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The Role of the Solar Plexus Center in Decision-Making

Let’s talk about decision-making. The top-tier factor in decision-making according to Human Design is whether your Emotional Solar Plexus Center is defined or undefined.

If it’s defined, your decision-making Authority is Emotional regardless of whatever else is defined in your chart. You need to give yourself time and wait through at least one emotional wave in order for you to get clarity about your decision.

If it’s undefined, your Authority is NOT emotional and you do not need to wait through an emotional wave to make your decisions, because you don’t have your own emotional waves. Your Authority is determined by other defined centers in your chart, and that decision-making process is NOT influenced by emotional energy.

Understanding how YOUR Solar Plexus Center affects your decision-making is vital to you making decisions correctly for YOU. Our decisions affect EVERYTHING in our lives, from the little choices of what to eat (and not eat), what to wear, what to do this weekend, etc., to the big decisions of career, marriage, where you live, and which principles are so important to you that they guide your life.

Each of us is different but what IS consistent is that our undefined/open centers can easily hijack our decisions. An undefined center takes in and amplifies the energy of that center from those who have it defined. Each undefined center has a predictable behavior pattern associated with it which we develop in order to help us cope with and try to make sense of the energy coming in from others. But we develop these behavior patterns in the absence of understanding what is really going on. We’re essentially flying blind until we learn, through the mechanics of Human Design, the underlying energy dynamics at play in our undefined centers.

These behavior patterns—while they’re the best we could do under our pre-Human Design circumstances—are not usually healthy or empowering for us. With awareness, we can begin to shift these patterns, stop the hijacking, step into our power, and align our decisions with our actual Strategy and Authority.

While the hijacking of decisions is usually associated with undefined centers, I’ll explain in a few minutes how the Defined Solar Plexus Center can also be hijacked. Stay with me. We’re going to start with the Undefined Solar Plexus Center.


The predictable behavior pattern for the Undefined Solar Plexus Center is “trying to keep everyone happy.” If this is you, you know that tune! Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves. Keep everything calm.

This is understandable behavior, now that you are aware of the dynamics here. You will feel the other person’s upset more intensely than they feel it, so of course you don’t want to upset them. This is self-preservation! And it may feel like your only line of defense against the overwhelm of intense emotional energy coming your way.

The problem, of course, with this pattern is that you’re bending over backwards and tiptoeing around important issues rather than facing them head-on. You’re not handling conflict in a healthy manner and you’re not standing in your power and fearlessly speaking your truth.

Here’s how this works. Let’s say you are presented with an opportunity to do something, maybe a request from someone. Your Strategy and Authority (whether Sacral, Splenic, Ego, etc.) says NO. But your undefined Solar Plexus says, “Oh, but we must say yes otherwise that person will be so upset with us.” Bingo, you’re hijacked. These behavior patterns are powerful influencers of our choices.

This is not a desirable situation, or sustainable for long term well-being. You’re coping, but you’re not thriving. You’re not in alignment with your authentic self or with your truth.

So, what to do?

In the Solar Plexus course module (from my Success by Centers course), I explain the “antidote” to this situation which allows you to stop being at the mercy of other people’s emotional energy. It helps you stand your ground in a healthy and correct way. With practice, it can even allow you to selectively choose what you DO want to experience of the energy coming through your undefined emotional center.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re spending time with a friend who is emotionally defined and she is up on her emotional wave, so she is feeling great and having an awesome day. You think, “I want some of that! That’s looks like fun.” You can CHOOSE to experience some of her energy. It’s like catching a wave with a surfboard. You’re borrowing the energy. Playing with it for a little while. It’s not yours, so you can’t keep it, but you can enjoy it temporarily.

Now, let’s say you’re with that same friend a few days later and she is low on her wave. You can choose to NOT experience that energy. I explain how in the course module.

This process does take practice but it is achievable. And it is VERY freeing! It allows you to make decisions correctly for you without being hijacked by your Undefined Solar Plexus Center.


Let’s shift gears for a moment because I want to address the “hijacking” of a Defined Solar Plexus Center. This works very differently from what we just saw.

When your emotional center is defined, your decision-making process is deeply influenced by your emotional wave. The ONLY way you gain clarity is by feeling your reaction to the decision on different points of your wave.

