Quick Spotlight: Client’s Technique for Accessing Sacral Response 

by Evelyn Levenson

Some of my defined-Sacral clients (only Generator and Manifesting Generator Types have a defined Sacral Center) struggle a bit initially with accessing their Sacral response.

Sacral response—that gut reaction that produces the sounds “uh-huh” for yes and “uhn-uhn” for no—is THE key for those Types to make correct decisions and take correct action for themselves. It is internal guidance that knows their soul’s purpose and will guide them toward fulfilling it.

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, there are two ways to activate that response mechanism and access your guidance:

1) Respond to everything and anything in your “outer reality” (that is, anything outside of your mind), for example: a general email you receive, a billboard, a magazine article, a conversation you overhear.

2) Respond to someone asking you Yes/No questions. A deliberate set of questions can result in you not only knowing what is correct for you to pursue (and what is not correct) but also the correct timing, resources needed, etc. It just takes a little practice for someone to get good at asking you Yes/No questions and using your answers to know what to ask next.

The only tricky part to getting clear Sacral responses is keeping your mind out of the process! I know, easier said than done for many of you!

Recently, a Generator client shared with me a quick visualization process she uses to tap into her Sacral wisdom and guidance without interference from her mind.

She imagines her head floating and being separate from her body. Then she deliberately drops her conscious awareness down into her body, all the way down to her belly area (though YOUR Sacral Center may feel a little higher in your body—go with what feels right to you). She drops her consciousness down to that area KNOWING it is there she will FIND the answer/response she seeks.

Sacral responses come from your BODY, not your mind. So allow your body to give its natural response to things and questions. And pay attention to any physical sensations you experience along with your responses, such as tingling, energy rising, warmth, being drawn forward, tightening, energy dropping, etc.

I hope this is helpful to you. I encourage Generators and Manifesting Generators to experiment and practice. Please let me know what ways you’ve found that work for YOU!


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  1. I find the sacral center response so interesting. I worked with a practitioner of “reSourcing”. We did some excercises to get me to improve my sports performance. I am a manifesting generator and I found that when I went to the spot below my belly button for focus my game improved and my focus improved. I didn’t know why I chose that particular area at the time. It just came to me. I got an overall relaxed feeling and I was able to play without fear and second guessing. What’s interesting is reading this makes me know the area I went to was my sacral center and I got that response. It works! I didn’t even know about HumanDesign at that point. Amazing!

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