Quick Tip: How to Avoid Emotional Overwhelm 

by Evelyn Levenson

If you are emotionally Open (the large triangle on lower right of your chart is white), THE most powerful thing you can do to avoid the pain and overwhelm… and maximize the wisdom… associated with this emotional energy center is to apply this mantra:  Be a screen, not a sponge.

This means you allow all the emotional energy–which you naturally take in and amplify from people with Defined Emotional Centers around you–to flow right through you like a breeze blowing through a screen door.

Don’t absorb those emotions and hold on to them like a sponge. Holding them usually feels bad and leads you to believe that you’re “at the mercy of” those energies, which of course you can’t control.

As an Open Solar Plexus Center person, you can feel like a cork bobbing on the ocean getting knocked over by wave after wave of other people’s emotional energy. You may even feel you need to “protect” yourself from their energy.

But you’ll always take in and amplify those energies–that’s what Open Centers do. It’s what YOU do with those energies that matters. You’re best served by shifting how you handle them, so they no longer affect your experience.

When you feel overwhelmed by someone else’s intense emotional energy, remind yourself that it’s not your energy and you can let it go. Be a screen, not a sponge! You WILL get better at doing this; just be patient with yourself.

This mantra is useful for ALL Open Centers, but most importantly and dramatically for the Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center.


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