When your reaction is consistently positive or consistently negative over time, your answer is quite clear. But when it’s sometimes Yes and sometimes NO, things get a lot trickier.

The hijacking that can occur here comes from your other undefined centers, which can influence you during the indecisiveness you experience from your emotional wave. Those other undefined centers can be your hijackers. And each one has its own behavior pattern and hijacking “hook.”


The bottom line is that any decision can potentially be hijacked. The “antidote” that you’ll learn in the Solar Plexus course module can apply to any undefined center you have, not just the Solar Plexus.

I hope all of this gives you some new awareness about the decision-making process in general, and YOUR process in particular. There is nothing more important than making decisions that align with our truth and our energetic blueprint, because those decisions naturally and automatically move us along our Life Path so we can live an authentic life and fulfill our Soul’s Purpose. Our decisions are THAT important.

Here’s to optimal functioning and the full expression of ALL that we are and were always meant to be!



Series: Passions of the Solar Plexus – Introduction

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Emotional Solar Plexus Center so you can learn to harness your natural passions and creative energy to manifest the life you desire.

Emotional energy is a frequency of energy that brings richness and creativity to our lives. It is home to the passion and intensity that distinguish us from  fellow animals on this planet. Romantic love, anguish, poetry, empathy, compassion, magnificent works of art, soaring pieces of music, and even revolution are all contained in the Emotional Solar Plexus Center of the Human Design chart.

This center is one of nine geometrical shapes on the chart, called energy centers. The Solar Plexus is the only one that is both an awareness center and a motor center. Motors provide energy for taking action while awareness centers gives us energy for self-awareness and conscious intelligence.

This combination makes the Solar Plexus the most complex of the nine centers and gives it tremendous impact on our lives.

The emotional energy in this center operates in waves, like a sine wave on a graph. It has ups and downs, highs and lows. These natural cycles are experienced directly by the half of the population that has this center defined (colored) on their chart.

The other half of the population has this center open (white) which means they take in and amplify this energy, and the related emotional waves, from the defined Solar Plexus Centers around them. They experience this energy indirectly and can develop great wisdom about emotional energy because they experience such wide variations in the possibilities of this energy.

Because emotions can be intense and not logical or rational, emotional waves cause distortions in our perception of the world. This is especially true for the emotionally defined among us. At the top of your emotional wave you may feel excited about an opportunity, but at the bottom of your wave you may have a very different feeling about it.

Thus, if you are emotionally defined, it’s crucial for you to understand the energy dynamics at play here, and to take your time in making decisions. You reach clarity only after waiting through at least one of your wave cycles so you can see the distortions and the variable feelings caused by it. [I’ll explain more about decision-making in a future post.]

The Metaphysical Role of the Solar Plexus

Emotional energy has a biochemical basis in the body but its role and impact go far beyond our physical nature. Our emotions, usually triggered by our thoughts and beliefs, calibrate our heart energy located in the G Center (diamond shape in middle of chart).

The G Center is home to our personal magnetic monopole which connects us to the collective energy of the universe and also attracts to us people, events, and circumstances that resonate with our heart energy. This is where and how the Law of Attraction works. It’s all about our magnetic resonance field.

So, our emotional feelings play a vital role in creating our direction and experiences in life. They truly create our reality!

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Yet, it rarely seems quite as simple as changing our thoughts to instantaneously change our life. We are, after all, very complex beings. Thankfully, Human Design helps illuminate our complexity and gives us tools for understanding and navigating the labyrinth of connections and influences that make us who we are.

What Are the “Passions of the Solar Plexus”?

Each center on the Human Design bodygraph has several “gates” attached to it, which combine with other gates to form channels which then connect the centers to each other. There are 64 gates in the Human Design system, and it takes two gates to form a channel.

The gates are expressions and archetypes of the human experience, and the gates that are connected to a center are related to the energy of that center.

The energy of a center gets “filtered” through the defined (colored) gates attached to it in order to be expressed. This is true whether the center itself is defined or open. If there are no defined gates attached to a center, then that center is unlimited in its expression.

