Series: Fears of the Spleen #1 – Introduction 

by Evelyn Levenson

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Spleen Center (these are known as the Fear Gates) so you can learn to master your fears and become unstoppable—in ways that are correct for YOU. 

We all have fears that occasionally slow us down, stop us, or knock us off track completely. The Fear Gates of the Spleen give us a clear list of those temporary but powerful fears that may be getting in our way.

If any of these gates are defined in your Human Design chart, understanding them will help you manage and ultimately master these fears, so they no longer stop you.

If any of these gates are open in your chart, it’s useful to know that you may be amplifying those fears from people around you. This series of articles will help you recognize those fears and release them.

Plus, if you know when these gates are transiting (which affects all of us), you can confidently navigate these challenges and move through them with ease. (Learn more about transits here)

While the focus of my online work and private readings with clients is to provide uplifting and reaffirming explanations of chart energies, it’s truly useful to focus on and understand these Splenic Fears—so you know how to handle them.

It turns out that the sun moves through all 7 Splenic Fear Gates one right after the other from late September through early November every year!

No wonder Halloween happens near the end of that run.  <wink wink>

But, all the other planetary bodies can and do activate these fear gates throughout the year so this information is always valid and helpful.

Plus, as I mentioned, we are affected by people who have these gate energies defined in their charts, so you may be experiencing (and amplifying) someone else’s fear. A good question to ask yourself: Is this my fear or someone else’s? Remember to “be a Screen, not a Sponge” and let go of other people’s energy.

Splenic Fears

The Spleen Energy Center (large triangle on left side of a Human Design chart) represents intuition, survival of the self, our relationship with time, and our physical well-being—particularly our immune system.

While real fears helped our ancient ancestors survive by causing them to run from lions and tigers and stay out of the bear’s cave, these days (at least for most of us, and hopefully for you) our lives are not threatened on a regular basis.

However, the Spleen Center still carries our survival fears. Since the center’s sense of time is tied to the immediate present, these fears feel so in-the-moment and real—even life-threatening—they can stop us in our tracks. But the nature of our fears has changed. They are now more personal and far less physically dire.

Since today’s fears (Splenic Fears) are not based on real threats to our lives, they can be pushed through and will dissipate instantly. The handy acronym for F.E.A.R. is relevant here:  False Evidence Appearing Real.

Of course, it’s vital to discern whether a fear is truly a threat to you and if there is immediate action you need to take.

Here are the Splenic Fears in the clockwise order they appear in the Human Design chart.

  • Gate 48 – fear of being inadequate or not ready
  • Gate 57 – fear of the future or of the unknown
  • Gate 44 – fear of repeating the mistakes of the past
  • Gate 50 – fear of failing your responsibilities
  • Gate 32 – fear of failure
  • Gate 28 – fear that life is empty and meaningless
  • Gate 18 – fear that you are not perfect and/or nothing is perfect

These fear gates show up in a different order as the sun transits through them, and we’ll be following the sun’s path in this series.

Stay tuned as we explore each Splenic Gate and its associated fear. We will also look at the circuitry and the high and low expressions of each gate, along with tips for mastering each of these energies.

For further clarification, be sure to scroll down and read my answers to comments and questions.

Click to learn about the first gate in this series:  Gate 18 – Fear of Not Being Perfect >>

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    1. Donna, thank you for your question… which allows me to further clarify. Even if you have no active gates on your Spleen Center, you (and everyone else) will still be affected by the Splenic Fear Gates as the sun moves through them. Not only can this information help you understand the potential impacts on you, it will also help you make sense of what’s going on with the people around you and the world at large!

  1. I am a Projector with only the Head and Ajna defined. As I understand it, I can “take on” the other centers and gates. How would I prevent myself from falling into one of the fears. I think I do a pretty good job of that already, at 72 but always ready to learn something new.

    1. Hi Ellen! Yes, there is always more we can learn. 🙂 The general “protection” from the influence of these potential fears is to: 1) be aware of them so you recognize the effects if you happen to feel them, and 2) know that they are simply in-the-moment fears that can be pushed through (and they will dissipate when you do). As we go through all seven of the gates over the coming weeks, this will make more sense and you’ll have the specific knowledge of each of these gates. [What I just explained is also true if you have any of these seven gates defined in your personal Human Design chart.]

    1. Hi Stancia, no problem. You will get a lot of value from this series! Please see my reply to Ellen’s comment above, and stay tuned to the coming posts about each of these gates.

  2. I see that while I have no channels to the spleen I do have three gates and recognize that they do, or have, bothered me.

  3. Hi Evelyn
    This info is so helpful in understanding why, at this time of year, my energy changes or deteriorates.. I have Gates 18 (1 and 4 x2); 57 (2) links to 10 (4), and 48 (6) links to 16 (6)
    These fears/ cautions appear real to me as I sense/feel them, yet F E A R indicates that I can change them. If they are present in both Conscious & Unconscious, how is it best, or a helpful way, in releasing them? Will this question help others… I hope so. Thank you for the opportunity to do something positive about these gates, and for sharing your knowledge. Kind regards, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, you may feel unconscious-based fears more in your body, and conscious-based fears more in your mind. Either way, the best way to release them is through awareness and deliberate choice to move through them, with the clear understanding that they are just energy (“appearing real”), not true threats to your survival. As we go through each gate in the next several weeks, you’ll get greater clarity about the specific fears of each of your Spleen gates which will make it easier to recognize and release them.

  4. I just would like to thank you for offerering these teachings for free.
    Your generosity with time and wisdom is highly appreciated.
    Camilla with a 48/16 Channel

  5. Thank you for clearly and kindly articulating the info recently read re: splenic “fears” and gates. Every fact learned lays a foundation for better understanding and living. Much to be thankful…

  6. Hi yes thank you for sharing your knowledge it’s so valued to me. I have a undefined spleen with no active gates coming from it but I do have half a black line coming down from gate 16
    Does being a mental projector does this mean I shouldn’t be fearful as I have nothing activated ! Or does 16 mean I think I have the fear of not being heard ?

    1. If you have a defined gate on the Spleen, you are more likely to experience that particular “fear”.  Since you have no defined gates, you probably won’t have a “favorite” way that you experience fear, but can experience them all. That being said, with the defined Gate 16, you may be more likely to amplify the energy of the Gate 48: feeling unprepared or inadequate. Does that resonate for you?

  7. Greetings, Evelyn! It’s been a while since I stopped by to again mention how excellent this series is. For me, I consider it “ready reference.” Even though in readings, we have gone over the gates and channels in much depth, when I see them profiled in this way, I am reminded immediately of who I am and how I fit into and offer value in the grand scheme of the universe. I have gained so much insight and I feel that my life has made so much more sense at this later stage. Thank you again for this precious and generous offering.

    1. When someone has just a few of the Spleen Gates defined, they will have a familiar repertoire of just those few Splenic fears.  For example, they may have worries about the future or the unknown (Gate 57) and fear of being unprepared (Gate 48) as their “go – to” reactions.  You have all of the gates defined, so you will experience all of the “flavors” of Splenic energy with all of them feeling natural to you.  You may find that you experience many of the Splenic fears, or you may be less affected by your defined Spleen gates than someone who has just one or two defined.  It’s also possible that you are fear-less!

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