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Quick Tip: “Is There a “Right” Way to Live as Your Authentic Self?” 

by Evelyn Levenson

There are many “parts” of your Human Design chart, representing the many energies and complexities that make you WHO YOU ARE. Here is a brief description of them:

Your TYPE is the role you are here to play in life.

Your THEME is what happens when you are NOT following your Strategy. It’s your “not-self theme” and it gets resolved by following your Strategy.

Your STRATEGY is the correct way for you (based on your Type) to make decisions and take actions.

Your PROFILE is the personality you bring to playing your role in life.

If you have a Human Design chart created with Neutrinos Through Windows, the next two lines on your chart refer to your INCARNATION CROSS, which is the path or story line of your life.

Your DEFINITION describes whether all of your energies are connected together (Single Definition), or whether some of them are “split” in which case you’ll need other people to “hook up” your energies for you.

Your AUTHORITY is the specific way YOU should apply your Strategy, based on which of your energy centers are colored in (Defined).

Then there are all of the Gates—the lists of red and black numbers—which correspond to the red, black and checkered bars on the body graph. The Gates are the specific energies that you carry consistently. Some of your Gates form complete channels. All of the Gates and channels exist within different energy circuits on the chart. So there is a lot going on in a Chart!

Here’s the bottom line:

  • They are all energies that you carry and express.
  • They are the AUTHENTIC YOU.
  • And there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY for you to express them!

Do you remember those Magnetic Poetry Kits that had a different word on each little magnet which you could arrange and re-arrange to your heart’s content on your refrigerator door?

The energies that you carry in your chart are like that. You can arrange and re-arrange them, weave together, group, and express them, in whatever ways suit you and feel good to you. You can’t get it wrong.

There is NOT one-and-only-one-right-way for you to be the full expression of you. There are LOTS of ways to express you. And they can change over time, depending on which of your energies is coming to the forefront.

It’s okay to relax and just BE YOU… the YOU that you are right now.


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  1. Agree with the above comments. I’ve read this info countless times in other words and not until I just read how you explained it and finally, somethings clicked for me. Thanks for your information.

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