Each of the seven gates attached to the Solar Plexus Center reflects one aspect of the emotional and creative potential of the center. I call them the “Passions of the Solar Plexus.”

For example, Gate 6 has a passion for having impact and intimacy. Gate 37 has a passion for creating peace and harmony.

When you have ANY Solar Plexus gates defined in your chart, using those “passions” correctly will allow you to authentically express your creative power in your life.

It’s also important to understand the Solar Plexus Gates that are open (white) in your chart, because:

  • People in your life may have those defined and knowing THEIR creative powers will help you in your interactions with them.
  • If you are around someone who has those gates defined, you will take in and amplify that energy. Even though you don’t carry the energy of those gates consistently, you will experience and possibly express those energies at times. Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!
  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Solar Plexus Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice those around you expressing them, too.

Bottom Line

These energies—the Passions of the Solar Plexus—affect the way we exert our creative power in the world… which determines our life experience. Armed with this knowledge, you can consciously leverage these energies to your advantage while remaining aligned with the truth and magnificence of Who You Are.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore all seven of the gate energies connected to the Solar Plexus Center, one at a time. For simplicity, we’ll start with Gate 6, on the left side of the Solar Plexus Center, and move clockwise around it.

Learn about the Passions of Gate 6 HERE >>

Here are all of the published posts in this series:

Passions of the Solar Plexus #1 – Gate 6 “Impact and Intimacy”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #2 – Gate 37 “Peace and Harmony”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #3 – Gate 22 “Creativity and Grace”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #4 – Gate 36 “Exploration and Adventure”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #5 – Gate 30 “Passion”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #6 – Gate 55 “Faith and Abundance”
Passions of the Solar Plexus #7 – Gate 49 “Revolution and Principles”



Series: Ego Energies of the Will – Introduction

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Will Center so you can learn to leverage willpower and make your impact on the world in ways that are correct for YOU.

Most of us want to have a positive impact on the world and the people around us, but often we don’t know quite how to do that. We see powerful people in the news and in our spheres of activity and wonder what they do to be so influential. How do they manage to have such impact?

And why can’t we do that, too?

The problem, of course, is that what works for them probably won’t work for you.

The solution is to learn how YOU are wired to handle willpower and influence so you can work with your natural energy and align with your innate power.

Few things are as exhausting or distressing as trying to be something (or someone) we are not. Doing this goes against every fiber of our being, and we use what precious little willpower we have in order to overcome our instinctive resistance and just “power through” it. It’s a terrible idea.

When we are authentic in the way we interact with others, when we operate from the truth of Who We Are and express a coherent alignment of our energy, that’s when our true power and influence shine through.

That’s when things go better and flow better. That’s when we have the correct and effective impact on our world that we most desire to have.

What Are “Ego Energies of the Will”?

The Will Center in the Human Design bodygraph, also referred to as the Heart Center or Ego Center, is home to our willpower and gives us several tools with which to influence our world. It is the small triangle just below the diamond shape in the middle of the bodygraph.

This center is connected primarily to the Ego Circuit of the Tribal Circuit Group in the chart. The Will center’s energy is focused on tribal and family interactions, material goods, physical assets, business, and how we value things. And, it is where our ego resides.

Ego is our view of ourselves, determined by our self-esteem and our perceived position in the world. In this context, ego isn’t good or bad, it simply IS. Everyone has an ego. What is important is how we use it and manage its impact on others.

Each gate energy connected with the Will Center indicates a particular approach to exerting impact on the world—a specific way of expressing our power. I call these the “Ego Energies of the Will.”

For example, Gate 26 exerts influence, persuasion and, potentially, manipulation. Gate 51 is competitive and uses shock to have impact. Gate 21 exerts control. Don’t worry, there are also positive expressions of each Will Center gate!

When you have ANY Will Center gates defined (colored) in your chart, using those “energies” correctly will allow you to authentically express your power in life.

It’s also important to understand the Will Gates that are undefined (white) in your chart, because:

  • People in your life may have those defined, and knowing THEIR authentic power will help you in your interactions with them.
  • If you are around someone who has those gates defined, you will take in and amplify that energy. Even though you don’t carry the energy of those gates consistently, you will experience and possibly express those energies at times. Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!
  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Will Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice that those around you expressing them, too.

