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Quick Spotlight: How Human Design Helped My Mom-in-Law

First, technically she’s not my mother-in-law because her son Charlie and I aren’t married. But he and I have been together for more than 20 years and she is absolutely family to me so I consider her my mom-in-law.

Her husband (my dad-in-law) passed away last August and her declining physical and cognitive function have led us to find an assisted living facility near us for her to live in.

When Charlie and his brothers made that decision, they discussed how and when to approach her with this news. They weren’t sure if telling her right away was best or if waiting until just before the move would be better. Charlie asked for my suggestions (it’s always wise to ask a Projector for suggestions!).

I consulted her Human Design chart.  [continue reading…]


Quick Spotlight: “It’s OK to be ME!”

My 71-year-old female Manifestor client shines clarity on the powerful innate human drive tobe yourself” despite social pressure to the contrary.

She lived a lifetime of feeling and believing that she “should” suppress her natural tendencies to be the one who took the initiative, got things started, and made things happen—which is what a Manifestor is designed to do.

She shared with me that she did, however, in many subtle ways act like a Manifestor during her life… although of course she had no idea what was really going on then. But more often than not, she was forced to be her “not-self.”   [continue reading…]


Quick Spotlight: Pinpointing What Holds Her Back

One of my clients is a Projector with a 2/4 Profile and every Center Defined except the Sacral and Will Centers.

So she is designed to make an impact on people and she potentially has a reasonable amount of power, provided she follows her Projector Strategy.

She is a self-proclaimed “seeker,” has studied many healing and psychological modalities, started a school in a remote rural area, learned to teach yoga, and even owned and managed a health food store, among other endeavors. She also created various courses over the years (including one on self-healing) and taught them to appreciative students. But each time she moved forward with something she began to doubt herself and, despite her successes, she never went very far with any of them.

Now in her 60’s, she is looking for what’s next to improve her life and she still wants to make a difference in the world.

As we dove into the details of her gates and channels (the Level 3 part of her Full Reading), and integrated them with what we learned from her Type, Profile, Energy Centers, Incarnation Cross and Chiron energies, her life path and purpose became quite clear and she realized she had been living it—in bits and pieces—all of her life. [continue reading…]


Quick Spotlight: MG uses chart for better vacation!

A Manifesting Generator client recently shared with me how she directly applied her understanding of her Human Design chart while on vacation…. and what a noticeable difference it made.

The 34-20 is her only defined channel so she is a super fast Manifesting Generator and also very Open—7 of 9 centers undefined. Add to that her Gate 19 (sensitivity) and we understand that she is very sensitive to and affected by other people and her environment.

Her children are adults now and she’s a busy, successful personal organizer (she gets in and gets the job DONE!). She is a 2/4 profile so she also needs some alone time, despite her normally hectic schedule.

She recently took her longest vacation ever—she and her Significant Other went to Italy for a month.

During the trip she used her Sacral responses to guide her choices of what to do, what not to not do, and how long to stay in places. Her S.O. is a Generator so his Sacral responses were considered too, but because of her unusual sensitivity he was willing to make sure that she was comfortable. Here’s an example.

She loved the old energy and history throughout Europe, but places that had seen a lot of violence or death were quite uncomfortable for her so she allowed herself to leave and didn’t try to force herself to stay in those places.

He is a 6/2 profile, and they discovered that both of their 2nd line Hermit personalities preferred staying over night in quaint places outside the bustling cities, although they enjoyed exploring cities during the day.

These understandings of themselves allowed them to enjoy their trip to the fullest.

I welcome your comments.


Quick Spotlight: Cool way for couple to use Emotional Center

I recently did a Full Reading (3 sessions) for a client then an Initial Reading (1 session) for her husband. She gave him his Reading as a birthday gift!

Below I describe what’s cool about the way they operate as a couple. PLUS, they figured this out even before they knew anything about Human Design!

But Human Design gives us (and them!) the energetic explanation of why it works.

She has an Open Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is white) which means she takes in other people’s emotional energy… and amplifies it. She also has a total of 6 out of her 9 energy centers Open, so she takes in lots of various energies from others… and amplifies them.

She would sometimes feel overwhelmed and very frustrated (she’s a Manifesting Generator) in dealing with challenging people–especially employees–in the day-to-day running of her business, and feel very emotional about it.

Her husband has a Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center (large triangle on right side of chart is tan color) which means he has emotional waves and he does NOT take in emotional energy from others.

