Quick Tip: You have CHOICE in expressing Who You Are 

by Evelyn Levenson

True self-empowerment—which is true power as well as true freedom—is being “at choice” in your actions and behaviors while still being in alignment with your Authentic Self.

So often, we are simply on autopilot as we move through life.

Mostly, we don’t realize that we even HAVE choices in our actions and behaviors, much less what our choices could be.

Lately I’ve been using this analogy with my clients to describe these choices: the extraordinary information from your Human Design Chart is like a Magnetic Poetry Kit.

You may remember playing with those Kits… small thin magnets with a different word on each one that you can arrange and re-arrange into phrases and sentences on your refrigerator door.

Here’s the connection. Knowing your Human Design chart—the specific energies you carry, your role, your path, your personality style, your behavior patterns (and so much more)—is like having a bunch of magnets that each describe a different aspect of YOU.

YOU get to arrange them (and re-arrange them) as the expression of Who You Are!

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, wore a baseball cap that said “No Choice.” I agree that after you’re born you have no choice about the Chart you are born with. Your Chart describes your physical “vehicle” for this lifetime.

But you do have choices within that framework. For example, you can choose to understand your Design—learn about it, understand its implications for you—or not.

You can choose to make your decisions and live your life in alignment with what you know to be true about you—or not.

You can choose to express the high vibration or the low vibration of the energies you carry.

We are so free that we can choose bondage. Or choose freedom.

BOTTOM LINE: There is NOT one and only one “right way” for you to express YOU in your lifetime. You can mix and match the emphasis and expression of the many energies you carry in your energetic blueprint. Some have greater influence on how you show up in life. Some have less. The best way to align your choices and behaviors with your Authentic Energies is by following your Strategy. Which basically means… do what feels correct to you!!

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