Bottom Line

These energies—the Ego Energies of the Will—affect the way we exert our power in the world and determine the role our ego plays in our interactions. Armed with this knowledge, you can consciously leverage these energies to your advantage while remaining aligned with the truth and magnificence of Who You Are.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore all four of the gate energies connected to the Will Center, one at a time.

For simplicity, we’ll start with Gate 26, on the left side of the Will Center, and move clockwise around it.

Learn about the Ego Energy of the Gate 26 here >>

Hint:  The energy of Gate 26 is to influence and “sell” ideas or things; its high expression is INTEGRITY.

Ego Energies of the Will #1 – Gate 26 “Influence”
Ego Energies of the Will #2 – Gate 51 “Compete”
Ego Energies of the Will #3 – Gate 21 “Control”
Ego Energies of the Will #4 – Gate 40 “Withhold”


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Series: Voices of the Throat #1 – Introduction

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Throat Center so you will know how to communicate effectively and authentically as YOU.  You’ll find links to the other posts in this series at the end of this post.

The words we choose in speaking and writing influence what we express, the impact we make, and how others perceive us.  Our words set the tone for our own baseline “vibe” as well as our interactions.

When we are authentic in our communication, we speak from the core of Who We Are and express a coherent alignment of our energy.

That’s when things go better and flow better.  That’s when we speak our truth.  That’s when we impact the world around us in ways that are correct for us and, ultimately, correct for everyone else.

What Are “Voices of the Throat”?

Each gate energy connected with the Throat Center indicates a particular approach to communicating—a specific way of expressing yourself.

For example, Gate 62 says, “I think.”  Gate 35 says, “I feel.”  Gate 23, says “I know.”

When you have ANY Throat gates defined (colored) in your chart, using the “voices” of those gates when you speak and write will allow you to communicate authentically for YOU.

Even if you don’t have a particular Throat Gate defined, it’s useful to understand it because:

  • The people in your life may have it defined, and knowing THEIR authentic voice will help you in your interactions with them.
  • If you are around someone who has that gate defined, you will take in and amplify that energy.  So even though you don’t carry the energy of that gate consistently, so you will experience and possibly express that energy at times.  Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!
  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Throat Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice those around you expressing them, too.

Why Now?

The reason for offering this series now:  to help you through this holiday season and into the New Year by fully expressing your Authentic Self!

December is traditionally a time of socializing, often with family, friends, and community gatherings. Have you noticed the conditioned expectations and set behavior patterns that develop over time in our interactions?

Paying attention to the gates of the Throat – how we express ourselves, how others express themselves, and how we each contribute to the collective experience – can help us speak, listen, and react in positive and constructive ways.  The holiday season can be emotionally charged and stressful at times.  Awareness can help diffuse or completely avoid unpleasantness and misunderstandings.

Plus, few things will help you get 2019 off to a great start more than knowing Who You Are, speaking your Truth, and expressing yourself authentically.

Bottom Line

These energies—the Voices of the Throat gates—affect the way we communicate with our world, and armed with this knowledge we can consciously leverage them to our advantage.

For simplicity, we’ll start with Gate 62, at the top left corner of the Throat Center, and go clockwise around all 11 gates of the Throat, one gate at a time, over the coming weeks.

Learn about the next gate, Gate 62 here >>

Hint:  the Voice of Gate 62 is, “I think…”  If you have the 62 defined, start noticing how often you say that or find yourself saying, “I don’t think…”

You may access the other posts in this series here:
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Voices of the Throat #4 – Gate 56 “I Believe”
Voices of the Throat #5 – Gate 35 “I Feel”
Voices of the Throat #6 – Gate 12 “I Act”
Voices of the Throat #7 – Gate 45 “I Have”
Voices of the Throat #8 – Gate 33 “I Remember”
Voices of the Throat #9 – Gate 8 “I Contribute”
Voices of the Throat #10 – Gate 31 “I Lead”
Voices of the Throat #11 – Gate 20 “I Am”
Voices of the Throat #12 – Gate 16 “I Experiment”


Series: Fears of the Spleen #1 – Introduction

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Spleen Center (these are known as the Fear Gates) so you can learn to master your fears and become unstoppable—in ways that are correct for YOU. 

