Quick Spotlight: Projector with Superpowers! 

by Evelyn Levenson

One of my clients is a 2-motors Projector, which means she has two Defined motor centers.

INFO TIP:  The four Energy Centers that are considered motors are: Will (also known as Heart or Ego), Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Motor Centers provide energy for taking action. When a motor is connected, either directly or indirectly, to the Throat Center via a defined channel then that person is a Manifesting Generator (if their Sacral Center is defined) or a Manifestor (if their Sacral is open).

Projectors never have a Defined Sacral, but they can have from zero to three possible Defined Motors (the Will, Solar Plexus, and Root).

Motors DO make a difference in terms of a Projector’s energy levels. A no-motors Projector generally will tend to have less energy on a normal basis than a three-motors Projector, for example. But it still depends on the rest of the chart, whether the person loves what do they and loves their life, the conditioning they have in their Open Centers, and the people they are around.

As an example, Steven Spielberg, famous film director and producer, is a no-motors Projector who is extremely busy, productive and prolific. It can happen!

But back to my client. She is a 6/2 Projector in her 50’s with the Will and Solar Plexus motors defined and her Identity and Throat Centers also defined.

I think of her as having Superpowers because of the level of activity that she happily maintains in her life… and always has.

In high school she joined every after-school club. In college she held 3 jobs while going to school.

Then she was a fitness instructor for 20 years and did triathlons. She considers herself blessed with a strong constitution. I’ll say.

She and her husband have raised five children (one is still at home) and by her own admission she “works hard and plays hard.”

After 18 years of study and practice in the energy healing field, she created her very own style/modality 8 years before I met her and she was traveling the world teaching it and certifying students to practice it.

She likes to ride her bike for an hour a day (that’s her “alone” time) and she makes time for family every day too, though she admits that it’s hard for her to get to bed by midnight because she’s so busy.

Recently she was interviewed on more than 30 online telesummits, she’s is writing a book, and she’s is ready to “shake things up” in her business this year because she was getting a little bored.

WOW.  She clearly gets access to her two motors by being around other people!!

I encouraged her to pay attention to her energy and take breaks when she needs to. But I did NOT tell her to stop being so active. It’s working for her, and she said she has never burned out, so I believe in sticking with what works… but with an understanding of one’s basic energy pattern.

She did say that learning that she should wait to be invited (the Projector’s decision and action strategy) “feels like a relief!” I think she’s going to enjoy easing off the accelerator in her life and business just a little.

But we’re not supposed to hold back in life. If it ain’t broke…


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  1. Evelyn,
    Thanks for sharing your client’s experience. All Projectors are truly not the same and it’s great to learn how a Projector with 2 motors who is engaged in what she loves can leap and bound through life with lots of energy.

  2. It was great to read the specifics on Projectors defined motors. This is very helpful information to learn about differences. I am looking forward to a reading to understand energy dynamics for myself (projector) and my (generators) family. Thank You!

  3. I’m a no-motors projector and had figured all projectors needed to pace themselves, find alone time between the busy times. My daughter is also a projector but she is a 2-motor projector. Now I understand why she has the ability to be running in high gear without crashing. She definitely needs (and takes) time to recharge, but not nearly the frequency or depth that I need.

    1. Thank you, Judy, for sharing that personal experience of yourself and your daughter as Projectors. I appreciate hearing confirmation of the “motors” impact on energy levels. Although I know a 3-motors Projector who really struggles with her energy, it seems that more motors usually means more energy. Thanks again!

  4. 😆 Thanks Evelyn for describing how different individuals in any one Type can be. I’m a two motors Projector with lots of energy and commitments that I enjoy. At the same time, I often feel tired, long for, and am due (for health’s sake) a really good rest. Coming in June… … …

    And I want to thank you for your clear concise and always insightful newsletters!!!! Hooray for your choice of spacious intervals between them rather than the growing marketing trend of sending newsletters daily or several times a week. When I see yours come in I feel, Oh great here’s one from Evelyn! You know, kind of like when E.F. Hutton talks…

    Love, Mariya

    1. Thank you, Mariya, for your sweet feedback. I applaud your rest time in June and invite you to thoroughly enjoy it! Hugs,

  5. I know of a famous ex-chiropractor in the vegan/vegetarian world, but now presently teacher, lecturer, coach, and athlete, Dr. Douglas Graham. He came up with a raw food vegan diet called the 80/10/10, 80% of calories from sugar, almost entirely fruit, the other 10% from protein and fat. He has served as coach to both olympian and world class athletes. Even people who don’t see eye-to-eye respect him and invite him to speak, and that is besides the multitude of invitations from those who do agree with him in a more complete sense. He works out a few hours a day, not sure how much, but with about 150-160 pounds burns about 5000 to 6000 calories a day. Many, many bananas. And with only the Root Center and Spleen Center defined. He is actually more high-powered than most generators in practice and is a genius when it comes to resting, building muscles, and generating energy!

    1. Thank you, Raymond, for sharing about Doug Graham. I met him and took classes from him in the mid-1990s at Vegetarian Summerfests, but I’ve never seen his chart! How cool to know he is a Projector. He was/is way ahead of his time. I have his book Grain Damage from back then. Now, MDs are writing books on the subject (notably, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain).

      Interestingly, channels between the Root and Spleen Centers often call for the person to challenge themselves physically in order to be truly healthy. He certainly does that! And Projectors are usually good with bursts of intense effort and activity, which also fits. He doesn’t have to adhere a 9-5 job, either, which probably suits him well. Though I’m sure he’s very busy and productive, it’s probably on his terms… which is ideal for the Projector. He’s “managing, guiding and directing” the energy of others, which is what Projectors are designed for. And he’s super healthy, so will naturally have more energy than the average American. Thanks again for sharing about Doug!

  6. I really have to thank you for the information 😛

    I am a zero-motor projector. When I first read about projector, in Taiwan (I’m from Taiwan), according to the main human design promoter, she says “projectors are not meant to work in the world.”

    I am really confused about the saying because I want to have energies to do what I want to do. Now I realize that projectors, even for no-motor projectors, still have energies to do something!

    1. Hi Mia, thank you for writing and I’m really glad that the article helped you understand more about being a Projector. Just manage your energy…but don’t hold back! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing:) I found this informative and helpful. I’m a projector with no motors and am still learning how to balance in this world.

  8. I'm a 2 motor emotional projector as well (throat, g, heart & solar plexus defined), but I can't seem to relate to the high energy at all. I feel like I never have the energy for anything (except staying up late researching HD… I lose hours of my time 😛 )

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