Quick Tip: Focus on Fundamentals 

by Evelyn Levenson

No matter where you are in business or life, don’t lose sight of the fundamentals. They are often the most powerful things you can focus on. One of my dance instructors* drove home this message beautifully when she said,

“Beginning students are eager to take intermediate level classes, and intermediate students want to take advanced level classes. But the really good advanced students take beginner classes periodically because they KNOW they can ALWAYS continue to improve their basic skills and it’s those skills that improve ALL of their dancing.”

This applies to learning about YOU and your Human Design chart as well. Your Type and Strategy are the fundamental pieces of information about you because they relate to your overall energy structure.

When you’re making decisions and taking actions in ways that align with your fundamental energy, then life tends to get easier and flow better, and all of the other cool energies that you carry in your chart have the opportunity to fully express and have impact.

It’s fun and useful to learn all of the other amazing stuff in your chart, but keep your focus on YOUR fundamentals.

*Although I’m an avid swing dancer (East Coast, Lindy Hop, West Coast), this was a lovely Ballroom Dance instructor from whom I occasionally take classes.

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