We all have fears that occasionally slow us down, stop us, or knock us off track completely. The Fear Gates of the Spleen give us a clear list of those temporary but powerful fears that may be getting in our way.

If any of these gates are defined in your Human Design chart, understanding them will help you manage and ultimately master these fears, so they no longer stop you.

If any of these gates are open in your chart, it’s useful to know that you may be amplifying those fears from people around you. This series of articles will help you recognize those fears and release them.

Plus, if you know when these gates are transiting (which affects all of us), you can confidently navigate these challenges and move through them with ease. (Learn more about transits here)

While the focus of my online work and private readings with clients is to provide uplifting and reaffirming explanations of chart energies, it’s truly useful to focus on and understand these Splenic Fears—so you know how to handle them.

It turns out that the sun moves through all 7 Splenic Fear Gates one right after the other from late September through early November every year!

No wonder Halloween happens near the end of that run.  <wink wink>

But, all the other planetary bodies can and do activate these fear gates throughout the year so this information is always valid and helpful.

Plus, as I mentioned, we are affected by people who have these gate energies defined in their charts, so you may be experiencing (and amplifying) someone else’s fear. A good question to ask yourself: Is this my fear or someone else’s? Remember to “be a Screen, not a Sponge” and let go of other people’s energy.

Splenic Fears

The Spleen Energy Center (large triangle on left side of a Human Design chart) represents intuition, survival of the self, our relationship with time, and our physical well-being—particularly our immune system.

While real fears helped our ancient ancestors survive by causing them to run from lions and tigers and stay out of the bear’s cave, these days (at least for most of us, and hopefully for you) our lives are not threatened on a regular basis.

However, the Spleen Center still carries our survival fears. Since the center’s sense of time is tied to the immediate present, these fears feel so in-the-moment and real—even life-threatening—they can stop us in our tracks. But the nature of our fears has changed. They are now more personal and far less physically dire.

Since today’s fears (Splenic Fears) are not based on real threats to our lives, they can be pushed through and will dissipate instantly. The handy acronym for F.E.A.R. is relevant here:  False Evidence Appearing Real.

Of course, it’s vital to discern whether a fear is truly a threat to you and if there is immediate action you need to take.

Here are the Splenic Fears in the clockwise order they appear in the Human Design chart.

  • Gate 48 – fear of being inadequate or not ready
  • Gate 57 – fear of the future or of the unknown
  • Gate 44 – fear of repeating the mistakes of the past
  • Gate 50 – fear of failing your responsibilities
  • Gate 32 – fear of failure
  • Gate 28 – fear that life is empty and meaningless
  • Gate 18 – fear that you are not perfect and/or nothing is perfect

These fear gates show up in a different order as the sun transits through them, and we’ll be following the sun’s path in this series.

Stay tuned as we explore each Splenic Gate and its associated fear. We will also look at the circuitry and the high and low expressions of each gate, along with tips for mastering each of these energies.

For further clarification, be sure to scroll down and read my answers to comments and questions.

Click to learn about the first gate in this series:  Gate 18 – Fear of Not Being Perfect >>

Here are links to all of the posts in this series:
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#2 – Gate 18
#3 – Gate 48
#4 – Gate 57
#5 – Gate 32
#6 – Gate 50
#7 – Gate 28
#8 – Gate 44


Quick Tip: Are You Working on Symptoms?

I came across a very useful distinction recently that I want to share with you.

It’s not new, but the wording of it gives it great clarity and makes it memorable.

[And if it’s not memorable, we probably won’t remember to use it, right?]

So here it is:  Learn to work on the SYSTEM, not the SYMPTOM.

It’s from Eben Pagan’s productivity course.

The point is that if something is not working in your life, look at the bigger picture rather than just the specific behavior or symptom.

If you are always tired, or constantly hungry therefore gaining weight, or feel scattered and unproductive, what habits are you doing (or not doing) that are leading to those results? And what systems or processes could you put in place to help you produce different results?

This distinction is easily applicable to understanding and USING Human Design in our lives.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that your symptom is feeling emotionally impacted by others, and it’s hard for you to control the intensity of what you feel. You may even feel completely at the mercy of (or sometimes a victim of) other people’s powerful emotional energy.

