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Quick Tip: Will Power 101

Figure 41 - Will CenterHave you noticed that implementing New Year’s resolutions or trying to stay on track with new goals any time of year will often bump right up against an occasional lack of will power.

Even if you don’t set goals or resolutions (I recommend intentions instead), you may still be grappling with how to hold to your general direction or even just how to be true to your values.

“So what’s the deal?,” you may ask.  “Why do others seem to have will power, but I don’t?  What’s wrong with me?”

There is nothing wrong with you, and it is likely that you might not have inherent will power at all.  And it’s okay.

Let me explain.   [continue reading…]


Quick Tip: We’re not alone…

According to the teachings of Human Design, all living things are endowed with consciousness. Besides us, this includes mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and even plants. Yes, all of them!

And we all have the same potential for possessing consciousness. In other words, the consciousness of a tree is no different than the consciousness you and I have.

It is only the limitations of their form (the capacities of their bodies and brains or of their plant structure) that limit the expression of their consciousness. They don’t have the conscious thought and self-awareness that we enjoy with our sophisticated neocortex. But that does not diminish the quality (or the existence) of their consciousness.  [continue reading…]


Quick Tip: Having a Mission vs. Having a Life Purpose

I received such wonderful feedback on my last post about some of us not being designed to have “a Mission” in life (you may read it here), that I wanted to address some questions that came in.

First Question

One reader wrote that she has a Defined Identity Center (yellow diamond in middle of chart) but has no idea who she is, why she’s here, or what her mission is in life.

This situation can be caused by several issues:  [continue reading…]


Quick Tip: Do you have a Mission? (if not, it’s okay, some of us don’t need one)

I was recently inspired by the website of a business coach/teacher who had done a great job of sharing his beliefs and the foundations on which his business is built.

What came out of this inspiration for me was my own unique version. Mine came out as a Motto, a Mission, and a Mindset. It just flowed.

I had been working on various versions of something like this for several years. I sure love it when it all comes together and pours out in a single flash!

That’s the reward, I guess, for patience and surrendering to the right timing when it finally happens. (Though I admit to not always being patient about such things… I’m working on that.)

Here’s the thing. Some of us are more likely–BY DESIGN–to have a clear, compelling mission in our lives. And some of us are not.  [continue reading…]


Quick Tip: You have CHOICE in expressing Who You Are

True self-empowerment—which is true power as well as true freedom—is being “at choice” in your actions and behaviors while still being in alignment with your Authentic Self.

So often we are on autopilot.

Mostly, we don’t realize that we even HAVE choices in our actions and behaviors, much less what our choices could be.

Lately I’ve been using this analogy with my clients to describe these choices: the extraordinary information from your Human Design Chart is like a Magnetic Poetry Kit.

You may remember playing with those Kits… small thin magnets with a different word on each one that you can arrange and re-arrange into phrases and sentences on your refrigerator door.

Here’s the connection. Knowing your Human Design chart—the specific energies you carry, your role, your path, your personality style, your behavior patterns (and so much more)—is like having a bunch of magnets that each describe a different aspect of YOU.

YOU get to arrange them (and re-arrange them) as the expression of Who You Are!

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, wore a baseball cap that said “No Choice.” I agree that after you’re born you have no choice about the Chart you are born with. Your Chart describes your physical “vehicle” for this lifetime.

But you do have choices within that framework. For example, you can choose to understand your Design—learn about it, understand its implications for you—or not.

You can choose to make your decisions and live your life in alignment with what you know to be true about you—or not.

You can choose to express the high vibration or the low vibration of the energies you carry.

We are so free that we can choose bondage Or choose freedom.

BOTTOM LINE: There is NOT one and only one “right way” for you to express YOU in your lifetime. You can mix and match the emphasis and expression of the many energies you carry in your energetic blueprint. Some have greater influence on how you show up in life. Some have less. The best way to align your choices and behaviors with your Authentic Energies is by following your Strategy. Which basically means… do what feels correct to you!!


Quick Tip: How You Do Anything…

Have you ever noticed that people seem to have patterns in the way they do things? Maybe it’s in relationships. Maybe it’s struggling in their jobs. Maybe it’s in being optimistic and having things go well for them.

What we often don’t realize is that we have patterns, too. Yes, you. And me.

Our in-born patterns can be learned through understanding our personal Human Design.

Then there are the “conditioned” patterns we have acquired. These can be understood (and mastered) by learning how our open centers work, recognizing the patterns in our family and our past that deeply influence us, and choosing consciously to operate from our strengths. This whole process is called “deconditioning.”

But overlying all of that is a significant lesson I’ve learned about human behavior in general.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

How you handle the little challenges and stresses in life is usually how you’ll handle the big stuff. If you’re avoiding little money issues, you’re probably avoiding the big money issues in your life, too.

If you operate with care and awareness on small tasks, you likely apply these qualities in most other areas of your life.

The next time you take care of a small task or handle an issue that annoys you, for example, I invite you to remember that you are setting the stage and fixing the pattern of how you’ll handle the bigger issues, challenges, and opportunities in your life.

Choosing deliberately in the small things will give you enormous leverage in creating a life that reflects what you’d truly like to be, do and have.



Quick Tip: How to Benefit from Human Design WITHOUT a Reading

A while ago I sent a simple 1-question survey to everyone on my email list and also posted it to Facebook, etc., asking about YOUR challenges in living to your fullest potential in life.

A number of you replied that you recognize the value of Human Design to improve our lives but that you can’t afford a personal Reading right now.

So I want to address that issue here, and give you a way to access significant value from Human Design for FREE.

While Human Design can be rather complicated, with lots of “moving parts” as I like to say, it can also be sublimely simple.   [continue reading…]


Quick Tip: Sleep Separately… Really?