When he sees that she is really frustrated emotionally (and even angry sometimes), he encourages her to “dump” all that emotional energy on him. He lets her vent and helps her get it all out of her system.

He says, “It’s fine. I can take it.”  And he can. Having her vent her pent-up emotional torrent around him does not phase him in the least. And it does her a world of good to release all that stuff.

Absolutely brilliant. And so caring. What beautiful teamwork.

I welcome your comments below.



Quick Spotlight: Projector with Superpowers!

One of my clients is a 2-motors Projector, which means she has two Defined motor centers.

INFO TIP:  The four Energy Centers that are considered motors are: Will (also known as Heart or Ego), Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Motor Centers provide energy for taking action. When a motor is connected, either directly or indirectly, to the Throat Center via a defined channel then that person is a Manifesting Generator (if their Sacral Center is defined) or a Manifestor (if their Sacral is open).

Projectors never have a Defined Sacral, but they can have from zero to three possible Defined Motors (the Will, Solar Plexus, and Root).

Motors DO make a difference in terms of a Projector’s energy levels. A no-motors Projector generally will tend to have less energy on a normal basis than a three-motors Projector, for example. But it still depends on the rest of the chart, whether the person loves what do they and loves their life, the conditioning they have in their Open Centers, and the people they are around.

As an example, Steven Spielberg, famous film director and producer, is a no-motors Projector who is extremely busy, productive and prolific. It can happen!

But back to my client. She is a 6/2 Projector in her 50’s with the Will and Solar Plexus motors defined and her Identity and Throat Centers also defined.

I think of her as having Superpowers because of the level of activity that she happily maintains in her life… and always has.

In high school she joined every after-school club. In college she held 3 jobs while going to school.

Then she was a fitness instructor for 20 years and did triathlons. She considers herself blessed with a strong constitution. I’ll say.

She and her husband have raised five children (one is still at home) and by her own admission she “works hard and plays hard.”

After 18 years of study and practice in the energy healing field, she created her very own style/modality 8 years before I met her and she was traveling the world teaching it and certifying students to practice it.

She likes to ride her bike for an hour a day (that’s her “alone” time) and she makes time for family every day too, though she admits that it’s hard for her to get to bed by midnight because she’s so busy.

Recently she was interviewed on more than 30 online telesummits, she’s is writing a book, and she’s is ready to “shake things up” in her business this year because she was getting a little bored.

WOW.  She clearly gets access to her two motors by being around other people!!

I encouraged her to pay attention to her energy and take breaks when she needs to. But I did NOT tell her to stop being so active. It’s working for her, and she said she has never burned out, so I believe in sticking with what works… but with an understanding of one’s basic energy pattern.

She did say that learning that she should wait to be invited (the Projector’s decision and action strategy) “feels like a relief!” I think she’s going to enjoy easing off the accelerator in her life and business just a little.

But we’re not supposed to hold back in life. If it ain’t broke…



Quick Spotlight: “He didn’t change, I did!”

A few years ago a local client (a spry and fun 60-something Manifesting Generator) had a Full Reading with me, and in the process we talked a little about her live-in Generator boyfriend. There was some friction between them and she was hoping to learn what to do about it.

(This was long before I was offering Relationship Readings, but I would look at the chart of a spouse or significant other to shed some light on the relationship dynamics during someone’s personal Reading.)

She found her Reading to be very useful and insightful for herself and also about him—she listened well and asked great questions.

A few weeks later I saw her in town and asked how things were going. She looked directly at me said (with a little amazement in her voice) that her relationship with her boyfriend had improved significantly but it wasn’t him who had changed, it was her!

I asked her to say a little more about what happened and this is what she said:

“I stopped expecting him to be something he’s not. And, I stopped expecting myself to be something that I’m not.”

So simple. Yet so powerful.



Quick Spotlight: Manifestor & Projector Relationship Dynamics

A couple came to me a few years ago for personal Readings then a Relationship Reading. She is a Manifestor and he is a Projector.

They were eager to learn how to improve their already loving marriage and also how to work together better. They own an art gallery–she runs it and he is the artist.

First of all, the day-to-day running of a business is not ideal for a Manifestor so after her Reading she began delegating more to their employee and taking some time off each week to manage her energy better and focus more on her brilliance—which was generating ideas for increasing their business.

