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Quick Tip: Sources of Indecision

There are many energies and configurations in a chart that can contribute to a person having difficulty making decisions.

Here are two of the most common:

If your Ajna Center (2nd triangle from the top) is WHITE, you have an Open Ajna so you are designed to be open-minded and not fixed in your thinking. You are not designed for certainty and can therefore struggle with making decisions. Use your Strategy to determine the right choices for you.

If your Identity Center (diamond in the center of the chart) is WHITE, you have an Open Identity Center. Your sense of yourself and your direction in life are flexible and influenced by those around you. This can make it difficult to make choices about career, relationships and your personal path in life. Again, use your Strategy to determine the right choices to you.

Bonus Tip:

When you use the decision-making Strategy for YOUR Type (found on your free Human Design Chart), remember to also apply the Authority shown on your chart.

If your Authority is Emotional Solar Plexus then you must wait through your emotional wave before making a decision. You are not designed for spontaneous decisions. You will only reach the clarity you need for good decisions when you wait and “feel” your way to that clarity through your emotional ups and downs.

If your Authority is anything other than Emotional Solar Plexus then it is usually correct for you to make decisions on the spot. You are wired for your initial response or reaction to be the one that is correct for you (when you’re applying the Strategy for your Type).


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