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Quick Tip: Do you have a Mission? (if not, it’s okay, some of us don’t need one) 

by Evelyn Levenson

I was recently inspired by the website of a business coach/teacher who had done a great job of sharing his beliefs and the foundations on which his business is built.

What came out of this inspiration for me was my own unique version. Mine came out as a Motto, a Mission, and a Mindset. It just flowed.

I had been working on various versions of something like this for several years. I sure love it when it all comes together and pours out in a single flash!

That’s the reward, I guess, for patience and surrendering to the right timing when it finally happens. (Though I admit to not always being patient about such things… I’m working on that.)

Here’s the thing. Some of us are more likely–BY DESIGN–to have a clear, compelling mission in our lives. And some of us are not.

Isn’t that nice to know!!!

It can take away a lot of pressure and guilt you may be feeling. Phew. It’s okay. Breathe.

Those of you with a Defined Identity Center (yellow diamond in middle of your Human Design chart) are more likely to know who you are, have an identifiable direction in your life and, yes, feel a driving mission to fulfill it.

Interestingly, I’m not one of those people. I have an Open Identity Center (white diamond), also known as the G Center or the Self.

I’m sharing all of this with you for two reasons:

1) I want you to KNOW that if you’re Open in this center, you don’t have to have a mission in your life… but you can if it feels correct for you (and if you follow your Strategy and Authority for entering into it and pursuing it).

2) I’d like to SHARE with you the Motto, Mission and Mindset that flowed together for my business. I’m still working on the personal version for my life but as an Open Identity Center person, the personal aspect moves around quite a bit, and that’s okay. It’s even okay if I never fully articulate it. I can still live the full expression of my design.

In fact, it may be easier for Open G’s if we don’t try to force a mission or purpose onto ourselves. We’re designed to be open, fluid and adaptable in who we are and where we’re going in life.

So even if you DO identify a mission for yourself, it’s okay to change it as circumstances change (or even simply with a change of heart). Stay flexible.

And if you never have a clear direction, that’s fine too. Some of us are here to experience life rather than do things.

It’s all good.

So if you’re interested, I’d love to share my business mission with you. You can read it here.

May it inspire you to articulate your own, or to be completely comfortable with NOT having a specific mission in life.


[see my follow up post here about what gets in our way of finding our mission, and the difference between mission and purpose]

Also, I offer two Specialty Readings that specifically address mission and purpose:
Life Path and Soul Mission Reading
Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

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