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Quick Tip: Buckle Up! Super-Speed Energy Almost Here

Each year at this time (late November), there is a powerful transit that bathes the entire planet in super-fast Manifesting Generator energy.  A transit is a set of Human Design gate energies activated by the constantly moving planetary bodies.  Transits happen everyday, all day long.  Some are more impactful than others.

This transit, with the sun in gate 34 and the earth in gate 20, activates the 34-20 channel which is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are the fastest processing and functioning type of all the Human Design types and, when defined by the 34-20 channel, that MG is the fastest of all the MGs.

So, what does this mean for us right now?

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 22, 2018 (Thanksgiving in the US), at approximately 6:30am Eastern Time, we all can benefit from this powerful surge of available energy!

Gate 34 is the gate of power and Gate 20 is the gate of the “now.”  Together, they flow the Sacral Center’s potent workforce and life force energy directly to the Throat Center providing “motor energy” for communicating and making things happen in the world.

This is BUSY energy.  The busiest, in fact.

This transit will last until approximately 8:00pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, November 27.

How might YOU feel this energy during the transit?

If you have an undefined Sacral Center (you are a Projector, Manifestor or Reflector), you will likely feel an increase in energy available for getting things done.  This can be good news, especially around Thanksgiving when there is often a lot to do!

This energy can also feel exhausting, so pay attention to your body and what it needs.  You may need extra naps and rest time.  Whatever you do, pace yourself and don’t overdo it.  This energy isn’t yours.  You’re just “borrowing” it and experiencing the flavor of it.  You don’t actually become a Manifesting Generator.  You just may feel it temporarily.  (By the way, not everyone feels it.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry about it!)

If you have an defined Sacral Center (you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator), you may feel an increase in your energy for making things happen.  This is the initiating energy that gives “manifesting” to the Manifesting Generator types.

You may feel a turbo-boost in your ability to communicate powerfully and get things done.  You may get super busy!  But it’s still not YOUR energy, so pay attention to how your body feels and don’t overdo it.  You can get exhausted by this energy, too.

If you already have the 34-20 defined in your chart, you might feel an extra surge of energy but you’re probably already so busy that you may not even notice it.  😉

For all of us:  this transit gives us a brief, golden opportunity to turbo-boost our “doing-ness.”

Now that you know about it, you can plan for and wisely leverage this temporary gift of powerful energy.


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  • Sayuri November 21, 2018, 12:32 pm

    Thank you. I love your explanations. You put it in a very nice form. I am an mg but without this channel defined. Gonna be an intresting ride !

  • Marga Dhun November 22, 2018, 8:47 am

    Thanx Evelyn for this reminder. As it happens I do not have this channel defined…I feel like doing and I do, but then the energy changes and I have to stop, feeling exhausted all of the sudden, so I wait..and then proceed with something I like to do, something creative which replenishes my batteries back to normal.

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