Series: Ego Energies of the Will – Introduction 

by Evelyn Levenson

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Will Center so you can learn to leverage willpower and make your impact on the world in ways that are correct for YOU.

Most of us want to have a positive impact on the world and the people around us, but often we don’t know quite how to do that. We see powerful people in the news and in our spheres of activity and wonder what they do to be so influential. How do they manage to have such impact?

And why can’t we do that, too?

The problem, of course, is that what works for them probably won’t work for you.

The solution is to learn how YOU are wired to handle willpower and influence so you can work with your natural energy and align with your innate power.

Few things are as exhausting or distressing as trying to be something (or someone) we are not. Doing this goes against every fiber of our being, and we use what precious little willpower we have in order to overcome our instinctive resistance and just “power through” it. It’s a terrible idea.

When we are authentic in the way we interact with others, when we operate from the truth of Who We Are and express a coherent alignment of our energy, that’s when our true power and influence shine through.

That’s when things go better and flow better. That’s when we have the correct and effective impact on our world that we most desire to have.

What Are “Ego Energies of the Will”?

The Will Center in the Human Design bodygraph, also referred to as the Heart Center or Ego Center, is home to our willpower and gives us several tools with which to influence our world. It is the small triangle just below the diamond shape in the middle of the bodygraph.

This center is connected primarily to the Ego Circuit of the Tribal Circuit Group in the chart. The Will center’s energy is focused on tribal and family interactions, material goods, physical assets, business, and how we value things. And, it is where our ego resides.

Ego is our view of ourselves, determined by our self-esteem and our perceived position in the world. In this context, ego isn’t good or bad, it simply IS. Everyone has an ego. What is important is how we use it and manage its impact on others.

Each gate energy connected with the Will Center indicates a particular approach to exerting impact on the world—a specific way of expressing our power. I call these the “Ego Energies of the Will.”

For example, Gate 26 exerts influence, persuasion and, potentially, manipulation. Gate 51 is competitive and uses shock to have impact. Gate 21 exerts control. Don’t worry, there are also positive expressions of each Will Center gate!

When you have ANY Will Center gates defined (colored) in your chart, using those “energies” correctly will allow you to authentically express your power in life.

It’s also important to understand the Will Gates that are undefined (white) in your chart, because:

  • People in your life may have those defined, and knowing THEIR authentic power will help you in your interactions with them.
  • If you are around someone who has those gates defined, you will take in and amplify that energy. Even though you don’t carry the energy of those gates consistently, you will experience and possibly express those energies at times. Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!
  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Will Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice that those around you expressing them, too.

Bottom Line

These energies—the Ego Energies of the Will—affect the way we exert our power in the world and determine the role our ego plays in our interactions. Armed with this knowledge, you can consciously leverage these energies to your advantage while remaining aligned with the truth and magnificence of Who You Are.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore all four of the gate energies connected to the Will Center, one at a time.

For simplicity, we’ll start with Gate 26, on the left side of the Will Center, and move clockwise around it.

Learn about the Ego Energy of the Gate 26 here >>

Hint:  The energy of Gate 26 is to influence and “sell” ideas or things; its high expression is INTEGRITY.

Ego Energies of the Will #1 – Gate 26 “Influence”
Ego Energies of the Will #2 – Gate 51 “Compete”
Ego Energies of the Will #3 – Gate 21 “Control”
Ego Energies of the Will #4 – Gate 40 “Withhold”


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