Quick Spotlight: Using Sacral Responses for “Everything” 

by Evelyn Levenson

One of my clients is a Generator with a 2/5 Profile. While the 2/5 Profile itself is not common, what makes her really unusual is that all nine of her Energy Centers are Defined. (The only famous person I know of with nine Defined Centers was John Denver.)9-Center Chart2

This means she is here to make an impact on others. All of her centers are broadcasting energy “out.” She has no center where she is taking energy “in” from other people.

She’s not completely immune to conditioning, however, because she of course has Gates and Channels that are Open where she does take in others’ energy.

The reason I’m sharing her story with you is because of how she is using her Sacral responses. (The Sacral Center (red square) gives the Generator and Manifesting Generator Types guidance in the form of “un-huh” and “uhn-uhn” sounds indicating “yes” or “no.”)

Shortly after her Reading she reported that she was “enjoying playing with” her Sacral responses. She was using Sacral guidance for important decisions and choices, and sometimes to help her choose what to order in a restaurant.

She said she had started using it for “nearly everything.” She now makes her grocery list using her Sacral responses. She decides when and what to eat using her Sacral. She shared that she had eaten some very weird dinners lately, but that they were healthy and satisfying!

Following Sacral guidance–without judgement–is the key for Generators and Manifesting Generators to live a truly Authentic life… one that is completely correct for their personal energy. (Though if you have Emotional Authority–check the bottom of your chart–wait through your emotional wave to gain further clarity about your Sacral responses on important decisions.)


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  1. “Following Sacral guidance–without judgement” is a timely reminder for me. I was invited to a relative’s home for Thanksgiving, and immediately responded with “No thank you.” It’s been two days since I declined her invitation, but I keep wondering if I was rude, what she (and my other relatives) will think of me, and if I should change my mind. I simply do no want to be there, but I’ve been feeling guilty about feeling that way. No more guilt…just gut!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is so hard to find information about the all centers closed persons – and it is interesting 🙂

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