Trying to “control” your feelings and reactions (or trying to control the other people—good luck with that!) probably hasn’t worked very well for you.

That’s trying to work on the SYMPTOM.

If this symptom is an issue for you, then you probably have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center in your Human Design chart. [Check your chart—the large triangle on lower right side would be white.]

If you do have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center, you are actually designed to take in others’ emotional energy and amplify it.

That’s the SYSTEM.

But yikes! That sounds scary and possibly hopeless. It’s not. Understanding the system—the Energy Centers, in this case—and how they work gives you both the opportunity and the power to use it to your advantage.

This ‘system’ has a 6-word mantra that can help you gain wisdom from experiencing others’ emotions, while minimizing the intensity, confusion and overwhelm of taking in emotions from others.

That mantra is:  Be a screen, not a sponge.

It applies to ALL Open Centers in a chart, but especially (in my experience and the experience of my clients) to the Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center.

With practice, you can let the emotions of others flow through you like a breeze through a screen door. You’ll know they’re there. But they won’t impact you. They won’t bowl you over like they do now… as long as you’re not absorbing them like a sponge (which is the behavior pattern that most of us have with this Open Center, so you’re not doing anything wrong and you’re not alone!).

When you’re using the system’s mantra rather than trying to “control” the emotions you feel, you’re working WITH the system.

Then you can begin to distinguish that most of the emotions around you are not yours so you don’t have to “feel” them and “deal with” them. You can remain reasonably even-keeled emotionally. No more roller coaster ride on the emotions of others.

You’ll be working at the SYSTEM level, not the SYMPTOM level. That’s where real and lasting improvements are possible.

Your comments are welcome!



Quick Tip: Will Power 101

Figure 41 - Will CenterHave you noticed that implementing New Year’s resolutions or trying to stay on track with new goals any time of year will often bump right up against an occasional lack of will power.

Even if you don’t set goals or resolutions (I recommend intentions instead), you may still be grappling with how to hold to your general direction or even just how to be true to your values.

“So what’s the deal?,” you may ask.  “Why do others seem to have will power, but I don’t?  What’s wrong with me?”

There is nothing wrong with you, and it is likely that you might not have inherent will power at all.  And it’s okay.

Let me explain.

Will Power energy resides in the Will Center (small triangle near middle of your Human Design chart).

If yours is colored red (a “Defined” Will Center), then you DO have inherent Will Power and you are in the minority. Only about 1/8-1/4 of the population shares your good fortune.

You have the capacity to be willful and exert will power on a consistent basis. You may not experience rock solid will power across every area of your life… but when and where it really counts you can summon that will power and stick with it. You also influence those around you (who have Open Will Centers) to feel empowered and powerful in your presence.

YOUR TIP:  Recognize that most of the world cannot keep up with your ability to push through and “just go do it.” Be patient with them… they are simply wired differently than you.

If your Will Center is white (3/4-7/8 of us, called an “Open” Will Center), you occasionally have super will power—when you are amplifying it from a Defined Will person—but you don’t have your own inherent will power to call upon as needed. In order to get things done and stick with commitments, you will want to rely on your Type’s decision making Strategy.

YOUR TIP:  Don’t expect yourself to have will power; instead use your Strategy to make and keep commitments. However, you can “borrow” (amplify) will energy from Defined Wills around you and leverage it to your advantage. Ride it like catching a wave on a surf board!

If you’d like to learn how to manage and maximize your will power, your Will Center, and ALL of your Energy Centers—whether they are defined or open— check out my self-paced course about all 9 Centers:

Success by Centers:
Master the Energy Dynamics that
Control Your Behavior (and the Behavior of Others!)




Quick Spotlight: Cool way for couple to use Emotional Center

I recently did a Full Reading (3 sessions) for a client then an Initial Reading (1 session) for her husband. She gave him his Reading as a birthday gift!

Below I describe what’s cool about the way they operate as a couple. PLUS, they figured this out even before they knew anything about Human Design!

But Human Design gives us (and them!) the energetic explanation of why it works.

