they lead to painful self-criticism.

  4. Hello Evelyn – reading this, and then suddenly realising that I do have Gate 18 in my chart was quite a shock. While very interesting and helpful to think about, it also leaves me a bit confused. I am wondering about self-criticism, which you don’t mention in this post. Most of my judgement and negativity tends to be against myself – I can be very self-critical -and this can leave me feeling very shut down and stuck. I noticed Chetyn Parkin particularly and also Karen Curry focus more on this tendency of Gate 18s.

    I certainly tend to be a perfectionist in all sorts of ways, and also a seeker after truth, and have been aware of that most of my life. But I try not to be judgemental or critical of others, especially since I have become more spiritually aware. I try to be open, see both sides and be careful how I express any criticism -and mostly people seem to be drawn to me. I don’t usually correct other people in any sort of judgemental way – I’ve always felt I am usually diplomatic in my approach. But there are a few people that seem to bring out the worst in me – where I have boundary issues and feelings of personal inadequacy – and I wonder is this more a projection of my ‘shadow’ side on to others? I do very much need my own personal space and can feel very challenged when some people repeatedly intrude on this, and don’t ever seem to ‘get it’. Funnily enough, one person who I had tended to feel criticised by, and this has affected our former friendship, doesn’t have Gate 18 in her chart…. but she is a Projector, so I guess there are other factors.

    Anyway, I’m certainly now wondering to what extent I am expressing Gate 18 in a negative way – and what I can do about it. Thank you.


    1. Hi Helen, When I wrote the post I was thinking in terms of how the Gate 18 affects the people around it. But you are quite right, self-correction and criticism are also powerful (negative) expressions of this energy. [Also see comment from Esther and my reply.] I commend you for your sensitivity and awareness to not judge and criticize others. Sad how we often don’t extend the same courtesy and respect to ourselves as we do to others. It can be easy to feel judged/criticized by a Projector, plus her open Gate 18 was taking in and amplifying YOUR correction energy so not surprising that you felt it intensely. Re: your last sentence, I would encourage you to focus on how to use this brilliant energy positively and effectively for yourself and others, and not worry too much about fixing the negative expression of it. I hope that helps. I wonder if I should offer a class about the Gate 18!!!!

  5. Hi Evelyn,

    I came onto your site to re-read and remind myself not to take personally when a person with Gate 18 acting from the low expression.

    A class on Gate 18 would be great. We as human beings stumble and forget, and we do take things personally. A great reminder is never wasted!

    Much love,

    1. Any area in the chart that is white is “undefined”, and you take in that quality of energy from others who are defined and can amplify it. It is not a consistent theme for you as it would be for someone with the Gate 18 defined (colored in). So the tips in the post under the heading, ” If you are around someone who has the Gate 18 defined” would apply to you.

  6. Hi there,
    Thank you for you’re perspective of gate 18…
    I can understand why Richard Rudd suggests only giving 10% of ones attention to the negative side of the Gene keys and the other 90% to the siddhi of the key number, otherwise ones outlook could become pessimistic/ the siddhi for the 18th gate is wonderful and in my view one can benefit greatly by giving their full attention to it.
    Susann NZD..🍀

  7. Evelyn, As usual, a wonderful info. I knew I had 18, but red. I’ve seen myself butting in, not till later. Oh well, it,s still a gift….Thank you!

    1. If the same Gate shows up in multiple places in your chart, it indicates a significant life theme for you.  The influence of that gate will be affected by which planetary bodies activate it.

  8. Thank you for your brilliant work and excellence, Evelyn! I had a reading with you a few years back and it's been amazingly helpful and I keep coming back to what you've shared. I have 4 times 18 in Jupiter and Saturn 😉

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