Quick Spotlight: Pinpointing What Holds Her Back 

by Evelyn Levenson

One of my clients is a Projector with a 2/4 Profile and every Center Defined except the Sacral and Will Centers.

So she is designed to make an impact on people and she potentially has a reasonable amount of power, provided she follows her Projector Strategy.

She is a self-proclaimed “seeker,” has studied many healing and psychological modalities, started a school in a remote rural area, learned to teach yoga, and even owned and managed a health food store, among other endeavors. She also created various courses over the years (including one on self-healing) and taught them to appreciative students. But each time she moved forward with something she began to doubt herself and, despite her successes, she never went very far with any of them.

Now in her 60’s, she is looking for what’s next to improve her life and she still wants to make a difference in the world.

As we dove into the details of her gates and channels (the Level 3 part of her Full Reading), and integrated them with what we learned from her Type, Profile, Energy Centers, Incarnation Cross and Chiron energies, her life path and purpose became quite clear and she realized she had been living it—in bits and pieces—all of her life.

She is here to hold a vision for what’s possible and to guide others, with her innovative thinking and logical processes, to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. She’s here to be a practical mystic and help people ground the esoteric questions of who we are and why we’re here with out-of-the-box thinking that empowers them to find their own answers.

So what’s been holding her back? Her chart revealed several areas of “inner conundrum” that have had her doing the stop-start, “one foot on the pedal, the other on the brake” pattern all her life.

Here are two of the major ones. With each one we explored I could feel more light bulbs flipping on in her mind and splashing clarity into her awareness and her self-understanding. The struggles, successes, and failures in her life finally made sense to her.

1) Activated by her Moon (our Moon energies are what drive us), Gate 8 is consciously pushing her forward to make a contribution to the world, and Gate 63 is unconsciously pulling her back with self-doubt. Her Gate 48 (activated by Neptune) compounds this by ensuring her knowledge is comprehensive but riddling her with fears of being inadequate and not knowing enough.

In their high expressions, these Gates can work beautifully together. Gate 63 ensures that she questions and researches what she contributes to others via her Gate 8, and her Gate 48 ensures that she really knows what she’s talking about.

2) She has strong Individual channels in her chart so she’s here to be different, think outside the box, be a creative self-expression of her uniqueness, and have an inner knowing that defies logic and even defies experience. She also has powerful channels in the Understanding (Logic) Circuit of the Collective Circuitry so she’s here to care about the greater good and to use logical, linear, provable thought processes. But they haven’t been playing nicely together. Her inner knowing says, “I know this,” and her logic says, “Yeah, prove it, and if you can’t prove it, don’t say anything.”

With awareness, these two divergent perspectives can get along quite well rather than tear her apart. She can use her logical thinking and practical processes to share her inner knowing and universal awarenesses with others. Which is precisely what her Incarnation Cross says she is here to do! She is Right Angle Cross of Maya which is here to bridge the gap between the practical and the mystical.

Now that she understands these energetic dynamics going on below the surface, she can consciously make choices that support her in moving forward. She can use the Gate 63 to question ideas and answers but not let self-doubt get in her way. She can use the Gate 48 to dive deeply into information and solutions but not be stopped by the fleeting but powerful splenic fear of feeling inadequate.

And she can allow her powerful Individual and Collective energies to work together to help her fulfill her path and purpose, rather than battle with each other.

Her mind was buzzing with ideas by the time we ended the call, and she said she could feel so many doors opening.

I can’t wait to see how life unfolds for her with the new power, awareness and self-confidence she now feels. And I hope that learning about her has helped you in learning about yourself and your loved ones.

Your comments are welcome!

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  1. And with the 63, 8, & 48 she has the energy definition to get on board for Truth – that really great spot each end of something holds in common. How cool is that! A 2/4
    ManiG-Individualist rolling along on a RAC Service.

    1. Hi Marty, thanks for your comment and great to hear from you. I completely agree. On a personal note, I hope your “experiment” is going well. It can be tricky to be very Individual and also Incarnation Cross of Service. Warm wishes to you for much success!!!

  2. Hi Cindy and Evelyn
    Cindy, thanks so much for drawing our attention to this in your recent email on Evelyn’s behalf – I struggle with aspects of the 63rd gate myself and it was good to see how to approach it in a positive way – thanks Evelyn!! 🙂 x Tracy/Suburban Psychic

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