She has an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is white) which means she takes in other people’s emotional energy… and amplifies it. She also has a total of 6 out of her 9 energy centers Open, so she takes in lots of various energies from others… and amplifies them.

She would sometimes feel overwhelmed and very frustrated (she’s a Manifesting Generator) in dealing with challenging people–especially employees–in the day-to-day running of her business, and feel very emotional about it.

Her husband has a Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is tan color) which means he has emotional waves and he does NOT take in emotional energy from others.

When he sees that she is really frustrated emotionally (and even angry sometimes), he encourages her to “dump” all that emotional energy on him. He lets her vent and helps her get it all out of her system.

He says, “It’s fine. I can take it.”  And he can. Having her vent her pent-up emotional torrent around him does not faze him in the least. And it does her a world of good to release all that stuff.

Absolutely brilliant. And so caring. What beautiful teamwork.

I welcome your comments below.



Master the Emotional Dynamics in Your Relationships – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the rich and “delicious” emotional experience we are capable of as human beings. And while our deep emotions often enhance the bonds we feel with others, emotions also can negatively affect our relationships by potentially adding stress and emotional wounds to the already complex realm of how we interact with each other.

The place to begin when exploring the emotional dynamics of our relationships is to first understand ourselves. Our last article encouraged you to examine your personal Human Design chart and determine if you have a “Defined Emotional Center” or an “Open Emotional Center.”  Click here to read Part 1 of this article if you haven’t yet, as you’ll need its information for the rest of this article.)

The Emotional Center (called the Solar Plexus in Human Design) governs the ups and downs of the wave-like patterns in our emotional energy. Those who have a Defined Emotional Center (it’s colored in) experience and broadcast emotional waves. Those who have an Open Emotional Center (it’s white) take in and amplify the emotional waves of those broadcasting the waves.

That information alone can explain so much about your experiences in life and the dynamics of your past and present relationships!

How Our Energies Affect Our Relationships

In any type of relationship, two people’s energies always influence each other. The details of this can be seen by looking at their Human Design charts and creating a “composite” chart that blends their two charts together (which can be done manually or with special software).

The Open energies (white geometrical “Centers”) in our charts create predictable issues and behavior patterns that can be addressed and managed through awareness—both individually and in our relationships.

The bottom line is… any relationship can work—with the correct understanding of the energetic dynamics, and a little patience!

Now, let’s look at the specific role of powerful Emotional Energy in our personal relationships.

Emotions in Relationships Can Be Passionate and Volatile

Although emotions are just one piece in the bigger puzzle of our personal relationships, they are undoubtedly the most dramatic (pun intended)!

The passions and creativity of our emotionally defined partners bring richness, depth, romance and juiciness to our relationships. However, these same partners can seem moody, depressed, edgy, or even listless at times.

How can you best cope with emotional energy, whether it’s your own or your partner’s?

Here is a quick training for managing the Emotional Energy within our relationships—whether the other person is your spouse, lover, child, parent, sibling, friend, business partner, boss or coworker.

When One Person is Emotionally Open and the Other is Emotionally Defined

This is perhaps the most challenging combination—especially without awareness of the energy dynamics at work. But this also has the yummiest potential for romance and passion (or for a dynamic bond, if platonic).

Young Couple Seated Back To Back — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The person with the Defined Emotional Center will experience emotional highs and lows in a cyclical wave-like pattern. Some people will have short waves (a few days) that aren’t very high or very low. Some will have dramatic highs and lows. Some have medium length waves (weeks or months) and some have long waves of a year or more. Each emotionally defined person is different and will have their unique wave, though the basic nature of their wave will be shown in their chart.

The person with the Open Emotional Center will take in and amplify the other person’s emotional wave. This person does not have consistent emotional energy of their own. When left alone and completely out of other people’s auras, this person will be relatively even-keel emotionally.

But this person’s openness will cause them to feel their partner’s emotions more intensely than their partner feels them! People with an Open Emotional Center are truly empathicthey take in and feel other people’s feelings.

This dynamic can lead to much misunderstanding between the two people and, potentially, much emotional pain for the Open Emotional Center person.

The best way to manage this dynamic is to understand each other’s design and be respectful of each person’s needs and tendencies.

