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Quick Tip: You Don’t Have to “Go it Alone”

Human Design shows us that only a very few of us (less than 9% – the Manifestors) don’t NEED others to make things happen in the world. This also means that the large majority of us are DESIGNED for interactions and relationships.  And even Manifestors love and interact with others… they just don’t NEED them.

Even Hermits (2/4, 2/5, 5/2, and 6/2 Profiles) are designed to be “called out” of their hermit-ness for the built-in, natural balance of solitude and human interactions that they need to thrive in their lives.

Okay, so we live in a matrix of interactions with each other. So why do we feel so alone sometimes? Maybe even feel abandoned by friends, family, loved ones, God… especially when we need them most?

My theory is that we isolate ourselves because we feel broken and unworthy.  

Here again, Human Design “rescues” us by showing us that we’re NOT broken, we’re just different from each other. And that we are ALL inherently valuable, lovable, and magnificent… without needing to prove ourselves in any way.

So, reaching out to our fellow humans for support is what we’re supposed to do. It’s how we’re designed to thrive.

PLUS, it turns out we also have a plethora of non-physical beings and energies who are infinitely ready, willing, able, and eager to help us!

Who knew??? Some of you did, I’m sure. I’ve been slow to come around to accepting this, probably due to the strong logic energies in my chart.  😉

The person who really turned this around for me is Kimberly Wright. She is a beautiful and deeply wise energy healer, channel and spiritual guide. In my work with her (she had Human Design Readings from me, and I had energy healing and channeling sessions from her), I have come to understand and finally embrace that we are not alone.

This was, essentially, the really fun topic of two free teleclasses that Kimberly and I did together: “Connecting with Your Guides and Trusting Your Intuition.”  We talked about Spirit Guides, angels, intuition, inner guidance, and how all of this meshes with Human Design! It was fascinating and so illuminating. We did lots of Q&A to address everyone’s questions about these topics, too.

We’re not sure how long we’ll have these available, so I encourage you to sign up for access to the recordings of these two teleclasses right away.

Not only will you come away with new insights and understandings, you may even learn to access your own unseen support team directly!  And you’ll never have to feel alone again.

>> Access both teleclasses of “Connecting with Your Guides and Trusting Your Intuition” HERE >>

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