Quick Tip: My NEW decision-making process 

by Evelyn Levenson

I love Human Design and the extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and structures that it offers to help us live happier, healthier, more productive, more successful, and more aligned lives.

The top-most tool (in my opinion) that it gives us is our personalized decision-making strategy and authority.

Decisions and actions are the levers that give us access to changing the experiences and the outcomes of our lives.

What I’ve learned, however, in my ten-plus years of experimenting with my own design and strategy (1/3 Projector with Splenic Authority) and helping hundreds of my clients with theirs, is that it’s useful to add a little extra tweaking to our process… as we learn and refine how it all works best for us.

So I wanted to share my process and my “extra tweaking” with you.

First, I’ve improved my process of actually following my strategy and authority: I’ve learned to recognize that instant splenic “hit” I get about things from my lovely Defined Spleen Center. Before, it was easy for that subtle awareness to get lost amid the hype, noise and busy-ness of everyday life.

But now I feel it more clearly when it happens. And I’m learning (it’s a process!) to trust it and not to second-guess it (which my Defined Ajna loves to try to do for me). And of course, as a Projector, I’ve learned to wait for and recognize invitations and only accept the ones that feel really great.

Here is the one ADDED tweak that I’ve also come to trust (through my 3rd line experimenting, no doubt!).

Even though I’m designed to make spontaneous decisions without waiting (my Solar Plexus Center is Open), I sometimes find myself going down rabbit holes that end up feeling (and being) not correct for me.

And I’ve realized that it has a LOT to do with my Open G Center. The G is the center for our sense of self, our identity, and our direction in life.

With my Open G, I take in the identity and direction of others and feel it deep down to my soul.

Sometimes I feel like I AM them, while I’m with them. And I’ve discovered this happens even when I’m simply watching their videos or reading things they’ve written… like sales copy!

I can get so excited and pumped up reading about someone’s product or service that it feels like I must have it. It’s like they are speaking directly to ME and it’s absolutely what I NEED right here and now.

What I’ve learned to do is to WAIT before pressing that Buy Now button.

Because I know I’m being influenced by them through my Open G. Influenced by who THEY are and THEIR direction in life and business, which may not be relevant or correct for ME.

I wait and see if it still remember about that gotta-have-it product or service the next day. Or, if I’ve already forgotten about it.

If I’ve forgotten about it, I realize I was just caught up in THEIR passion and their soul’s investment in their product or service.

But if it keeps coming back into MY awareness—if I think about it and keep “trying it on” in my mind—and if it keeps feeling “good” to me, then I know that it’s probably part of my personal path and my soul is nudging me to take that next step.

So, if you have an Open G Center (white diamond in center of chart), I invite you to experiment with waiting until you are outside of the aura of others before you make important decisions. The Open G is easily caught up in the energy of another person. Clear your energetic space first (which includes stepping away from someone else’s sales page or free webinar!), take a little time break and focus on something else, THEN apply the decision strategy and authority that your personal Human Design chart indicates.

And let me know (in the comments below) how it goes!!


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  1. Waiting has been key for me, especially where it relates to investing in self-improvement products and services. I actually didn’t understand how important it was for me (with an open Head, Anja, G, Spleen, and Solar Plexus) until I tried to buy the next great thing and found my personal development savings account (linked to PayPal) was empty. Now, I write down when something piques my interest, in part, just to see how soon I forget about it. 90% of the time, it takes less than 24 hours. When I do remember, it’s usually only long enough to mention the product or service to someone in my circle who really resonates with it.

