Quick Tip: Having a Mission vs. Having a Life Purpose 

by Evelyn Levenson

I received such wonderful feedback on my last post about some of us not being designed to have “a Mission” in life (you may read it here), that I wanted to address some questions that came in.

First Question

One reader wrote that she has a Defined Identity Center (yellow diamond in middle of chart) but has no idea who she is, why she’s here, or what her mission is in life.

This situation can be caused by several issues:

-Simply not having found (or not having stubbed our toe on—sometimes we learn it the hard way) the kind of self-awareness that supports knowing with confidence who we are and why we’re here.

-Some Types, particularly Projectors, have a hard time knowing themselves (they’re designed to know others rather than know themselves).

-“Conditioning” which influences us through our Open Centers and Open Gates can confuse us and distract us from who we really are (here’s an article I wrote about Deconditioning).

-Not following the decision-making and action-taking Strategy for your Human Design Type… we get into all sorts of trouble, dead ends, and things that go awry when we don’t use our Strategy and our personal Authority to move through life.

-Some of us are simply “late bloomers,” especially 6th line Profiles (your Profile has a 6 in it, like 4/6, 6/2, etc.), and for some us our second Saturn Return, around age 56-58, marks a major time to connect deeply with who we truly are.

-Sometimes we get so focused on searching for and feeling frustrated that we haven’t found our mission, that we don’t see that it’s right in front of us and has been all along!

With all of these issues, a personal Human Design Reading from a qualified practitioner will usually give you clarity, confidence and a deep new trust in finding and following your inner guidance about who you are and why you’re here.

Next Questions

A reader wondered what parts of the chart could give her clear direction about who she is and her mission, and another asked about mission vs. life purpose. These are related so I’ll address them together.

We ALL have a life purpose, and it’s found clearly in our charts. It may not be as specific as you might wish it to be (it won’t give you an exact job title) but it’s there. And every single person I’ve done a Reading for (and that is many hundreds) has resonated with that information from their chart.

In contrast, as mentioned in last week’s post, those with an Open Identity Center are not really designed to have a clear and driving mission. It doesn’t mean they can’t have one (or several) if it’s completely aligned with who they are (meaning the other parts of their Chart), but it’s perfectly correct for them to just BE, experience life, and be flexible in who they are—rather than DO.

Those with a Defined Identity Center, on the other hand, tend to have more clarity about who they are and where they’re going, and will often feel mission-driven in their life. But not all of them experience this, as we saw with the first question above. In addition to the reasons listed above, sometimes we just need to wrestle with these deep questions to find our clarity.

As a diamond gets its brilliance from tremendous pressure and the pearl gets is luster from the irritation of sand in its shell, some of us need to struggle a bit to find meaning and purpose in our lives. And if you have the Gate of Struggle (28) defined in your chart, then this kind of struggle is a consistent theme for you.

But this doesn’t mean that you must experience life as nothing but struggle. The purpose of struggle in the chart is to find what IS meaningful to us in life, and all of us experience it to a greater or lesser degree.

Remember, we ALL experience ALL gates, channels and centers of the chart whether they’re defined in our chart or not. Whatever is defined for us is simply more fixed and consistent in our experience.

Also know that when you’re living your purpose, the everyday struggles tend to fall away. Mission (which only some of us have) is related to purpose (which all of us have). So if you don’t have a clear mission, just focus on your purpose and you’ll be just fine!

I offer two Specialty Readings that specifically address mission and purpose:
Life Path and Soul Mission Reading
Soul Purpose Alignment Reading

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