The Big Experiment is about finding YOUR truth 

by Evelyn Levenson

The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, talked frequently about life being an experiment and how we should experiment with the information from Human Design–by which he meant that each of us should experiment with our own design and see what works and what doesn’t.

This implies that the “rules” of Human Design are more like guidelines (with a wink and a nod to Pirates of the Caribbean). We are deeply complex beings, not just from our designs but also from the influences on us by other people and by transits in this lifetime, plus our genetic heritage from ancestors, and any previous incarnations we may have had (if your belief system includes that possibility).

My point is that we are WAY more than what is represented on our Human Design charts. The chart is a strikingly accurate framework of energetic influences we were born with. Then lots of “life” (present and past) gets added to that framework. The framework doesn’t change, but our life experiences change how we express our birth-related energies.

Two people born at the same moment in the same time zone will have the same chart and very similar tendencies, behaviors, and preferences as they mature, but they won’t be exactly the same in every respect. Even identical twins have personality differences.

So, as you learn about yourself through Human Design, I invite you to experiment with the information and see how it works for YOU. There may be subtle (or not so subtle) differences in how your Gate 8 or your Defined G Center, for example, are expressing through you when compared to someone who has similar aspects in their chart. Each aspect of the chart has a range of possibly expressions, and the possible combinations of all the ranges on a chart are nearly limitless! So you are, quite literally, COMPLETELY UNIQUE.

What you are looking for as you experiment with information about your design is YOUR truth, what resonates for you, and who YOU are as the unique expression of all those energies and influences coming together. Happy exploring and experimenting! (Hint: don’t hold back!)

One last point on this topic, because it really gets me riled up: I vigorously object to rigid interpretations of Human Design particularly when it comes to Projectors and their strategy of waiting to be invited. The decision making strategy for each Type is supposed to empower us to make choices and take actions in ways that align with our energetic configuration. But many Projectors are led to believe they should not (must not!) do anything without an invitation.

This is simply not correct. And it’s VERY disempowering. Yes, invitations are hugely beneficial for us Projectors (I know ‘cuz I are one <wink>), especially for big, life-impacting choices, but we can take actions (especially smaller actions) without them. Some things may be harder to accomplish without an invitation, but you won’t know until you try. The key is to trust your Authority, trust how things feel in your body, and learn to trust yourself.

One more point about generalizing across all people of a certain Type –> there is so much variation within a Type! A 5/1 Projector can/should/does operate differently from a 2/4 Projector, for example. Any Type who has a Defined Will Center will operate differently from the same Type with an Open Will Center. You get the idea.

So, avoid most generalizations and have fun exploring your uniqueness!


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  1. Yes indeed … so very true, and such important points to emphasize and then repeat, and repeat ….lest we forget!

    Our ability to accept, value and comprehend our uniqueness is as important as familiarizing ourselves with the tools to help us begin the journey towards self love and self leadership in the first place.

    Thank you Evelyn for reminding your readers how critical this is for us all.

    1. Thank you, Karen. I appreciate your feedback. I was just thinking today that the two things most missing in today’s world are: loving ourselves, and trusting ourselves. SO many other issues would resolve or disappear if everyone felt good about themselves. Thank you for all that YOU do.

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