  2. Such great advice, thank you for sharing this insight. Magnifying other people’s direction makes it tricky to remember or feel your own. I would have saved a whole lot of money if I’d known this a few years ago šŸ™‚ I have an open G and I also find this seriously affects my diet if I go out to eat with other people I end up having all kinds of cravings and I eat the meal and feel awful when I get home. I now eat a snack before I go out so I’m not ravenous and practice some centering exercises before I go into a restaraunt

    1. Those are great tips, Jen. Thank you so much for sharing them! It sure explains a lot for us Open G’s. šŸ™‚

  3. I am a Manifesting Generator with a defined G center, but open Head center. During my initial reading, I was warned that an open Head means that I will be easily influenced by those who have dynamic energy. I have done my best to remember this, because I find my response mechanism easily swayed by those who are ‘knowledgable’ or deemed a ‘professional’ in their field (think Tony Robbins, or the teachers on the Secret).
    I have employed a similar strategy in my own life, to wait until the next day or two (my Solar Plexus is undefined, so I don’t have emotional authority) to make a purchase or commitment to programs, etc. And I don’t have to be in their physical presence.
    I wonder why the experience is so similar if my G is defined?

    1. Kathrynne, Thank you for the thoughtful question. It is wonderful that you recognize that you are influenced by the thoughts of people you place in authority and have taught yourself to wait for the response. That must be very hard for a Manifesting Generator. Thanks. Cindy (assistant to Evelyn)

    2. Great question, Kathrynne. The Open Head can definitely sway us (mine is open too). You are correct that the Head is a mental issue, so “experts” can have great influence on us if we let them. The difference is that the Open Head gets influenced by ideas, thought processes, answers, and possibilities from outside us. The Open G gets influenced by identity and direction and soul’s journey of others. In the practical world, the effect on us can look very much the same. And the “remedy” of waiting a day or two seems to be the same! But there is a subtle (but distinct) underlying difference.

  4. Great tip, Evelyn. I too have an open G and am a MG with splenic authority and open solar plexus. This would indicate not having to wait, other than what’s required for MGs in general, yet I find a defined integration circuit also requires I take more time to decide. I hadn’t connected it with the open G before, so thanks for that. I have realized for some time, however, that it’s key for me not to jump at the first impulse. So important to consider all aspects of our design.

  5. šŸ˜› I love your explanation of this. I’m a 1/3 emotionally defined manifestor. My open G and 2 emotional waves really get me. I can’t just respond like manifestor can. Clarity is a must, I have learned. Thank goodness I’m driven to investigate, which helps. Trusting my gut really helps. Then my head doesn’t confuse me. Thanks Evelyn.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, June. It’s good to know that emotional Manifestors search for clarity, too. It would be interesting to see if you can tease apart the Open G vs. your emotional waves in your decision making. Let me know!

  6. Oh, Wow, Evelyn! I know exactly what you mean about going down rabbit holes! It never occurred to me that I was being influenced by watching someone’s video or reading sales copy. As a Projector, I thought maybe the feeling of buying someone’s product or service and getting stuck in that rabbit hole might have something to do with not being invited. Now I see it was the Open G…and it makes SO much more sense. There are times when I get sidetracked and have forgotten about whatever it is. Then if I return to it, I cannot understand why I was so pumped about it. After reading your tip, I know now to intentionally “back away from the product” and wait to see if it still resonates with me later or if I even remember it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your new learning experiences. You have helped me so much!

  7. I have a totally blank G-Center so that is very precious to know, thank you for the Tip! Indeed, I can be very euphoric reading/meeting someone enthusiastic about something he/she did/wrote/sell, feeling as good as he/she can be, but I learned to listen to myself more deeply for not getting caught in their ‘trip’. I allow me time before acting in one way or another.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this it makes so much sense to me since Iā€™m a projector with only the anja and throat defined.

  9. Wow, thank you for this great tip Evelyn! I'm a 4/6 Emotional Projector with a completely open G and defined Ajna. In the years I have been experimenting with my design, I've learned to wait out my emo-wave. But I sure do recognize your story about being 'pulled' by others' video's or writings! Never thought it could have something to do with my open G – that not only it is good for me to get clear on my emotions, but also on my direction in life. Asking myself: what do I really want and how does this help me in becoming the best version of me? Kind of bypassing what my Ajna wants me to think… šŸ˜‰

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