Energetically, it is correct (and usually beneficial) for couples to sleep separately… especially if they are a mixed-Sacral couple.

A mixed-Sacral couple is when one person has a Defined Sacral Center (Generator or Manifesting Generator) and the other person has an Open Sacral Center (Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector).

Here’s why it’s good for them to sleep apart, at least some of the time: the Open Sacral person needs time away from the consistent Sacral energy of their partner, especially while sleeping, to restore their Open Sacral Center to its natural open state. Often the Open Sacral person doesn’t sleep well next to the buzzing Sacral of their loved one–even if the Defined Sacral is sound asleep!

Ideally each of us should have our own private space for sleeping. But that’s not always practical. And what about all the snuggling and other good stuff???

At the very least, try sleeping apart just one night a week and see if it makes a difference for the Open Sacral person. A Projector client recently shared with me that she started sleeping apart from her Generator husband one night a week since her Reading with me a few months ago. She has been amazed at how refreshed she feels when she does that–despite sleeping on a somewhat uncomfortable sofa!

Another Projector client has been sleeping separately from her Manifesting Generator husband for a few years now (since they first learned about Human Design) and she says it makes a HUGE difference in the quality of her sleep.

Make sure you convey to your Defined Sacral partner that it’s not personal that you want/need to sleep alone sometimes. And be sure to get plenty of quality snuggle time with him or her in between!

If you are a Manifestor, Projector or Reflector, try sleeping alone some nights… you might like it!!!


P.S.  I am friends with a dear couple—a Manifestor and Projector combination. Even though they both have Open Sacral Centers, their composite Gate energies Define the Sacral within their relationship. And they find sleeping separately to be crucial for their well-being. They’ve been doing this for three years and love it (and are still very loving with each other… it hasn’t diminished their ardor at all!)

P.P.S. If you’d like to find out more about how your energies connect with your loved one, I invite you to consider a Custom Reading where you each have a one-session Basic Personal Reading, then we do a Relationship Composite Reading for both of you.

I welcome your comments below!



Quick Tip: Happy Attracts Happy

Here is a fundamental teaching (in my own words) from the Abraham-Hicks work… and how it connects to living your Human Design.

The Universe responds to the predominant vibration you put out (even if you’re not aware of what that vibration is). It’s pure energetic physics. Whatever you’re putting out attracts more of it to you. It’s not personal. It’s not a judgment or punishment. It’s simple attraction.

If you put out negative energy, you attract negative energy from others and you attract more opportunities to experience more negative energy and more negative reactions.

If you put out positive energy (for example, positive thoughts about others, positive feelings about money, gratitude for your health, etc.), you will attract more of the same. You’ll attract more people who are easy to think positive thoughts about, more money to feel good about, more health to be grateful for.

This is really good news, because it means that EVERYTHING that happens to you is temporary. Everything… because you can change your vibration from one moment to the next.

If you have unwanted things happening, they are (or at least can be) temporary. So if you don’t like what’s going on, you can change it. If you like what’s going on, you can continue it. There is a small buffer of time for results to show up in your world, but it doesn’t usually take very long.

But “changing your vibration” may seem hard, or confusing, or not specific enough. How exactly does one go about doing that?

Here is a simple and clear approach.

When you live your life in harmony with your Human Design Type and Strategy, you naturally put out an aligned, harmonious and positive energy. You are being YOU at your most fundamental level. You are in touch with what feels good to you and what doesn’t. You trust yourself and the flow. You’re not fighting the current. You’re not getting stuck and frustrated, or angry or bitter.

Your alignment with YOU shifts your vibration in a positive way.

And for a little extra help, I’m delighted to also share with you this Happy song to tap your feet to. May it lift your spirits and help shift your vibe!



Quick Tip: Do You Create a Wall to Protect Yourself?

The Open Centers in our Human Design chart show us where we take in energies from others and amplify them. We can’t change that. It’s part of how energy moves and flows and it’s simply how we’re designed as living beings.

[The Centers are the nine geometrical shapes on your chart. Each governs a different energy that we humans process and experience. Centers that are white are considered Open; Centers that are colored in are considered Defined. If all of your Centers are colored in, you are here to impact others and you don’t take much energy in from others. However, we also take in and amplify energy through our Open Gates (the white bars between the Centers) and everyone has Open Gates so everyone takes in some energy.]

These energies can (and often do) “condition” us, meaning they influence us. But they don’t have to.

While we can’t change the fact that we take in and amplify energies from others, it’s what we DO with those energies coming in that matters.

Some feel the need to protect and defend themselves from energies of others, especially emotional energy (large triangle on right). They try to build a “wall” energetically to keep those energies out. But this actually prevents the correct flow of the energy. It also deprives them of developing the wisdom that is available through our Open Centers.

The other extreme is being like a sponge and absorbing, carrying around and being directly influenced by the energies from others. This also prevents correct flow, which would be to allow the energies to flow through you and then let them go. Being a sponge also bogs down your development of wisdom in that energy, plus it distracts you from Who You Truly Are (which comes from your Defined energies, not your Open energies).

Solution:  apply the mantra “be a screen, not a sponge.”

Allow those energies to flow through you like a breeze through a screen door, leaving nothing behind. It takes a little practice, but when you get good at this you’ll be able to CHOOSE which select energies you want to experience a little of, as they pass through you, and have fun with them. And you will no longer be unintentionally “conditioned” by them (or a “victim” of them!).

This is a process; it takes time… so be patient with yourself. Human Design teaches that it takes seven years to fully decondition and fully live from your definition rather than your openness. But you’ll see a difference as soon as you start using this mantra, and every little bit counts. So celebrate all of your progress along the way, and enjoy the increasingly full expression of who YOU truly are!