Series: Voices of the Throat #1 – Introduction 

by Evelyn Levenson

This post begins a series that explains the energy of each gate around the Throat Center so you will know how to communicate effectively and authentically as YOU.  You’ll find links to the other posts in this series at the end of this post.

The words we choose in speaking and writing influence what we express, the impact we make, and how others perceive us.  Our words set the tone for our own baseline “vibe” as well as our interactions.

When we are authentic in our communication, we speak from the core of Who We Are and express a coherent alignment of our energy.

That’s when things go better and flow better.  That’s when we speak our truth.  That’s when we impact the world around us in ways that are correct for us and, ultimately, correct for everyone else.

What Are “Voices of the Throat”?

Each gate energy connected with the Throat Center indicates a particular approach to communicating—a specific way of expressing yourself.

For example, Gate 62 says, “I think.”  Gate 35 says, “I feel.”  Gate 23, says “I know.”

When you have ANY Throat gates defined (colored) in your chart, using the “voices” of those gates when you speak and write will allow you to communicate authentically for YOU.

Even if you don’t have a particular Throat Gate defined, it’s useful to understand it because:

  • The people in your life may have it defined, and knowing THEIR authentic voice will help you in your interactions with them.
  • If you are around someone who has that gate defined, you will take in and amplify that energy.  So even though you don’t carry the energy of that gate consistently, so you will experience and possibly express that energy at times.  Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart!
  • When planets or other celestial bodies are passing through any of the Throat Gates (transiting), you will likely feel those energies and may notice those around you expressing them, too.

Why Now?

The reason for offering this series now:  to help you through this holiday season and into the New Year by fully expressing your Authentic Self!

December is traditionally a time of socializing, often with family, friends, and community gatherings. Have you noticed the conditioned expectations and set behavior patterns that develop over time in our interactions?

Paying attention to the gates of the Throat – how we express ourselves, how others express themselves, and how we each contribute to the collective experience – can help us speak, listen, and react in positive and constructive ways.  The holiday season can be emotionally charged and stressful at times.  Awareness can help diffuse or completely avoid unpleasantness and misunderstandings.

Plus, few things will help you get 2019 off to a great start more than knowing Who You Are, speaking your Truth, and expressing yourself authentically.

Bottom Line

These energies—the Voices of the Throat gates—affect the way we communicate with our world, and armed with this knowledge we can consciously leverage them to our advantage.

For simplicity, we’ll start with Gate 62, at the top left corner of the Throat Center, and go clockwise around all 11 gates of the Throat, one gate at a time, over the coming weeks.

Learn about the next gate, Gate 62 here >>

Hint:  the Voice of Gate 62 is, “I think…”  If you have the 62 defined, start noticing how often you say that or find yourself saying, “I don’t think…”

You may access the other posts in this series here:
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Voices of the Throat #9 – Gate 8 “I Contribute”
Voices of the Throat #10 – Gate 31 “I Lead”
Voices of the Throat #11 – Gate 20 “I Am”
Voices of the Throat #12 – Gate 16 “I Experiment”

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  1. Thank you Evelyn!

    This is a wonderful gift! My first Human Design teacher suggested that the first thing that we look at in chart is the Throat Center. It is undoubtedly the center for communication and also for manifestation. It’s also regarded as a typ of clearing house for the individual. This is well known among practitioners who do clearing facilitation that is based on certain communication exercises.

    An axiom that I had adopted (as of about thirty five years ago) is: “Communication is Life!” I now restate that as: “Dialogue is Life-Giving!” I am truly confident that knowing and understanding the Throat Gates of Self & Other will support the possibility of sharing genuine dialogue with others. Therefore your series can support all of us in having higher quality communications with others and thereby increase our quality of life! What a Gift!

  2. Thank you 🙏
    I feel that this is very interesting and yesterday I told my hair dresser that she is authentic , so I think I have started to notice things and say things that I usually don’t do.

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