Quick Tip: When Logic Isn’t “Predictable” 

by Evelyn Levenson

In a recent advanced Human Design class I’m taking, we had a wonderful discussion I wanted to share with you about the Logic Circuitry in the chart and our human fascination with predictability.

The Logic Circuit (more formally referred to as the Understanding Circuit) is part of the Collective Circuit Group in the Human Design chart.

Collective Circuitry is about humanity as a whole and the “greater good.”  Its theme is SHARING.

The Logic Circuit within it is all about LOGIC and patterns. It questions, probes, tests, and refines our understanding of patterns which help us predict the future, and thus survive as a species. When A combines with B, it produces C. When we plant crops in the spring, they grow and produce a harvest. When we plant crops in the winter, they die.

You get the idea.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Although there are three ways of “knowing” in the archetype of humanity as seen via the chart, Logic is the one that dominates our western cultures and gives us science, the scientific method of inquiry, and our mechanistic view of the world.

The other two ways of “knowing”—sensing (experiencing, feeling, and reflecting on our experiences and the past) and simply knowing (you don’t know how you know something, you just know it)—are unfortunately far less valued in our current cultures.

Logic tries to know the “unknown.” It tries to predict. It wants practical answers and logical solutions. It plans for emergencies. It has contingency plans for contingency plans. Above all, it loves certainty and abhors the unpredictable.

Logic Circuit
Logic Circuit

Those of us with gates and especially with channels in this Circuit can have a strong focus on planning and tend to be uncomfortable with the unknown. When A plus B does not produce C, they might freak out. When the pattern doesn’t hold and something unpredictable happens, they really struggle to cope and try desperately to make sense of it.

But life IS unpredictable at times. We can’t plan for all contingencies (though we can make ourselves crazy trying!).

The only antidote for this craziness of the Logic Circuit is to MAKE PEACE WITH THE UNKNOWN AND THE UNPREDICTABLE. Accept that you can’t know everything. Allow for surprises, miracles and mysteries.

The only way to do that is to TRUST.

Trust the universe. Trust the perfect unfolding and perfect timing of everything. Trust that we don’t need to control or even know what will happen next. Trust that all really is well and everything will work out.

Sounds “new-age-y,” I know. It is.

The dominance of Logic on the planet is shifting and our addiction to predictability must being broken (or else lots of us will be crazy and miserable).

If you can’t yet trust the woo-woo stuff, then trust Quantum Physics which shows us “scientifically” that things ARE unpredictable and are NOT always logical.

Quantum Physics is the harbinger of our evolved understanding of the universe and of the evolution of our human consciousness.

Welcome to the future.


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