  • Allow the Emotionally Defined person to have their ups and downs, and don’t take it personally.
  • Support the Emotionally Open person in “being a screen, not a sponge” which they can do by letting the emotionally energy flow through them without holding on to it.
  • Encourage the Emotionally Open person to speak their truth and handle conflict in a direct and healthy manner—rather than allowing their predictable pattern of always trying to keep everyone happy.
  • When emotional energy escalates between them, the Emotionally Open person needs to get out of the aura of the Emotionally Defined person and release that emotional energy. It’s best to leave the room, go for a walk, and just be alone. Then they can come back together later and work out the issue without the emotional ‘charge.’

When Both People Are Emotionally Open

This combination is relatively easy to manage. Both will usually be mostly even-keel emotionally… unless they are taking in, amplifying, and acting out the emotional energy of Emotionally Defined people around them!

For their personal as well as relationship health, both people must learn to “be a screen, not a sponge” which they can do by letting emotionally energy flow through them without holding on to it.

When they’ve mastered that they will be able to speak their truth and handle conflict in a direct and healthy manner, without fear of emotional reactions from those around them.

If there is a spark of negative emotional energy that does escalate between these two emotionally open people, the best approach is to “break auric space” (get out of each other’s aura) and come back together only after they have discharged that emotional energy.

When Both People Are Emotionally Defined

This combination is also relatively easy to manage. Each person experiences their own unique emotional wave—sometimes up and sometimes down. These cycles are normal and natural for them. When they learn to embrace this cyclical process and not try to “figure out” or “fix” themselves when low on their wave, they will be easier to be around.

The key to making this combination work is mutual respect for wherever each person is on his or her emotional wave, and accepting occasional moodiness as part of the package.

A Vision for What is Possible in Relationships

It is through our relationships that we know ourselves best. Our openness (white connecting lines and white Centers) and our definition (colored connecting lines and Centers) are most intensely experienced through our interactions with others. The incomplete channels in our charts (called hanging Gates) are most felt when we connect with others who complete those channels.

Some people are designed to be closely bonded in relationships, and others not so much.

But every person is capable of healthy and fulfilling relationships when they understand their own Human Design and respect that others are different.

Human Design gives us the tools to know how to honor each other as Who We Are—our Authentic Selves, and to know how to love each other better.

Collectively, our growing awareness and consciousness—about ourselves and about our relationships—can serve to uplift all of humanity.


You are invited to share your awareness of and experiences with your own Emotional Center, whether Defined or Open, and how it plays out in your relationships in the comment box below!


Quick Tip: The Key to Better Relationships

Human Design shows us that any relationship can work.

Of course some combinations are easier than others. And it makes sense to choose to be with people that you like and feel comfortable with. That means friendships, family members, romantic relationships, business partnerships, etc.

But there are NO hard-and-fast rules for relationships, like people of the same Type get along best, or certain Profiles shouldn’t be together. “Rules” like that don’t really work.

There are, however, two fundamental keys to improving any relationship:  understanding and patience.

Understanding means knowing who the other person IS… their Design… how they’re “wired” energetically.

Patience means allowing for how they are different from you and accepting them AS they are… warts and all! Differences and all!

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a Defined Identity Center (yellow diamond shape in middle of your Chart) and the other person has an Open Identity Center (white diamond shape). You may be confused or frustrated that the other person seems to have a different personality depending on whom they’re with, and/or that person really struggles with figuring out who they are and what they want to do in life. YOU don’t have those issues and you’re seriously questioning what’s up with them that THEY are having these issues! But those issues are normal for someone with an Open Identity Center. When you know that, you can love and accept them just as they are and gently help them find what is most correct for them. And let go of your frustrations (and any judgments you might have) about it.

One more example. Let’s say you have strong Tribal circuit energy in your chart, so you like to hug and touch and spend time with your friends and loved ones. Let’s say your spouse does not have Tribal energy and you feel underloved (not touched or hugged enough, for example) by him and hurt that he won’t spend time with you and your family. When you understand that he is literally wired differently, you won’t take his behavior so personally and you may be able to ask clearly for what you want. To some extent he can probably learn new behaviors, they just won’t come naturally to him—and it’s not personal!