Their pattern prior to their Readings was that she would enthusiastically share a new idea with him for the gallery (maybe a new painting style, subject matter, or arrangement of the gallery), and he would begin the process of shifting to align with and implement her idea. Within no time, she would have several new ideas and be eager to implement those instead. She’s a Manifestor so that approach of “throwing the spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks” is correct for her.

But he admitted to feeling exhausted from trying to keep up with her ideas. It was like he had whiplash from the speed of her frequent changes in direction! And it was a source of friction and frustration for both of them.

When we discussed the dynamics between their different Types and Strategies, they realized that he could simply wait until some of her ideas “stuck to the wall” before he began implementing. And she agreed to “invite” him to implement when she felt good about really pursuing a particular idea.

They were so excited (and grateful) to have a clear and sensible solution to their issue. It honored and respected their respective Strategies. And above all, the solution felt inherently right to both of them.


I welcome your comments below!


Quick Spotlight: Two Different Decision-Making Styles

Recently, two clients asked for a Relationship Reading so they could deepen their friendship and improve how they support each other in their respective businesses. They are both lightworker entrepreneurs and have been best friends for years.

They had each had a Personal Reading with me, so they were ready to dive into the details of the energetic dynamics of their relationship.

Among the many profoundly useful things they learned, understanding the specific ways in which their respective decision-making processes are different was significantly valuable to them.

One is a Generator, the other a Manifesting Generator. So at first glance we might assume that their decision-making styles would be similar. They both have a Defined Sacral Center and need to wait for their Sacral response to know if something is right for them.

However, the Generator is emotionally defined (her Emotional Solar Plexus Center is colored in) so she must wait through her emotional wave and note her Sacral response at various points on her wave before she can make a correct decision for herself. This slows her down and gives her a deliberate and somewhat emotional way of arriving at her decisions.

The Manifesting Generator is emotionally open (her Emotional Solar Plexus Center is white) so her Sacral response in the moment is her immediate answer for the decision. She is designed to make quick decisions. Plus she has a Defined Spleen Center so she has powerful intuitive awareness in the moment in addition to her Sacral response. And, she’s a Manifesting Generator so she is wired to move fast, think fast, choose fast. She is a speedy and sure decision-maker.

It had been a source of frustration for both of them that their decision processes seemed to be so different… but they didn’t really understand why or what to do.

Now they completely see the underlying dynamics and know that the best way to help each other is to honor and support each of their respective decision-making processes. We also worked on their Yes/No questioning so each can help the other access their Sacral response through asking targeted Sacral questions.

Your comments are welcome!


Quick Spotlight: Positive Attitude During Divorce?

A recent Reading and Coaching client, a 4/6 Projector, was in the process of negotiating terms (including child custody issues) in a contentious divorce from her husband of 17 years. And she had an extraordinarily positive outlook and was very centered and calm!

When we began her Full Human Design Reading a few months before, the divorce seemed likely and she was (in her words) “obsessed with the question of what to do” and with the feeling that she was not aligned with what she was supposed to do in her life.

She had known about Human Design for a year before finding me. She had had some readings that were confusing and taken some courses that didn’t completely make sense to her. She researched it online and read a book about it. She was fascinated and knew she had found an amazing tool, but it had not quite come together for her yet.

Over the previous years she had also done a lot of personal growth work, meditation, soul searching, therapy, yoga, etc., all of which helped but had not actually shifted her old beliefs and issues around her difficult childhood and difficult marriage.

With her Full Reading she was able to see herself with remarkable new clarity, embrace her core self (for the first time in her life!) and feel grateful for all that had happened to her, including a recent car accident that totaled her car–she’s fine–but gave her an opportunity to put into practice her new-found sense of self and trust in the perfect unfolding of everything.

In her words, “What I thought were my biggest flaws are my biggest gifts… I’m now comfortable in my own skin… I have a light in my eyes and I feel beautiful… I trust the abundance of the universe.”

Together we looked at her husband’s chart, too, and she gained a new understanding and compassion for his path, experience, and expression of his energies. She had no anger or bitterness. She was centered and clear, and not reactive. And she didn’t feel guilty anymore about the marriage not working. She saw both their roles in it and was at peace with what was happening.

Although there was still uncertainty about how the divorce terms would play out, she stood fully in her truth in all the proceedings, felt good (no fear), and was excited about the future that lies ahead for herself and her sons.