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Quick Tip: Happy Attracts Happy

Here is a fundamental teaching (in my own words) from the Abraham-Hicks work… and how it connects to living your Human Design.

The Universe responds to the predominant vibration you put out (even if you’re not aware of what that vibration is). It’s pure energetic physics. Whatever you’re putting out attracts more of it to you. It’s not personal. It’s not a judgment or punishment. It’s simple attraction.

If you put out negative energy, you attract negative energy from others and you attract more opportunities to experience more negative energy and more negative reactions.

If you put out positive energy (for example, positive thoughts about others, positive feelings about money, gratitude for your health, etc.), you will attract more of the same. You’ll attract more people who are easy to think positive thoughts about, more money to feel good about, more health to be grateful for.

This is really good news, because it means that EVERYTHING that happens to you is temporary. Everything… because you can change your vibration from one moment to the next.

If you have unwanted things happening, they are (or at least can be) temporary. So if you don’t like what’s going on, you can change it. If you like what’s going on, you can continue it. There is a small buffer of time for results to show up in your world, but it doesn’t usually take very long.

But “changing your vibration” may seem hard, or confusing, or not specific enough. How exactly does one go about doing that?

Here is a simple and clear approach.

When you live your life in harmony with your Human Design Type and Strategy, you naturally put out an aligned, harmonious and positive energy. You are being YOU at your most fundamental level. You are in touch with what feels good to you and what doesn’t. You trust yourself and the flow. You’re not fighting the current. You’re not getting stuck and frustrated, or angry or bitter.

Your alignment with YOU shifts your vibration in a positive way.

And for a little extra help, I’m delighted to also share with you this Happy song to tap your feet to. May it lift your spirits and help shift your vibe!


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