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The Role of the Solar Plexus Center in Decision-Making 

by Evelyn Levenson

Let’s talk about decision-making. The top-tier factor in decision-making according to Human Design is whether your Emotional Solar Plexus Center is defined or undefined.

If it’s defined, your decision-making Authority is Emotional regardless of whatever else is defined in your chart. You need to give yourself time and wait through at least one emotional wave in order for you to get clarity about your decision.

If it’s undefined, your Authority is NOT emotional and you do not need to wait through an emotional wave to make your decisions, because you don’t have your own emotional waves. Your Authority is determined by other defined centers in your chart, and that decision-making process is NOT influenced by emotional energy.

Understanding how YOUR Solar Plexus Center affects your decision-making is vital to you making decisions correctly for YOU. Our decisions affect EVERYTHING in our lives, from the little choices of what to eat (and not eat), what to wear, what to do this weekend, etc., to the big decisions of career, marriage, where you live, and which principles are so important to you that they guide your life.

Each of us is different but what IS consistent is that our undefined/open centers can easily hijack our decisions. An undefined center takes in and amplifies the energy of that center from those who have it defined. Each undefined center has a predictable behavior pattern associated with it which we develop in order to help us cope with and try to make sense of the energy coming in from others. But we develop these behavior patterns in the absence of understanding what is really going on. We’re essentially flying blind until we learn, through the mechanics of Human Design, the underlying energy dynamics at play in our undefined centers.

These behavior patterns—while they’re the best we could do under our pre-Human Design circumstances—are not usually healthy or empowering for us. With awareness, we can begin to shift these patterns, stop the hijacking, step into our power, and align our decisions with our actual Strategy and Authority.

While the hijacking of decisions is usually associated with undefined centers, I’ll explain in a few minutes how the Defined Solar Plexus Center can also be hijacked. Stay with me. We’re going to start with the Undefined Solar Plexus Center.


The predictable behavior pattern for the Undefined Solar Plexus Center is “trying to keep everyone happy.” If this is you, you know that tune! Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves. Keep everything calm.

This is understandable behavior, now that you are aware of the dynamics here. You will feel the other person’s upset more intensely than they feel it, so of course you don’t want to upset them. This is self-preservation! And it may feel like your only line of defense against the overwhelm of intense emotional energy coming your way.

The problem, of course, with this pattern is that you’re bending over backwards and tiptoeing around important issues rather than facing them head-on. You’re not handling conflict in a healthy manner and you’re not standing in your power and fearlessly speaking your truth.

Here’s how this works. Let’s say you are presented with an opportunity to do something, maybe a request from someone. Your Strategy and Authority (whether Sacral, Splenic, Ego, etc.) says NO. But your undefined Solar Plexus says, “Oh, but we must say yes otherwise that person will be so upset with us.” Bingo, you’re hijacked. These behavior patterns are powerful influencers of our choices.

This is not a desirable situation, or sustainable for long term well-being. You’re coping, but you’re not thriving. You’re not in alignment with your authentic self or with your truth.

So, what to do?

In the Solar Plexus course module (from my Success by Centers course), I explain the “antidote” to this situation which allows you to stop being at the mercy of other people’s emotional energy. It helps you stand your ground in a healthy and correct way. With practice, it can even allow you to selectively choose what you DO want to experience of the energy coming through your undefined emotional center.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re spending time with a friend who is emotionally defined and she is up on her emotional wave, so she is feeling great and having an awesome day. You think, “I want some of that! That’s looks like fun.” You can CHOOSE to experience some of her energy. It’s like catching a wave with a surfboard. You’re borrowing the energy. Playing with it for a little while. It’s not yours, so you can’t keep it, but you can enjoy it temporarily.

Now, let’s say you’re with that same friend a few days later and she is low on her wave. You can choose to NOT experience that energy. I explain how in the course module.

This process does take practice but it is achievable. And it is VERY freeing! It allows you to make decisions correctly for you without being hijacked by your Undefined Solar Plexus Center.


Let’s shift gears for a moment because I want to address the “hijacking” of a Defined Solar Plexus Center. This works very differently from what we just saw.

When your emotional center is defined, your decision-making process is deeply influenced by your emotional wave. The ONLY way you gain clarity is by feeling your reaction to the decision on different points of your wave.

When your reaction is consistently positive or consistently negative over time, your answer is quite clear. But when it’s sometimes Yes and sometimes NO, things get a lot trickier.

The hijacking that can occur here comes from your other undefined centers, which can influence you during the indecisiveness you experience from your emotional wave. Those other undefined centers can be your hijackers. And each one has its own behavior pattern and hijacking “hook.”


The bottom line is that any decision can potentially be hijacked. The “antidote” that you’ll learn in the Solar Plexus course module can apply to any undefined center you have, not just the Solar Plexus.

I hope all of this gives you some new awareness about the decision-making process in general, and YOUR process in particular. There is nothing more important than making decisions that align with our truth and our energetic blueprint, because those decisions naturally and automatically move us along our Life Path so we can live an authentic life and fulfill our Soul’s Purpose. Our decisions are THAT important.

Here’s to optimal functioning and the full expression of ALL that we are and were always meant to be!


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