Quick Tip: Will Power 101 

by Evelyn Levenson

Figure 41 - Will CenterHave you noticed that implementing New Year’s resolutions or trying to stay on track with new goals any time of year will often bump right up against an occasional lack of will power.

Even if you don’t set goals or resolutions (I recommend intentions instead), you may still be grappling with how to hold to your general direction or even just how to be true to your values.

“So what’s the deal?,” you may ask.  “Why do others seem to have will power, but I don’t?  What’s wrong with me?”

There is nothing wrong with you, and it is likely that you might not have inherent will power at all.  And it’s okay.

Let me explain.

Will Power energy resides in the Will Center (small triangle near middle of your Human Design chart).

If yours is colored red (a “Defined” Will Center), then you DO have inherent Will Power and you are in the minority. Only about 1/8-1/4 of the population shares your good fortune.

You have the capacity to be willful and exert will power on a consistent basis. You may not experience rock solid will power across every area of your life… but when and where it really counts you can summon that will power and stick with it. You also influence those around you (who have Open Will Centers) to feel empowered and powerful in your presence.

YOUR TIP:  Recognize that most of the world cannot keep up with your ability to push through and “just go do it.” Be patient with them… they are simply wired differently than you.

If your Will Center is white (3/4-7/8 of us, called an “Open” Will Center), you occasionally have super will power—when you are amplifying it from a Defined Will person—but you don’t have your own inherent will power to call upon as needed. In order to get things done and stick with commitments, you will want to rely on your Type’s decision making Strategy.

YOUR TIP:  Don’t expect yourself to have will power; instead use your Strategy to make and keep commitments. However, you can “borrow” (amplify) will energy from Defined Wills around you and leverage it to your advantage. Ride it like catching a wave on a surf board!

If you’d like to learn how to manage and maximize your will power, your Will Center, and ALL of your Energy Centers—whether they are defined or open— check out my self-paced course about all 9 Centers:

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  1. My daughter has a defined will and so do two of her three best friends. The four of them are the best of friends who enjoy each other’s company very very much. I find it interest to observe this friendship , always wondering how all these defined wills keep from clashing. How does a married couple with two defined wills normally fare?

    1. Sayuri, the highest expression of the Will Center is empowering others. A defined Will Center in a person who feels good about themselves has no need to compete, clash or struggle. It sounds like your daughter has healthy friends! The married couple with two defined Wills can be very powerful and effective, both individually and together…as long as there is understanding and honoring of each other’s power and of each other’s cycles of work and rest.

  2. Hi, I’m a splenic projector with a defined will center. I have a hanging gate – gate 45. When I borrow the energy of gate 21 I get the manifestor energy right? Does it necessarily mean I can start anything at that moment? Or how do I know if I have access to that energy suddenly or I’m acting out the not-self? I’m kind of confused over here 😉 Appreciate any help! Thank you so much.

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