Quick Tip: Nature of Emotional Energy 

by Evelyn Levenson

Emotional Energy, as described in Human Design, is the passion, pathos, romance, and creativity that give our lives rich complexity and exquisite experiences. They also potentially give us anguish and melancholy. As with all polarities, we could not fully experience the “highs” without having some “lows” as contrast.

But we’re not doomed to periodic misery. Our “lows” can bring value to us without the suffering (remember: suffering is optional!). And only about 50% of us are directly subject to these emotional variations.

Take a look at your personal Human Design Chart (if you don’t have your Chart yet, click here).

If the large triangle on the lower far right of your Chart is colored in, then you have a Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center. This means that you probably have emotional ups and downs on a fairly regular basis. Emotions and passions ebb and flow through you. They are a natural cycle and integral part of your life experience.

  • Pay attention to these ups and downs so you can track your “emotional wave”
  • Accept the WHOLE of YOU–the lows as well as the highs
  • Embrace the low parts of your wave as times for introspection, integration, and even heightened creativity
  • Recognize that your decision making is influenced by where you are on your wave and wait through at least a full emotional cycle before making important decisions (you are NOT designed for spontaneous decision making).

If that triangle is white on your Chart, you have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center. This means you take in emotions of other people and amplify them. If you were far away from all other people, say vacationing at a remote cabin by yourself for a few days, you would be rather even-keel emotionally. You of course have feelings, but you do NOT broadcast emotional energy like the Defined Emotional people described above.

  • Start paying attention to how much you are affected by the emotions of others
  • Start to consciously let go of the emotions you don’t enjoy as soon as you feel them—don’t hold on to them and let them affect you, they are not actually yours!
  • Practice the mantra “Be a Screen, Not a Sponge” regarding emotional energy from others
  • Discharge any emotional energy you may have picked up during the day
  • If negative emotions start to escalate, break “auric space” with the other person (get out of their aura) for a little while

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  1. I am a Mental Projector. I have no authority. Like a reflector, I am supposed to make my decisions after a completion of the lunar cycle. Meanwhile, I have my little emotional dips and rises, and after a month I’m familiar with the emotional territory around the decision. It’s so very cool! And now I gently let others know if I am decided or not. I’ve spent most of my life hurriedly making decisions because of the emotional pressure of others. And now I just back out and walk away. Sometimes after that, there’s no decision to be made! Thanks for your interesting site! Andrea

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful reply. Isn’t it great when you see how you are designed. It is a sort of freedom.

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